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    I understand that Mr Skelly has confirmed that the IOM Government has fully prepared for a no deal or a deal Brexit. That's a relief, looks like we could teach the UK a thing or two.
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    He means he has the Brexit Badges on order. He'll be sick if there's another referendum and remain vote!!!
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    Can you specify which parts of RM's insightful post have produced such ire..? Was it factually incorrect?
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    You're on your own there dilli. No need, poor show, etc., etc...
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    Not quite...the right hand half of the trailer says “You”.
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    I know. I said that. There's a giant thread about it. It's the one where Mr Flint kept offering him biscuits. You're a numbskull.
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    You're a fucking idiot. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my post. Lets break it down. There are 3 main parts. Instances like this are a nonsense, they are not uncommon, and the poster Censorship raised it frequently. There is a giant thread on here about exactly these kind of cases. Andy Onchan is possibly right that it is scandalous that these things keep happening, maybe, I raised it in that thread about the guy with mental health issues locked in a cell with no toilet only to piss in it and then get charged, and then have it thrown out of court. Either malicious or incompetent, one or the other, certainly nonsensical. What is your fucking problem? You've got serious comprehension issues, ask borderline retarded questions (although possibly not as bad as lightbulb) you have no sense of nuance, and on the occasions you actually get a joke you're one of those annoying twats who feels the need to explain it. An absolute banana.
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    In this case it looks as if immediately it was the fault of the Police: As it would have been their responsibility to arrange it to be weighed and tested. They don't seem to have bothered as he had admitted to it, but if he had actually been represented I suspect his advocate would have advised him to change his plea and he would have had to be acquitted. But it wasn't without evidence because there was an admission. A more relevant question is why he was charged at all. Once a crime has been reported and admitted, the Police are pretty much obliged[1] to pass it on to the AG's Office to make the decision as whether to prosecute. Last July the Chief Constable was complaining about the amount of police time being taken up and Malarkey was saying that we shouldn't prosecuting for small amounts. There have since been talks about licencing medical cannabis. And yet here is someone else with a small amount which he claims is for medical purposes is before the Courts. So you do have to ask why the AG's Office is bothering to waste everyone's time like this - I suppose it's because it's an 'easy win' - which may also explain the high success rate. If you only bother with crimes based on how easy they are to prosecute, rather than how serious they are, then you're bound to have a high guilty rate - and more serious criminals are going to know that being awkward will end up with charges being dropped. [1] Though I don't know how much latitude they would have about cautions in this case. It could also be that the Police didn't expect a prosecution and so decided not to waste time and money getting the evidence analysed.
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    Ok - what EU roles have Major and Blair held that are more powerful than Prime Minister of the UK? Do you think someone could be a member of an elite and pro-Brexit?
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    He’s had the media training...
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    Worth buying the examiner for! Lisvane's review needs resurrecting urgently, it seems the Watterson and Cretney have done an effective hatchet job on it.
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    Didn’t he stumble off the gravy train pissed? I don't think so. Alistair is a very intelligent writer and did an excellent job in Gov. He knows what he's talking about when it comes to politics. I have not read his bit about Illiam Dhone, ( and may not like it ), but he is nobody's fool. Can't say I am a fan of his liking of Daphne, but he usually has his finger on the pulse. He would run rings around most of our elected bunch.
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    Didn’t he stumble off the gravy train pissed?
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    The article is well enough written and I hope it brings some enlightenment to political remedials, but in itself it displays nothing that suggests Alistair might've been quite useful as an MLC. edited to add: but fair enough, certainly better than the majority of the current lot, and many previous, who have slipped into the upper seats of Tynwald.
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    Well I hesitate to raise the temperature, but an analysis of his article and your contribution above does tend to highlight that he’s rather more articulate.
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    Ah, classic. Keep the kids out, you know the future listeners..keep playing the same old songs to the ever decreasing audience. Yep, that’ll work. Reminds me of a classic golf membership, the old farts complaining about the pesky juniors and they should be banned, same old farts also complaining about reduced membership numbers and higher membership fees to cover costs..
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    Nonsense? A prosecution without evidence? Its scandalous.
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    But does the commercial side actually wash it's face? Does it cover it's own costs, let alone provide income to reduce the subvention? I doubt it does. The amount of advertising that's broadcast suggests to me that it's actually heavily discounted. I don't listen to MR very often but when I do there seems to be many more adverts now than at any other time in the past. That suggests to me that it's perhaps more affordable than before. If that's the case, does it actually make a profit. I have my doubts. I hope I'm wrong, otherwise it needs binning.
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    ....not at the prices they charge here..............
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    That fact itself is still very much debatable and shouldn't be presented as such. There are well over 100 strains of HPV and about four that carry oncogenes, which only have the potential to turn cancerous in the correct environment. Most people of reasonable health will clear HPV within a matter of weeks. Of the ones who don't most will live with it completely symptomless and it won't progress. From that only a small % of them with a compromised immune system will develop genital warts. Of the ones who do develop cervical dysplasia however again only a small % of them will then go on to develop grade III dysplasia. Of those again only a small % will develop cervical cancer. Even after all that it still has not been proven conclusively that the cause of the cancer was the HPV virus. It really isn't the big issue it is made out to be and certainly isn't worth injecting a not insignificant amount of aluminium sulphate into the bloodstream for, which is the main cause of the side effects that are being reported around the world.
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    Cervical cancer is not a public heath risk. It's a non-communicable disease. Therefore clearly it should be optional if you decide to go down the route of vaccination and should be on an 'opt in' basis rather than 'opt out'. Which isn't I believe the gist of the documentation which kids get in schools.
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    Also, look up ‘herd immunity’
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    Hang on, that seems to be 100% dodgy arithmetic. If you have a 50% chance of catching something fatal without the vaccine, but a 25% chance of catching it with the vaccine, you have just saved the lives of 25% of the population by vaccinating, even though the disease isn't 100% fatal and the vaccine doesn't confer 100% protection...
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    a vaccine is possibly only safer than not having it IF you are ever in the position that without the vaccine you would 100% have caught whatever or other the vaccine allegedly protected you against.