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    I am delighted to announce that I will be returning to Manx Radio’s Late Show on Wednesday 1st July. This follows a three week suspension after complaints were lodged against me for comments made by me and contributors to my programme on 3rd June. This led to an investigation by the regulator, the Isle of Man Communications Commission. Their report, published yesterday (24th June) concluded that Manx Radio had not breached the Broadcasting Code and that there was no case to answer. I feel strongly that people should be able to discuss things rationally and respectfully – it’s the only way to resolve our differences - and worry that free speech for all could be under threat of being choked by some. I believe that the vast majority of people are kind, considerate and open-minded, and I fully intend to ensure that their voices are heard. But I will not expose myself, Manx Radio or anyone else to the comments and abuse of the last three weeks, and have asked the station to remove the live phone-in element of my show. It will still provide a platform for discussion and debate, but texts and emails are easier to moderate than live callers. The resources simply aren’t there to employ call screeners, producers or delay systems. Manx Radio has acted properly and responsibly and I thank them for their faith in me. I would also like to thank the IOM Communications Commission for a thorough and fair report, and the thousands of people who have signed petitions and sent me messages of support. Of particular note is the Free Speech Union who took up my ‘cause’ and provided friendly guidance and practical advice – I would recommend them to anyone who has been told what to think or what to say. Time for me to draw a line under this so I'm recusing myself from further comment, going forward...(etc). Lessons have been learned...(etc).
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    This is exactly the sort of idiocy that justifies what many think was the over the top camp Comis set up. Whereas most people can be trusted, it would only take one like this to spread the virus to a handful of people (who all think it’s perfectly safe and don’t practice their own social distancing) and we’re back to where we were in late March. I think the sentence is spot on.
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    Information Notice.pdf Not sure if the PDF link will work, but this is the official word. To everyone on here who has supported me, thank you sincerely. To my many detractors, have a nice day.
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    To be fair, the majority probably do sympathise with anti-racism, I do. Do I sympathise with this bunch as they are currently positioning themselves? No. Do I think there is racism on the island? Probably there is passive or latent racism but it will manifest itself as ignoramuses being mean and insulting, nothing like the actions that sparked the BLM movement in the US. The US has it's own peculiarities, such as gun ownership, militarization of the police and systems that do inherently seem to prejudice black people, but it is not necessarily all one-sided as many black American commentators observe. More generally, Stephen Fry is worth a watch. Search YouTube for his recent interview on the Rubin Report where he refers to infantalism as being an issue. He describes it as people not taking responsibility for themselves in a mature way, ie not being adult and carrying victimhood as an issue for someone else to solve. He makes some controversial statements, but the underlying sentiment resonates. If you want to characterise yourself as a victim with no power over your own destiny, like a child, that is how you will stay. If an organisation reinforces that infantalism ( and the Marxist view on collectivism certainly could be argued to do just that) rather than empowering people ( ie telling them to grow up and take control of their own life), it will perpetuate inferiority. The answer to racism lies with both the individual and the state. The latter to make sure its systems do not inherently prejudice any sector of its population, and the individual to take responsibility to do the best for themselves within the system. I probably will have a barrage now, but it is worth just thinking about.
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    Several things strike me about that letter: 1. It wasn't Stu's comments that have caused the backlash, but the vindictive campaign. There have been no racist comments on social media merely many people questioning the motives of this group. 2. Stu did not laugh at them, clearly it was at the inability to get a word in edge ways. 3. Again, it is anonymous. Who is this group? Are they like the Hardy Commission (will that name) who have written to the Dept of Ed to demand that anti racism is taught in our schools? When asked who they were and who gave them their "Commission" they do not reply. 4. They talk about tokenism, which is risible given that they are demanding a token sacking in recompense. 5. They need to drop their poster boy, who has turned out to be a bit of a liability. 6. There has been a process, but they are not happy with the outcome. Shame. Is it because they were wrong, or because there is inherent racism in our systems? 7. It is starting to border on harassment and defamation. Not the actions of a peaceful organisation.
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    Of course they should reinstate him. They should have shown some backbone and not suspended him in the first place. Very weak leadership in the face of the hysterical followers of a cabal on social media.
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    I've explained this before Derek. From a friend working for a firm who is responsible for lots of services , not Auldyn etc , while they had a concept plan from day one ie what the finished job would look like they didnt have detail plans for contractors to be able to work too. So because of this it was literally a day to day operation to keep the contractors occupied till infrastructure plans were issued. Hence what we saw early in with the jumping of work areas and from a initial plan of work being abandoned and no structure to works. Also hence why there was very few men on the job. Been a mess from day one . Clearly it shoukd have moved progressivly along the prom from one direction and one side at a time. Now we are left with a clusterfuck and total carnage . DOI ! ! Most in the know knew this woukd be a disaster .
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    It would be stupid of Manx Radio to do anything other than reinstate Stu after this process. That's what it's for. He's been suspended, investigated, and now cleared. He should get his job back on Monday, giving a few days cooling off now that they have the report. That would be the sensible course of action. If he doesn't, then whatever his contract with the station, I would think he has some grounds for legal recourse. Let's hope it doesn't have to go down that route.
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    Mental health services are under stress, and just like in the UK it is failing to spool up for the pandemic of mental health that has been developing for years. But more than this, one of the missing provisions is a properly resourced social care service. From my policing days, when people came to our notice and were detained for assessment, they were often just released back into the community with varying degrees of follow up referral. In other words, they weren’t mentally ill. What they did need was a level of support to help them cope better with life. Because that wasn’t there they would ping pong between ourselves and MH. An eventual outcome would be either criminal charges or admission for treatment. That is just wrong. Life can be tough to deal with, and we aren’t all resiliently equipped. For some it really isn’t a case of manning up. They genuinely do need help in navigating their existence. We need to accept this costs money in the long term, but it is still cheaper than the other two outcomes. It is also the right thing to do.
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    Salon and First Class dining saloon from 1927 Ben. These date from about 1963/4. The Lady was more or less identical. They were both refurbished after WW2 and were much less opulent than their pre WW2 fit out.
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    I think it's been exaggerated and blown out of all proportion Declan. He wasn't disrespectful to anyone and his 'laughing' was only in exasperation at being unable to get a word in at the rants and personal insults which were being thrown at him. If anyone was disrespectful, it was without doubt the callers.
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    This is disingenuous. The uproar is not about people contradicting a presenter's point of view. It is about them kicking up hysteria with the aim of having someone fired for holding that point of view and expressing it. Quite a difference.
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    To travel to the Island at the moment do you have to sign some kind of contract guaranteeing that you will self isolate for 14 days? A legally enforceable restriction rather than voluntary? The virus is going to arrive back on the island at some point, and it is going to spread when someone is too arrogant to believe the rules apply to them. I don't normally agree with the idea of 'deterrent sentencing', but maybe this case can be seen as a good thing?
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    Nobody's in charge of that ship, SMUJ. Or they're deluded if they think they are. Those who aren't deluded or have recently seen the election light have all recently departed. That ship is a self-justifying, self-serving entity whose only interest is itself and the egos of its own Petty Officers. Nothing else matters, least of all the interests and convenience of the public who fund it, a fact long-forgotten.
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    All I can say about that 'open letter' is, It's anonymous. It's long winded, It's inaccurate. Whoever wrote it did not listen to the programme they are referring to with their mind and ears open. True to the BLM code, they are setting out to cause disruption and division. They may have a point with regard to IoM legislation, or they may not. Despite their initial claims not to want Stu Peters sacked, they lied. They are angry because they are wrong and it's been exposed, so they believe that being shouty will make everyone agree with them.
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    Prison certainly works for this guy doesn't it. Chronic recidivism is learnt behaviour for him and prison is almost a reward like giving a monkey a banana. Every time he loses he probably thinks he's winning. Warm bed, three meals a day, companionship, routine, entertainment, banter; everything a scrote could want. He's just bouncing in and out of the system like a pinball and costing millions to the taxpayer. He's a one man job creation programme for policemen, prison officers, probation, social services, advocates etc. When are we going to get serious about toerags like this ? Characters like him make a conspicuous mockery of the whole judicial system for all to see.
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    So very pleased for you Stu, but not just for you, I am heartened at the triumph of open and rational debate. If you scroll back through this debate, you will see that there was good debate between sides who were polarised at the start, but in the main, there has been a respectful and good humoured exchange. (Barring some numpties, of course). Long may that continue.
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    Double negative - "I may not spot the error in a dense typed paragraph but not (not spot the error) in four foot letters!" I think this is easily done. The crew may be working on one letter each, perhaps from opposite sides of the word, each with a supervisor to make sure they get their own letter right. The supervisors' supervisor wouldn't be able to see the whole word as they're all in the way, and by the time it's been spotted and senior management are brought in to hold a meeting about what to do the paint's dried and they've all gone home anyway.
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    I can vouch for this and much more, Max. Have family living close to areas that have been taken over by Asians who live by their own code, do not assimilate and have no intention of doing so. They raise their own flags and guard these areas jealously, imposing their own de facto rules. They are not the slightest bit perturbed by the British police who seem to have concluded that life is easier if they keep a very low profile indeed. This is what the great multicultural experiment beloved of liberals everywhere has bequeathed to Europe and its children. It will only get worse. I have been around this subject countless times on here and I can tell you it is pointless. There are those who simply deny that it is an issue. It's the most convenient way of dealing with it, and very easy to do when you live, as they invariably do, in a 95% white area which has hardly been touched by the daily reality of living in a powder keg. Not everyone is so lucky.
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    First Harmer, and now Baker. The DoI the gift that keeps on giving. I agree NB, it is the brains behind these schemes that cause the issues, it must be maddening to have to justify in public somebody else's poor decision. This is a first painful lesson for Baker. He has political oversight and responsibility for a department that directly effects all our lives and is played out in the full gaze of social media. Mr Baker is a bright and capable man, but I can only imagine that unless he wants to end up with the department ruining his political career, he needs to get a grip on the likes of Robinson and start challenging their future plans at an early stage. It is astounding that no politician has cottoned onto the fact that being in charge of the DoI gives you a great opportunity to harness the goodwill/votes of the public just by fixing the roads and limiting the waste on unnecessary projects.
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    They'll want to wait until everyone has forgotten about it. Then release it late on a Friday, at the end of the weekly news cycle. It'll all be lofty phrases and cliches about the good of the station, their commitment to equality, broad listenership, public service broadcasting, values and trust, stakeholder ownership, compatibility...blah, blah, blah. I really feel for Stu. He's done nothing wrong. I hope the pressure group posts something up on here.
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    I cycle down there a lot. Never had an issue. It’s not a road that needs or even benefits from a cycle lane. Also, top tip for cyclists who want to avoid traffic on that road: go down the police station road, through the car park behind the grandstand, and through nobles park. If we need a cycle lane for commuters getting into town, that’s where it should go.
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    The easiest, and IMHO correct, thing to do was to say the march was against the emergency regulations, ask that it did not proceed and to say that if it did it would be policed. It was not correct to support it. Frankly, I am appalled by the decision. I have posted before, but my 87 year old Mum is in a nursing home and I have not seen her in a meaningful way for almost 3 months. My last words to her were "We can't visit after today and I don't know how long it will be till we can, but we love you". The home has been very good in coming up with ways to help the residents not feel abandoned by their family, but do they really understand? I am not sure and my (most likely same as any of the other relatives) biggest fear is that one night she will go to sleep and just simply not wake up without having seen us for months, effectively alone. Yet, this march could proceed contrary to the regulations. For many people who have abided by the rules and who have made real personal sacrifices, it is just a slap in the face . But, hey, the zeitgeist of the moment justifies it.
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    Does Howard's desert island come with a land maintenance grant ?
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    The majority don't sympathise at all. The majority probably believe there are not huge issues here at all. Which there aren't. When that recognition of their "plight" involves trying to get a fella sacked for doing nothing wrong they lose what little sympathy many have.
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    Looks in better nick than the bogs in the Rovers.
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    Yes, that is quite an achievement. Wish they would bring back the oiled wool jumpers though! Would definitely have one.
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    This is possibly one of the most virtue-signalling “we’re not racist” examples I’ve come across - https://globalnews.ca/news/7070404/lady-a-blues-singer-lady-antebellum-name-change/ The band Lady Antebellum have changed their name to Lady A since ‘Antebellum’ has slavery connotations. How? Well antebellum means before the war, and in the Southern US refers specifically to the American civil war. They apparently saw the word on a mansion formerly owned by a Southern slaver, and thought it would be cool in a band name. They’ve only just thought it might be a bit racist, although I’m not sure anyone else did. It get’s funny when it turns out that Lady A already exists, as a singer, and she is black. Her real name is Anita White. The band didn’t check if it was ok with her to use her name, which she has rights to. She’s now accused the band, who are of course all white, of ‘putting their knee on the neck of another black artist’ to support black lives matter, which clearly didn’t until George Floyd was killed and they wanted to make a statement. As the Daily Mail might say - You couldn’t make it up!
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    If its that great why not move there? Jerseyforums will be crying out for a poster with your wisdom and epidemiology qualifications.
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    Lots of experts in covert surveillance and armed counter-terrorist ops here today. Bigger know it alls than Derek Fucking Flint (and that's going some)
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    Well at least they are declaring their disappointment that Stu Peters was reinstated. I note that their supporter/s in this thread have suggested they were not trying to get Stu Peters to lose his job. Well they were. Of course they were. They needed something to celebrate and to move the ratchet another click
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    No one is denying that there will be extra traffic coming through because of the Prom closure to North to South traffic. The question is whether the best way to deal with increased traffic is to put in a bus lane[1] excluding 99% of it, to cope with about 10 buses an hour, 4 of which are unnecessary. It's also worth pointing out that the purpose of road signage is not to provide guidance for only the 'best' and most knowledgeable drivers, it's not even for the average driver. It's for all drivers, including those encountering it for the first time or who may not be very confident or fast. So if a lot of people are misunderstanding it, it clearly isn't doing its job. [1] As ever with DoI the cycle stuff is irrelevant greenwash, and actually increases the danger for cyclists.
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    Absolutely. It is impossible to look at the past through the prism of present "values". We haven't lived long enough to be aware of how the contemporary population viewed slavery, but there have been plenty of other value inversions to guide us. When I was a kid, if you were a murderer you were put to death by the state. Homosexuality was disgusting and criminal. If you did wrong according to the law you would be banged up and nobody would try to understand or rehabilitate you. Disruptive, poorly behaved children in public were the rare exception, and they were not allowed to mar the enjoyment of venues by those around them. Mixed race relationships were frowned upon by both sides and society in general. Not so long before that, the Empire was proudly taught in schools as a force for good and the spread of British influence as our gift to the world. In the few decades since those times all of these cherished values and beliefs have been turned to face in the opposite direction. What was good and wholesome then is now shameful and bigoted. What was bad or criminal then is enlightened and desirable now. The only common denominator is the learning and conditioning of the time. Like it or not, this is how the majority of people, and therefore society, arrive at a consensus. Is it any wonder that some who were brought up with different values will demur and challenge this week's wisdom?
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    We believe that there's an election coming and there's a distancing operation going on; distancing from the biggest Civil Engineering balls-up that has ever been inflicted on the Island.
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    Hardly comparable.
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    I very much doubt that covid is circulating in the community here. We have had a fair bit of freedom of movement and return to work here now for several weeks, and have seen no uptick in cases of respiratory illness, or calls to 111 etc. If we had circulating cases we'd expect to be admitting about 1 in 20 of them to hospital and that hasn't happened. I do however share your concerns regarding the control of keyworkers, and we've all seen a couple of cases in the news recently regarding this. And with prevalence apparently on the rise in the UK as a whole (ONS figures suggests it's gone from 1:1700 to 1:1100 over the past couple of weeks) this is something we need to be getting right. Overall I believe government have done a pretty good job here. Comparisons with other jurisdictions are very difficult to make though.
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    Thanks for the vote of confidence. I’ve known Alex for 15 years and totally respect his opinions and intelligence. He doesn’t have expertise in a specific narrow field of medical practice like me and my consultant colleagues, but he does have expertise in the generality of medicine and is able to weigh up available evidence as well as any of us. And he does know what he doesn’t know, and who he should ask. I for one trust him. We are almost bound to get further covid cases on the island. The plan has to be to manage this by appropriate testing, tracing, and selective isolation, while most of us carry on with life.
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    It's not on. And entirely symptomatic of too many things that are wrong with our "democracy". As has been said, we need MORE politicians holding the likes of the DOI over a barrel; not climbing into their festering bed of unaccountability with them.
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    I trust Mr Maguire will be apologising to Mr Peters for so publicly misrepresenting what was said...
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    Private pensions I have no problem with. Those on big money public sector wise should make good use of them to top up their public service pension. To expect people that are earning at or below living wage to pay the pensions of others that have earned good money and are now in receipt as a pension of more money than the average person that is paying that pension is a bit obscene in my view. I earn roughly 45-50k so alfie is going to hammer me no matter what but I still think it's pretty unfair on those earning at or on the living wage
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    And there you have the very nub of the issue, I am not sure that there "clearly" is a prima facie cause. Did Stu say anything to incite racial hatred or that racially discriminated, or was he just putting forward his view on the role of BLM in the IOM ? If the definition of racism is now that you do not unquestionningly back BLM, then we are all in a hand cart to hell.
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    He had signed a form declaring he would self isolate, he didn’t, instead he sold numerous items to the unsuspecting public deliberately breaking the assurance he made. He is a dickhead, deserved to be sentenced to six weeks in prison and the only bright bit in the affair is he is planning to move across, they are welcome. I do hope none of the people who his crap are ok and well done to the buyer who reported him. Scum pure scum.
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    I don't know how many houses or who bought it. I don't think any plans have been advanced, but it is zoned in the southern plan or somewhere similar.It's not that big a site, but neither was the old Colby football pitch and dandara managed to get ~40 houses on there. H&B tried to sell the Colby Glen a few years ago, and had effectively agreed a sale around £330000, but then put some crazy restrictions on the potential buyer about buying their stock exclusively from them or something so the buyer pulled out. Watch them slap a restrictive covenant on this one too, and let it sit and rot for years. Utter wankers.
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    I just cant see you being satisfied even when the borders are open golfer. What's next, holding the inaugural world coughing in each others face championship by start of july?
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    Thank you. The anti petition doesn't need to call for him to be sacked other than for MR to address it, whatever that means. The effect of the complaints and petition could mean his continued employment is untenable so the net effect is the same. If he does lose his job, it will be a sad day for freedom of thought, let alone speech.
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    Sorry Roger, I don't agree that Stu was being beaten down, rather he was being shouted down and not allowed to answer before people hung up on him. There was nothing particularly shocking, and certainly not racist in what he said, certainly nothing which anyone arguing against him should not have been able to counter with a calm manner. All they did was call him uneducated and shout him down, that's not winning an argument? He did have his facts, whatever their source, to hand but these were not given any credence.
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    Pongo, I don't want to live in some vanilla state where our history has been rewritten so as not to offend the minority. The fact is, we live in a country built by all sorts of different people and methods. Half of our kings and queens should be written out for their treatment of different religions. Our history is complex and removing parts of it tell a biased story which negates certain parts of it. Slavery was an abomination, like many things which many countries were involved in, and many still are! If we remove that part of our history future generations will never come to terms with any of it. You may say that's good but it appears that BLM want a one sided view of the whole thing, with no balance. Whites evil, blacks good? Slavery was a bad thing, it still is, but there isn't any slavery now in which Britain or the US is involved. I have never owned a slave, just like these protesters have never picked cotton or been a slave. To forget about it and deny future generations the right to know about it is pretty dangerous in my book.
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