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    Quite but apparently they have put her into a witness protection scheme and she has had some plastic surgery done. She now looks like this.
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    I'd like to see Cregeen or Moorhouse in as Chief Minister.
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    The failure of the UK to get their house in order is the root problem. If we are expecting them to start behaving sensibly then we are going to be waiting a long time. It's not the end of the world though.
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    Given that much of the rest of the world is rapidly moving toward another lockdown scenario, most of us will probably welcome the continued caution @Banker. The UK seems to be in a particular mess - with cases and hospital admissions increasing. Let's be honest - most sensible people will be avoiding that place like the plague unless their visit is urgent.
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    That place downstairs from Sports Direct probably sell trainers costing almost that much.
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    Here's a suggestion, for those banging on about the IOM's restrictions, pack your bags and go visit the people you want to in the UK and elsewhere nobody is stopping you. for the rest of us that are happy with the way things are going - carry on enjoying the Manx way of life...
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    Sure there are a few who never leave. There are some who are currently scared to leave. However, most cannot wait for a bit of retail therapy. I was supposed to be away to Liverpool for a day trip last week. Had I gone, I would have easily spent £500. Instead, I went out for lunch and a bit of shopping in town, spending locally and helping the local economy. Yes, you can easily tell internet shopping is popular by the ill fitting clothes many people wear.
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    If there’s a straight flush with Alf, then there really is a red light flashing! We’ve effectively had four years of wait and see whilst spending on stuff, and now when the wolf is at the door, we are quite content to leave it another 12 months. And if the inertia of the current administration in getting spooked up is repeated, it will be 2 years before we have anything like a plan together. By that time, the world will have moved on and the island will be left bobbing in the wake. I so wish there was a more positive outlook. The place deserves it.
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    The reality of COVID 19 in the UK - perhaps I should really say England - is driven by two factors (other than the nasty virus itself). (1) Far too many idiotic and irresponsible people living in a jurisdiction having (2) the most incompetent government in living memory - and probably of all time. That’s COVID 19 in a nutshell.
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    While this is currently reasonably correct, just as back in March/April it appears the UK is lagging Spain by a couple of weeks, and their hospital rates and indeed deaths are going up pretty sharply now. Back in July when they'd pretty much got it under control in Spain they had several days with no deaths, and weekly averages of low two figures. Picked up into the hundreds now. As much as people may wish to downplay this (and it's clear it's nowhere near as bad as cataclysmic predictions like the imperial college model) it is a clear and obvious danger. All of the evidence for what is going to happen is right there staring people in the face, yet people (willingly?) can't see it.
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    About the size of a shoe box...
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    Albanians eh. Sounds like a job for Liam Neeson.
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    I doubt whether 50% of Manx residents would vote for the TT. Were I resident then I wouldn't, too many widows and orphans.
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    I totally agree. The manx government want it, the TT organisers want it, the bike manufacturers want it, the race teams want it, the riders want it, the sponsors want it, the TV company want it, the homestay owners want it, a fair proportion of the Manx public want it, 50,000 visitors want it, the hotels want it, the football clubs want it, the camp sites want it, the pubs and restaurants want it, the supermarkets want it, the taxi drivers want it, the bus company wants it, the electric tram wants it, the steam train wants it, steam packet want it etc etc. Who doesn't want it ?? Oh yer, 10 posters on the Manx Forum and a small proportion of the Manx public.
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    How about you give us one good reason why we should go to test on arrival? I have asked three times. Wrighty has asked. The answer is, you cannot! Look at this weekend. Isle of Man food festival. Hundreds will gather at the Villa. It will be a fantastic event. Could not happen in Jersey, UK or Ireland. We are incredibly lucky and long may it continue. I see Jersey recorded 6 new cases yesterday.
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    I'm not anti-TT by any means but I think there needs to be a long hard think by those responsible about its long term future. Even if TT2021 and beyond take place, sponsor money to support the major teams and privateers is likely to be in much shorter supply; shortage of marshals is becoming an increasing concern; the costs of attending TT as a spectator will increase as accommodation option decrease. And my biggest concern is the increasing likelihood of someone having a major off and fatalities caused by machine and rider ploughing into a crowd. We've had one situation on 2007, one with serious injuries only at the bottom of Bray Hill...I really hope I'm wrong but any multi-fatality incident would surely bring the costs of insurance, and damaged reputation of the Island into play in determining whether these races could take place again.
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    There is virtually still a 14 days quarantine for people entering the Island which is good. True you can take a test after 7 days and if negative you can then enjoy 7 days of very restricted movement which is very good. I have put this as simply as I can for the benefit of Banker who seems incapable of ingesting the information available and just bangs on about what he wants.
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    Just when was Quilp EVER angry, FFS
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    Baker rattled my cage when he made light of the cracking on the red concrete early on in his tenure . Insignificant most of them . Yeah right . In a approx 300 mtre length there were approx 472 from memory in that area alone . Yes I counted them as he wound me up making light of a serious issue. Baker hasnt a clue either as neither did Harmer . And yes it was a last minute decision as there was no way out as it was clearly running overtime again and they spun it to look as if they were doing everyone a favour by opening the roads. Sadly they forget the whole contract was due to finish next month .
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    Putting Daily Mail readers off from coming here doesn't seem like a bad thing.
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    I'd love nothing more than for you to be right. However, in retrospect in A&Es in Liverpool we were seeing cases of covid mainly in young adults from late January/early February, but there was a bit of denial and no real plan on a national level. It was from March it got really messy and the number of cases at that time point was a huge under estimate, doctors were going through notes and binning swabs from people who were being discharged to save testing capacity. The hospitals were somewhat spared because everything else stopped, wards cleared of elective patients, people staying away from hospital and the protective effect of lock-down. The problem with the latest set of events is less likely to be the overall numbers as it was last time, but the insistence that the normal must carry on. The cases of serious COVID were stacking up, not huge but building steadily. I suspect this is going to continue and this time there will be no 'save the NHS' as people fatigue from social restrictions. As the number of asymptomatic cases rise in the community it only takes a few to go to nursing homes to cause absolute carnage. There may well be fewer deaths than last time, as probably some of the more fragile population members have already died, as reflected by the below expected death rates in the last few months. However, I think this resurgence poses a bigger threat to healthcare infrastructure. I think the Island is lucky to have some semblance of normal life, if the borders are closed, it's probably a small price to pay. I'd say the Isle of Man has handled it really well and in the longer term, having kids back at school earlier, people back at work and resumption of the hospitality industry (other than tourism) will be protective.
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    Oh, ok. Well I'll just leave it there then, because I can't be arsed discussing things with people who outright refuse to pay any attention.
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    UK lockdown 2 on the way Starting with North East and rolling out across the country So forget any notion of IOM travel restrictions easing to the UK
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    I doubt it. But honestly why some muppet would ask a total idiot relative to retrieve £40K for them is amazing. You must know if a relative of yours is a total idiot or not. Dropped them all right in the shit. Did she really think she was picking up a pair of trainers from some dodgy bloke with a flat in Rosemount? They should have made her watch The Transporter - Rule 3 never open the package!
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    That's still money laundering, just legal.
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    I read the topic title and though this was about the Manx public and the DOI...
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    I am reliably informed that 11 (yes 11!) NEW Medical Manager jobs have been advertised at Noble's and that these will be in addition to the existing managers. At this rates the managers will outnumber the workers soon
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    My guess would be People who take no notice of polls on MF - 99.99% MF Posters who think the world hangs on their every post - 0.01
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    I disagree with that. With alcohol, I can take it or I can take it...oh wait a minute
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    I'm no fan, I really dislike it, but wouldn't like it to end. In todays risk averse and H&S dominated word a motorbike race as ridiculous as that one is important.
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    Any figures on how much that actually cost? Be interesting to see the actual benefit of the salary support scheme, how needed it really was, cos any firm that took it up and either now lays off staff or reports decent profits should really consider paying it back.
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    Speed cameras are the only way to go having speed limits which are ignored by a large number of road users are not being policed. Understandable as they cannot be everywhere. Speed is A killer, bad driving is a killer, speed and bad diving often go hand in hand. Having home zones with 20 mph is useless when the limit is largely ignored. Apart from the distress accidents cause they also costs thousands of pounds to our health service, even millions. They must take up emergency services time I would say the Fire Brigade spend ten times extracting victims from cars than putting out fires and as for the Police they must spend so much time attending accidents it is a wonder they get time to do anything else.
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    It doesn't really matter so much if they bring it over, because they'll be locked in their house for two weeks. They're also less likely to have it as they're not living and working in the UK. As I said, there are exemptions available for people who *need* to travel here, including for compassionate reasons. But it is need, not want.
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    We can’t keep relying on the Irish Sea.We need a robust but nuanced approach predicated on systems and protocols that work and that inspire public confidence. (I'm not sue what that exactly means but it sounds rather good. I just saw it on Facebook)
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    Getting back to topic , heard Moorhouse in radio saying the demonstration on Friday may change Banks decisions and save Castletown after they said it’s irreversible! if he really believes that then I worry for Castletown future if he gets reelection
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    It annoys me that these politicians suddenly become excuse makers for the contractor. The client ie the taxpayer just doesn't get a look in. They forget they are representing us, not their mates in Government and Tynwald, and the contractor.
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    Looks like our "significant presence on the world stage" bubble might finally have met its sharp implement then? All the bluster, if not money spent promoting it and convincing us plebs that we were something approaching a world power. People made taxpayer-funded, lucrative, superannuated careers out of this. We must be fools. But at least we have the sheer quality of our felt to fall back on.
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    Quayle has spent the past 5 years promoting and publicizing his idiotic political posturing during all these ‘vital’ meetings in London presenting the IOM’s case. And to what end. Precisely nothing. The officials and politicians he meets in the UK doubtless have the same view of him as most of us do. His attempts to suggest that he has some sort of clout across the water indicates that he clearly believes we’re all even more stupid than he is. The guilty men of LegCo - and the half-wits in Keys, but particularly the former - who imposed this vacuous buffoon upon us as CM need to be hunted down and dealt with.
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    Are there any surveys to indicate the number or people who would venture here to appreciate all this tranquility and beauty if we scratched the TT? Given that there are other areas of the UK blessed with such that don't require a second mortgage to reach and finance when you get there nor have the extra travel hassle? I suspect that the appeal would be to older generations rather than the younger and family types. More coach trip types. People who've saved hard for their holidays want to see something different and have experiences, be entertained and occupied. Something to remember their holiday by and justify the outlay. Do we have that appeal?
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    The future lies in average speed cameras. On a route in my native Fylde there was a catalogue of fatal collisions. It was a single carriage way country road that actually ran past my parents pub. Eventually something was done - gantries were put up with average speed ANPR cameras, and it has remarkably improved driver and rider behaviours. It really is that simple. I for one am sick to death of the inertia in respect of road safety. We are going nowhere, whether regarding speed limits or anything else which may even be arguably more pressing. The DHA minister should be held to account. If he doesn’t believe in what Bill took through he should have the balls to progress his own strategy.
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    The mindset of the current Manx bureaucracy is that there is nothing that can't be solved by having lots of meetings. Those meetings don't actually have to decide anything or result in any actions, just their mere existence makes everything right and is sufficient.
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    And yet few (comparatively) actually seem to be ending up in hospital. More testing = more (relatively harmless) cases identified.
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    no, but I don't feel like that when I'm drunk either.
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    Annual MOT checks will sort those issues out.
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    Personally, I would love to back to free travelling back and forth to the UK without the need to quarantine. At the same time however, I appreciate the way we are being "protected" for the time being. I also understand that should I decide to go across to the UK, then I will have to quarantine myself. What does you and the couple of others on here no favours is referring to those who are comfortable with the way things are, covidiots. Not sure what your second sentence relates to though. Care to expand on that?
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    Was looking at the Facebook posts on the pipes before it’s like nobody ever expected there to be a big fucking gas main under a stretch of road that feeds services to over 100 hotels and apartments. So now we all have to clap these key workers replacing a frigging gas main like they’re Isambard Kingdom Brunel completely transforming the way civil engineering works. It’s a basic infrastructure job for any competent service provider.
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    Sure Skelly is on it, perhaps we can use the Chinese banks setting up here to help
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