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    Blimey. You sound like the yorkshire sketch on Monty python.
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    I love a wildly misjudged Dilli character judgement “send her back to flog unproven remedies for deluded hypochondriacs with her proven illness whilst facing an unknown proven pandemic - rub some butternut squash extract on Abbotswood- that’ll cure it £58.99 please” Likeable Rogue
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    In the early days of these discussions (a couple of months ago) the ONS were reporting survey figures based on random sample testing of the UK - so that's not people going for tests based on symptoms, or contacts, or whatever. They were being reported as a headline figure of 1 in 1900, or 1 in 2200 etc. Calculations can be done based on these, and the number of likely arrivals here, to work out the probability of importing a case of covid. These numbers were used to formulate the prevalence of infection required at each stage of the border policy. The ONS survey figures quickly became redundant as actual testing numbers increased, and in the survey itself the numbers were very low which led to wide confidence intervals. There seems to be a move to more regional reporting now, with figures quoted as x per 100,000. I'd hope that anyone can work out the x equivalent to 1:5000 etc. If they can't they certainly have no business commentating, let alone making decisions, on border policy.
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    Contact tracing - both formal and informal. My niece has it - one of her friends had it first, she got minor symptoms and got herself tested. I think youngsters are blase about the risk of getting it, but once they have it I suspect most of them will be relatively sensible and avoid visiting grandma in the care home. In my view it's not a bad thing that university students are all going to get it in the next month or so - adds to the herd immunity.
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    If you think that's bad - I've got to tell you about these things called churches and the, so called, religious people they attract. The stuff they believe would get you sectioned under mental health law in any other context. Some of these people literally talk to imaginary beings.
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    If they can't hack that they can quit and come home. Or else they get on with it. Like every previous generation which went away from the IOM. I really don't understand this thing with the current generation (or their parents more likely) of them apparently needing to come home for a hug every few months. We didn't have mobiles or the internet either. Phone boxes or we wrote a letter. ETA: and we were living the easy life vs people who had joined the military.
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    It isn’t out of line. It’s guernsey that’s out of line at 33. Many countries are using a semaphore or traffic light system. The most commonly used boundary between green and amber is 20 in 100.000 ( or 1 in 5000 as Howie so quaintly puts it ) I even think there’s a Manx reason. If you visit the many Manx FB Covid and politics pages you’ll see the argument regularly trotted out that x in 100,000 doesn’t apply here because there are only 84,500 of us!
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    Remind me not to use your financial services. Thanks...
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    Tosser at the tip turned me away the other day because the man's van (who was helping me to bring things down) was too big - total jobsworth told me I could go home and put the items in my car and do two trips if necessary or I could come with the van on Monday or Wednesday, completely ridiculous. Suffice to say I went to St Johns where they're not dickheads.
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    Can't speak for Comin, but personally I'll leave it up to the kids to decide. I don't think my eldest will be coming back Christmas as she'll be working. Middle child may or may not do so - if he does, and has to isolate for a couple of weeks so be it.
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    I think you’re misinterpreting. There appears to be a spike amongst late teens and early 20’s. They may be asymptomatic. They may suffer no ill effects. But they can pass it on. To the elderly, vulnerable, your grandparents. How do we deal with that? There wasn’t a vaccine for Spanish flu. It just burned itself out and disappeared. Other pandemic viruses, polio as an eg, didn’t behave like that, and we had to wait for a vaccine. There were local lockdowns up until the 1950’s and 1960’s for towns with polio outbreaks, even in UK. We don’t know which category Covid falls into. Four options. Lock downs, masks, social isolation, gamble with economy and mental health Wait for burn out - which may never come Wait for vaccine - hope it’s effective Get on with life, taking precautions to ensure safety of vulnerable and elderly ( short of lock down for them ) and being risk aware and ensuring medical facilities are not overwhelmed. Lock down any hot spots. I think we have to move to the get on with life, sooner rather than later, with burn out and vaccine being possible assistance. That needs competent track & trace, and a mobile based system seems best placed to be the back bone. One of the precautions will be frequent faster widespread testing. I see the UK government is announcing a “world beating” 5 minute antigen test to allow theatre opening for panto season. A quick test would be welcome. But when UK government announces anything as world beating why does my heart sink? https://www.gramilano.com/2020/09/uk-government-to-reopen-theatres-and-stadiums-with-new-world-beating-scheme/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=gramilanosocial ignoring the fact it is now pragmatically too late to mount a professional panto, with engaging artists, scripting, set design and build, etc, rehearsal. Oh no it isn’t!
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    Thx John. Everything is done behind lock & key. This is an unprecedented situation, perhaps the biggest crisis the Island has ever faced. There are as yet unknown people (so called medical experts amongst others no doubt) playing fast & loose with peoples lives, seemingly unaccountable. The Manx public have a right to know who is advising our Government, what they are saying & information surrounding testing & arrivals.
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    I’m sure the info is gathered and will be being used to assess. Whether the public would understand, or is qualified to interpret, the raw numbers, is another question entirely. But yes, the info should be freely available, along with the number of weekly arrivals broken down by category, returning patient, returning resident ( further broken down by repatriation or temporary off island ), compassionate, new resident, key worker, exemption certificate, guernsey air corridor
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    Do you think he was the only one to Proffitt from it?
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    Of course, its why you're forking out £200 odd quid a year in 'sewerage' tax.
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    In light of the insanity being brought in in England next week I hope you 'get the borders open NOW' people reassess your thoughts. Just chill out and recognise how fucking blessed we are to be here. Just means more waiting, but at least its not waiting outside Tesco in the rain.
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    Well if your doctor advises you not to work behind a counter as you should be shielding because of your health issues I’d suggest that’s probably a valid reason to ask your employer to be able to stay at home and an invalid reason for you being sacked. I wonder how many of the current unemployed have been treated in a similarly shitty way?
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    Is that the health shop that sells homeopathic tablets? If so, they shouldn't even be allowed to use the name "health store". Homeopathy is pseudo-scientific quackery.
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    Ideally it will be arranged for DBC to be abolished & it's magnificent arts & crafts building to become the islands national art gallery
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    That's what happens when you accidentally delete a post instead of editing it and then re post it. The question gets answered before it is asked.
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    They are so called if they are. We don’t know who they are & what they are advising or based on what assumptions or information they are using.
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    Part of my job, in the days of film services was to convert slides to copy negative and thus print. For the process in those days I used a Canon AE camera on a tripod with a fixed 100mm lens and a 1:1 converter fitted, set on aperture priority and obviously manual focus, using 100ASA, 35mm standard Fujifilm and cord shutter-release to eliminate shake. The slides were placed on masked-off (daylight) light box and the mask cut to the size of the slide. With the 1:1 converter it was possible to fill the viewfinder full-frame and set on aperture-priority it gave an appropriate exposure time, usually 1 or 2 seconds depending on the exposure and quality of the original image. The results were excellent, sharp, with good contrast, even when blown up to poster size and the service provided a very substantial mark-up. Just wanted to reminisce, really, retirement can be a bore occasionally. Must invest in new camera
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    Thought by the topic of this title that they'd finally given up on the NSC slides and were going to convert them into vertical gardens!!
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    It is still a scandal, especially to those of the public who show(ed) any interest or knowledge in exactly what went on. And it should remain a scandal if only as a warning to our politicos that whatever they neglect or try to cover up will eventually come out. A trough-fest for the few and their connected mates. The truly disgusting part is that nobody was ever properly held to account for what happened; the Board stood down and doubtless moved on to other interests; the other individuals concerned walked away unscathed to their pensions and sunbeds. Unlike the bank accounts of energy bill payers, both gas and electricity, plus those of anybody who pulls a toilet chain, which will be contributing for years to come. The Isle of Man - where you can.
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    And why the MUA buys gas and puts a mark up on it to sell to Manx Gas, affecting your gas bill!
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    A bit like the woman who eats a water melon with her legs open to keep the flies off her food, I think the Promenade is doing a very good job of taking the focus of stuff like the MEA huge mega loans scandal, IRIS, incinerator and many more.
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    I always thought it odd that we built a great new incinerator , energy from waste, then immediately started saving all combustible material and paying thousands to ship it away, then paying for crap to be imported to burn. Mental . How many companies have made fortunes from this fiasco?
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    That’s usually the tried and tested excuse of overweight soap dodgers who can’t get a bird. At least if they’re heterosexual that is. I’m not sure it’s an issue for most.
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    I’m sure the world is having a big sigh of relief.
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    I’m sure your parents were delighted you didn’t come back either, would have had to buy another pound of dripping & loaf for the journey
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    I doubt he has kids & doubt he went to university
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    He’s out of a job in 12 months so will leave it to someone else.
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    An understandable argument that raises logistical questions that I do not have an answer for, however I would appreciate it if time and effort went into solving these sort of issues rather than the blunt instrument currently favoured by government that restricts the liberty of the many for the few.
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    @woolley Such a nice post x I'm still here I just work more and chat less these days
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    To be honest I have read so many different view and theories from people who seem to be 'in the know' and what it all means, some of them on here, that frankly I do not believe many so called 'experts' really have a grasp of the situation, what the figures represent and the best way forward. It seems like a urinating competition at times. But I agree with your other post, more information from those making the decisions should be available. This makes me wonder why it isn't.
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    As if that’s going to happen in any family!! Please stay away on your own in a flat with no friends or family at Xmas for 3 /4 weeks , what sort of loser parents would do that?
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    Not knowing and making up because you like gossip and are a conspiracy theorist is no more dangerous than being given the figures and misinterpreting them because you aren’t qualified and are a conspiracy theorist. Possibly?
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    The answer to the "dog poo bag disposal" issue is simple. YOUR DOG can shit in YOUR GARDEN! Simples.
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    I have been caught out by the barriers because the signage was non existent when they first did it. I'm beginning to think the DoI are just trolling the Island.
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    Should have been taken into the woods and feckin shot
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    Then you is a knacker. So for example what about the big team/s of legal advisers on 'both' sides (there was only ever one side - and they all wanted more of that lovely money, money, money).
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    I see the road down to St Ninnians traffic lights has not been returned to as it was. They have just removed the bus lane cycle lane words from the ground at the pit lane exit and left lanes as is. Frightened looking girl on a bike wondering why all the cars were behind her as she held them up as they could not get past because of the two lanes. Should reinstate the road as was and take them stupid cycle boxes away at the head of the traffic cues they hold all traffic up and are creating a road hazard. Bicycles should stay in line with the rest of the traffic as per the highway code and not filter to the front. Will get burned for this, But until the DOI conj-our up extra space so as the magic bike lanes can be separated from the cars we will have to share the space. Which is best done by every body following the highway code which is lawful, unlike most of these schemes they dream up and when some one gets hurt they will run for the hills. Fire away
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    Any word on the hospital? Are there enough beds & ventilators? They say the second wave is crashing in soon. Jersey are doomed, that’s what they say.
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    I'm approaching 10 years. I stumbled upon the forum at the time of Dirk Hoehmann's arrest and subsequent incarceration (he was the local ENT surgeon) and after passing comment on that have been here ever since. I've been 'advised' on more than one occasion by senior hospital people to refrain from posting on here - equally I've been thanked by other senior people for doing so, so I'll stick around for now.
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    And what fuckwit thought that would be a good idea. The event's are near enough a polar opposite to each other as one is mainly a car based hill climb with various static displays. And in the good old days the MGP was for the amateur back street spanner man to run his shuttle worth snap he had knocked together in a garage and then squeeze 19 stone into the leathers he had purchased in the sixty's when he was 10 stone soaking wet and get to ride on the glorious mountain circuit. the one and only time in the year his ACU licence seen the light of day Probabley rose tinted glasses, But still remember with fondness the bikes parading down onto the prom before heading up to Mylchreest's to be held under lock and key before racing the next day(to prevent cheating don't you know) good old days and the stench of Castrol R30/40. Gently sobs into his Pint as memories gently plays on the duke box in the corner
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    This is completely brilliant
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    One of the problems is that Biden is a dreadful candidate. The TV debates, if they happen, could be interesting.
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