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    Not many people would deny that the climate is changing and the planet is warming. Plenty would agree that human activity is at least in part responsible, although it is equally true that the climate has gone through cooler and warmer epochs in its history. Whether it can be reversed with the current (and growing) global levels of population while developing countries become more industrialised is a different matter. Humanity is squeezing out other species and continuously destroying habitat which will eventually degrade our own food chain. I don't see anyone advocating population restraint which seems odd under the circumstances. Surely, fewer people equals lower emissions and less stress in the balance of the biosphere in all respects. Meanwhile we are building new airports and additional runways in readiness for even more aviation in the decades to come. Standing around with placards is just virtue signalling.
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    It’s usually in a field at the back of Begoade Road - the nearest residential house is a good 2 miles away either side. It really does defy all logic why it’s now become such an issue for the police.
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    Thanks for that, Craggy, but there are some misinterpretations. A company is a legal person in law that is correct. Having said that, you have to understand what that means. Very simply, it is a party that can be challenged, in its own right in law. So, it can claim and be a defendant, in legal proceedings. The whole concept of a limited liability company is that it does have it's own identity legally. That does not mean it cannot be owned. But the concept is that the owners limit their liability against any claims to the amount of capital introduced. That is what limited liability means. Again, I go back to the history when the concept of a company was conceived to facilitate a risky adventure (venture) such as sailing to new found lands for trade. Many vessels would founder with not only the loss of the vessel, but possibly consequential loss of other interested parties, so the concept of a company would be that the investors had ventured substantial capital and without the protection of limited liability would probably never venture again. Having established the concept of limited liability, the law acknowledged the distinction between the investors and the managers, the directors , who owe a fiduciary responsibility to the shareholders. That duty has been broadened to include an obligation to stakeholders such as employees and creditors. So far, so good. Now we move to the idea of legal and beneficial ownership in the context of a company. A fundamental principle of company law is that the register of shareholders is the prima facie evidence of who the shareholders are, so as far as the company, ie the legal person is concerned, its owners are the names on that register. Pretty sure that most company legislation prohibits a company from recognising a trust on its register. Now we move to AML and other regulation, and there is the obligation to know not only the persons on the register, but the persons who may in fact be the true owner. So, while the register may show x , the regulated service provider knows and has documented that y is the true person that will ultimately enjoy the benefit of the company. Now, if the company's beneficial owner is in fact a nominee company (because a company cannot recognise a trust on its register) for the trustee of a discretionary trust with multiple beneficiaries, some of which may be named and others who may fall within a class, who is the beneficial owner? All that without going into the trust aspect. But the concept of controlling beneficiary does not address the underlying issue and, to be honest I am not sure that can ever be categorized. As I have said, I have no problem with disclosure, but it has to be of the right person. I have seen examples of the UK PSC register that just are mind boggling at how they could ever be considered as compliant. But, the UK CRO, has a clear statement banner on its site that it has not verified the information it holds.
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    Why not give them advice rather than piss them off by banning it? Elf n' safety gone mad. I could have understood the reaction if they were planning to hold it in a residential area, but in a field? Totally nuts. Let the poor buggers breathe for a change. Miserable bastards.
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    Then a few weeks turns into more weeks then turns into months...
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    Just concentrate on your homework and you’ll be fine.
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    Because of this.... Perhaps we have learned a few lessons over the years?
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    Happy with our KWH cost and no off peak etc?
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    Just on this. Public entertainment has a legal framework around it. It has developed because when it was just a free for all, people got hurt. I’ve seen allegations of assault, theft, and even rape arise from gigs like the one that was planned. And hospitalization is a given, through too much sauce, and quite likely imbibing of funny tablets. And without a fire certificate, nobody is laughing when 100 youngsters get maimed or killed when the place inadvertently goes up like a Roman candle. It may seem like nanny state, but all the rules have come about through the result of bitter hindsight. I’d rather enforce that, than spend time investigating the aftermaths. If someone takes the time to set the gig up properly, with an experienced organizer, I’m sure it would be cracking.
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    Absolutely fantastic... thanks De nada...
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    not built it in the first place?
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