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    Eligibility To be eligible to receive up to 5 LED bulbs, a member of the household must satisfy at least one of the following criteria: - In receipt of benefits i.e. Income support, Income based job seekers allowance, or Employed person’s allowance - In receipt of Attendance Allowance, Disability Living Allowance or Incapacity Benefit - Manx Utilities priority care register - Recipient of Food Bank resources - Recipient of Town/Village ‘Coal Fund’ resources at Christmas - Household has inadequate number of light bulbs, reason cited being unable to afford new light bulbs (WTF?) - Recipient of financial advice from Office of Fair Trading; - Occupant aged 75 or more For 5 fucking lightbulbs! I wonder how much it costs to administer applications. I’d wager more then the cost of 5 lightbulbs!
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    I’ve certainly commented elsewhere, however pointless and utterly futile it is. From the start, I am sure that any of us could find £1.3 m of worthwhile and pressing repairs and improvements on a number of routes throughout the Island. I cannot see this will be spent on island either - more likely a specialist bridge construction company with prefabricated units shipped in. I am reliably informed that Health currently has no money to buy components for hip and knee replacements, so all that surgery work is now on hold until the next Financial year. We also have Education being told there is ‘no money’, when quite clearly there is. Now don’t get me wrong, this is a lovely initiative, but was for a time when we were awash with cash. Any expenditure at the moment should be an absolute ‘must do’ as opposed to ‘nice to do’. This seems to be completely lost on this administration. And this revenue versus capital argument is fine, but there is a much more pressing need for capital expenditure elsewhere than a couple of bridges in the middle of nowhere which might, on average, be utilized by a couple of dozen people a week. These are the sort of things that continue to upset me about the way this island is run. Doubtless one of the worthies will be along in a minute with the ‘bloody English/ we like it like this/ boat in the morning address’, but we need to break this cycle of spaff and maladministration if there is to be any hope for a viable and prosperous Island for future generations.
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    It's not hard to check if those "isolating" paid by card and at what date/time...aligned with CCTV...two quick checks and it's 3 months inside and a big fine.
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    Anyone who knows anything about Manx politics or the Isle of Man knows that we've all been crying out for a felt museum and a monorail since the invention of felt and monorails. But no single politician has had the sheer vision or drive to give us either. Are you that man?
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    Boot's a trier isn't he. He gets knocked on his ass on the partridge then comes back swinging with the squirrel. He's like the upper class twit in against a fairground bruiser, but the lad just doesn't know when to quit. It's great spectator sport, I'll give him that. The Fur and Feather club should book him for their next after-dinner speaker.
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    But, we have lockdowns in Leicester, Greater Manchester and interventions in other areas from Luton to Penrith. Aberdeen has just joined in today. By the time we get to September the UK schools will've been shut for 6 months. We're in an amazing position and don't need to jeopardize that. Our greatest weapon is 14 days self isolation for returning travellers. If a small number of myopic people want to go travelling at the time of a global pandemic then good luck to them. But don't expect the rest of us to gamble alongside them. That's not being a "Complete brain washed fucking muppet". That's common sense - something which seems on remarkably short supply around here.
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    I'd suggest that Mr Boot visits what's left of some of our upper plantations and has a good look at what's been done in DEFA's name before he considers introducing mammals that are actually keen on abiding in trees. Ballaugh and Ohio would be two good northside places for him to start although I don't doubt that there's others. We have been left with the forestry equivalent of the current Douglas Promenade. All that's required is a few dead horses to complete the Somme landscape reconstruction.
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    Not just Tesco. One of the sales assistants down at Tynwald Mills had the same kind of story. Woman only just returned to the Island but had to go to the sales. Unbelievably selfish
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    There’s a real disconnect on the public relations side which doesn’t seem to be addressed. I don’t think even putting this outside Costa in the sea terminal, where the DOI hierarchy would see it every time they come down the stairs, would make a bit of difference.
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    But at least the band on the Titanic didn't have to pay for the iceberg.
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    As far as I can find out, the Isle of Man is the only country on the planet that has no speed limit on 2-way roads. Other countries have speed limits because of the value they place on human life. The IoM gov. does not have those values. For people who live in, for example France, being able to drive on a motorway at 90 mph rather than 40 mph makes a difference for the time it takes to drive from the north coast to the south coast. People who drive at high speed over the mountain road here are just doing it for the thrill.
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    In an ideal world there would be no speed limits anywhere because everyone would be sensible and respectful enough to apply their own. There's far too many dickheads up there, it's not just the odd one. Therefore a speed limit must be applied in my view.
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    The closer we get to Brass Eye territory, the better.
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    Utter garbage. I did one yesterday.
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    Its a strange one. On one hand it is a bonkers use of limited resources but on the other I can't wait to go over them.
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    Aside from the fact that there's a big difference between landlords and general home owners (which you must be aware of), or the fact that a category like 'the wealthiest people in our community' doesn't mean that much when applied to a section of the population so big that it includes families on or below the average household income who are paying off a mortgage or those just about making ends meet on a pension, you're acting like home improvement grants or subsidies are some kind of shocking and immoral new development. There are plenty of examples of similar schemes around the world and there is a reasonable argument for the state helping those who can't afford to bring their homes up to a minimum level of quality, especially when house prices are as high as they are on the Island. It's worrying that you don't even attempt to engage with that argument seriously. The worst thing is that you almost make a couple of fair points, i.e. 'what about those who can't afford their own home?' and 'shouldn't increasing home-ownership take priority or be at least equal in priority to raising living standards?', but you bury those alive under the crude hyperbole that looks a lot like a poor impression of the kind employed at Prime Minister's Question Time. I don't want to be too critical, but that post looks worryingly like one of the least productive or helpful forms of politics: that in which optics and the impulse to go on the attack are given priority over serious engagement with policy.
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    People shouldnt leave their bags of shit lying around or hanging off trees ready for mental kids to throw then. Put it in a fucking bin you weirdos.
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    I’m not sure there is a plan, but here’s what I think will happen. There’ll be a vaccine by the end of the year. It’ll be partially effective but we’ll all have it, which will increase the level of population immunity. We’ll get back to normal, while getting used to living with covid just like we live with flu, norovirus, MRSA etc. Lockdowns will stop, but there’ll be more barrier nursing in hospitals and nursing homes.
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    Much like meself!
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    There is currently no financial crisis, though there is a government continually overspending on itself - busily creating an impending financial crisis of its very own making. But if anyone thinks that this by-election will result in any significant change to that path, then they have another think coming. The futility of Manx politics is the Manx people believing that individually elected representatives can actually make a difference, that issues identified and discussed during any campaign can actually be rectified, and that many a manifesto is actually worth the paper it is printed on. The demonstrable truth is very different, general election after general election, by-election after by-election, individual after individual. Without a majority standing up for radical change, and together agreeing on the top 5 main issues to change and how to change them, Isle of Man politics and priorities will not change. Isle of Man politics and priorities will only change when forced to. However, this pandemic is a potential game-changer for the next general election for a number of reasons. Firstly, people are starting to see, for example, that government has offered little help to the hand that feeds it during this pandemic - IOM PLC - and rather than government cutting its own cloth and providing sufficient support - it is implementing immoral, verging on obscene, cuts in the support of those businesses and individuals whose cashflow is still affected by the impact of covid-19. There will be inevitable bad feelings and political repercussions from this, as for every one person affected there are several others associated with the pain of that path. Secondly, this pandemic may well bring out far better candidates at the next general election - given the impact on business, the almost daily government trickle of mistakes, misspending and mismanagement - all while sensible people have to fight for their very business lives. There may well be a significant slide to organised politics at the next general election - at least, that is what I hope for.
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    He cannot. He will not. He talks about educating oneself. Oh the irony.
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    Being local is no defence...for anything. Some of the biggest twats/liars/crooks/charlatans/nasty fuckers I’ve ever met are local. I’m not simply referring to Tynwald and the media either.
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    The DOI is all about managers, managers who manage managers, managers who manage supervisors and then there are the 75 men on the ground who all have a couple of managers, they have tried to hide it with a new grading scheme but the cost's are the same. Managers getting over inflated they had more management and admin staff last year than men on the ground that why the Infrastructure is falling to bits, but hey ho think of the bridges we can build to get all those overweight folk out on their bikes, I agree in principle to having this work done but not while the prom is a fxxking mess and the main roads are falling to bits.
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    All these places start off with good intentions chasing an upmarket clientele then it dawns on them that such people don't really exist here in sufficient numbers so they end up letting any tosspot in just to keep the tills ringing.
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    Oh, and the honorable member for Onchan
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    ‘With real gripping hands’. Actually, you’re on to a nice line in nightmarish toys - Tynwald character dolls. There would be ‘Mr President’...swathed in historically dubious (1990) robes, you would push a button on his ample arse which would randomly play key Presidential quotes such as ‘I’m just off to Tuvalu laddie, aye...to tell them about democracy’ and ‘How many Avios point for this trip Roger.?’ Then there’s the Anne Corlett doll, with real luxurious flowing hair, and which says ‘.............’ together with Howie and Ashy the cuddly twin dolls; Howie comes with an accessory cow and a grant cheque in his tweed jacket pocket while Ashy has a real silk cape and a dialysis machine.
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    And what fuckwit thought that would be a good idea. The event's are near enough a polar opposite to each other as one is mainly a car based hill climb with various static displays. And in the good old days the MGP was for the amateur back street spanner man to run his shuttle worth snap he had knocked together in a garage and then squeeze 19 stone into the leathers he had purchased in the sixty's when he was 10 stone soaking wet and get to ride on the glorious mountain circuit. the one and only time in the year his ACU licence seen the light of day Probabley rose tinted glasses, But still remember with fondness the bikes parading down onto the prom before heading up to Mylchreest's to be held under lock and key before racing the next day(to prevent cheating don't you know) good old days and the stench of Castrol R30/40. Gently sobs into his Pint as memories gently plays on the duke box in the corner
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    Given the state of a lot of the footpaths, you'd think that would be a higher priority, but we seem to be trapped in an endless cycle of millions being available for capital projects but nothing for maintenance.
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    He is Australian, anybody who lives in a house without a corrugated roof is just showing off.
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    Whatevs..... the surprising thing for this forum is how critical most contributors are of the Government, yet you seem to believe every lie and bit of spin they come up with. They are lying to you, they are spinning half-truths, they use selective interpretations, they choose to present only the data that suits their message and they are succeeding in pitting hard working people against one another. What is it you’re not understanding?
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    The voters in Farm Hill must be delighted with you. Not even elected yet and you've elevated them to the wealthiest in society. I mean you are right, in a way, if you mean the wealthiest 75%. You are backtracking. Your original post was "Giving £70 million to private landlords is not right". When that wasn't the proposal. Having backed yourself into a corner you've turned it into some Tory bleat about the use of taxpayer's money. It's not unreasonable to make funds available to assist people, subject to a means test, living in poor standard accommodation to raise the standard of that accommodation. Do you oppose making grants available to lower income people living in to substandard homes to improve their living conditions and reduce their energy costs?
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    I think it was widely said at the time that new boats would be £70 million each. I certainly posted that on here. (or if you’re CalMac they’re £110 million each, smaller than the Ben/new boat, and still not launched, having put the yard into bankruptcy ( story akin to the Prom, changing plans and specs ), or the e-flexer due for delivery to Stena for charter to Brittany Ferries that did the same to. German yard, to the extent that the contract has been cancelled. ( the identical e-flexers on order from Far East yards are on time and on budget )
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    The Isle of Man has never been a part of England & never will be
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    I know that one. It can be extremely painful if you forget to keep your thumbs out of the way.
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    I also have a nifty trick with a couple of bricks!
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    The are ignorant or arrogant or both. This behaviour is as antisocial and reckless as I can imagine.
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    Snitches get stitches. Seriously though I reckon a decent proportion of arrivals are probably doing this. We'll all have to mask up soon because of arrogance. People are selfish tossers.
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    Is that down to just your personal political beliefs, or is it an item of LibVan policy that the Island shouldn't have/doesn't need felt museums and monorails? Edited to add: I bet Manx Labour or the Greens would give us those things. They'd understand that a monorail would generate many more permanent jobs and more varied jobs than some boring old cycle lane from Pully into central Douglas. Even Mec Vannin would consider it, just so long as it was called unskelf-Vannin and only carried English folk on the bit that goes to the Sea Terminal.
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    I know some people hate it, and I know we can't live in our bubble for ever, but compared with huge swathes of the world this is great. Sat on a busy Port Erin beach, roasting hot, drinking beer, child in the sea. We're so lucky to be here on days like this. If I had to wear a mask on the bus I probably wouldn't have bothered. Fuck all you whinging dickheads.
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    Good result. The Policemen and women don’t need thieves in their fold. These scum , like the Scots guy, Ray Forbes, are not welcome, not liked and should be eradicated asap. We don’t need scum on our force. Well done to whoever brought this case.. We need to have a trustworthy force . We don’t want these chancers. Feel very sorry for the genuine coppers who give great service to our community.
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    Just sub Callister populism. Karen in Pully hates paedo’s. Even if one MHK can have absolutely no effect on over the court system at all.
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    If it helps to get people cycling to and from places then it's money well spent, in keeping the roads safer and people healthier.
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    Ever since lockdown started, we've worked on the basis that we will keep 14 days worth of supplies in hand, drinks, long life fruit juice, some food in tins, some frozen, used in rotation with fresh bought in while we can. If we are put into immediate isolation for 14 days, we will cope. If we decide to go away, then come back, there will be adequate food for the 14 days that are required of us. And that's without having been in The Scouts. "Be Prepared". It's not that hard.
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    The manx crab thing trope was invented by the english oppressors to keep the natives in check, I've done no research but am 100% certain of my facts.
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    I watched a 1 hour 10 min youtube video of a guy from the council clearing leaves out of a pond spill way with a rake during lockdown. Watched the whole thing. Never once did it occur to me to go read isle of wight forums. Respect sir
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    Great plan - she can also say ‘gosh’ a lot and be very brave and not cry when she falls and grazes her knee.
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    I want to be in Gladys' gang. Although she's clearly a girl so can't realistically be in charge. She can be the gang's secretary though, and be responsible for getting the fizzy pop.
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    Bubble them, and bubble them big. Either there is a pandemic going on with people dying all over or there isn't. Oh, and the Isle of Man for once is a gem of God's earth. Just now anyway. Bubble 'em.
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