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    Might have to destroy Douglas to make it though, though that might be an argument in favour. Also, we need a massive fog horn on North Barrule that miaows disapprovingly at England every hour, on the hour, at an amplitude and frequency sufficient to cause the whole of Liverpool to shake.
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    Do our Politicians and Senior Civil Servants not remember we are trying to claw our way out of an economic downturn? It seems not - now Dandy Dan Davies and Razor-sharp Cregeen are looking to build a 'HUB" that will accommodate all three of the emergency services. Is this the right time? Do they really need new premises? Do they really all need to be in the same place? It seems to me that to achieve that they would need a pretty huge site. Huge site = huge capital spend = chunky overspend. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/emergency-services-hub-to-replace-douglas-fire-station/
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    Yes, but if you are following the guidelines for Covid (social distancing, washing hands, etc.), you won't get flu either.
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    I don't know how you can claim the moral high ground over John on this. He didn't joke about rape and you're out of order to suggest it. The joke is you keep posting character assesments when you've been comically inept at them in the past. You are trying to say that the "likeable rogue" comment was before the rapes, or at least before they came to light. And that would be fair enough IF it was in a thread about removal companies or if Kelly was running for office, you shouldn't be held to account if information that reaches the public domain afterwards makes your comment look crass in hindsight. But your comments were made in the context of a thread about Kelly being found to have sexually discriminated against and harassed a woman. The report is quite shocking, Woolley (hardly a PC snowflake) described it as damning. You described him after reading it as a "bit of a charmer". It's not what came out subsequently about the rape that makes your defence of Kelly wrong, it's your reaction to him being found to have sexually discriminated, and harrassed a woman. That you seemed to downplay that behaviour as the acts of a "likeable rogue" - that's why it stuck in people's minds and was resurrected after Kelly's conviction. It was obviously wrong when you made it, and your current claim that it was made before you could have known what he was really like, is just spin.
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    Not deluded at all old chum. I am comfortable with the way the government are doing what they believe best for the majority of the island and not just you and your crazy gang
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    Sultan, master of the swift edit
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    What a facile observation. The monorail is a fundamentally important asset within the transport infrastructure to the Felt Museum. Are you mad?
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    Yours stopped being an alternative view about 300 pages back. Now all you do is regurgitate the same old shite day in, day out. Being Manx, I'd have thought you would be happy with the way the Island is going about it's daily business whilst keeping its residents relatively safe...
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    Because there have clearly been actions taken to mitigate its effects like punative taxes, no advertising, indoor bans etc. You know it's a stupid argument too, I can't believe I'm even bothering.
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    Who's fucking angry? I mean, this is your go-to retort whenever anyone questions your incessant repetitive bullshit. You come out with the same waffle all day long using different words. How you manage to be here and there all day long is beyond me, have you actually got a job?
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    You're not looking at the long term: make the island into the shape of a cat so we attract massive interest from around the world, then. . .something, something, blockchain. . .and, bob's your uncle, we have enough money rolling in to build monorails all over the place and felt museums in every single town and village. I fully expect this to lead to a snowball effect of ever increasing investment and we'll soon be able to buy Lancashire, incorporate it into greater Mannin, and force its inhabitants to mine asteroids for the continuing prosperity of their Manx overlords. Also, the monorail trains will be shaped like cats
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    You really are a sad individual(s)
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    We are getting insular aren't we? We'd better keep an eye on the number of fingers and toes on them thar newborns over the next twelve months
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    I prefer to believe they are astute enough to not get embroiled in the politics. Here's why. They are very much in the public eye. That includes the vultures of the UK rabid right wing press in thrall to the agenda of the owner. Which is to say pretty much all of it. Which is why you can safely ignore anything by The Sun, Sky, Telegraph, Mail, Express and so forth. They also know that their right wing Brexit poster boy has proved to be amazingly more useless than even those who know him expected. So if they can spread the blame for the catastrophe he has caused they will. With rubbishing Whitty and Vallance being a good starting point. So you can bet they'll be watching their arses. With Brexit they'll just blame the EU like they've been doing for years and years and years....
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    Oh yes, I know that, but I meant the disease caused by smoking could not be passed on, like Covid-19 and flu. I used to smoke in front of others, but looking back, I may have harmed them. Hate smoke now. Not smoked for almost 20 years.
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    Well I’ve seen some with emphysema including my father and uncle which is caused by smoking along with numerous other diseases.
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    Probably about £20 million in overspend...
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    Funny, I have never seen "Smoking" as cause of death on a certificate.
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    The real concern should be when will this madness ever end? I mean, even a two or four week lockdown is only delaying an inevitable return of the virus. If they carry on like this there will be nothing left of the UK. Economic ruin & lost generations. What a time to be alive.
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    time to employ more consultants then...
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    That is our fault for not getting rid of the antiquated RFD (with all its stupid inconsistencies) for good and putting its cost in our fuel price. Anyone seen Slim recently? Someone said he was summat to do with this. Even if that was apocryphal, he spent enough time on here supporting the present daft fund raising method.
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    I'm sorry I do not understand the "cynical attempt to justify the coming restrictions" Cases are rising over large areas of the country. That's a fact. So action needs to be taken. Of course totally amoral narcissistic serial philanderer and inveterate liar Bozo Johnson will try to blame anyone but himself for the appalling mis-handling of the pandemic. But the SAGE group give their advice and the politicians, with Bozo having the last word, make the decisions. He wanted the job and unfortunately for us all, especially the bereaved, he got it....
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    Austerity measures are probably the last resort for any government. Limiting or cutting back on planned public spending does not help economic recovery. Government spending has to be at least maintained, if not increased, to promote growth. If this new hub doesn't even have a site yet and is only at feasibility stage, it is years away from actually being built. At a guess, I'd say they won't even have a contractor selected before the end of 2022.
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    Getting anybody anywhere TT week whether inside the course or out is a nightmare when the roads are closed, and having the hospital inside the course was a good idea allegedly.
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    It would be “Inside the course” . also it’s the fire response times that are critical. Glencrutchery fits well for Onchan, and a straight run through to Braddan or into town. I do hope they look at this strategically rather than a bit silo-ey as is often the way.
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    Because I’m Manx fella which is more than you are. When were alternative views not allowed to be discussed on this forum? There’s nothing wrong with discussing flaws in our system or questioning why more testing and tracing isn’t being done with a resultant ability for a few more people to be able to move between here and the UK or elsewhere. I’m not accepting a boat in the morning comment from a frightened come over.
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    Not sure why SoS and Banker actually stay on the Island. If they don't like the rules, there's always a boat in the morning...
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    We sort of looked at this around 2006, siting ambulance and RPU at the QB alongside the fire station, when they were going to build one big roundabout. The architect engaged was not very good and couldn’t translate the fag packet sketches into something workable. In the end we put it in the too hard to do box, which was a shame because at the operational level we were beginning to work together much better than ever before. Douglas fire station is now compromised due to flooding. The sensible option is to move everything up to Glencrutchery and have a big police fire and ambulance hub on the old Vagas pitch, with parking on the subsequently flattened police station site. Close to ESJCR , arterial routes and all that, as long as clearways are maintained during TT etc. Police HQ is an old building. Custody can be left standing As that will be good for a design life of 60 yrs.
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    It seems to be all about spending money. Little else.
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    You really sound quite furious and sweary now to be honest..I haven't been on here all day long. I made a few posts in my lunchtime and then a few again this evening. No need to be so angry at people for just expressing their views. All views are valid but looks like the covid tides are now turning and many now have had enough of the whole thing as none of the scaremongering has panned out as “predicted”
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    Surely the tech available these days can ping a mobile to within a few metres of its location? Would they go that far?
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    You've just plagarised that from twitter, either that or it's you all over that forum too. Is it angst or too much lager..?
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    Boo! I wonder if that was because some stuffed shirt here made an official complaint, or whether some stuffed shirt over there thought you couldn’t allow any levity in official publications. It’s not as if the cat map was likely to get used to plan a route.
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    Smoking related deaths are nothing short of suicide. You can’t transmit that to other innocent folk.
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    Looking at the shape, it may be the death knell for Port Erin, however. No one would want to holiday at Port One-eyed Cat would they? (Anyone owning a cat will understand.)
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    Anyone would do a better job than Boot, how did he get the job?
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    It will get to the stage when they are lobbing them out the back of a fat Albert on a pallet and a parachute
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    Happy to lend one of my cats as a model. They all have tails but they are very handsome.
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    Pam Crowe was horrendously arrogant and ignorant. Nasty woman in every way. Glad she was binned.
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    I don't see any reason why a female couldn't become chief minister, it's not as if we have nuclear warheads or anything.
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    all departments except health seem to need to use the budget up so they don't lose it year upon year, this just suggests they have too much budget in the first place.
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    I doubt it's even occurred to them. Absolute halfwits no vision
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    Can we not grow tomatoes in them?
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    I’ve always thought that if Mickey Mouse was Manx he’d probably sound exactly like Phil Gawne. It’s that odd squeaky excited quality that’s very cartoon mouse like.
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