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    A bloke spent a lot of his own money at Jurby and has had some tremendous stuff up there, like the Joey Dunlop exhibition, and the wall of bikes. why do we have to spaff taxpayers money on this?
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    I can see the English building the tunnel to the Island. The Irish building the tunnel to there. Then road between the two being closed for a motorcycle race.
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    I hear somebody has sent a letter and nobody can remember what to do with them so they all just panicked and hit the fire alarm.
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    Apparently they've found a business plan and a bag of money in a big jiffy bag leading to mass shock and hysteria http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=53308
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    There needs to be more social housing built, houses and flats, instead of letting Dandara plunder the Island so they can sell to second home owners to rent out at ridiculous prices government housing stocks should be increased so that people on a low or medium wage can have a reasonably priced roof over their heads. The most important things are Health, Living accommodation, decent food and an all around good education. These four things are the corner stones of a caring and progressive society.
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    Chris Thomas will be along in a bit to tell us it's not really £11 that's just how the stats make it look and it's actually the best value in Britain.
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    The usual collection of idiots who want to return to the 'spuds and herrin' days of yore in their Isle of Man sweatshirts and unkempt grey hair blowing in the wind..
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    TT Exhibition should be at the Grand Stand to encourage out-of-season visitors
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    They're right to run to the EU? How does that tie in with your general anti-EU sentiment? Can't have it both ways Rog.
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    They should ban religious proselytizing altogether. These brainwashed morons shouldn't be allowed to harass people on street corners or knock on our doors to spread their toxic mind control system on the general public.
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    @thesultanofsheight & @The Dog's Dangly Bits Red Cross had a contract, they provided the vehicles, fuel, training and drivers, for patient transport picking up outpatients and delivering to/from RCH or Nobles or day centres. I don’t know if the Red Cross drivers and attendants were all volunteers or paid. Having the vehicles meant they were available out of hours for other transport of elderly/infirm activities. Now the Red Cross haven’t the minibuses or drivers that’s a capacity that’s much reduced. They no longer need their big shiny HQ on the business park, which had training facilities and equipment loan, etc. Once bus Vannin had the transport contract they then went for the patient transfer, to and from Ronaldsway for off island treatment, contract, held up until then by taxi operators. Of course both those have peak bulges between 5 and 8 am and 6 and 10pm for Ronaldsway and 8 to 12 and 4 to 6 for hospitals. As the minibuses weren’t full to capacity en route to Ronaldsway they started offering airport runs, initially in the North, to fare paying passengers, and then the village connect service. After all they had the capacity. Mini bus feeder routes, around the villages, connecting with main services on TT course and the Douglas to South, make sense. Also around douglas and Onchan, if they are frequent. But the issue is having sufficient capacity for peak demand, patients and school and commuters, morning and late afternoon, and what to do outside those hours. Bit like Steam Packet and TT. However the solutions are different. One has capacity for peak demand and over capacity the rest of the time, the fares are fixed and subsidised, the other has capacity for most of the time and under capacity at peak times, which they ration by pricing. The minibuses still look, to me, to be empire building, buying the buses, then finding jobs to justify them. I’ve no idea how the patient transport contract was tendered, and how BV included capital costings. My bet is that it didn’t. It undercut the Red Cross, which had to cost those things.
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    even above grand master ?
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    I concur. I had never heard of the poor chap and unless you are either an American or basketball fan I doubt if 99% of the British public had either. Although to listen to the BBC you'd have thought the Pope had just died. With regard to helicopters - inherently dangerous - too many moving parts.
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    We all accept that the DHSC and its various arms, including Noble's, is doing good work for the benefit of our communities. There are glaring exceptions, but I think that most people will accept my generalisation. It is interesting to think about the DHSC (or other government departments) in the light of the economic theories of William Niskanen - essentially that bureaucracies always tend to grow in size and cost - often in ways that are at variance from the wishes of their political overseers or the needs of the people they serve. This is because in a public sector environment, the size of budgets and teams equates to power, influence and the bureaucrat's salary - and this analysis applies at any level - DHSC CEO or physiotherapy team leader. It would take a rare talent to crack through this mentality - which has been developed over generations in the Manx public sector - and deliver genuine value for money.
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    Sometimes you learn something new on these boards and I’m pretty much flabbergasted reading that report to be honest. I can’t believe someone can’t get help but can get arrested for self medicating in the face of getting no help. Amazing we’re still trying to cut the DHSC budgets in this context. Never mind, let’s have another 67 new minibuses and pretend how wealthy the IOM government is!
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    This 'find younger listeners' thing is surely quite wrong? MR is - or was - community radio valued particuarly by the elderly For government to take it away from that audience with it's £1m bung is an act of cruelty really
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    The last thing we need is a private health provider coming in to run our NHS. Our main problem here is the growing problem of frailty and patients with multiple medical problems. Private providers simply cherry-pick straightforward cases and leave complexity to the NHS. They want to make profit, and the problem is that health care costs. Private medicine, in my view, is equivalent to first-class air travel. NHS is economy. Both will get you where you need to go, safely, but if you want to pay you get to choose when and where, get a more comfortable journey, and have wine with your meals. What we could really do with is stability. I hope the next transformation director lasts longer than Mr Spicer.
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    JW 'banned' me for "spamming" ( "questioning a mod's decision" , an interesting hypothesis ) you have to remember that disagreeing with JW , however politely will result in a ban ...... how we laughed...... just saying . ETA on the up side I wasn't fined
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    Well. Christmas is at the same time every year. There has been a panto at the Gaiety every year since at least the 1970s. You could have guessed.
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    Like most of IOMG, institutionally corrupt and backwards.
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    You constantly elude to racist views. You play a clever game with words. You manage to keep yourself on the right side of moderation. I'm completely with Teapot, posters like TSE add much needed comedy to this forum. You just add bile and hate.
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    The usual defence is that we weren't in court and don't know the whole story, so there must be some extenuating circumstances that we're not aware of. Just don't go drawing any parallels with Lisa McGee, though, or @CharlieBrown will be along sharpish to tell you to fuck off.
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    Can't wait to hear what statements of impenetrable nonsense are made in response to this question
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    Pretty well anything you care to mention about the ATR isn’t great.
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    The Queen is apparently a very wise counsel for the PM - when it comes to international incidents, in her 60 odd years on the throne she’s seen it all before. I’m no fan of the whole clan of them, but I’d rather have Liz, Charlie, Will... as head of state than a Trump equivalent voted in by the masses.
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    Not sure that cross pollination rule applies on the island
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    To round off the storey, just add T.A.P. - Then Appointed Prime minister. S.P.I.N.A.L.T.A.P.
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    Though why lazy arsed people should get money for nothing is of course another subject.
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    Corbyn didn't need any help losing the election.
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    No time for the honours system personally. Also a little disappointed that so many Manxies fawn over them despite regular protestations of being an independent nation
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    Just checked the many Tynwald debates and apart from Mrs Caine speaking from the backbenches to Robertshaw's amendment in the final debate this idea was not mentioned. So this is a new idea that is not the agreed policy of Tynwald. It also makes little sense to have it constantly opened and then closed. Will they be allowing parking on it? If so this will just confuse everyone. This project needs to be halted and reassessed asap
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    It really is a monumental cock up isn't it !!!
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    I remember at the height of it all speaking with someone from London looking to pay around £1.5m for a Victorian townhouse in Derby Square as the estate agent had said that he’d be paying at least £5m for a similar townhouse in a similar Victorian Square in London and in contrast this was such a bargain he’d be mad to pass on. I couldn’t resist pointing out that Derby Square isn’t fucking Notting Hill and I didn't think Notting Hill had a quick fit tyre and Exhaust Centre and a central garden where junkies and piss heads hang out for most of the afternoon. The same house now wouldn’t even sell for £650k. A lot of what happened at the end of the last boom was just bollocks milking people who were used to high property prices elsewhere thinking they’d found the bargain of the century.
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    Mine was last Sunday morning
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    How about the fact that all of our unrestricted roads are single carriageways with adjoining roads which are not slip roads (some of which are hidden) and which are not as straight as a die like motorways yet motorways most of which have 3 or 4 lanes travelling in the same direction are restricted to 70mph? I'd call that a no brainer for restriction
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    I'm afraid the reality is that the government and the majority of the "care" system are self-serving jobsworths who don't give a flying f-ck about any of the people in actual need of care. They're only interested in their own salaries and doing as little work as possible until they can collect their pensions. The ones who genuinely care are the exception to the rule and probably don't last long due to having to put up with the toxic culture created by all the jobsworths they're surrounded by.
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    Staring Audrey Hepburn as Lisa McGhee, and Jean-Paul Belmondo as Sergeant Eddie Quirk from Traffic
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    The department of enterprise can’t afford to lose those 15 people who come here for the horse trams from their stats.
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    Hear, hear! It is a disgrace that any person can have their reputation traduced in the press on the basis of an unfounded allegation. Worse, such an individual can be at risk of misdirected retribution through extreme nutjob vigilante action. Innocent until proven guilty.
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    It's only a leap in the dark because you say so. Which amounts to nowt. Tiresome negativism and plastic, cliched wokeness is all you can come up with. Like the PK fella, you've run out of groove so change the record.
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    In fairness, Branson et al are just circling the dying wildebeest. The eventually fatal injuries began to be inflicted about ten years ago. A succession of poor CEO’s, flawed strategy and some atrocious PR. The handling of baggage restrictions and high fares haven’t helped. If it does fold, It will be interesting to see who fills the void. This could cost IOMG dearly if they have to incentivise someone to come.
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    60 2 bed flats, budget £4m, nice big job for the construction industry, sell them as part of a scheme, £20000 deposit £8000 a year mortgage, own the flat in 10 years, £2m profit, bunch of people on the property ladder, mighty success, trebles all round.
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    The Maltese are up there with our lot. Bonkers, the lot of 'em.
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    That would be in the moments before he woke up with his face in his cornflakes...
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    Yeah, exactly. I'd say that 90% of locals that have the desire/skills/intelligence to become an Accountant already are.
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    Those heavy Merc minibuses aren’t that much more fuel efficient on our roads either I hear. The fact is they fucked up buying new buses that were too big for demand. They drove them round empty outside of school hours. Then they bought another 60 of so minibuses to counter this which seem to equally have limited work available to them despite them deliberately putting places like the Red Cross out of business and bankrupting some taxi drivers up North. So now we have both competing for limited interest or demand across the board. It’s like communist Russia. Here’s an idea! Maybe we should ask the public what they want as a service from Bus Vannin rather than buying a load of totally unsuitable vehicles that you wanted to buy anyway for several million pounds and then trying to find practical and commercial applications for them? The sooner we go into one centralized and allocated priority based budget process the more we’ll be able to stop all this totally wasteful shite
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    No. When I visited it shortly after it opened what struck me most was how "plastic" it felt. The museum exhibit was as close to being authentic as could be. When I brought my son to visit it while we were on a short holiday unusually for him even he was really impressed. I guess this change illustrates just how much priorities have changed on the island.
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