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    Salon and First Class dining saloon from 1927 Ben. These date from about 1963/4. The Lady was more or less identical. They were both refurbished after WW2 and were much less opulent than their pre WW2 fit out.
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    I very much doubt that covid is circulating in the community here. We have had a fair bit of freedom of movement and return to work here now for several weeks, and have seen no uptick in cases of respiratory illness, or calls to 111 etc. If we had circulating cases we'd expect to be admitting about 1 in 20 of them to hospital and that hasn't happened. I do however share your concerns regarding the control of keyworkers, and we've all seen a couple of cases in the news recently regarding this. And with prevalence apparently on the rise in the UK as a whole (ONS figures suggests it's gone from 1:1700 to 1:1100 over the past couple of weeks) this is something we need to be getting right. Overall I believe government have done a pretty good job here. Comparisons with other jurisdictions are very difficult to make though.
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    There's a new lad on the Late Show tonight that I hope you'll all support. Tune in at 10:00pm.
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    The notion also fails to take into account the different parties involved at the time relative to the parties that exist today. For example, the slave trade between the British Isles and North America only accounted for about 10% of worldwide slave trade. Likewise, in the US, only 2% of the population in Confederate states owned slaves, which means less than 1% of the entire US population. Add to this the fact so many of the “white” population of the US migrated there decades after slavery had already been abolished. Most of the Germans, Italians, Irish, Jews, Russians, and Poles arrived in mass waves in the late 19th and early 20th century. Whatever ancestry they may have from prior to the abolition of slavery, most white people in America today have majority-German ancestry which arrived here after abolition. Also, it’s wrong to assume that all black people arrived to the US as slaves. Many arrived as immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean. And another thing: a significant portion of the US population, while not themselves Native Americans, do have at least a small amount of Native American ancestry. There’s also the divide between the Union and Confederate states. The simplistic ideology of the left being pushed on us at the moment soon starts unravelling when you just stop to think for five minutes and use reason and logic instead of emotion. Why do we only ever hear about the US and UK? Because the other 90% isn’t politically expedient for the far left ideology and the demographic groups they’re aligned with such as a certain peaceful religion whose founder was in fact a total racist and a slave trader. Just like the fact that there is slavery going in the world today, at a scale apparently even greater than at the peak of the transatlantic slave trade. And with their obsession over identity politics, how do we break it down by gender or sex? They can’t even agree on how many genders or sexes exist. What role did women play in the whole “white patriarchy”? Were they victims or active participants? Or both? According to some crackpot leftist academics, even the suffragettes like Emmeline Pankurst, daughter of our own Sophia Goulden, were “racists” and white supremacists for a number of contrived reasons (just google if you want a laugh). How about gender non-binary people? Or social class? And what about the plantation slaves vs the plantation house servants? How about we break it down by ability vs disability too? Identity politics is intended to divide people and exploit division to push for socialism. It’s all about directing people into sub-collectives so eventually they’ll re-integrate them back into a bigger collective under the state. They’re Marxists, plain and simple and should be called out as such. Referring to the question of blame for things that happened in history. If we were consistent with the blame game, there would be no end to it. We wouldn't limit ourselves to the Occident but would also include the Orient. And we wouldn't have such a selective narrow focus on specific countries during a very specific time period. We'd be totally open to exploring all the injustice and inequality around the whole world perpetrated by every society in every era, including today. It's fairly obvious the real agenda is not about a truthful approach to history but a selective assault on western civilisation to undermine its institutions, particularly the so-called "Anglo-Saxon" (US/UK) model of individualism which was the basis for the classical liberal tradition, the Enlightenment, the whole idea of individual rights which are ultimately what led to the abolition of slavery. We're seeing the foundations of western civilisation being attacked because this enables them to unravel the products of western civilisation, namely the tradition of rights, representative democracy, the idea that we're all born equal, rule of law, free market economics, the concept of the nation-state, and individual freedom. As these things are removed, there will no longer be any institutions or a population capable of opposing the implementation of totalitarian world government. This all boils down to an ideological battle between individualism and collectivism. By dividing us on race, collectivism wins.
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    No - it 'needs' younger taxpayers - not people extending the waiting lists at the hospital.
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    In the spirit of positivity I will say the lady of man was my all time favourite steampacket boat
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    Yes, that is quite an achievement. Wish they would bring back the oiled wool jumpers though! Would definitely have one.
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    The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company Limited celebrates it's 190th birthday today and is the oldest continually operating passenger shipping company in the world. Originally called the Mona's Isle Company, it was formed after the princely sum of £6,000 was raised! Whatever gripes and moans we all have about it, we should be proud of the consistent service it has provided as the Island's lifeline over all of this time. Happy Birthday! (Can't hurt to have the occasional positive post can it?!)
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    Sequence: Totally Closed...Managed repatriation...free travel for locals with arrivals quarantined...Free travel for all with testing/risk mitigation...free travel for all no restrictions Timing: This really has to depend on the prevalence in the UK. I've tried to model this based on other jurisdictions but my predictions fell down at the first hurdle since the UK are not panning out the same as others have done - instead of infection prevalence halving every 23 days they've increased! If you know the UK prevalence, you can calculate an expected number of covid positive arrivals according to how many arrivals you expect, and can make sure that that number can be detected and managed by the immigration controls. Management: Unless the prevalence is so low in the UK to make risk of importation of covid negligible, then I think some form of screening or testing will need to be done on arrival if we are going to be able to relax quarantine for arrivals. Monitoring: Same as now, looking at hospital arrivals, 111 calls The key to all of this is understanding and management of risk. Scientists may be able to calculate and articulate that risk, it's up to politicians what level of risk is acceptable, while balancing the societal and economic demands to relax restrictions.
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    Nah. That'd be just like sitting at home. How many of us would remember anything of our long past journeys on the Steam Packet as recounted here had we just sat looking at a gizmo the whole time we were aboard? How depressing, and how very typical of today.
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    Lets drop the name the Director of Highways Mr Jeff Robinson in here again, just so everyone knows that Longworth and Black aren't the only utter wankers involved.
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    No thanks.
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    The previous Ben-my-Chree, the Manx Maid and the Mona's Queen were my favourites. They seemed like classics to me. And those formidable babushkas in nurses' hats who ran the quiet lounges before they were converted. I always found that the sound of the engines down there was great for getting to sleep. Much better than the crappy videos. And fresh Manx kippers are for sale by the gang plank. Last chance.
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    I remember announcements on the old old Ben or Lady and on the sisters announcing that the commodore chef was on board. The old dining rooms down in the bow were splendid, carvery trollies with big domes, lots of silver cutlery, marked crockery, chafing dishes, food served under domes, flourished reveals. Thinking back my best trips to/from the island were with non steam packet boats. Stella Marina to Fleetwood ( my grandfather lived in Cleveleys ) and St Seriol to/from Llandudno ( my other grandparents were on holiday in Llandudno. I was about 5. I got taken down into the engine room with my father. St Seiriol was real steam. Polished copper pipes. Lots of things rocking. Engineers with oily rags. I've vague memories of being got up at 5am, tram from Cleveleys to Fleetwood and boarding a Steam Packet boat. I can only have been 5 or 6. It was a long day. I remember being cranky after being woken up after falling asleep on the sail back to Fleetwood. Things don’t change much
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    He should be allowed to take comments by text about interesting happenings it will be like the other two stations if it is just unadulterated music. Black is black I believe is the new introductory music followed by That old black magic. My god he is going to have to be super careful what tunes he plays. Meanwhile the Bishop is scouring the cemetery’s for slaves graves. What a carry on.
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    Lots of the late C19 and post WW1 boats weren’t built for either the steam packet or the Irish Sea. I was thinking about what I miss. Definitely the (First Class) Dining Saloon and silver service. Oasis of calm on winter sailings, with a menu you didn’t have to read, because it didn’t change for years. Poached Greenland Halibut, Manx Lamb, Kippers, Apple Pie and cream.
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    TBH, there probably wasn't any need for mental gymnastics as the two issues most likely were viewed as completely separate with no hypocrisy. This was a time when views were generally quite unempathetic with any group of people who were in the "lower orders", be they black, poor, children of the poor, disabled, non-Christian and so on. We find child labour abhorrent, if not baffling, but the prevailing view was that as they were the offspring of poor, thus products of lazy, ungodly, immoral and dishonest people, so it was quite justifiable to send them up chimneys or into weaving looms. They deserved nothing better and it could be considered either a punishment or even an opportunity for redemption. Like I said, it is difficult for us to judge without understanding the generally accepted mores of the time. That is not to excuse, but to understand. It is also likely that the various social reformers from that time also held what we would consider hypocritical or inconsistent beliefs. That doesn't denigrate what they achieved, as a change in attitudes is a slow and incremental process.
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    Scouse voice: "Meals are now being served in the dining saloon"
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    And in particular, one or two individuals at its top tiers.
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    In days gone by the chefs wore the customary white jacket. I see the so-called chef on today's boats wearing the same. Not sure they deserve to when the maximum amount of actual cooking they do is grilling a bit of bacon and frying the odd egg!
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    Wish I had the same recall for these boats. Sea-sickness ruined many a voyage for me and even reading some of these posts is bringing back sense memories. It was usually just finding a seat and hunkering down with eyes on the horizon for me. 190 years is a fantastic achievement though, whatever the bumps along the way.
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    When I was a butcher boy at school, we supplied the Steam Packet's meat. What an adventure jumping across two boats to get to the third one when the fleet was in. Sometimes ending up in Douglas Bay while one of the other boats was allowed out. We were often going aboard just as the boat was sailing or had just arrived, depending on the sailing sheet, which we were issued with weekly to organise deliveries. The manager would take the orders from the chief steward, his visits had to be timed to perfection. It was almost like a military operation as the boats were stocked by various suppliers on a tight schedule. Often we were treated to lunch in the galley and if you think first class passengers ate well, you should have seen how the crew feasted. It was another world down stairs with all the cabins, very naval indeed but very interesting.
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    Listening to Mr Baker on mannin line. Am I alone in thinking he sounds totally out of his depth. He seemed to have problems actually stringing words together to make a sentence. I finished off feeling sorry for him.
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    This isn't about holidays. I'm young enough to enjoy many more of those. I also grew up never going abroad much really so it is no big deal. But that isn't what this is about long term. The borders need, at some stage, to be opened to allow businesses to function, to allow the enormous amount of none manx people that live here to visit relatives etc and vice versa. Indefinitely closing borders will destroy tourism based business. There will be no airlines. As I've said, we need to work out how we can function in a future that won't be covid free.
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    Look, I want to go on holiday as much as anyone else. However, why risk it when there is a wave of infection taking off? Other countries are trying different types of quarantine and isolation. Wait and see what works. Then follow that. The majority of the Islands income is secure. Yes, there will be une,ployment. Opening borders is not going to help or change that.
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    Thanks for the vote of confidence. I’ve known Alex for 15 years and totally respect his opinions and intelligence. He doesn’t have expertise in a specific narrow field of medical practice like me and my consultant colleagues, but he does have expertise in the generality of medicine and is able to weigh up available evidence as well as any of us. And he does know what he doesn’t know, and who he should ask. I for one trust him. We are almost bound to get further covid cases on the island. The plan has to be to manage this by appropriate testing, tracing, and selective isolation, while most of us carry on with life.
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    Beautiful pictures, JW.
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    The two that went before the bench were in work the next day saying they had been watching the footie in two pubs and some one reported them. No checks or balances by this Government
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    They will do what most civil servants do nod, agree, and then continue to do things the same way as ever.
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    It was interesting that, during his long interview on the Mannin Line today, Tim Baker was asked about the senior management team he'd inherited. He responded that "some of them will enjoy working with me, more than others." It suggests that he has sussed out some of them, but whether he'll actually be able to change anything will be a different matter.
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    Maybe get the boy Brindley to choose the music for a couple of weeks. I appreciate that would be extreme. Perhaps Stu should have a guard of honour to enter the building tonight.
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    No, but I can generalise. You have to do that when there is so much debate on the meaning of these terms. Only a couple of months ago I watched an hour-long argument between two well known economists, both of them left wing, who couldn't agree on the meaning of the word socialist. What possible hope do you think we have on Manx Forums to reach a consensus?
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    I am in the sticks and the best I get is 11mbps. If it was consistent it would be adequate even with my fully digital home and business office. My issues come from regular drop outs and bandwidth contention at peak times. I do not get a mobile signal either so am hoping that the extra cash allocated to MT for fibre is well spent and soon.
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    In his interview or chat with the nation on Mannin line today Baker said they knew there would be opposition to the Glencrutcheryroadgate but it would settle down after a couple of weeks as people had accepted something similar they had done down South after that time. What a plonker. He reminded me of an excited puppy having his first playtime with the big dogs. However, it is a massive department perhaps it need splitting up, the list of what it is responsible for was read out and it astounded me, too unwieldy by half it is really not surprising that things are not getting the attention that they should be getting. Anyway we have his word that the promenade will be ready for next Easter and apparently things are sweet between the contractors and his team and sweeter between him and his team....all good then.
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    Yes, that's a consequence of a small sample size, and a known factor that you need to take into account. San Marino had 40 odd deaths but is top of that scale by an absolute mile. A single death in a small community skews the stats by a large amount, I'd have thought you of all people would understand that. Also, in your later point about it circulating in a low level, well while I suppose it is possible I'd say it is highly highly unlikely, because this virus doesn't seem to do low level, thats the whole point of everything, it transmits too fast to remain low level. If it was circulating even with majority asymptomatic cases it is inevitable someone would have presented with symptoms by now.
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    Like John Wright, I've been on Bens lV V, and Vl. Manx Viking had her moments. The toilets were, as I recall, in tiny cubicles. I'm not huge, but they were challenging. She also had what seemed to be a permanent slight lean to one side, which she still had when we saw her in Norway around 1988. The ships were better when they had silver service restaurants. Going for a decent, relaxed meal seemed to be so civilised, though Ben V had unusual green coloured walls in her restaurant, which didn't help the appetite I suppose I have better memories of some of the trips on the last Lady, because most were more recent, but also had some really good times on her sister, Monas Queen, which remained unrebuilt until she went to the Philippines. In strictness, (polishing pedantry badge), the Steam Packet should not be commemorating 190 years since the IOM Steam Packet Company was established before July 2022. It was July 1832 when the company was given its present name. Initially, in July 1830, the company was called Mona's Isle Company, then in January 1832, it was renamed The Isle of Man United Steam Packet Company.
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    It is also laying the ground for a redistribution of wealth, some would believe.
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    Colby Glen opening on Wednesday 8th July.
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    And how far does it extend..?
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    What an asinine comment.
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    Jesus this is like East Germany. FFS is its bothering you, report them via the 111 covid Line. Posting on a web forum changes fuck all. Stan, if you want the numbers do you think its best to whine like a baby on a forum, or go and look for the answers yourself? I found the data easily enough.
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    I liked the lounges where it was bench seating all around the hull with a sort of bunk-berth above. Presumably because of the hull shape. The portholes were just above this berth. When there was a bit of a sea the portholes would be submerged when the boat rolled. Magical! It used to annoy my mother no end that the heavy rolling of the hull would lull me to sleep. Until they started being sick of course. Why do people who suffer from mal de mer think they will be better off below decks? What they should be doing is getting out on the decks in the fresh air to enjoy a pork pie washed down with Guinness....
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    Let's hope this improvement in the passenger offering is addressed in the new vessel design! Free onboard wi-fi for the whole voyage would also go a long way to improving the passenger experience...
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    It was my luxury as a student, start and end of each term and a mid term weekend return.
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    Everyones missing the real point. This traffic issue in these areas are totally the responsibility of DOI and the complete clusterf**k they made of the promenade in the first place . From day one they didnt have a clue ,and along with lack of design plans , and this is why we are where we are . How is it suddenly we have big numbers on site but for a year often there wouldnt be double figures for months . The Prom doesnt need to be one way as there is plenty of room for two lanes . As there was all along.. Management at DOI have completly failed in everyway and how Black is still in charge is mindblowing. Along with senior CS there they need to be made accountable .
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    Not forgetting their breakfast on the way out. Served on a dry plate not swimming in assorted liquids
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    Are you Kayleigh McEnema? That whole pile of text you've just posted is straight out Trumps bum.
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    It certainly wasn't the first four that's for sure... To be honest, any of the old style boats were better than the current vessel. They had a bit of character. The silver service restaurant on board always made the trip a bit special
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    Thanks for that useless fucking input.
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    The Brewery won’t sell without a covenant restricting sale of alcohol. Given it’s location it’s got a good population base. Should be full. Its even got adequate parking. The restaurant space is a bit underwhelming. But could be improved. But please, no more brewery fare. I suspect places like the Strath, Colby Glen are closed because the Brewery is short of competent tenants and managers. They’re having a shuffle.
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