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    Sounds just like the IoM
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    Well I for one welcome having something well organised on the Island for a change.
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    Just got a letter from Josem. Seems to think he’s standing for election to Tynwald. Its got a questionnaire on the back. No box for remove me from your mailings No box for stop wasting paper No box for “I wouldn’t vote for a Manx version of UKIP masquerading behind the word liberal”
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    Good stuff. They run a tight and harmonious ship up Onchan way so he could be a good addition. Oh hang on that statement couldn't be more wrong could it...
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    You're right on this Woolley, I've mentioned it before on here. More than 5 years of just nothing sat in a home where you could you go see her, leave the room, go back in and she didnt know you'd just been there and didn't know who you were anyway. What's the point? Oh £4k a month. It's just a massive industry, keeping people alive for profit. And I can't complain about the care, physically she was in better nick in there than she had been at home before her soul left. It's really sad.
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    I suspect it is just the journalist calling it the Isle of Wight TT. Any attempt to call it the Isle of Wight TT officially would be a trademark violation. Hence the Diamond Races title.. I see that a lot of expensive work has yet to be done to the Course and the self funded cost of the races is between £2m and £5m. The wide disparity in the projected costs would indicate that they don’t actually know what the true cost will be and, therefore don’t yet have a firm appreciation of the self-funding burden. Couple that with road race fans who expect to watch for nothing. Good luck with that!
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    I view paying my vehicle licences as a form of organized crime!
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    Any figures released on their projected net spend while visiting yet.
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    That's got to be a first - problems getting drugs in Anagh Coar
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    They definitely tick all the boxes. If they can guarantee it will be pissing down with rain and blowing a gale this just may work.
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    The worry for the IOM TT might be that the IOW, starting with a blank sheet, hits on a formula that is very successful. This might be a shorter festival with a greater variety of machinery over a course where spectators see more racing; organized without the need for public sector employees; the involvement of expert race organisers without the interference of public sector advisors with no expertise in course safety; marketed to a more family orientated audience by a specialist event marketing company; making good use of a trademark registration that is not subjected to political weakening; generating income from commercial sources to fund the event and without dependence to public funding and the consequent interference and influence of novice politicians. In fact, everything the Isle of Man rejects as a way forward...
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    The two individuals interviewed are between them no more than 22 or 23. Babies fired with righteous zeal in the tradition of young people.
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    I am anti because it smacks of the bandwagon and they are not clear about who they are, what they stand for and who gave them their commission. I know I am banging on about that last bit, but I think it is important that we have clarity. As I have said, I have no issue with broadening the curriculum to include race issues, but I want to know who is going to set that particular agenda.
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    There were very few black people on the island when I was at school but we never thought anything about it when we encountered a black person? When I was five, we lived close to Strand Street/Castle Street. I remember a young black guy, with his cardboard suitcase, smartly dressed with a trilby standing at the junction. He asked me if I knew where he could find a room. My grandparents ran a large guest house on Fairfield Terrace, so I walked up there to show him. I rang the bell as I knew not to wander in during summer when they were busy. Unfortunately, they said they were full, and they probably were as they were quite popular. They asked me in and pointed him in the direction of somewhere that may have had vacancies. I got a right telling off for talking to strangers, particularly 'different people'. I couldn't understand it but it never changed my approach or made me think badly of black people? On my way home, I saw him without his case and hat and he thanked me for my help. Very polite to a five year old and he probably is to thank for my never having any of the bigotry that people often mention. I wondered what he was doing over here, and still do to this day.
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    They certainly have. Many a true word spoken in error.
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    Qualtroughs are the absolute bee’s knees. Such helpful people. Never patronise you if you’re just a humble DIYer looking for some good advice.
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    Is it worth me building a swingometer for this election, do you think?
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    Yes, specialist lawyers in UK. (ie not some Athol Street shyster) Edited to add: Not that there are any Athol Street shysters. At all. ETA It's just a phrase. A figure of speech. Not relevant here anyway.
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    Well what I mean about the soul is thats who you are. All your memories etc. They just stopped at the point of the stroke, effectively the bit that makes you you. That left, so the person died, just left a body with nothing of the previous 80 odd years going on in the brain. Didnt recognise their children. Didn't remember their life. It's like having two deaths.
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    This is going to confuse so many people. Half the people who come to the TT, think we are where the Isle of Wright is.
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    To be honest, with the exception of the "crap roads" bit (cue any amount of grumbling about what's spent on the TT course roads), right now quite a few people would apply much of that statement to the IOM. The IOM's big plus in that respect is that it's already got its TT history and tradition to give it a leg up. It's established. It's doubtless a lot cheaper and more convenient to get to the IOW too, which would appeal to many. It's another island relatively "away" from main population centres who might object. It might be able to run without being treated as a major source of income for an over-bloated Government, ie more affordable for those who want to come. At this stage I'd discount it at your peril.
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    Maybe they do know what it stands for but also realise that having it stand for time trial might avoid any IP infringement
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    It doesn't really matter what they write in their manifestos there isn't enough time left for them to achieve anything. The best they can hope for is an extra 10k in a government post. I would be surprised if more than one or two them actually knew what MHK's do. I would be even more surprised if any of them had actually been in Legislative Buildings to watch a sitting (although some of them may have made a token gesture of turning up to the last tynwald).
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    https://onthewight.com/isle-of-wight-tt-the-diamond-races-are-coming-circuit-map-and-photos/ Be interesting to see what IOMG make of this, from a trademark perspective??
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    After every shred of dignity, faculty and personality has gone, any imagined "rights" have already been withdrawn? There is no humanity left, just an empty husk. Would you want to continue that way? Would anyone?
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    Mann Link seem to have got it right. More flights now being released. Good PR being generated so far. We’ve even had that grumpy Guernsey bastard as a social media star. What’s not to like? It’s filling beds and holiday cottages and Guernsey is a Covid free island like us so what’s the risk?
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    The bbc should carry no more credibility than any other state sponsored broadcaster. To think otherwise is simply exceptionalism.
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    The figures pretty much support that theory. Of the ten by-elections since 2002 in which the winner didn't drop out (Delaney, 2006) or get in unopposed (Teare, 2006) at the following general election, eight of the winners have gone on to win a seat in the general election. In the case of the remaining two, one (Joughin, Douglas East by-election, 2015) only won their by-election with a small proportion of the vote, and the other (Douglas, Malew and Santon by-election, 2002) got in long enough before the next election for the electorate to become disillusioned. I'm willing to bet that a by-election one or two years before the general election is ideal as there are probably quite a few people willing to automatically vote you back in simply to give you a proper chance. The less charitable interpretation, which may also be true, is the winner won't have had enough time for his or her constituents to find much fault—according to Rhumsaa's arc, we're still firmly in the visionary, piss and vinegar stage of the MHK's political career by the time the next election rolls around. Another advantage is that the MHK can happily bail-out if it turns out that politics isn't for them since they'll only lost one year, which doesn't carry that much opportunity cost. As for why this by-election has attracted so much attention, part of it may be that some prospective candidates think they have a better chance with two seats up for grabs; e.g. those who aren't sure they would win an election, but think they could probably snatch second place.
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    Above my capability
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    You mean a gallows and noose? How many? For the Losers or Winners?
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    As a general rule, Manx service has always been shit, as long as I can remember. It's a shame for the people and businesses who really do try hard and provide an excellent friendly service/product. There are many of them too. But looking at the whole picture, over time, it's not good and a symptom of that persisting boat in the morning attitude. I have noticed an improvement in recent years but we've still to get there.
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    It does illustrate why it might be best to run in the by-election rather than wait for the GE. He won the by-election and was then re-elected uncontested until 1946. There's a great story from a few years later where his brother sued the referee of a match between Castletown and Rushen for libel.
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    Has the head of police started referring to the locals as balloons yet?
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    If you look up the registration in the appropriate register it is the use of the logo and the TT word mark, in connection with motorcycle racing. Most of the silly assumptions made about the supposed weakness of the TT IP reflects inadequate knowledge of the actual registration. Nobody can register the letters TT for any use whatsoever, but if you register the mark for commercial use in relation to something specific, such as motorcycle racing, that affords protection from unauthorized commercial use by anyone else. That’s exactly what the IOM TT registration does. I assume it was registered following legal input from specialist IP lawyers.
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    Dunning - Kruger
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    that's why you end up with that 5 year MHK arc Year 1 - Enthusiasm - Big ideas piss and vinegar Year 2 - Realisation - Things aren't as easy as they seemed Year 3 - Defending all the things you did in Year 1 and the repercussions (or final stages of implementation) Year 4 - Stagnation as you realise you'll never get anything done in time for the next election Year 5 - Scrambling for populist votes and covering your arse
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    Brain activity can be monitored. Ultimately, you have to accept when you are beaten, medical science has done its best and for mercy's sake it's time to let go. Somebody in this state is not self-sustaining. It's an artificial situation brought about by intervention. If there is no quality of life then it's merely prolonging the agony.
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    Desmond Carrington did his R2 show from home for almost 20 years.
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    Serious questions need to be asked in Tynwald on that one. Right now.
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    My guess is ancient and forbidden runes intended to hasten the time of Ragnarok and the violent rebirth of the world. Sharpen your knives and haft your axes, there's blood to be spilled and limbs to be severed in the name of Odin.
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    It's probably not a very popular view, but candidates spouting a whole bunch of big ideas immediately makes me doubt their suitability. It's not that I'm against ideas, big or small, so much as I have to wonder about anyone who comes out of nowhere convinced that they understand something as big and complicated as a society or an economy and the practical difficulties of changing one or more aspects of it enough to have a bunch of big-ticket, sure fire solutions in their back pocket. Maybe some do, but I'm willing to bet that most fall far short of the mark and are so lacking in self-awareness that they just end up blaming everyone else when reality drives an armoured car right through the middle of their grand vision. Those in the latter group are as bad, if not a bit worse than those with no ideas. I'd prefer instead to see someone with a few decent ideas that are influenced by a consistent view of society that I more or less agree with, and, most importantly, some kind of evidence that they have the sense and temperament to sensibly consider evidence presented before them and know when to step-in or, just as importantly, stand back from the decision-making process.
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    That’s unfair. Vote for Lon as according to his manifesto he’s clearly a ..
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    Lon Pinkerton sounds like he should be leading a posse to bring the james clan to justice. For that reason he's top 5 so far in my book
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    Thatcher said “Advisors advise, politicians decide”
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    Recent films depicting Great Britain in the first half of 20th century and earlier now have their fair quota of black faces, even if it distorts history in doing so. It all seems a bit false, but I suppose once my generation fucks off and all die, history can be wrote as 'they' would rather it was.
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    I'd be tempted to vote for him if I lived there. 2 out of 3 for me, Fowler, Jessop and HM Sole. I'm desperate for a loon to get in instead of a twat.
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    I started to watch it but there was just too much of that BBC black halo effect for me. Not sure if that way of storytelling really worked either. Very sad for his mum and I'm sure he was a lovely lad, but a straight drama documentary would've been more powerful and more truthful.
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