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    OK, if you missed the roads open car and you live in Glen Vine...you can come out now, the roads opened last August.
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    I think so much that is going wrong in the Manx Radio newsroom can be summed up in one of today’s headlines. ”Travel industry on the up, despite external pressures” It’s clearly a low level bit of advertising for a local travel agent, who has no more idea than anyone else at the moment to the possible effects from the current coronavirus situation. What was needed in the interview was to ask about all the people who had lost out on their holidays due to the collapse of Thomas Cook, who appeared to have a connections to this travel agent at that time as it took them down for a few days as well. Has everyone been sorted? Etc. This had the potential of being an interesting, if difficult interview, for the guest, but he was not challenged on the real issues. Looks like the interview was suggested by the travel agent to get some faith back into booking with him. You can’t blame him for that, but surely the young journalist could have probed further and got a news story out of it. If he had been quizzed by the late David Callister I think it would have had a different slant to the story.
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    I really liked him. He had such an easy way with him no matter what he was doing and his voice was so easy on the ears. A sad loss to MR and to everyone else.
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    Were someone's family / loved ones to disembark Mannanan on a shopping trip to Liverpool and, on crossing the first major road, which was not physically barred off, to then be subject to a £2,000.0 fine or even worse an accident - only to subsequently be given the excuse by Liverpool City Council that ''There has been an announcement on Radio City of a 200mph race so you were warned" then there would be uproar and quite rightly so. Unless and until somebody takes full responsibility for the safe running of an event, then sadly its days are numbered. No ifs, no buts, the organisers to take on full responsibility for safe organisation.
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    I think that's a bit unfair. He didn't join LegCo till he was 72 and mostly retired from broadcasting, and he was quite clear that he was only standing for one term and he was mainly doing it to try to get LegCo reform through. He didn't succeed but there's a limit to what one person can do when everyone else just wants to keep things as they are,
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    And that needs to stop IMO. Let him stand for election. I already know his motivations and intentions...heard him say them...and wouldn't vote for him.
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    Well I fully expect an atheist to get in at some point and make a massive fuss about swearing an oath to an invisible man in the sky.
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    This thread is poor but it seems only to be expected here. I bought the paper last night to see what all the fuss is about and her full story is below. Having read it I genuinely think it’s someone bleating on about islamaphobia for sympathy to get into public office. Did she expect it was going to be a walk in the park just playing the diversity card like that which was played by the 4 women candidates who romped home uncontested last time round? But then she got a bit of stick? I’m sorry but you need a thick skin to be a politician and, amongst her long and admirable list of qualifications, a thick skin doesn’t seem to be one of them. As I read that story she simply appears to be trying to milk the diversity card for maximum political effect. I read this thread last night thinking it was poor (which it is) but having read the paper today her actions are cynically poor in my view. It’s a pitiful attempt to solicit sympathy from politicians to get votes. Vote for poor old me the diversity candidate who people have said nasty things about as I’m really upset. (Sorry can’t upload the picture from the paper the file is too big)
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    But they can clear all the stuff I move to one side to get a better sell by date.
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    https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/mlc-candidate-subjected-to-racism-and-islamophobia/ She specifically mentions manxforums and claims she read here that she was "not suitable for the position because of my beliefs" etc. Please listen for yourselves. Unless she's referring to the sarcastic comments where the Bishop of Jeezus was also a target..... She's not suitable because she has no life experience.
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    Can you actually get a tin of mushy peas put on the ballot paper? It would be worth changing your name to Peas Mushy for the election just to get 5k votes. I'll ask the serial question master from Castletown to ask for me. He gets to ask another pointless fecking question and we get to make him look even more stupid (if that is possible).
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    The marshals need to get over themselves. They're a bunch of glorified amateurs that get all high and mighty in their Hi-Viz. There is a case to be answered here and that is why this was ever pursued at great cost to the taxpayer. As I've said before, hopefully he has strong case for damages. Being arrested at his own home in front of his family and neighbours must have been humiliating!
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    Is it this forum she was moaning about or IOMToday comments ? She will have to take much more than this is she gets elected the essential part of a candidate is a thick skin. If you cannot stand the heat keep out of the kitchen
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    Why are we limited to halfwits though, what needs to change to bring in people who actually understand politics and Government, especially on a small island, but whom can also relate with lay people? If we don't get halfwits we get greedy trough feeders willing to take their pieces of silver for a nod here and there, something needs to change but what? We also get people blowing their own trumpets, on this forum and others, just coming up to election time but then when they don't get in you hear fuck all from them until just before the next general election...rinse repeat, rinse repeat. We have a DSC and interim DHA Minister who looks as if he lives at home with his mum (she may well have been on a rocking chair upstairs in the attic for a number of years...who knows?) and literally couldn't look after himself but whom we entrust our welfare with...this island is properly mental.
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    I always thought driving on closed roads was what used to be (and possibly still is) referred to as an 'absolute offence' . The road legally closes at a particular time and the car drove on to the road after that specified time, if the answer is yes then the offence is complete. Whether barriers were in place and/or people were or were not waving flags is just mitigation. For example Mr Dilligaf lives in a mansion house which he accesses through electronic gates that enter on to the course. He has not long returned home from a month abroad in the Galapagos islands and has totally forgotten the TT is on. 2 minutes or 20 minutes after the roads legally close he then drives out of his gates intending to visit Maccy D's, there are no barriers or marshals to be seen in either direction of his drive. The fact he has no idea the road is closed isnt really relevant, offence is complete he drove on a closed road. Excuses and reasons are purely mitigation . John will probably politely tell me (very politely) I'm a bit dense but thats how I've always seen it.
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    At this time the Tier 2 visa is in use and is a living process meaning it will change in line with other changes that take place.
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    I found David Callister to be one of the better members of Tynwald. A good general knowledge of people and the Island, he had empathy and intelligence. He would have walked in as an MHK. But he is one guy I would have not wanted to see absorbed into the ways of the Isle of Man Governmental system.
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    WKRP our kid, keep doing what you are doing by all means, but you can save a bit of time and effort for yourself. Manx Radio have put themselves on the road to decline since New Manx Radio launched in October. I wondered what David Callister might have thought of it all, and Roger Watterson too of course. But I think know.
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    I didn't know that WW2 had finished until Hiroo Onoda phoned me in 2013.
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    I don't have any strong views either way on the merits of the TT (though I generally go along with the 'live and let live' routine). But when an 'organisation' seeks to 'organise' an event that then results in the deaths of approaching 300 people including participants, marshals, and indeed the general public, then I would consider it self-evident that it is incumbent upon those 'organisers' to organise in such a way that I or my family do not have to 'work out for ourselves' how to stay safe from their activity as organised. I do not listen to local radio and never have done.
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    If I was in that position I’d just swear. If there’s no God what’s the harm? It’s just an affirmation to good intention that carries the same weight. It’s more an issue for those that believe in a different God than no God. If I’m honest swearing loyalty to the crown is more of a concern.
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    They changed this. They can take an affirmation instead if they are not Christians. From the Hansard in 2016: "In respect of the Oath of Allegiance to the Queen, this will be taken by each Member individually. The Member takes the testament in his or her hand and reads the oath on the card provided. The Deemster will then administer the House of Keys Oath of Office to the two Members of the constituency. The Members hold the testament or holy book in their hand but no response is made.Members may, if they prefer, take an affirmation rather than an oath. For those Members taking an affirmation, of course, the testament or holy book will not be used."
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    As I was saying before they advertise for people to Marshall on the boat so when they arrive they go to grandstand and pick up their instructions and then the plan is to place the novices with experienced marshalls what the safe ratio is goodness knows, if there is one so in a major incident the experienced Marshall has to deal and instruct at the same time... it does not seem much of a plan to me. Marshalls should have training and instruction or it will end in tears...again.
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    It a shame I can’t upload the story for others to read. I didn’t hear the radio interview. I was all in her corner when I read the above but now having read what to me looks like a cynically placed bit of PR to court MHK votes I’m not buying it. It reads like she is simply playing the card to get picked. There is not one other thing mentioned in the whole half page other than how she’s been picked on by some Manx people and how hard done by she’s been. Vote for poor old me as a positive vote to get me in will be the only time I will have ever been treated fairly by Manx society in my life! Sorry these things don't usually wind me up but I read that and felt a bit insulted at how stupid the writer thought I must have had to be to buy it.
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    kids today....... And that was Pandemic Preparations from Excess Death Contingency Planning, two more to come in session from them later in the show. Now, always different, always the same, here’s the new single by The Fall........
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    I think we probably under reacted to SJR’s posting because we know he’s an idiot. A bit like the drunk uncle at Christmas. Someone stumbling in from the outside, perhaps after googling their name doesn’t know that.
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    Even worse than this I heard one of the MLC candidates believes there should be a speed limit on the Mountain and doesn't support the TT!
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    So your opinion lacks any form of validity. I really don't care what you think anymore.
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    Anyone who enjoys popping bubble wrap, beware,its made in china,could the air be contaminated?
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    So your opinion lacks any form of validity.
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    Just thought the same as I was typing that comment. Must be discussing £££££££
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    If they fucked off up to Jurby Airfield it could be billed as the 'Feckless Battle Royale', it could even be livestreamed worldwide for a fee...that'll make the VAT loss less of an impact.
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    As I said. Some would say they make it up as they go along.
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    So a “closed road” isn’t always a closed road depending upon who is on it. Quite clear now. What a farce. How the hell can you have a “straggler” still on Closed Roads 10 or even 15 mins after legally closing it ? This guy is just lucky that CoC has admitted being useless
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    This post from Faceache would appear to answer a few of the points. So it appears a case of being caught on a public road and not observing their 'standard procedure'. Some may claim making it up as they go along... but we know that's not how marshalls are the TT operate.
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    'a bladed knife' ... as opposed to one without a blade, which would make it .. err, a piece of wood?
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    I'd still like to know which platform she's accused of which transgressions. Because despite us accusing each other of various things, nowhere in this thread has there been any abuse aimed at her due to her background. As already mentioned, Facebook is a different world.
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    I’d be very happy to see Tynwald full of individuals with zero adherence to any religious faith.
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    But that's two things,if it was to be three,he'd pass out
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    They should have fucked him off properly when they had the chance. He's like a bad smell hanging around the place
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    Yes, I think COMIN will all stand again.
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    Very sad news. RIP David. He was one of the best presenters Manx Radio have had (for current affairs). He was a good old fashioned journalist that knew how to research the subject, ask probing questions, and just do it in a way that was interesting to the listener. He will be missed.
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    Some great dark humour in Russian comedy Pravda Kennedy & Kruschev had a running race. Kruschev finished second, Kennedy finished second last.
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    Ahh, Russian comedy. Heavy going, with or without Moorhouse, even if done well. Badly it’ll be unwatchable.
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    My purely unofficial opinion is: 1. The pattern of virus transmission so far suggests it can't be stopped. If an authoritarian country like China can't stop it, I can't realistically see liberal Western democracies being able to stop it either. 2. There is no point cancelling major public events like the Olympics and the TT if the virus is going to spread anyway and it won't make any difference to the ultimate outcome. 3. Those and many other events will be cancelled anyway because the authorities will want to be seen to be "doing something" and to absolve themselves from legal liability. 4. Keep a sense of perspective. The authorities are being cagey about the death rate but reported figures suggest it is somewhere between 1-5%, mostly among the old and the sick. Therefore, if you are an averagely healthy person, you are very unlikely to die from it. 5. The best defence against the Coronavirus is to be generally healthy (don't smoke, don't be obese, have at least some fresh food in diet) and the best time to start this is about 10 years ago. Just in: this here from the BBC news website: "Tests for coronavirus are being increased to include people displaying flu-like symptoms at 11 hospitals and 100 GP surgeries across the UK. The tests will provide an "early warning" if the virus is spreading, Public Health England medical director Prof Paul Cosford said." This at least partially bears out what I was saying. We are now moving from containment mode to monitoring mode - "lets monitor how fast the virus is spreading".
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    Where will this religious madness end? At this rate we'll end up with the Bishop on LegCo!
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    maybe dumbworth can put all those merc mini buses to use delivering food for tescos ?
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    Link please Roger. Be aware that what may suit Trump's America may well be illegal in the UK. But by all means give us a good laugh as to which countries currently do these "snatch squads" - thanks...
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