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    But if she was really was having a severe asthma attack, the last thing they should be doing is boarding an aircraft. Even if they had been on time, the airline employee would have been obliged to refuse them in those circumstances, seeking medical attention should be the priority. Especially you would imagine for her father.
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    I disagree. I've spent a bit of time with Kate. She is working hard to dig down to the bones in a number of areas where the 'Lessons learned - move along, nothing to see' team have been out with the brooms and lifted the carpet. Whether she makes any progress against the establishment remains to be seen, but like many on here, she's aghast at some of the shenananigans and is trying to have people held to proper account.
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    Not really. The same problem could have happened anywhere (it was closed for a short time due to ATC problems, but presumably to LGW-IOM was cancelled as it was about then, so it became a two day wait after they missed the first day's flight. But the family actually seem to have been treated quite well: Especially when you consider there was probably no legal obligation to do anything for them at all. So this latest running to the papers doesn't look good and you feel sorry for the child.
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    Just another useless twat of a parent looking to blame someone else for his own inadequacies. All drama and bullshit.
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    Hold the lines, we have a winner! That's it. If you're late you don't get on. It's sad to hear the little girl suffers from asthma. But that is not relevant to them being refused boarding.
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    Boils my piss to see things like this. I despair that the father has taken the time to capture this at the expense of his daughter. wank-flannel
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    He's also making a song and dance about her having to be treated "in public", but seems quite happy for her picture to be plastered all over the Sun (with "Credit: Keith Campbell" duly captioned.)
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    Keep an eye on the prom renovations...
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    Cringe. Maybe send him some victory kippers?
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    Don't suppose members of the SAVE Committee will be taking a salary cut to at least show they are part of the whole scheme of saving too!
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    I'm not pro Lib Van as such, but I am glad there is someone like Kate in Tynwald. Rather than a stuffed shirt/frock with their mouths stuffed with gold and gourmet buffets.
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    The bigger issue is whether 12 quid an hour before deductions is enough reward for pushing an 11 tonne vehicle capable of carrying 70 people, around the streets of Mann?
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    that's nearly 2 full pages of everyone fully agreeing with each other. i'm not sure i like it
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    If she really was that ill the last place to take her is onto a plane where access to emergency help is severely limited.
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    Looks like somebody applied to be a bus driver and was rejected...
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    Not quite - it's the enhanced weekend rate that's the big earner. Even if you factor it in at a 2:5 ratio it brings the £25k earning period to about 3.3 years. But as Derek says the real danger is that the lower rate isn't high enough to attract and retain the right people. If you end up having to constantly import people from across to fill such roles, you can undermine any benefits in your 'savings'. Still as long as they can employ ever more new managers to control the situation that's what matters.
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    To be fair, "we can land a man on the moon" analogies are already so passé
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    Sorry - I'll self-impose a ban for an hour or so.
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    a friend of mine worked alongside her for a short while and said exactly the same thing. Won't placate the anti-Lib Van warriors though...
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    Kate Beecroft is saying "the Chief Secretary is not the right person to lead an investigation into an accusation of institutional bullying against the Education Minister." Manx Radio link That is more than a fair point in the current situation with Credgie the Wedgie. Hardly grandstanding. She raised the matter of bullying back in May: Former health minister hits out at hospital bullying culture I think you are being disingenuous in your post, our sid. Can you really blame her for raising the subject.
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    KB can be seen as a complete and utter shit stirrer, But love her or hate her , she knows what she is saying these days and having fuck all to lose is saying what she thinks. She is 100% on the ball regarding our health service. I was never a fan of hers , but she is the only person prepared to stick her neck out and call a spade a spade. She knows her stuff and I hope she will open that can of worms that will expose the top of the table in DHSC. People don't know the half of it.
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    Fat Howard and his farming grants. There's a proper investigation snd expose needed.
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    Precisely, it's all about perspective, some people think some jobs are overpaid, some people think some jobs are underpaid. As far as I can see the best plan is to concern yourself with your own job and whether or not it is sufficiently well paid for you to at least endure it. If not then look for another job. In my experience most people who complain about the pay of bus drivers or other modestly paid workers have; a) never done the job and are probably not qualified to do so. b) paid considerably more than the workers they are complaining about, and c) of the unwavering belief that they themselves are underpaid and deserve to be paid more for the job that they do. It seems to me that obvious answer to all their angst is simply for them to get a job as a bus driver. Well either that or save their breath to cool their own porridge.
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    The computer rings all possible numbers. Being ex-directory doesn't help.
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    You're only posting that to try and cheer me up....
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    Sweepstake! I'll take...ooh...erm...the Institution of Manufacturing Engineers. If I'm right, chances are you might be able to use my favourite post-nominative letters: DipInProd.
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    Everyone should send him kippers.
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    I suppose at least it will make a nice change to have a Prime Minister with a bit of positivity about him. We've not really had that since Blair.
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    Well, I am a professional speller of words.
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    Well there is enough shit to keep her in work for many years to come. Believe me
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    Enough? It's too much!! Lazy bastards should be on minimum wage and zero hours contracts. It's not hard sitting on an air conditioned seat driving around picking up a few pensioners on an empty bus!
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    Do you really think equating Trump with Hitler is reasonable? Pinochet or Franco possibly, though Trump is in fact pretty successfully bound within a constitutional system rather than an over-turner of it. But to compare him with Hitler is quite something. Are you really going to try to rationalise and justify doing it?
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    It was a question. Do you know what the contracts contain that the bus drivers are on or are you simply jumping on the "let's be outraged" bandwagon?
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    Stu, mon amis, your breath is being wasted on those posters who have obtained GCSE A levels, Masters degrees even in 'Assumed knowledge'. You cannot win. This is a prevalence of all, especially though, in ANY organisations even remotely associated with government. They have the right, the power and the privilege of being wrong...totally wrong!.....with absolutely NO accountability.
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    He didn’t get it did he? Like cavendish. it fell on stony ground Edit to remove my silly edit"
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    This may be your best post ever, Saxon. Saint Kate really is a piece of work.
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    you're heavier ??
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    On the other hand not many of them look underfed.
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    It’s the perils of attention seekers on social media. “Look what you made me do to my child, to try to embarrass you on social media, because you inconvenienced me in some way because of something I myself did”
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    And if someone deliberately spiked the roads they are a stupid, dangerous twat, pardon my language
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    The cycling caused a lot of problems with the Gran Fondo last week, it is now about to cause the same if not more, with the re-cycling, international bike race next week, why do we have to put up with this, week in weeeek, fucking weeeek out, we as car drivers pay road tax, but the bikers don`t ??????, this just pisses me off !!!!!
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    Between Quayle, Trump and Boris there is the makings of a shpecial relationship and the chance to form the makings of a halfwit.
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    I actually use the busses a lot and there are quite a few bus drivers around or under 40. Heavy goods drivers get paid a decent wage without the responsibility of carrying multiple passengers. 99% of the bus drivers are helpful and pleasant so Foxy would not be eligible even if he applied.
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    A matching pair of buffoons.
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    Because the Isle of Man doesn't need two hospitals and the health service was massively over budget. Her only mistake was not closing down Ramsey 'cottage hospital' completely. We need one decent hospital that's central and accessible to all. Not pissing in the wind with hospitals here there and everywhere.
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    Don't nudge the rider next to you if you do not like "gravel rash"
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    There’s a very subtle difference to arms lengthing between a successful commercial business, like the Steam Packet or MEA ( ignoring the cable loan ), which make money, and the Meat Plant, public transport, Flour Mill, Manx Radio and Airport, which don’t. The arms length for the latter is illusory as soon as investment is needed, that’s still politically controlled.
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    If this is true, then I'm going to post the rarest of posts. Well done Government.
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    Most broken parcel award goes to Manx Independent Carriers. Jeez.
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