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    The simple fact is that once again, major news stories have gone to ground. Nobody knows anything, no further press releases, none of our business, we're closed. That's why so many people don't trust our police, government or media. Others are persuaded that it's 'Manxness' to buy into this attitude and culture. It's been this way on the Island all my lifetime and I don't see any change any time soon.
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    TJ attention seeking alert.
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    I imagine there will be all types trying to head back...from generic holiday travellers to people who have second homes abroad and just want to be back here, to people who went away for funerals or to look after sick relatives. You can't tar all these types with the same incompetence brush. It could also be argued that the ones that actually brought covid-19 here, in the main, were the ones rushing back before the lockdown occurred. They are the ones that should have been forcibly isolated under 24hr security.
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    Oh please, I've know since early February not to travel because it was likely that I'd get stuck somewhere. There will be legit reasons some couldn't make it - Medical, lockdown elsewhere, maybe Uni. Bu I know SOOO many people who were still going on their jollies in March without one thought about the risk to anyone else here with health problems etc. In most cases it's their own fault, you take risks, there are consequences.They'll have to wait a bit. I think what the Government has in mind for this is OK actually, if determined to get back, they will. If it's maybe someone who lived here for 5 minutes, then moved away but maybe the situation looks worse where they are now, then that was their own choice and perhaps not a risk we should take.
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    Usually means one of the Masons boys, a local worthy and ex KWC who played a bit of sport; who cosied up to the Manx Establishment; joined all the right clubs; did very well for themselves; retired on a massive pension and took the wife on big holidays three or four times a year. 'Proud Manxman through and through and loved the Isle of Man.' Have heard the expression many times.
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    Marksies. Next to the baked beans.
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    Quite right. I unexpectedly had to leave the island last week to care for a loved one in the last days of their life. Totally unplanned but unavoidable in the circumstances. Having to register deaths at the moment in the UK is a hassle in itself too in these times, not to mention arranging some kind of farewell and dealing with affairs. All takes a lot longer than usual. I'm now undecided what to do next about returning. Not everyone who is off island and wanting to get back was sat on a beach disregarding government warnings, like you'd think reading some posters on this thread.
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    new sophie ellis bextor song title ??
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    They are coming home, for goodness sake. They belong here. Countries around the world have repatriated their people. All the Isle of Man has done is made life difficult for them. Unbelievably shocking uncaring attitude.
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    And that is just in your living room
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    I especially admire the resourceful use of OXO in this recipe.
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    Dipped in a beaten egg with 2 tbsp's of milk, then rolled in a blend of cornflour, white pepper and oxo, and fried gently in butter for 5mins turns tinned potatoes into a delicacy. A proper squatters dish.
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    You often hear and read it from eulogies and obituaries too. Usually indicative that the "Manxman through and through" spent their life robbing the public and the state blind.
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    Sadly, I think it is probably best for Sentience to edit his first post, go to the title and change it from "2nd local life lost to covid-19" to "local lives lost to covid-19". This way people can commemorate local deaths without overwhelming the forum - of course if someone wishes to set up a specific thread they are welcome to, but unless they are an individual known to the community at large, it may be better to have a special local place to commemorate everyone together, which will likely have more impact than multiple minor threads which disappear down the board after the few who know the individual have given their condolences.
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    Shit, the worlds gone mad if you're agreeing with me
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    I would rather live in a country where a body found in suspicious circumstances or someone dying in prison was big news. Being nosy is only natural when you live in such a small community where it’s highly likely you’ll either know or know of the person involved.
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    Quayle was warning at least a week before. That was enough time. The border was closed for a reason. There are plenty of old and frail people [not sure what being Manx has to do with it] here already stuck in their homes scared of dying of this virus. We should be helping them first. If they're 'old/frail/Manx' enough to be jet-setting across the world then they're capable of getting their asses back here with a weeks notice.
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    My thoughts exactly, it could have happened to any one of us. Many of the people who travelled were reluctant to do so but at that time we were still being told of possible herd immunity and that it isn’t any worse than flu, things progressed very quickly. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
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    Are we a nation or not? Nationality is not conditional upon timely obedience to instructions.
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    You missed you vocation in life, either that or you should have worked for any help line desk. Your courtesy, non patronizing manner would really have gone down well.
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    In what way? Although it makes no difference. The principle is that people have a right to a home and if they are Manx that's here, no matter how inconvenient. I'm amazed at how many people don't see it. Basic human right. It's like we suddenly turned into some tinpot uncaring banana republic.
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    where was the personal responsibility and more carefulness in insisting on going on your holiday and not making your way home in good time ?
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    The irony is that in one post he called me a "paranoid lunatic" and in the next post he was complaining about Apple and Google potentially having total control of everyone's movements. Surely only paranoid lunatics would object to massive transnational corporations having total control of all our movements?
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    Scientifically and strictly speaking, there's no such thing as a Manxman. Archeologists have proved that prior to the Ice Age, the Island displayed no form of human life. Therefore, we're all "Comeovers" in one form or another.
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    And beans. Don't forget the beans.
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    What you resist, persists. Putting energy to it will just ensure it carries on. It takes two to tango. Stop dancing.
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    No, it wouldn't. It would breach confidentiality.
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    Is there anything currently stopping you leaving, if it's that bad in all facets?
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    Which, to repeat myself, depends entirely on the goodwill of other countries to accept 'exports' from the Island which the Island will not accept itself!
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    China it was undeliverable in so much that the assumptions they had in the bid, which were reasonable at the time based on the knowledge available to the marketplace, weren't delivered upon by a state-owned apparatus, Network Rail. Burnham could and should have made the public aware that the reason their train now wasn't arriving on time was that a government owned infrastructure provider hadn't delivered on it's promises. Instead he sat on the side of his bosses and sniped at the private sector. He'll ride the wave of public opinion on any issue he can score political points over. It's why he's so well-liked by the average Joe, they aren't privy to the bigger picture and just see his media soundbites. Standard politician. Twas ever thus.
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    But it is big news? The only thing we don't have here is a 24/7 update. We need to leave it to the appropriate authorities to investigate. It will be big news again when their findings are completed and/or there is any prosecution. We still live in a nation governed by the rule of law.
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    I get your point about people staying away if it is too much bother to come back. It is and should be a serious concern. As I posted earlier I think that this repatriation quarantine is kind of a test run for the long term. With the setting up of our lab and theoretically quicker testing I reckon that we will end up with a situation where there will be a one or two day quarantine for arrivals, which compared with restrictive practices across the world will end up being the new normal and therefore acceptable. I am only speculating though, but the more you look into what is being implemented or planned around the world its going to be very different for some time to come. In South Korea for example, widely praised for it's handling of the situation you can't leave the house without your smart phone, and they are now bringing in wristbands to track you in case you run out of battery. It's basically a crime to let your phone to run out of battery in Taiwan. The release of the lockdown in Wuhan sounds good, but when you look into it it is more strict right now than our lockdown is. It is a scary situation, not so much the virus itself, but the huge changes to the lifestyle to which we are all accustomed.
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    The ability to carefully control the border during this crisis is also potentially a fantastic advantage. Both economically and with respect to protecting the health service. The sooner we can snuff it out here, the sooner the local restrictions could be relaxed once increased testing is in place. I have no doubt that Rutland would do the same, if it could. The emergency restrictions make exceptions for essential staff. It's not about it just suiting the IOM govt. That's disingenuous terminology. It's about trying to do what is best for the island. Most normal people support the science led response to this crisis - both here and in the UK.
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    Richie was a great guy. Retired in 2012 but worked as a first contact officer at police hq. Always had a smile on his face a just a generally good bloke. Sad day.
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    Could be all sorts. Forensics, following up alibi, many reasons for gap between questioning and charge or no further action. Just wanted to point out that if there is a death related charge then the inquest will be postponed until after the outcome of any criminal proceedings. But either way there is normally an opening of inquest, identification, release of body, issue of interim death certificate, then an adjournment.
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    A good and thoroughly decent man. A true loss to the community.
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    We’re singing from different pages entirely, you’re only focusing on the few that could have got back in time and decided not to, in that instance then I agree with your sentiments entirely. That said the government should have a duty of care for its residents, many of whom will have paid into the tax/n.i system for many years, 400k in the grand scheme of things is nothing, they’ve wasted more than that on pointless planning schemes and works that don’t even need doing. I’m not actually sure whether travel insurance will cover repatriation costs or not, it would all depend on the policy.
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    To be fair a friend of mine was in Australia and cut their trip short by 2 weeks paying close to a grand to get an earlier flight. So it was possible
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    They were warned to get home. They thought they were better than that. They missed the deadline. So it's tough shit really.
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    Personally I think it would just be fairer if we told them all to get fucked and come back when this has blown over! We have enough problems without them coming here!
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    We all know Ronnie Reagan's quip: “The other day, someone told me the difference between a democracy and a people’s democracy. It’s the same difference between a jacket and a straitjacket.”
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    Richie was just a lovely lovely bloke respected by everyone there’s not many around like him, a very sad loss to all who knew him.
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    Poster baiting gets us no where. Cassie2 posted about a real issue raised by a real think tank - I actually studied at the Jackson School of International studies which is a cousin of the UK think tank Cassie2 posted about. Claiming this is trolling is more than a bit unfair. Give people a chance before going at them. It's a shame he's flounced, and in a certain style which does have resonances, but bliming heck, give people a chance.
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    Tesco's today some bright spark decided you could only walk down aisle three, so walking up aisle one, then down aisle two, it made you walk up aisle four to walk up to walk down ailse three. When did they start employing retired civil servants.
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    Actually, I'm not sure that anyone is supposed to lie. That said, some of the most distrustful, evil (yes) , conniving, lying little tykes I have ever met in this Island are Manx Advocates. (Yes, yes, most of them are very nice, warm and cuddly, and probably very honest indeed, I accept that)
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