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    Do you remember when you could get a doctors appointment? A&E didn't involve a 5 hour time write off? And all children went to the dentist? Fuckin progressive society my arse. Like has been said, we do not have the infrastructure to support the current population - shut up waffle boy.
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    The good doctor is putting a bill forward that will stop people who are accused of sexual acts names not to be released until proven guilty. This is really good news for the men who have been accused of rape and subsequently been found innocent after having their lives ruined by erroneous claims. Also for those who have been accused publicly for other sexual offenses. This is long overdue and is fair, the guilty ones will be exposed to the public eye when they are sentenced. I should imagine all right minded people will agree with this move except the local rags who will have a hissy fit on losing their chance to publish people's names, addresses etc when subsequently they are found innocent. The museum case still rankles with me that poor man went through hell because of an article in the rag of a paper that published all these details when he was innocent and just the victim of a stupid woman who had issues with Manx Heritage. I do hope this gets passed.
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    They aren’t “losses”! The thing is, you can’t run this airport as a commercial entity. It is an essential component of an island - especially one that struts around trying to be something it isn’t. It’s a must-have,and Govt need to get over this. It needs to have decent nav. aids, with equipment to allow reasonable minima. Acceptable ATC and fire cover, decent baggage handling and PROPORTIONATE security. On top of that, the bogs need to be clean, and staff should be programmed to help, every step of the way. Then, the last memory a visitor has of the place is that it was pretty decent, and maybe a little bit above what you might expect from an airfield on a small rock. There are a few other opportunities that could be exploited; the landslide ‘cafe’ could be turned into a destination restaurant which could service both the airport users and would attract others too. But the introduction of parking charges for shortish stays put paid to that as an option. It would potentially gee the place up in the same way Costa did for the sea terminal. A sense of reality is desperately needed.
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    When anonymity was introduced for victims of sexual assault or rape in the IoM, 30+ years ago we also introduced anonymity for the person charged unless and until they were found guilty. I can’t remember why it was changed back. Legally I think anonymity, ie not being named until convicted should be a right of all defendants. With modern media they are pilloried by the digital equivalent of the lynch mob. Its common in other countries, such as Germany. No reporting or identifying until end of trial. It isn’t an attack on freedom of speech, it’s protecting someone who is still innocent. As for similar fact evidence, people with the same experience coming forward, I’m not convinced whether it outweighs false memory syndrome. Very difficult balance?
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    But if she was really was having a severe asthma attack, the last thing they should be doing is boarding an aircraft. Even if they had been on time, the airline employee would have been obliged to refuse them in those circumstances, seeking medical attention should be the priority. Especially you would imagine for her father.
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    Total waste of taxpayers dosh. Start charging 50p for plastic bags, put a 50p import duty on every bottle of water imported to be paid by the retailer and passed on to these idiots who persist in posing with bottled water at every opportunity. Persuade all premises to have available tap water. With the money collected install water fountains in public places. Sponsor cheap cloth shopping bags. Ban balloons they are revolting and are a danger to livestock. Do more to encourage recycling, every place that sells anything in a plastic or glass bottle to have a recycling bin outside that gets emptied very regularly. More convenient recycling spots. I could go on, just small things that would help without bringing some tree hugger over here on an island inflated salary. I bet other people could come up with other and better ideas for free for nothing.
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    When pointing out a spelling or grammatical error in a social media post, the probability of making a further error approaches 100%.
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    He's not done it in the spar as well has he?
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    Got told off by a politician by email today during the show for saying that 'growing our economically active population' is gubmint speak for 'needing more taxpayers'. In my robust reply I asked said person what 'other' benefit is there to growing the population. I guess I might have a reply next week after it's been put out to consultation, or perhaps be sent on a Tynwald remedial training course... Not that I'm against growing our economically active population, but I agree with the earlier comment that the authorities can't cope with the perfectly reasonable demands of the existing 85,000 people. Healthcare is a shambles, roads are falling apart, prices are out of control and the place looks and feels horribly run down. Watched a clip earlier of someone agreeing with John Cleese that London really IS a shithole - 3 times the people there than was ever planned for. When it rains the sewers are overloaded and spill into the Thames. Yet there are still 60,000 people moving there every year, many of them working the black economy and contributing diddly. Mustn't happen here.
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    Last week I rang for a Doctor appointment and was offered one just short of a month away. So, if we make it Government Policy to increase the population we are going to need more Doctors.. So, we need more Doctors. We will also need more Nurses, a few more teachers, police numbers could do with some upping and maybe a few more Prison Officers and prison places. Oh! All these new houses will need more Fire Officers and ambulances. Lets just think some more... Dentists, oh but they are all private now anyway because we cant afford to have full NHS dental services, so that's OK. All these new frontline services are going to have to be administered, so we will need a few more civil servants to do that. More people means more poo, so we might need more DoI staff to sort that. Now, where were we. Ah, yes. More teachers we said. Jesus, we might need some more schools. Stick that on the list will you? All this is going to add up to quite a few more jobs.. where will we get people to fill them? We are are going to need to grow the population to fill these new jobs.. Now, what started this? So goes Government thinking and Government policy. Thank God we have Chris Thomas and his incredible team in Cabinet Office!
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    Looking at the bulk of comments all over social media on this most people seem to agree that we’ve found the reason why most students don’t come back to the IOM after they’ve left which is: miserable bastard policies, implemented by miserable bastard civil servants, to largely keep moaning miserable bastard non-Manx residents happy. The IOM has become one big retirement castle which the young don’t fit into anymore.
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    The 'Climate Emergency' is a wet dream for the civil service knuckle draggers. They can create all sorts of non-jobs and irrelevant departments thanks to this - and most of the public will just go along with it!
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    Far too many splendid old trees have been felled recently. I hear nothing but chain saws all day. The area is already over developed. To destroy the last bit of green space in the area will be sacrilege, but they will no doubt press on. Why not fill in the empty areas in town first to house the non existent new immigrants?
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    When I left school I walked home, passed my school tie to my little brother and started work the next day. Ban Proms outright I say.
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    Every day I see the Costa Del Ramsey, a towering monument to the sixties' idea of what a building should look like. What we demolished in order to build it was streets of small fishermen's houses and local shops similar to Peel, which in my opinion is much nicer.
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    Have never read such absolute rubbish as this. A Climate Emergency Consultative Transformation Team ? What exactly does that mean in old money? The climate has been and will continue to change in perpetuity but now we need a 'team' to navigate our way through it? Keeps a load of timewasters in jobs I suppose instead of them clogging up the dole queue. Apart from our newly imported environment guru obviously.
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    Yesterday at the tin baths I bought two pints of beer and two cokes cost in the region of 11 quid. Today in tesco I purchased 18 cans for 11 quid. People wonder why no one goes out and spends money
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    With respect I disagree. Even in private sector circles I have not met a more angry and pissed off bunch of people than I have in the last 18 months totally fed up about the way the IOM is heading. They just don’t say it publicly for fear of being put in an even worse position. Which is why perhaps people feel free to be negative on here? You can only work in the public sector if you are that oblivious to the widespread inertia and appalling lack of confidence most people paying taxes have in the future of the Manx economy.
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    And whether anything is being done better as a result. Considering the wonders of technology, we should be able to function with fewer behind the scenes pen pushers, not substantially more. Every area of every department now seems to have the same number or fewer people at the sharp end as years ago, but legions of management, supposedly directing operations, when there were previously just a couple. And these folks don't come cheap. There is also a credibility gap. Situations abound where qualified, knowledgeable staff, who are running themselves ragged to keep up with day to day crisis management, are being directed or misdirected by higher management who are less or unqualified in the field and yet drawing (I hesitate to say "earning") salaries getting on for double those who actually have the qualifications to do the job. Is it any wonder that they find it difficult to attract and retain good people?
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    I'd rather have trees, green grass, hedgerows, wild flowers, birds, bees etc Selfish I know No doubt Minister Thomas will tell me just how wrong I am
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    The question that needs answering is why did Quayle spinelessly fold over the imposed quotas on the Scottish boats last year? The quotas and measures were worked out on sustainability grounds and announced. Jockland kicks off, there's a meeting with Krankie and suddenly all those scientifically worked out measures go out the window. Why, Howard? What thrall does Krankie hold you in? Photograph opportunities? If it had been the fecking farming community you'd have happily thrown millions at it in support and GRANTS.
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    As I posted elsewhere, these new reductions are most likely an admission that the beds were raped beyond sustainability last year. I wonder how long these restrictions will last after the Scottish boats kick off to Sturgeon again. The sustainability problem isn't down to the relatively tiny local boats and fleet. It's caused by the industrial sized dredgers of the Scottish and Irish fleets pillaging our waters. Let's see if Boot and Co have a vertebrae in their collective bodies to stand up to them.
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    I am most certainly Manx you flaccid juvenile.
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    It's quite unfair to say the Government is not doing enough about climate change. I read just this evening that they are paying for Bangladeshis to have swimming lessons.
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    You are of course spot on. Out whole problem is sense of scale. Unless you are minted in the style of say, Monaco, it is difficult if not impossible to provide much beyond education, sanitation,health care and security for a village of 80,000 people. We carry on as if we are something far more grandiose, and I fear it will be our downfall
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    In fairness to the filth, they don't really have much option here, and I say that as someone that has a young adult that was going to this shindig. There are rules that they don't make but which they have to enforce. I think they have been round all the schools to explain the predicament, my daughter seems quite satisfied with the explanation. I'd say myself that they have been quite reasonable, considering they have no option themselves.
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    In this day and age, if anything went wrong at one of these parties, we would be on here hammering the authorities for not making sure that it was properly organised and administered.
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    I disagree. I've spent a bit of time with Kate. She is working hard to dig down to the bones in a number of areas where the 'Lessons learned - move along, nothing to see' team have been out with the brooms and lifted the carpet. Whether she makes any progress against the establishment remains to be seen, but like many on here, she's aghast at some of the shenananigans and is trying to have people held to proper account.
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    It's not really that it's too big, it's that it's made itself too big. It's massively over-managed and has to justify that by inventing new projects or massively inflating those that need to be done. Which means they hire more managers[1] who then need something to keep them busy and so on. Bigger budgets mean pay increases for those at the top and so on. It also means that ordinary maintenance gets downgraded as not as exciting as capital projects and of course if you let things slide you may have a better excuse for the next big reconstruction. And of course if you get rid of your manual workers, you often lose the knowledge that kept things going. These aren't problems unique to the Island, though we have them in a particularly extreme form; however our small size ought to make things easier to correct. On paper, Harmer ought to be the person to do it - a degree from Cambridge in Engineering ought to imply some intellectual capacity and enough background knowledge not to be bamboozled and the confidence to challenge those trying to do so. But like many of those who go into politics with a business background he seems to see the job of a Minister as being that of a rather negligent Chairman of a slightly dodgy company: sign all the papers, smile in the photos, talk about nothing in important tones. And of course take the 'emoluments'. [1] I think in that Manx Radio interview the Director of Highways proudly announced that their immediate reaction to the Prom cock-ups was to hire four more design engineers.
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    I accept the apology, although note maybe it is time to reconsider your unnecessarily aggressive and frankly shitty approach to topics. While I don't mind a bit of abuse, I certainly give it out, you seem to take that approach with other more polite members of the forum too, and maybe you shouldn't.
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    I think we should get Howard, or whichever Minister is in charge, to write the Iranians a stiff letter.
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    The high street pay a fortune in business rates and rent...and then the Corpy charge a fortune for parking. It's a no-brainer why businesses are closing down or moving out of towns. For many, it's their last stand against the internet. Traffic wardens - business prevention officers. Corpy...bunch of overpaid robbing spendthrifts, here to serve themselves not Joe Public. Some of the salaries in there even for the likes of secretaries are obscene.
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    Of course the point about the Airport is that it has already undergone significant privatisation[1] and as numerous threads on MF will attest, the public aren't always impressed with the results with regard to say security. What is also clear from the report is that trying to fix things costs a lot more: Replacing manual workers in government jobs with low paid, zero hours jobs is always going to 'save' money on paper, but once things go wrong it can end up costing more than you 'save' and you may still get a worse service. You also lose the potential flexibility in working practices that a small Airport should be encouraging, but that has rarely been done because Manx civil servant management has been too averse to even potential confrontation and loss of its own privileges. [1] Of course it does have the wonderful side-effect that it reduces the total number of government employees which enables the totals to be made up by employing more civil servants elsewhere. So replace lowly paid manual workers with £50k bullshitters elsewhere and Chris Thomas can still proclaim that the totals haven't risen (except when they have).
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    The Curry’s model? You mean nothing in stock, clueless staff who are about 14 years old, and waiting about 10 weeks for a warranty claim to be settled when the shit item you bought inevitably packs up after 3 weeks use?
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    Wonder how he would welcome 80000 taxpayers pissed off at them wasting our hard earned cash !!!
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    Howard Quayle will read this post with interest, pause momentarily, and then decide to go with last year’s dress choice of “slovenly ape”.
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    It’s much politer to just say I’m not sure those facts are correct would you care to elaborate
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    The main lesson being "We're gonna need a bigger carpet". And ever-bigger and thicker carpets have been paid for ever since.
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    Some new, previously unknown scallop beds were found off the west coast of the Island, circa 2008/9 IIRC. They were said to be capable of sustaining the local industry for years. DEFA (or its predecessor) with Gawne in charge at the time released the co-ordinates. The Scottish and Irish fleets descended on the area and razed the beds to gravel. Gawne then went public and said, "It could have been handled better". And some people would like to see this moron back in Government.
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    On more than one occasion in public service, I did actually wonder whether people had actually read, never mind understood stuff. Release after release from the Communications Unit at Government suggests that politicians are just sucking up what they are being told and blurting it out
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    Geoffrey though, did state that he would be willing to go out on a boat to further understand the problem at hand. Should at least give him a better understanding of the principles of keelhauling.
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    FFS. They're pigeons. How can you hate pigeons? They are innocuous, inoffensive creatures and if they are scavengers it's because humans have made them that way.
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    Mostly I agree with you, except that I take a rather darker view and I think we are f****d, and have been since about the 1950s. I think the post WW2 era was probably our last and best chance to build a better world and change the direction we had been heading in since the start of the Industrial revolution. Instead of which, we pursued more economic growth, more population growth, more fossil fuel use, more cars, more intensive agriculture, more globalisation and financialisation of the economy and all the rest of it. So I think we have now painted ourselves into a corner where we have a global population which is about 5-10 times the level which can be sustained by non-fossil fuelled agriculture, and an economy based on Ponzi promises which can not, and will not, be fulfilled, especially where pensions are concerned. I won't spell out the end of this story, which is entirely predictable. But I would still support the rights of people to protest about it.
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    Ramsey has got two things going for it. The Mitre (other pubs are available) and charity shops. If I lived there I would end up an alcoholic in ill-fitting but nonetheless gaily coloured clathes.
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    I sympathise, but there is plenty of brownfield land for development with new housing. What about incentives for development there balanced by a tax on development of virgin land?
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    Welcome Neil, got a civil servant to do it for me as I was busy with colouring in my pictures :-)
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