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    Prison certainly works for this guy doesn't it. Chronic recidivism is learnt behaviour for him and prison is almost a reward like giving a monkey a banana. Every time he loses he probably thinks he's winning. Warm bed, three meals a day, companionship, routine, entertainment, banter; everything a scrote could want. He's just bouncing in and out of the system like a pinball and costing millions to the taxpayer. He's a one man job creation programme for policemen, prison officers, probation, social services, advocates etc. When are we going to get serious about toerags like this ? Characters like him make a conspicuous mockery of the whole judicial system for all to see.
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    We believe that there's an election coming and there's a distancing operation going on; distancing from the biggest Civil Engineering balls-up that has ever been inflicted on the Island.
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    ...............and while we are at it, another waste of space: cycle lanes, both sides, Brown Bobby to Pulrose lights. Petition signed.
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    It is surprising to me that any sexual offence against a child does not result in automatic imprisonment.
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    There's a lot to be said for chains, a big rock and a small hammer!
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    Ah...you’re unfamiliar with Longworth’s Law.
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    Competence of drivers has nothing to do with it. What's the point of it if it's never used? Where was the assessment for its necessity and the volume of use before it was installed? There was never a previous requirement for a cycle lane there; Sunday morning pelotons don't use it either - witnessed, preferring to take up what's left of the east-bound vehicle carriageway. Other than the expense of design, marking it out, then coming back a second time to sort out the markings that were ballsed up the first time. And future renovation of said markings. All DOI trademarks.
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    Ask yourself, was there any point in introducing it in the first instance?
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    that's 2 elements.
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    PK. There was evidence. There was a jury trial. Guy was found guilty. After a jury listened to the evidence. The evidence of girl and family and of the defendant. Not statements, but live evidence. Then adjourned for sentence. Victim provides an impact statement. That’s not evidence. It’s not relevant to guilt, just to the effect the experience has had on the young lady. As for time taken. He was arrested in late 2018, charged in early 2019, pleaded not guilty and convicted in February 2020. It’s not quick, but that’s not slow, either.
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    It's the same as mad people not knowing or admitting they're mad, virtue-signallers are usually so far up their own arse that they just cannot see, or admit to what they're doing.
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    Dear god man, why would a 'little girl' fabricate an incident like that? She said what she saw...
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    No, you can't empathise. The crackpot ideology we are dealing with here rejects the concept of empathy, which is why they have a dogmatic attachment to demographics and percentages when it comes to the composition of bodies such as academic faculties or parliamentary systems: they don't believe a man can empathise with a woman, or that a white person can empathise with a black person, so you need to add more women and black people into those bodies. They reject basic human capacity for reason, logic, empathy, and intellect. They do this because in their ideology they don't believe in the individual as a unit of self-autonomy. They want to uproot all institutions and turn everything towards collectives. As I've said a number of times now, this is not about race or gender, it's always been a war to undermine the concept of individuality and to impose collectivism on us all.
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    There's a chance I already am.
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    That's something of a misrepresentation of both the European Union and its policy of freedom of movement though. There's a world of difference between allowing freedom of movement to all members of a political and economic union, which in this case is or was intended to be something akin to the freedom of movement U.S. citizens have within the United States, and racist or ethno-centric immigration policies individual nations have imposed in the past. Also, the Isle of Man doesn't really have an immigration system: we have no real restrictions on residency or citizenship. We are essentially part of the United Kingdom's immigration system, augmented with a work permit scheme which was intended to protect local labour, rather than to actively select migrants on their 'capability to contribute to the community'
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    "One day, Howie lad, all this will be someone else's problem.."
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    Ha, the old racist and drama queen got himself sacked. Quite right, really...
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    There is a grain of truth in the idea of virtue signalling and it's not exclusive to people trying to tackle discrimination or injustice.
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    I can do better than that. How would $3,000,000 sound? That should stop you posting for much longer. If you are interested let me know and I will put you in touch with Dr. Bakare Tunde. His cousin, Air Force Major Abacha Tunde, has accumulated $15,000,000 in a trust fund at the Lagos International Savings and Trust Association and if you can help him out they will give you 20%.
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    Oh dear, I wondered when the term "virtue signalling" would turn up. As far as I can tell it's a label that nasty, small-minded people hang on those doing good things for others in order to denigrate them. Presumable because they judge others by their own lamentably low standards which includes never doing anything for others when there's nothing in it for themselves....
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    Lezayre Road. Another one. Although I will confess to seeing A cyclist using it last weekend.
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    Can't be true. All changes were reviewed by experienced highway designers and traffic engineers, as the Minister said.
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    But they invoke it against "political correctness" or "feminazis" or "SJWs" or "snowflakes" when they are really rebranding perfectly reasonable anti-discriminatory positions as anti-Freedom of Speech. That's a very Orwellian thing for them to do. You only have to look at the removal of statues. Do you honestly think Orwell wouldn't have been on the streets supporting BLM (well pre-TB I guess he'd need to social distance then)? Yet the right say it's Orwellian rewriting of history, as they incite thickos to do Nazi salutes in protection of Churchill's statue.
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    That is entirely consistent. 1984 is about any form of authoritarian state control, facsism or communist - at the extreme end there is very little difference.
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    That's your deliberate misinterpretation. And phrases like "SJW" are very Orwellian.
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    Get over yourself. No one expects you personally to feel or admit guilt in relation to the slave trade. I take the view that to many British Citizens do not understand what impact the slave trade had on those who were forced into slavery, the often barbaric way in which they were treated and how the abolition of slavery did not immediately improve their circumstances. They don't understand how it feels to be descendants of a slave. They also do not understand the impact that the slave trade had on the working class in Britain. However they can probably empathise more with poor white people. You are right that it was the wealthy who benefited from slavery and the wealthy who were given money by the Government to compensate them for the loss of their slave labour. It is these same wealthy people who now have statues erected in their honour in various places around the UK and which protesters have targeted as a symbol of oppression. Now I generally support the BLM campaign for equality and equity. I genuinely believe that minority ethnic groups continue to suffer discrimination and racism to this day in the UK and IOM. I believe that as a white male I do not encounter the same number of challenges and obstacles as they do (I also accept that as a white male I generally have more implied advantages than white women). I don't support the political ideologies of BLM such as defunding the police but I think those have come about from a small group of extremists. I don't feel guilty about being a white male but I can see the advantages that it brings and I can understand why places like the House of Keys and the Houses of Parliament are view as "male, pale and stale". I can empathise with those who face discrimination and racism and I want to help them and to make society better. Teach history warts and all. Explain how the wealthy exploited slaves and the working class. Then explain why these wealthy people were honoured with statues that we today are meant to admire without question. Explain to students how the ancestors of many of our politicians and elites today were slave owners and then see what happens...
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    I think the term is "capacious".
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    It certainly wouldn't be 'minty fresh' though...
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    Longworth suggested you fuck off that way and keep on fucking off
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    This is as far as we can go with the first £25 million
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    Lots of stupids down here in Cornwall, I recommend keeping the border firmly closed.
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    It is probably a mistake by the dept of incompetence, as I cannot recall ever seeing a picture of a bike painted like that on the road in a bus lane in the UK and if it changes from a bus lane to a cycle lane there should be I think an " end of bus lane" sign. The solid white line which supposedly delineates the bus/cycle lane also changes to a broken white line well before the filter arrow from the centre lane to the left lane, Perhaps they are just clueless.
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    'Your statue will be going there'
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    What would you expect to happen? More which hunts, claims for "reparations" and general strife, presumably. Everyone in the country today, black or white, benefits from its history of exploiting the world and plundering riches which have paid for the infrastructure and the easy life we live now.
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    I'm asking a question. It's not the Remembrance Sunday activities I have an issue, that's a sincere activity handed down to us from people from that time, it's the putting a giant sign on the entrance to the town Castletown Remembers and of course getting your photo in the paper alongside. Or people who say "my granddad fought in WWII and therefore Brexit rocks / BLM sucks / Let's Bomb Iran". Everybody had ancestors who fought in those wars, it doesn't give your opinions any more moral weight.
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    It sounds to me like she has other "issues" shall we say. Good description though. I immediately understood what you meant.
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    I couldn't agree more. Nationalistic jingoism is "virtue signaling" too and I won't hesitate to call it that.
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    I was unaware that the term was made up by the right. Given that I'm a far leftist, this is a surprise to me. I'll have to look into it further. But even if the right did make up the term, it's still a fitting one for the type of virtue signaling busy busy it applies to.
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    In the Courier pages 1 and 2. From the digital edition: Sorry about the quality for page 1 - I suspect IOMN blur the from pages of the other papers and left the setting on for the Courier. There are a number of odd things about the case. I suppose the one redeeming feature is that it was a one-off rather than the repeated, continual abuse that you see in many of these cases. Probation only recommended a suspended sentence because of this ridiculous thing where judges can't sentence someone to prison and then probation as well.
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    Andy, Look at the cost of DeLonghi + Beans versus Pods. In the long run you'll find that pods are quite expensive. If you're really into your coffee you just can't beat freshly ground although ready ground can be very, very good. You pay extra for Pods.
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    Desperately sad. Tom was a bright young lad. What a terrible, terrible shame.
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    Just a likeable rogue. Like all the rest of them. Who need euthanising.
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    Coffee fadism. Stick to your cafetiere, you've complete control over it. Buy your beans whole and grind them yourself.
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    It was absolutely not widespread. And I'm angry because the crimes and guilt of a small wealthy elite are being projected onto me personally, despite no involvement, simply because I happened to be born white. It's outrageous and it's a notion that is totally racist to the core.
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    I've never owned one, but have had a couple of different coffee pods at other peoples houses and its ok, but not as great as they make out. Expensive (40 -50p a cup?) and too much waste for me, dunno about recycling but I have seen the pods in the can recycling bin when I've been dumping my empties so someone tries. You are limited to a certain size of coffee, its not going to fill up your sports direct mug. I'd stick with the cafetiere, and being able to buy a much wider choice of ground coffee personally.
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    To be fair, there's lots of thick people (I dunno, I've been accused of being on the spectrum myself) but knowing right from wrong is not beyond his capabilities. He did study the law books etc to represent himself. Being a bit of a thick cunt is never an excuse.
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    If there was a god then there wouldn't be Manx Radio
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