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    I don't remember Thomas doing a press briefing. Probably a good thing as they only started 8 weeks or so ago so by now he would probably be about half way through his answer to the first question. Listening to Vogan poetry was meant to be torture but I reckon a Thomas press conference would run it close. Oh freddled gruntbuggly.
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    I would get rid of Tynwald in it's current guise. A small but tasteful and modern "debating chamber". No more wigs or trappings or getting done up like Little Lord Fauntelroy to ponce about the place. CM has to sign off all travel and X's in line with strict guidelines (like the private sector) Keep the Bishop but not his vote. No upper chamber. I've never seen a borough council with two houses, one stuffed with failed politicos, have you? Model it on a UK borough that has a similar population, one decent sized town and similar agricultural outlying area. All CS/PS salaries above 40-50K frozen forever. (Post Covid £ situation something of an unknown) Vote with your feet? Thanks for that, we need to trim the numbers. Purge on non-jobs. Standards Committee with far reaching powers. So if you fuck-up you're out. Numbers of MHK's trimmed back to make it a full time job. CM can't be a serving MHK (after all, it's a full time role) and chosen by the electorate. MHK standards of behaviour to be exemplary and to be cast in stone...
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    There was absolute mass hysteria around which resulted in the lockdown and nonsensical decisions made like the Comis in order to placate a hardcore of people who simply seemed to lose their minds they had been that wound up by the media. And there continues to be strong pockets of hysterical people to this day.
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    The most hysterical people are the ones kicking off about the restrictions, demanding we go back to 'normal' and whining about teachers. Probably English. All the sensible ones are just taking it easy, in the knowledge that we'll get there when we're ready. Traa dy lioarr
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    Trying to get back on track. Local authorities. My argument is that there is too much micro-parochialism which is also exacerbated by the building of fiefdoms. This is an unnecessary layer of Government in a small population which needs to be agile and progressive to survive into the future.
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    I see this statement of intent lasted a whole 4 posts well done, well done indeed...........
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    But the sad thing is that that think they are being dignified. You and I and practically everyone else see Quayle badly reciting badly-written PR guff followed by touchy and confusing replies. He sees it as Howard Quayle World Statesman and there are enough people employed to fuel his delusions that they will continue. The rest of us may be cringing, but they can go on like this forever. But the real problem isn't that they are pompous and self-important where they should be dignified - it's that they think being 'dignified' is the beginning and end of the job. There's no strategy, no grasp of what the options are and no real attempt to explains things to the public. All you need to do is sound 'presidential' and the minions will do all that for you. None of which that the press conferences should be ignored or stopped, irritating though they may be. The fact that even the minimal inquisitiveness of the Manx media seems to offend them - hence the two questions rule and now these ridiculous 'Pools', as if the world's press were all clamouring to get in - should tell us that being ignored is exactly what they want.
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    I think that you are being unduly harsh on yourself here. Most logical-minded folk would entirely agree with you that there is indeed no place for mass irrationally hysterical behaviour and, given the circumstances, I for one think that you have done well to confine yourself to personal, totally rational hysteria.
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    https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/ministers-to-discuss-coronavirus-lockdown-border-options/ Quite right. Keep it closed. Protect the economy.
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    In an ideal world people like you should have been jailed at the start for your own safety
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    That is the trouble already, MHKs get involved in things like the prom and it goes on forever because they want to please everyone. The prom being an example of why on earth is it in Tynwald being discussed in the first place, its a bit of roadworks FFS. At most DBC should have had a small input at the start but other than that the DOI/ Contractors appointed should have been left alone to get on with it. I am sure that it is because of the attempted micro management of things like this by politicians - and points scoring by other politicos that have no understanding of these types of things that they go tits up.
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    Watterson showed complete and utter contempt for his Office so he should have resigned. He didn't. At which point he should have been sacked. He wasn't. After a completely unnecessary and expensive jaunt around the battlefields of the Falklands (I wonder if he wore his dpm?) he then banged in the most ludicrous, petty, penny-pinching X's imaginable. With a mindset like that he's clearly not fit for office....
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    Mostly on here ………………..
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    I'd abolish the current Tynwald setup for a Swiss style democracy. All the ideas in this thread could be put to a public vote.
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    Insurance companies who have let customers down during this crisis.Its annoying having to talk to professional payout evaders,that are employed by some companies.I exclude Direct line,who were brilliant when i was robbed in Nice , France, last summer,their service was outstanding..
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    You would Alf.
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    Amen to all that brother. And god bless you for the reprieve you granted to the Felt Museum monorail. May your camels multiply.
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    The rules are getting hilarious now though. I wish that government just had the balls to tell the irrationally hysterical ones who want to hide indoors forever to just grow a pair rather than creating more unintelligible rules for them. So you can have 10 people in your garden, but only 2 in your house, but not a different 2 each time, but they can bring a deck chair, but you shouldn’t hug anyone. You can’t visit your parents but you could put your house up for sale and your parents could come round and view it,. You can go into a shop but not for more than 15 minutes. But you can work in a shop for 8 hours a day without any protection. You can go to work but the schools are closed so you can’t get anyone to look after your kids. It’s just bullshit I’m afraid. Tiny meaningless concessions to complete idiots to gently coax them out of their shells. We’ll be pissing about with this pointless nonsense for months.
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    He's not popular with port Erin residents except for the 100s of wattersons!
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    I suspect they will take the next step from the next two weeks data. People will blatantly abuse the gatherings rule and social distancing doesn't really work (shoprite evidence of that tonight). But that is intentional to a degree. The government know people will take the piss. I know someone who has had a mate round tonight and has 4 round tomorrow. But once the data shows this is causing no issues the getting schools and social businesses open should happen sooner.
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    I have spoken to my mhk about it and he agrees that the border issue is too harsh,it was only pressure from him and others like Clare Barber that they relented on comis quarantine. problem with state of emergency Howie & co can do what they want, but the more pressure put on our mhks the more change will come.
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    Just putting this out there....but imagine the the confirmed cases continues to stay at 0 and the active cases works its way down to 0. What does the government do then in regards to keeping state of emergency and social distancing as if it stays as it is for another week that is the actual situation they will face
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    The border issue is both really simple and really complex, and I don't envy those in charge one little bit. The simple bit is that the UK is still an absolute basket case and until that is sorted there can be no general travel The complex bit is things like that case of the family whose mother has died and the kids want to come home to be with their dad. There does need to be a way to help people get back on compassionate grounds, but that's bound to be really difficult to judge, and if you let one group in while denying another, well it is just going to cause more hassle. We've just got to wait, and hope that the UK get their shit together quickly.
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    The border options should be debated in public. We have a huge number of politicians, we pay them a chunk of money, and they should be debating important issues like this in public in Tynwald- not behind closed doors. Today, IOM Today revealed that Clare Barber, a political member of the Department of Health and Social Care, has "still not seen any clinical advice" on the issue of returning residents. I can accept that in a time-urgent emergency, they needed to make decisions in a (belated) hurry that didn't allow for normal Tynwald options back in March. But today, that urgency no longer exists - it is fine to delay a decision for a week or few to get it right.
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    Seems a bit unfair to ask the people to pay for their own fibre infrastructure then pay probably the highest rates in europe to the company they have just paid to install the infrastructure for. Any mention of a reduction in bills?
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    Ban - long words propose - smaller impact words
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    What you say is not very far from the truth. I have also had similar impressions and to a limited extent experienced the arrogance aspect in their approach in dealing with the private sector, particularly DfE. And forget confidentiality, it doesn't exist.
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    That's why they are backtracking on quarantine laws because the economy will be even more down the pan & the airlines & airports will need more bailouts.
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    The MT contract is a good thing. The only possible fly in the ointment would be NIMBY's complaining about the prospect of fibre being laid in places they'd sooner it wasn't. At that point cue compaints to MHK's etc because some people will always be opposed to progress and change.
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    Yes I’m sure people like you would support much more jailings and other totalitarian nonsense in order that you are “safe” from anything you don’t want to do.
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    How can that nice Mr Quayle put responsibility on to the public when apparently they're running around like a bunch of hysterical headless chickens?
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    Where and when did that happen first time around?
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    Give it a week or two until the spike following Boris's changes last week. It will be back up to 5000 new cases a day at least.
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    Yesterdays figures are based on Sunday, which as we've seen throughout this pandemic are always lower. You can check the patterns here. Cases and deaths are falling, but not as quick as you'd hope.
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    It is to all the people who were employed by them.
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    Well that’s one view Howard.
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    I read as Laxey second. I'll defend interpretation, make of that what you will.
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    I am not against women working at all. In fact I was a house husband for several years. I looked afte4 the house and children while she killed the buffalo and brought home the spoils. I just don’t think all parents have to work. I also think the kids suffer when both parents do. That is all I am saying.
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    The Government has done a great job in a troubled and desperate time.
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    Anything on rails (monorail to the felt museum excepted) current Victoriana is a very lanceable boil on the Islands arse.
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    ditch the current number of mhks and totally ditch mlcs. plus half of the CS management.
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    Representative 'democracy' Let's use available technology & introduce a much more deliberative approach in Tynwald
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    The summer break needs to be ditched to allow them to catch up.
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    Port Erin - late fifties/early sixties.
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    The Duct of Atholl.
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    I believe he has too sadly .
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    She was then likely to be behind the early instruction to hospital staff to only wear a mask if the patient they were dealing with had obvious symptoms of Covid 19! you know that little bug that can be asymptomatic...………….. I could not believe my ears when I heard that from a conversation between 2 senior nurses at Nobles at the start of all this. You will be glad to hear that I was wearing a FFP3 mask at the time :-)
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    Yesterday there was just over 2,000 new cases in the UK and 126 deaths. If it keeps dropping like that then I think the borders could open sooner than we thought
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    So Laxey first. Then the rest. Gotcha.
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    Juan is pretty much bullet proof. He'll walk in. And there's plenty of time to be Chief Minister one day.
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