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    As older, more lucrative (for the Govt) vehicles are disposed of, the currently lower rates for the (allegedly) less polluting ones will rise to maintain revenue. Including electrics. Sure as eggs are eggs. It's less about the environment and more about money. How can a BV Merc Citaro bus, running 12hrs a day and paying only £166 a year be less polluting than a 1.4 Fiesta rated at £180 a year doing 1+1/2hrs a day for the daily commute, for example?
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    You can bet your bottom dollar that a la horse trams, we will have bought a job lot of the junk ones off a bloke at some energy supplier in the UK who saw where things were going, and we will crack on blindly, installing them against all available evidence.
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    A low point has been plumbed on MF by the sneering condemnation of this man. I don’t know Mr Cringle. I have never met him. As far as I know makes no pretence regarding his age ,yet the term “geriatric “ is used against him as a term of abuse. Not only offensive to him, it is to any of his generation. Those that follow the “baby- boomers” should reflect.As the need to keep working longer and longer progresses and they find they are unable to retire , they will become the “ old” and resented as clinging on to their jobs.Some attitudes will have to change. I have no idea of his ancestry. It no more my business than anyone else's, yet the term “in- bred” is casually ,if obliquely, tossed in. Even a low estimate of his IQ is asserted, and if that isn’t enough, he is absurdly derided as being part of the establishment /“ruling class “. Well, I find his articles well- researched, well written and amusing.He speaks well on radio and his presentations are very professionally crafted. - There are some on MF who could do well to study his technique. Keep going, Terry!
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    There was a public meeting for residents on Wednesday night, someone also posted a letter to me so I can send it to the government by way of objection. I’ve been ‘on the phone’ to the government telling them they need to do something before a child is killed & this mad cap scheme is the best they can do? Poor show. The fat kids (and they are) are ferried to the school by their fat parents in their stupid cunty 4x4’s it’s time to make them walk or provide better bus services. I lived by St Ninians and walked or bussed it to school at Balla almost every day, no hardship at all.
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    Even though I'm labelled a 'TT apologist' I too find that phrase a bit galling. It is quite true that those who are killed racing are taking part in the sport that they love, the last thing on their mind is that they will become a statistic. The awareness that what they are doing is dangerous is always there but they have confidence that it will not be them who has a fatal accident. Really the phrase is to provide some sort of comfort to their family and friends rather than respect to the deceased.
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    Douglas - Closed for refurbishment.
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    Thank you - that’s been totally fucking evident from the very first minute this was mooted and not one person has said what you’ve said. And foremost among the culprits are our supine, idiotic fucking shit-useless media who’ve peddled this ‘by-pass’ bullshit for all it’s worth.
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    Juan Watterson is making a point: Problems come down to 'bad planning and bad communication' Minister DOI: Ray Harmer Chief Exec: Nick Black It is inconceivable that the Minister was not made aware of these works to be carried out and even more inconceivable that the delays and disruption could not be foreseen.
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    He’s right in a way. There has been no thought applied to the victims of these people. They’re being portrayed as a bunch of lovely fellas goofing about inside who have never done anything wrong in their lives and that’s very far from the truth. The whole series is an embarrassment to this island.
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    I can sort of understand the earmarking of potential sites for future development if we were planning to make the island more attractive for locals and visitors alike? There's a lot more work to do before building accommodation for non existent potential residents.
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    O'Neal has the face of a man who has politely put up with more gurning idiots in more counties than any of us can imagine.
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    Have you tried wearing a disguise?
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    They didn't "have" to run, they could have been cancelled but it appears nobody down there has the bollocks to stand up to this idiot.
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    Online report in DM tonight. Andrea Leadsome or Angela ,government minister ,has revealed problems with the new smart meters, faults aplenty, now the date has been moved to 2024 before it will be law that every home in Britain must have one, and counting....Surely our government should hold back a bit and take notice of this, it is not working and is costing billions. For our government or to be precise the debt ridden MUA to blithely go ahead spending 16,0000 on something that is proving unreliable is madness. Would it not be wonderful if lessons could be learned before a monetary disaster instead of the usual lessons have been learned crap that is churned out afterwards. Well it would be a first would it not.
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    These days it is an irrelevancy. The majority of people on the Isle of Man are non-Manx born (for whatever significance that may or may not mean) and have voted a majority of Tynwald similarly. Anyone who complains about 'comeovers' or whatever name they wish to use, needs to get on the boat in the morning themselves.
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    Emmet & Grockle are references to tourists, not new residents.
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    This is unsurprising, not least from the perspective that he’s Quayle’s protege. Anyone selected by Quayle as a ‘likely lad’ was inevitably destined to turn out as hopeless. Quayle has zero judgment and zero perception. Charters anyone? What this also illustrates is the utterly supine and spineless Tynwald we’re saddled with. Not so long ago this level of awfulness at the top of the Island’s most vital department would have lead to a ceaseless and deafening chorus of “What are your going to do about this mess Minister?” But now, silence. The level of ineptitude from this government is a disgrace. People should be angry, not apathetic. Seriously, have you seen the marvellous way that ordinary people in the street are, perfectly politely, but very vigorously, challenging Johnson when he ventures into public? People here should do the same - see Quayle, Ashford, Harmer etc. in the supermarket/pub/restaurant/barbers? Challenge them. They’re getting away with it.
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    All of whom are paid and will be pensioned out of those taxes. Doubtless to dream up one hypocritical lifestyle change after another to be imposed on the rest of us (but not them because they'll need to be able to carry on as they are in the name of saving the planet) in the name of changing the Island's 0.00000016% contribution to global whatever. Mind, what's currently going on in the Brazilian/Amazonian rainforests is FA compared to what's been wreaked on the Island's plantations. Strange how the "diseased" trees concerns suddenly stopped when the felling contractor's money ran out. Including leaving large areas of "affected" trees still standing. With local contractors now being brought in to clear the mess up.
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    Well as I pointed out last night (it may have been drowned in all the pages where dilli was proclaiming he knew a little secret) , she doesn't even seem to be working directly for the Manx NHS: So it could be that her contract is completed as well. She is a specialist in 'change management' which, as any inspection of that company's website will show you, means producing industrial quantities of bullshit while getting rid of people from the workforce. Usually the wrong ones as this gives such companies[1] a chance to be paid to come back and reverse everything two years later . [1] Note how the word 'consultant' has disappeared from usage for such people. Presumably because even they have twigged that everyone else has got wise to the game and so that politicians can no longer be forced to admit that they are spending £x million on 'consultants'.
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    Sadly not original ----- The second grade teacher was very curious about how each of her students' celebrated Christmas Eve "Tell me Patrick, what do you do on Christmas Eve?" she asked. Patrick addressed the class. "Well Miss, me and my twelve brothers and sisters go to midnight Mass and we sing hymns, then we come home very late and we put mince pies by the back door and hang up our stockings. Then all excited we go to bed and wait for Father Christmas to come with all our toys." Little Jimmy Cohen is waving his hand. "Very nice Patrick, now Hulda, what do you do?" "Well Miss, me and my family go to the Lutheran Church for Santa Lucia. This year my big sister gets to be in the parade. She will wear a white dress with a lighted crown. We come home and open our presents on Christmas Eve." "Thank you Hulda." Little Jimmy Cohen keeps waving his hand. "Tell me Mary Jo, how do you celebrate Christmas Eve?" "Well Miss, we drive to my Grandma's house and spend Christmas with all our aunts and uncles and cousins. We can hardly sleep waiting for Christmas morning so we can open all the presents Santa brought us." Finally she asked, "Now Jimmy Cohen, what do you do on Christmas Eve?" "Well Miss, we all drive to my Uncle's toy store. When we get inside we look at all the empty shelves and sing "What a friend we have in Jesus".
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    "And for my next trick... I will make 5000 houses disappear..." Is it just me or is this pretty cynical even by the standards of the IOM Government? https://www.gov.im/media/1366717/2019-08-19-vacant-property-review.pdf Clearly it must be pretty hard to build a case for new large scale green-field development when your own data shows there are probably well over 5000 empty houses kicking about, so what to do? Have the MUA help you make them disappear of course! With no concrete reference for this methodology or assumption that I can see anywhere, this report (which has apparently been prepared predominantly to influence the Eastern Area Plan) basically asserts that any house which is using electricity must be occupied - in direct contradiction to the most basic data published in the 2016 census. Poof, just like that we have have nice headline - only 664 long term unoccupied houses. However even the most basic logic highlights some problems. Firstly the report has to admit way down on page 13 that even with the electrical massage technique... "4.14 Under this level, properties are unlikely to have been occupied for any significant length of time, for those in the 1-49kWh and 50-99kWh brackets, or at all for those in the 0 or no meter categories. This amounts to 2,368 properties, or 42% of the matched properties..." So even at the base level we've crept back up to 2368 empties. Essentially an admission of the wider problem with the fundamental assumption that electrical use = occupation which is clearly absolute nonsense. Last time I checked anyway humans don't run on electricity. So, @Chris Thomas can you explain it please, because to me this looks really really bad. From the 2016 Census Report - "Census forms were delivered to 42,281 properties throughout the Island, in advance of Census Night on 24/25 April 2016. The number of households that should have made a census return was 35,811, and a response rate of 99.9% was achieved, with 35,763 households having responded to the census form." Where does the 35811 households that "should have returned” figure come from (the expected figure), because this report essentially contradicts that figure with no justification other than electricity bills?
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    Great idea, with Margo's profile in black silhouette in the bottom right-hand corner.
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    it was an auction. daft cunts overpaid , no one was over charged
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    @MrPB and @Neil Down, I privately warned Dilli and Gizo about the postings last night. You two weren’t much better. Now you start again. This isn’t just for you, it’s for all posters, clogging 5 pages in one evening, on one topic, with tit for tat, turn of the screw, escalating personal abuse, puts people of, and may have consequences for posting rights.
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    If it is so badly needed (and it’s not) let the hospitality companies pay for the feckin thing.
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    Buy to rent should be made illegal. @Donald Trumps Are you with me on that?
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    Margo Hardball is the only individual to emerge from this farce with any credibility whatsoever IMHO. The only one with any real assessment of the situation and judgement and approach in keeping. The rest are just exemplary of the IoM PS.
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    It's "their right" to have transport back and forward for the mile or so most of them have to travel these days. I walked well over that every day during my school years...I can remember most of the other kids of the time doing the same and in the winter the snow would be packed hard to ice on the pavement because of the numbers.
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    I'd say it's in similar vein to the news today that they've given Dandara the go ahead for 280+ houses and the bypass in Ballasalla. 190 jobs to be created is the claim, plus those in supply. No. 190 plus others on the dole if it doesn't go ahead. That's what it's about, the construction industry is the only thing keeping the private economy afloat over here at the moment, I'd say. Completely state sponsored and encouraged with no regard as to what the fallout will be to the housing market in the future. Whoever's got the land that Govt will have to buy (announced) to facilitate the bypass access roundabout/junction is going to be quids in though. Name your price.
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    Lezayre Road was an embarrassment. I am still convinced someone read the plans wrong, and painted the centre line there by mistake. In order to save face they called it a ‘cycle lane’, which actually causes more danger to cyclists than the traditional road markings as motorists haven’t got a point of reference. The solution was less than 150m to the north. Turn cyclists down Gardeners Lane, and then down the old railway track.
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    It'll not change until we're all living in mud huts, cooking in clay pots and living off the land as hunter/gatherers. How else can it? All Technology means pollution either in its use or its manufacture. How far back into the dark ages these environmental zealots would like to take us in the name of saving the planet is anybody's guess. I'd suggest until it starts to impact on themselves. Then laws will change to exclude them and the wealthy.
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    Yes, it sounds contradictory but it was actually a form of social order and kept some of those little gobshites in their place. We've lost all that now that social order has been wholly professionalised and given over entirely to the police. When we were kids we kept our mouths shut around the pubs and clubs and mostly kept out of trouble. The gobshites can do and say what they like now and no one dares lift a finger to them.
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    Isn't that the very definition of some sort of sociopath? Not really. A sociopath does tend to understand people and their feelings - they just don't care about people and use their feelings to manipulate others for their own benefit.
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    But Dilli, there was an offer for him to sit in the car and still be involved. Instead he threw his toys out of the pram and stormed out. He then tried later to reconcile his baby tantrum with the coc. I reckon after his tantrum and resignation the coc realised (at last) that the TT would be better off without him especially this hot headedness which is not needed when you are travelling at high speeds.. good riddance, no great loss, plenty to fill his boots.
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    School is back the little darlings will be skiving off to protest, hope it pisses down.
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    It's quite interesting how little the response of the DfE in this matter has been reported. The only place I could find it was on Energy FM's site: As is increasingly the case, the actual statement is nowhere to be found on the Government's own website. All this high drama you'd think the DfE would only be too keen to push its side of the story. Perhaps they're afraid that any scrutiny will spread to others.
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    You gotta love the internet! Never back down!
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    the pods in glen helen look to be quite nice.
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    If it's anything like their new estate in Ramsey the road will never happen, just a pacifier to get permission to build.
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    "Chris Thomas says 'diagnosing' how people become displaced is 'proving very difficult' and has pledged to undertake more 'focus research'." Well I would have thought a good place to start would be to ask the homeless people how they ended up without a home to go to. Focus research - what utter bullshit.
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    It has been a bit more popular than I expected, getting around 3 million viewers a week. Which may not sound a lot by historic standards, but Episode 3 was to 20th most popular commercial TV programme of that week and, given that most of the places above were six Corries and seven Emmerdales plus Newses etc, it's usually been one of the top two or three non-regular programmes. Even including all TV it has usually been around number 40. But the truth is that no programmes get the massive viewing figures that there used to be in the past (especially of course in August).
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    This is the rub. Too many old timers in the ‘orange army’ (what a wank phrase) doing it too long are now cosily sat at the QB and Ballacraine doing fuck all whilst about 4 people are trying to cover the rest of the course.
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    another " emergency " if a real one happens everyone will just ignore it...... this is about tax nothing else and certainly nothing to do with the climate .......
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    The whole “business” case around the cruse terminal is absolute bullshit. I’ve never heard to much bullshit in my whole life being talked by so many accomplished bullshitters. Saw some comments in another thread which suggest it smacks of desperation and I’d say that’s close to the mark. Our tourist industry is in the toilet and has been for so long that they can’t even take credit for anything any more as the numbers are just bollocks and still going down so best invest tens of millions of pounds in this load of old shite just so we can employ more civil servants in MNH to collect £2 entry fees on sites that lose money from more cruise passengers. It’s pretty much communist business logic similar to keeping workers in employment on state farms at all costs.
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    Why don't you volunteer and sign up and find out exactly for yourself.
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