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    The TT needs adjustments. Long overdue but I believe that commercial considerations (as I've previously posted) are taking precedence. Example. The sidecar class (albeit a breed apart) was subject to change for the 1990 event over concerns in power/speed/construction following fatalities inquests in previous years. The old open class was debarred and F2 350cc 2T/600cc 4T regulations were adopted to be the class standard (at questionably short notice if one listens to some competitors of the time). At that time the lap record stood @ 108 mph for the now barred larger machines. Where are we now? The lap record has been pushed to @ 120mph, largely through the development of engines and tyres (early 600s lapped @ 100mph), passengers still cling on by grace, in sharp contrast to the safety requirements of the 4 wheel racing car technology that now influences much of their design. Any sign of the informed concerns that imposed limitations back in 1990..? No. But what's majorly changed in terms of racing practices and safety requirements? Nothing. The sport knowledge and concern that had precedence in 1990 and imposed restrictions no longer has control. Because money and attraction has overridden safety.
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    I believe the island needs an altogether more transparent and openly honest government. Maybe modelled on one of the sub-Saharan African nations.
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    Some say it won't be possible to have an RTC only five minutes after roads closed, but year on year we edge ever closer to breaking the sub 5 minute barrier.
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    Or perhaps not. Specialist subject: The bleedin' obvious.
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    That's not what you were saying, PK. By design, accident or confusion, you were doing a "food will cost more" job on us, and now you have been called out on it you have gone back to your standard "appalling right wing Daily Wail Tory bastards" mantra. ETA: One does have to admire your chutzpah on occasions. You attempt the above flanker and then have the temerity to hang it on poor old Gawne. Have you considered politics? This is blame shifting of Keys standard at least. See you on the ballot paper in '21!
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    Why would I use a Manx or U.K. data SIM for streaming CCTV from my place in Spain? I’ve got a Telefonica/movistar SIM. However reception in the mountains isn’t reliable. As the data is motion activated it only pushes when something sets it off. Just foxes, a badger and a wild boar, so far. I was using it as an example. To illustrate how you don’t need hard wires to run a camera or transmit the data. We are talking about how to have security surveillance up by Milners tower without power or data cables.
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    'Manxness' is just about irrelevant these days when it comes to Tynwald members. Well, for example the President of Tynwald is a dyed in the wool swetty. It used to be that if you hadn't been to Silverdale on a Sunday School Anniversary picnic you didn't have a chance. These days many of the import politicians would simply have such places concreted over and made into yuppie/taxdodger homes, let alone know where it was
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    Mind you, he stabbed Boris Johnson and his ambitions in the back so not all bad....
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    I've been there, during the climbing season there are lots watching the climbers on the Eiger through binoculars.
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    I heard it was less than 7 minutes but simply amazing the time they waste incessantly closing the mountain. 7 minutes until the first crash, but less than that for some idiot to manage to go the wrong way from The Creg.
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    That people should be responsible for their mistakes? An alien concept to lazy fuckers like you I know. Dump your sense of entitlement. One thing I have never been is lazy I don't feel any sense of entitlement at all. You had a bad pint or what ?
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    Absolutely; but this thread is not about those who actually run the place from the shadows. It's about the theatre show put on for the masses.
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    Profit trumps "health fears" every time. If it didn't we still wouldn't be traveling faster than a horse can run.
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    On MF?? Perish the thought!
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    As do most frogs and toads. To which he bears an astounding resemblance.
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    Probably like being invited to join COMIN.
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    Who mentioned G4S? All sorts of devices can be SIM enabled, directly or via a MiFi device and blue tooth. My place in Spain has CCTV cameras. They are hard wired power wise but could be rechargeable battery run from a solar charger. They connect to the internet by blue tooth rather than hard wire. They are motion sensitive. The images go to a recorder in my house in IoM. As it happens the internet in Spain is not hard wired but is by microwave link. But it could just as well be 4G
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    I demand a second opinion...!
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    Rob Callister will be Chief Minister and deservedly so.
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    One of the skills of highway planning should be that roads are designed so that even poor drivers will handle them as safely as they can, not so that good ones (or ones who think they) can drive fast. Blaming the drivers would be rather missing the point, because the layout should discourage them behaving like that. Perhaps some of the problems with Richmond Hill are caused by the DoI being infected with TT-itis and thinking that every road should become a racetrack, but it's probably more that they lack more general skills to design and implement their ideas. Certainly it never seems to have occurred to them that water runs downhill. I suspect they have an idea what a 'proper' road looks like (a motorway over a nice flat and dry landscape) and simply try to get as near to that as they can, irrespective of need, topography, local conditions, weather, safety or cost. Especially cost.
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    Different levels. You wouldn't find a 68 year old retired carpenter from Leeds racing round the nurburgring in a brabham. The only reason people turn to road racing, with a couple of exceptions, is because they are not good enough to do it successfully on the track.
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    Yep Methodist preachers for the win!
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    That people should be responsible for their mistakes? An alien concept to lazy fuckers like you I know. Dump your sense of entitlement.
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