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    Good shout that. A new Minister won’t go to Policy and Reform. Anyway, Thomas was on thin ice voting against COMIN because, undemocratic as it is, those are the rules of club COMIN. Quayle will have enjoyed demonstrating that he’s the great almighty Wizard of Oz and Oxford PPE degree or not, Thomas was a waffling bag of wind. All that alleged intellect wasted on delivering exactly nothing other than a succession of convoluted vacuous speeches. So what does this all reveal? Well, nothing we didn’t know already. The political system here is a stranger to democratic principles and its practitioners, illustrated this time by Quayle and Thomas, are piss-poor. Who didn’t know either of those facts?
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    That would be logical. Instead of fucking about rearranging seats for six kids at a time.
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    Thomas is a man of above-average COMIN intellect who achieved very little apart from taking up significant airtime with his ability to string together many meaningless words. It will be both interesting and depressing to see what other under-achiever is allowed to put his feet on the ladder of ambition to succeed him. The Government is being run by the insiduous and secretive Will Greenhow, who must be wallowing like a slug in a pool of his own slime with the Emergency Powers. Thomas was at least right to question these. Quayle does not have the wit, vision or grasp of detail to do anything else than read out the speeches that Greenhow writes for him. If our system had any shred of democracy, it has now gone, with the applause of most of the conned public.
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    Is there any need to appoint a new cabinet office minister for policy and reform? It’s a non job at present and likely to be so for any time prior to the next election. With two summer recesses, and Covid likely to dominate until the end of 2020, and the legislative programme full, and running behind, there’s not any time to achieve anything. Agreed, intellectual content of CoMin halved, but common sense and communication, from a very low base, admittedly, doubled.
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    What you see is what you get with Jethro boot. And what you see is an absolute ballbag.
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    Talk all you want.
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    I still dont really understand. What's the point of having a vote if there's only one option to choose? Why even have a vote?
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    What are your neighbours doing his week ? - please provide latest nosey know it all curtain twitching rubber necking stats - Thank you.
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    Is that for the Foxdale submarine base?
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    Julie Edge is absolutely correct. Just as she would be if she said that an Undertaker is the liveliest person in the Chapel of Rest.
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    I thought it was the Chinese that are taking over the world. Watch out for them buying out even more companies now that their virus has caused massive devaluations.
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    He might waffle-on but he's no one's fool.
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    Why not it is pretty straight forward. The rules for being a minister are, and have been for years, that you argue and disagree within the council of ministers but once the council of ministers have agreed a position by voting all ministers support that decision. If you don't you having broken the rules you are out. It is irrelevant what the matter being discussed or voted on was. That has no relevance to the sacking. That is purely down to the fact that he voted against what the council of ministers had agreed was their position. You do that you are out. It is irrelevant who you are or what the matter is about.
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    we can blame them for not abolishing the rule yet and stifling democracy , and we thought buster was a crook with peoples votes.
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    Welcome back Woolley, we've missed you. Tuned in to Stu's programme for twenty minutes or so last night. I thought you were going to play some decent music on your new show Stu ? Who picks 'em ? I like your presenting style but change the records. I've tried your show a few times now but Emily Maitliss is way out in front at the moment. She's better looking too
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    I like this quote from Quayle almost perfect in its irony ... I am a firm believer in diversity of opinion and thought.
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    This is Rob Callisters big chance! Go Rob!! Or Jason Mooorhouse.
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    On a separate note, ashcroft has that australianism whereby every statement he makes sounds like it's a question when he says the last word of it.
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    I'd take that with a very large pinch of salt!
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    My guess would be yes - perhaps with many (but not all) of the emergency acts rescinded. No way could they open the border in June. There would be a public outcry as any good could be seriously undone in a couple of weeks.
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    No, talking is permitted.
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    I'm not sure I understand why teachers are only being "offered" weekly testing. It should be mandatory and what about other staff in schools (admin, assistants etc). If they test regularly then there's no reason why all kids can't go back to school, especially primary. The danger in schools are the adults, not the kids.
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    Really you dont know what you are talking about. It isnt actually cleared what he was abstaining about. I doubt very much it was a simple "Shall we close the borders, yes or no?"
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    There's something about this that doesn't add up and so for me it's not straightforward. A disagreement over one policy can be brushed under the carpet but not two.
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    Perhaps the fact that the Govt lost the vote was a factor in his sacking?
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    Don’t be disgusting. This is a family forum.
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    That’s an excellent and very helpful description. I consider it likely that the person concerned is called Steve Rodent and can be contacted via the Tynwald buildings.
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    Yes, if you’re Chief Minister. To restore COMIN’s voting weight in Keys and Tynwald.
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    it worked for putin, kim jong, mugabe, etc etc, we know what society we actually live in.
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    Why perpetuate the charade that everyone agrees with everything when the reality is you MUST agree with everything or get put on the minus ministerial money naughty step! Yes, it is that childish...
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    More arrogant than Robertshaw or Eddie Teare last time around? Boot never comes across of being a particularly humble man either
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    the bees, the reason I am so down on Thomas is because he was very patronising towards me when he was totally in the wrong and was proved wrong a more arrogant man I have yet to meet and a friend of mine who is a constituent of his had the same treatment when she approached about a matter. To vote against closing the borders shows the mentality of this man.
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    Unlike the other media outlets, IOM Newspapers did at least report the vote in Tynwald where Thomas's vote meant that the Government lost its amendment. It was a typical civil service attempt to do things behind closed doors and exclude the plebs, so no wonder they're upset. The whole idea of ministerial and departmental responsibility makes sense when there are sufficient members in a legislature to vote anything down. Because Tynwald and the Keys in particular are rigged so there is always a majority for measures - even though they are nearly all supposed to be 'Independent' - it becomes a dictatorship.
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    I wonder if they've told Quayle that he's sacked Thomas yet? Given that when Beecroft (as was) was sacked, Quayle didn't even do it himself, but sat in a corner when Greenhow did the dirty deed, it's possible they just sent the e-mail this time and forgot to copy Quayle in. Edited as typed 'e-maul' for 'e-mail'. Though thinking about it ...
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    Thomas is a honest man of great integrity. Unusual in a politician. Granted he talks too much, but he is bright and capable and we are poorer for losing him. Comin, apart from Cannan & Allison is void of great intelligence, and collectively are the opposite of bold and dynamic. We are led by Mr Nice but not terribly bright, a Health Minister who knows his brief but is overly cautious and timid and an entourage of bit part players who I would never ever employ in any significant capacity. These are the people who we must now trust to extract us intact from this crisis and its aftermath. Crageen, Skelly, Harmer and Boot, need I say more. I despair.
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    Trying to avoid Van Helsing
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    Personally I don't care whether I'm tracked by Google or the Chinese govt. And, let's be honest, they've done a great job lifting almost a 1/3 of the world's population out of poverty over the past century or so. The evangelical freedom wonks are wrong. Healthcare and not starving is more important than abstract Swiftian concepts of liberalism.
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    Looking at the way Ashford framed things he mentioned moving more towards Guidance rather than forcing by rules. I think Government are getting to the point where businesses have said to them that they won't open or can't open under the current rule based environment. It'll far easier for business to return to normal if they only have guidance. It means they can do what they want.
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    I'm not sure with regards to covid that the main thing is people worrying about their own health, should they catch it. More that they may unwittingly pass it on to others that aren't as healthy?
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    I don't follow the reasoning "The hospital isn't busy anymore, so we can go back to no speed limit". If we need hospital capacity for unrestricted roads, then surely we shouldn't have unrestricted roads? The 40 limit was brought in to reduce admissions to the hospital, in particular ICU. This is reasonable, as we have accidents on our roads every single day, and the number of serious ones is twice the rate of the UK. But, having admitted that our unrestricted roads cause work for the hospital and regular ICU admissions, how can we possibly go back? There is only one genuine honest reason for people to want unrestricted roads - that is "I like to drive at inappropriate speed on open public roads, and don't want that freedom taken away". All that other stuff people say about "it's not speed, it's bad driving", "It'll kill the TT" etc is all just smoke screen. Don't get me wrong, I'm a motorcyclist myself, with 30 years experience. I like to open it up, and have done. It doesn't make it right though. There is no case for totally unrestricted roads. I think the 40 is a bit low for a permanent all-island speed limit, 50 would be better. 60 is too high for most of our roads - that's almost motorway speed, and we don't have any motorways.
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    Saw them at the Stanley in Ramsey today. They were walking empty pallets to the pub as I drove past. There were kegs in the back of the lorry. Can only assume they were collecting rather than delivering.
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    Same difference he is a half wit as well as the king of waffle.
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    Ashford is doing a decent job in DHSC so I hope he stays there.
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    You were informed? You said in your previous rant about this that you knew nothing of it? The press release doesn't make out anything other than a request no to have a ride out and the reasoning behind it.
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    I thought it was pretty impressive to see a politician put his commitment to transparency and public participation in the planning process ahead of his Ministerial role. That's gutsy, Thomas will pay the financial cost here to do what he thinks is right. That shows some decent courage to stick by his beliefs.
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    Chris Thomas has the brains to take this government to task on many things. The only problem is that by the time he's finished waffling, nobody can ever remember what it was all about in the first place.
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    This absolutely. We've been watching nests, from the idiot swans in Castletown who's huge nest floated off with 3 eggs in it on the high tide, to the moorhens with the smallest chicks youve ever seen, feeding a mother goose who hasn't moved for a month even though she hisses at you when you go near, watching an evil Heron eat a duckling, all sorts. Every day for the last two months there has been more life visible, the changes in the path along the silverburn between castletown and ballasalla has been an awesome watch. There is so much going on in the natural world at springtime, I love it and feel its really important to encourage that love in my young fella. Hopefully I have. Edit - bye bye potential baby swans
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    ship to man works if the battery can be posted within the UK
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    Really the likes of Amazon should not allow sellers to sell into the UK without adding VAT and taking it. The seller should then reclaim it if it isn't due. It's criminal how much VAT isn't paid by Amazon sellers. Especially the overseas lot. China flooding the place with shite and paying no dues on it either. No wonder it hurts local business.
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