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    Did they give an address for the group sex. Asking for a friend
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    I'm more concerned about the disconnect between MHKs and reality.
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    its a shame this whole honours bullshit exists at all, it often rewards total tossers who then feel officially legitimised.
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    Absolutely correct. The elephant in the room is the Isle of Man government. They continue to ask others to sacrifice their standard of living, their pensions and the future of further generations without any consideration to taking a lead in reducing their considerable cost to the tax payer. Tynwald and it’s upper house cannot justify their cost to the tax payer in pay and pension costs. Our civil servants are also beyond the pale in their employment benefits. Given that the above cartel(s) negotiate their own terms then it is about time the voting public woke up. Just saying!
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    oh yes, the Office of Fuck Taxpayers
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    Fuck ‘em. And I’m chuffed to bits I didn’t buy any Advocaat this Christmas. I’ve ripped up my neighbour’s tulip bulbs too.
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    The majority of our politicians (and many around the world I suspect) are drawn to Tynwald by boundless egos and a good seasoning of narcissism. As soon as they take the oath they feel obliged to believe that they are special beings working in a special institution. So much of what they do is focused on Tynwald and all of its internal nonsense (e.g. Spuan's immediate reintroduction of the speaker's wig, the meaningless programme for government and Rob Callister), the needs of their friends in the Freemasons and the whining from the big public sector housing estates that they lose touch with what concerns us - 'the public'. Most young people I know see through it completely - a bunch of no-hopers posing around and achieving nothing. Why would they want to engage with that?
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    In what way is this sentiment unique to Skelly?
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    when your missus agrees to having a threesome and finds out its 2 birds and not 2 blokes she's going to be a bit upset, then when you tell she isn't either of the 2 birds what do you expect........................................................................
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    ............thank goodness daughter just made it here, home at last!.............
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    You can tell it's Marine drive by the guy in the background about to launch an old Indesit fridge freezer over the side.
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    And now, according to this weekend's Courier, DfE are to start offering financial assistance to hospitality employers in respect of supplementing wages paid to chefs, sous chefs, bar and general managers etc. It would appear that the industry has difficulty in attracting such people to the Island on the grounds of wages available. A question springs to mind. Mr Skelly and Mr Thomas claim that tourism is burgeoning and the poor figures recently released were nothing to be concerned about and dismissable. So why can't the hospitality industry afford to pay sufficient wages to attract qualified staff by itself?
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    Yup,sod all. Apart from the museums, bowling alley, ape man, laserblast, fishing, hiking, swimming pools, beaches, trams, trains, venture centre, wild life park (just off the top of my head)
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    Perhaps it got a bit out if hand when the llama was brought into the bedroom? Sorry, I am thinking of a menagerie.
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    Yes get your facts straight. The fire crew had already spent over 10 hours solid playing snooker and darts and polishing their unused fire engines all day and were totally worn out and out of hours and the airport couldn’t possibly stay open to accommodate people who had the only chance to get home for Christmas before Boxing Day. We’re not running a public service you know.
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    I'd prefer it if they spent it on Fairy Houses.
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    Monitoring? He probably means he's got a Huawei TV. Can we make money out of this? Spying on the Manx Government will surely result in Tynwald becoming one of the top comedies on Chinese TV.
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    OK, I'm convinced. A basic understanding of business terms and profit and loss accounts should be made compulsory learning at school. For the avoidance of doubt, you cannot make half a million in your back pocket from a £750k turnover in a service industry unless your offering is totally unique! Clue/question: Do you think the 16 full time staff might want paying? Then the NI, power, rates, etc. etc. If this was as rosy some of you are assuming they would be killed in the rush of prospective buyers.
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    OFT should be shrunk back to what it grew out of - Weights and Measures, which is a useful and necessary service. The rest is pointless bureaucracy for the sake of it and totally toothless to boot. This is one area where we should follow the UK and get rid. https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/office-of-fair-trading
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    It's unfortunately what happens when one elects a Govt, majorly composed of farmers living off the public purse and those drawn from the lower-ranked public services, also all accustomed to living off the public teat, to oversee a CS also funded by the public teat but devoid of much experience in commercial operations with whom they have to interract in the taxpayer's interest. Throw in a mindset and culture that says "don't look back", even when losses of millions are involved, because the taxpayer can always be bled for more and you have a great recipe. For those referred to above. Who will retire on great terms. Funded by the taxpayer.
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    ...some of you idiots talk absolute bollocks,. My son is a constable with many specialist strings to his bow. You idiots know nothing about the hard, dangerous, yes, dangerous and involved work and long, antisocial hours that goes on at the grass roots of policing. Maybe there are some bad apples and poor managers but that's the same in any organisation..........I am very, very proud of my son and officers like him and sleep better in my bed knowing that they are out there trying to keep the peace on this fair isle in spite of the bad people , the politicians and the detractors.............
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    The reason why Skelly has a job is very simple - he does what he's told. The only requirement to be a Minister in Quayle's government is obedience to their civil service masters. We saw that with the dismissal of Beecroft - whether you agree with her or not, she was prepared to challenge her CEO and so had to go. Even understanding what is happening or being convincing communicating it is an optional extra for Manx Ministers, as we see with Skelly (and indeed Quayle). They can read out the answers written out for them without apparently knowing what they mean or what all those words mean or realising that it makes no sense. Take this example from the answer Skelly gave in the Keys discussed here when Edge asked What contingency plans he has to ensure that the decline in tourism figures over the last two years does not continue?: This motorway car-crash of buzzwords doesn't even make grammatical (or any other sort of) sense, but that doesn't matter to Skelly or those who write such rubbish. And of course the 'solution' is a perfect one because it translates as "We will employ even more highly paid civil servants who don't actually do anything except have meetings and spout jargon" while reorganising the Department yet again.
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    You seem a little cross about this Richard. Suspenders a little tight?
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