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    I somehow suspect that the IOM is not the only jurisdiction with similar restrictions. It is very tough, but this is a very difficult situation. I have an elderly relative across, 89, who wants me to visit, but I can't. I have also had to miss a couple of funerals. It is very sad, but I am not whinging about it.
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    Not true - I was followed all the way to Ramsey over the mountain by a police car. My limiter was set at 40, as it has been every time I've been there during this period. There really is no need for a 'no limit' road anywhere. It'd be fine for me, because I'm sensible, but every other driver on the road can be put into one of two categories - the morons that hold me up by going too slowly, and the imbeciles that risk life and limb by going too fast. For the latter group we need a limit. I'd vote for 60. There's really minimal difference in journey times, if any. If you want your thrills driving fast get a race license. Or a playstation.
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    New Zealand reacted fast and hard, and with a population of just under 5 million, they've only had 21 deaths. No-one is saying that they were "shut down everything loonies".
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    Nothing personal, but I hope you get caught, banned, and jailed.
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    I find the thought of Two Planks and Rob the Gob in departmental meetings hilarious. The clashing of two egos the size of galaxies backed by intellects the size of quarks. Poor old Gary Roberts!
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    That's because no one in DfE knows how a business operates. The only ones to gain anything from this are the professional accountancy hangers-on. The place is full of them.
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    suggest re-reading 1984 and the 2min hates required by Big Brother - people under pressure soon resort to acceptance of fascism to 'keep them safe' from the enemy without
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    It's another case of... You couldn't make it up. They have got lots of modern digging and roadlaying equipment. How long do they need ??? In 1893, with little more than shovels, and probably a few sticks of gelignite to clear some of the rocky bits, the Victorians managed to build the Manx Electric Railway, AND adjacent roadway, between Strathallan and Groudle. Work began in Spring 1893, and the service started on 3 September 1893. Oh, and in the time, they managed to build the car sheds at Derby Castle, too. Why can't they now manage to get a few hundred yards of road and track relaid the other way, through to the Sea Terminal, in less than what seems like a decade?
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    But they insisted on quarantine for them as well (Wiki has a useful, if now somewhat dated page). I doubt anyone managed quite the Manx Government's mixture of panic, indecision, pointless gestures and doing special favours for mates, but the UK's failure to close its borders was very much the international exception.
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    My friend and her friend were killed on the corner at the top of the Ballamhoda, two teenagers were damaged for life and a woman and a baby were thrown from one of the cars and all caused by some low life without the necessary skills or documents to even be on the road who thought he was invincible and able to handle a car at high speed. How on earth we can keep the roads and society clear of such zombie cretins I don't know, however, bleeding hearts and concern about their, 'rights', certainly don't bring back the dead! As an aside, he managed to get out of it uninjured!
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    It is a sorry story, because the aviation/aerospace sector is strategic for the island. But as much as I disagree with the whole lockdown policy etc; those companies are mainly affected by events that happen outside the island and thus there is not much that local policymakers can do about it. Those redundancies would have happened even if this isle had not done any lockdown.
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    The plan was never to eradicate it. That's pretty much impossible could maybe do it with the borders shut but once they open it's likely to start again. The whole point of the restrictions was to stop the nhs being overwhelmed. That's been achieved
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    cut him some slack, he's missing his schoolmates
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    I was behind someone yesterday on a road which has a statutory 40 mph limit on it. They drove at between 29 and 34 mph. When they got out onto a normally derestricted road, their speed varied between 30 and 33 mph. They approached a 30 mph sign at 33 mph and braked. Fair enough? Not really. I didn't brake and was doing 30 when I passed the sign. There's a slight upwards slope. He then exceeded 30 through the village, and left me behind! Out of the 30, and back up to 40? No chance. By the time I turned off, soon after, there were about 8 cars in a longtail queue behind. No overtaking chances, due to bends in the road, traffic coming the other way, etc.. No, not rush hour, some time after 10 am. People like that can cause accidents by making the people behind get fed up and take chances.
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    The only voids on the Prom scheme belong in DOI management heads . We all knew it would be a disaster and enough warned but honestly , did anyone really think it would be this bad. I've been super critical but its even astounded me . Let them at the Deep water berth at your peril . Meanwhile the state of the general roads deteriorate daily , no sign of Richmond Hill being sorted and I've given up with the Radar ... Its only money , tax payers money !!
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    walk 50 yards... are you mad?
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    Personally I've been impressed at how people have mostly tried to pull together in the face of what for most normal people was a potentially very frightening situation. If a sense of community spirit helps to keep people connected then I can certainly understand how that is useful and important.
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    7th September actually and they also built a power station too I imagine the ratio of workers to managers was somewhat different then though
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    In Australia my friend informs me they cannot even travel from one state to another.
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    He's not the only knob.
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    Wow quite impressive considering he couldn’t even remember the name of the former home affairs minister whose funeral he was attending. These are very strange times indeed.
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    I don't intend on being drawn into the All-Island Limit debate but I disagree about lifting the current 40 mph limit; it's no longer necessary. Raise to 50 for a week then 60 the next; consider leaving it at 60 for a while but I believe that the debate about future, permanent speed limits should be done in the context of a general election.
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    Southwork you should get out for a walk or run your posts are getting bizarre.
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    Anyone calling for the speed limit to be lifted, or even questioning it just now should have their licence taken off them. And their vehicle crushed etc. There said it. Incidentally, with others of course, I once campaigned and lobbied, I would like to think with a good degree of success, in keeping the 'no limit'. An All-Island Speed Limit was up in Tynwald and the motion lost by the closest possible of margins. A single vote in one of the disagreeing branches. I had good reasons to do that at the time but increasingly these days I am wondering if my efforts were misguided.
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    A horrible incident that took up many hours of resources, but may I point out that those attending emergency services work with each other all of the time and therefore are not at risk of additional exposure from each other, and also worth mentioning is that the capacity to deal with this type of incident currently is good, if not indeed enhanced at the moment.
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    I’m not just rambling at all. I made a conscious decision at the weekend to just ignore all this rubbish. I’ve got little intention of following any of the stupid and pointless rules that have been put in place In the last week or so as they make no sense at all and they are not protecting anyone. It’s just governments scared and bowing to the paranoid shut down the world mob when little of it makes any sense. I can only go in a shop for 15 mins (which they can’t monitor anyway) but a shop worker can work in a shop all day with no requirement for protective equipment. You might as well not bother. It’s got to the point that most of it in practical terms is just a poor attempt at face saving and in the worst sense is pure bullshit.
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    Note: I am a secondary school teacher here on the island. Teachers here generally are not providing online ‘live’ lessons as it would be deemed unfair on those students in homes which don’t have access to the internet, computer equipment or are able to be ‘online’ at that time for family or personal reasons etc. Most teachers are providing online content which can be accessed anytime such as worksheets/powerpoints/prerecorded videos or annotated lessons. Of course KWC are catering for a different type of audience. They can expect everyone to have the equipment and internet needed. Most teachers want to go back, as long as it’s safe to do so. Defining what is ‘safe’ right now is extremely difficult. We all hate the thought of our students struggling at home with their learning or disengaging completely. Some teachers are vulnerable or have vulnerable family members which puts them in a difficult situation.
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    I agree. My problem is what is meant by opening up the local economy? If we become virus free pubs, restaurants, theatres etc should imo reopen as they were. Shops should scrap the 2m rule etc. If we are condemned to scuttling around like frightened rabbits for years to come, then I am not in favour.
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    Jesus, how utterly miserable can someone be? How can you see things so badly? Loads of people are back at work, things are moving forwards, everything is going alright unless you own a hotel I guess. You're going to do yourself some damage if you don't cheer up a bit.
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    For someone with verbal diarrhoea and a willingness to expound on two flies walking up a window, whether we want him to or not, Thomas’s absence is both surprising and a pleasure.
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    No irony here - I want it on my terms because I want to go away and then I want it on my terms when I come back because I want it my terms because I want - repeat repeat repeat repeat
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    Should have sent the Girls in first? They could have helped with the cleaning? What???
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    It's an honour that you would misinterpret it so completely. Thanks crab hunter.
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    That's true in some circumstances - they have various internal restrictions in certain states to prevent travel between different parts of the country. However, all citizens who are outside the country are allowed to return home. Yes, I agree that the UK has not prohibited visitors. But I can not find any country that has prevented its citizens or permanent residents from returning in the way that the Isle of Man did. The key issue here is what "closed borders" mean. In the IOM context, it meant banning anyone from travelling at all. I think that in every other country, "closed borders" means banning tourists and visitors, it does not mean banning citizens and permanent residents from going home.
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    there was certainly a lot more announcements than we even thought was coming. I will be honest things have suddenly moved along a lot quicker than we were all expecting. Good job
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    Lets hope Law and Order goes the same way as tourism. We will not have any crime at all.
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    Well I think it was one of Howies better updates, hairdresser open, restaurants outside space, schools going back, 100 per week residents can return, non residents can come for compassionate reasons but have to isolate for 14 days etc. he also said when questioned about borders that they will consider what infection rate is in U.K., hospital admissions etc when deciding on reopening which will probably be on a phased basis which gives hope for Summer sometime.
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    The sooner he goes back to school the better. In fact the sooner he goes anywhere the better......
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    wish somebody would shut you down...
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    But then those other countries politicians haven’t had to pander to the same sort of hysterical pitchfork waving “shut down everything” loonies as the average IOM resident was at the start of this all.
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    But you're not stalking her at all. Oh no!
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    I was quoted by both that I would expect 'Up to 60m download'. I only ever get around 30m on a good day. Upload is only 3 to 5m....'on a good day'. Their 'get out' are those two words....'up to'
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    I have a funny feeling that the only people likely to answer your post will be those that can read - don't know why, just a hunch.
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    Mr Lundgren mustn’t have read our quarantine rules.
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    Hopefully theres legs in this and it turns out to be true https://mobile.twitter.com/i/web/status/1263395238590255105
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    It’s about necessary travel though isn’t it? If you really need to go somewhere for a funeral, or hospital treatments etc then you’ll find the money as the only way you’re going to be able to do it. I really can’t believe so many people are so narrow minded when it comes to compassionate travel.
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    To impose a national speed limit on the back of a temporary speed limit and during the Covid mess would be political suicide, displaying contempt for vast swathes of the public and a disregard for democracy. If they want ti introduce such a limit they need to deal with it as a distinct issue at an appropriate time. I too find the silence worrying and more than a little odd.
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    Come on man, who is posting the doom and gloom here? Oh,that's right, it's you. I'm pretty positive, and considering the situation have been most of the time. I quite enjoyed the time off, I've spent a lot of the time educating myself, I've seen an awful lot of the beauty of spring, I've read books I've had in my get round to it eventually pile. Sure, the financial hit has been a challenge, as has less time with the kids and not seeing my mates, but its ok, I'm back at work now, as are a lot of people, and the lockdown is lifting. Sure there are things to worry about regarding the future, but the way the Island has handled the pandemic is generally pretty good, mostly down to the people broadly doing the right thing, and as such there should be confidence going forward. Not often I agree with Alf, but he''s right to emphasise what we need to do now, mostly trying to spend what money we've got over here. The economy will survive due to peoples behaviour, don't panic, shop local, think about what you're doing. If individuals can take a two month hit to their income then so can government. We're going to be alright.
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    Abolish the process to employ a "Head of Esports" at £60,000 per year.
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    A few sensible idealists have been elected individually to Tynwald over the years, occasionally as MLCs, but all either turn into "Stepford MHKs" or effectively become isolated. Until a sensible political party gains a majority here...its candidates all agreed on at least 5 major policies...nothing will or can change. That is the revolution that is required here.
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