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    That's never happened, although of course it could and I'm fine with that. I tend to get jobs I'm keen on. I left school at 16 with useless O'Level results and was told by the careers office that my only options were to be an apprentice toolmaker at Massey Ferguson or an apprentice Queen Anne leg turner at Priory furniture. I got a job working on two trade magazines and after a year moved to my first advertising agency. Seven years later I decided I wanted to work in the recording studio I used to make the Woolworth's radio commercials I wrote and succeeded. Within three years I was a main board director. I then decided to risk it all and become self employed and made a success of it for 15 years, before my biggest client went bust and dragged me down with them. When I moved here for a clean start I nagged Manx Radio to give me a shot and offered to work for nothing to start off - it took lots of persistence to eventually make that happen so I drove a taxi for a year. I also owned a coffee shop for five years, which cost me more than it made but provided jobs for maybe a dozen people. But at no point did I ever blame anyone for dealing me a tough hand, or allege that 'the system' is what stopped me from being a millionaire. I made some good choices and some bad ones, but at least I tried, and truly believe that drive, ambition, persistence and making the best of whatever situation unfolds is a far preferable plan to sitting on my arse blaming the world for whatever injustice presents as an excuse. I expect Terry Cringle (getting back on track) shares similar values.
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    Well there's no way I'm posting a fecking Chomski quote so I guess this has run its course also.
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    You really are living in a parallel universe if you think hiring was EVER based entirely on skillset, competence and attitude. I do agree with you about the tick box stuff though. People SHOULD be hired based on INDIVIDUAL skillset, competence and attitude. The Legislative Council is a very good example of where that kind of tick box policy has gone wrong.
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