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    Please don't quote me John, I get a notification you've replied and think 'here we go, I've been banned again'.
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    New faces will be absorbed into and duly moulded by the system. As they ever have been. Those who are indigestible will be spat back out and put on the edge of the plate until the next election. When the plate will be washed clean again.
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    That's weird, considering you invented benefits, the banking system, the government and pretty much the world as we know it
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    They have moved the stop sign. It now appears to be on the other side of the road / chicane they set up at the bottom of Broadway. What they appear to be doing is making two lanes of traffic right next to the prom. Flattening out the chicane. Of course this is the DoI we're talking about so they are probably spending the time ripping up patches of tarmac surrounding the junction ever two feet for that authentic prom feel.
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    There are problems and it's all down to mis-management of the housing stock.
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    It really doesn't matter who you vote for, you can't vote for or against the next government or their policies. Just deliver a verdict on the previous one. Quayle's government is obviously hopeless it was obvious in 2016 he wasn't going to be up to the job. But I don't know how I could have voted in the last election that would have prevented it, even if everyone in my constituency voted the same way.
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    Point is...MNH cost an unnecessarily large amount of money each year. Time to consolidate many of its activities...not destroy them...but put MHN into financial reality.
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    No they're not equivalent and anonymity is more important for the victim than the alleged perpetrator. But that doesn't mean that it's unimportant for the accused if they are then acquitted.
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    If Treasury can freely access taxpayers money to top up CS/PS pensions then they can do the same to bring citizens to minimum liveable income levels
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    Wow that’s simply incredible. What sort of due diligence do the DOI undertake given this is one of the biggest contracts handed out in years and the travel agency lost the TT packages contract through association with the same individual didn’t it? You’d think they’d have to do full DD on all shareholders and directors before agreeing to write a cheque for £20m.
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    Is that the plan? deliberately bankrupt it so we'll want to join? - Isn't the U.K. currently trying to divorce itself from it's unwanted, controlling big brother? - so we should just rush in and do the thing they are trying to get out of? Iom would lose any advantage if it was absorbed into the uk , would have no say in who gets dumped here like Bute, Labour have hinted repeatedly in recent years what would happen if in power- which would no doubt be much worse if we have no say in our own destiny. Just getting rid of the brotherhood would solve a lot of problems with this place.
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    You would think the person due to receive the email may have wondered where it was too. Smells of bullshit this one.
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    I wasn't comparing their plights Willy, you are right of course. It would be a huge uplift for the few families we could probably manage but I can't help thinking it's tokenism. The problem is a huge failure of politics and the UN. I wish they would sort it out once and for all!
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    Basically you would need 24 new like minded mhk’s all voted in together. Then there’s the problem of the faceless and unaccountable civil service. Once you have sorted that out, you may, just may have a chance of moving forward
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    I've no guilt, none whatsoever. "islamophobia" A word created by fascists and used by cowards to manipulate morons. Like you...
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    Maybe they should care less as I think they will find that many people are having a much worse time of it than a few Manx moaners who can’t pay their gas bill.
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    Richmal Crompton/William was the subject of great lives on radio 4 earlier this week. Well recommended to listen to on BBC catchup thingy.
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    Left Wing bollocks. The UK NHS is NOT for sale. Pure scare tactics.
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    So in conclusion the Inspector has said what most people have been thinking at what cost ? The cabinet office seem untouchable when it comes to criticism but it is disappointing to say the least. The money this government wastes is criminal. Still it has put a few bob in the pockets of a few lawyers so not all bad.....for them.
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    Shoe Zone ( or a shoe shop, Freeman Hardy & Willis, Saxone, Stead & Simpson, Dolcis - one of the Sears/British Shoe Corporation conglomerate ) was always on the corner of Drumgold and Strand Streets. In fact it’s the only original bit still left. It didn’t drop on anything near the Dogs
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    I was going to go to the pub after work, but instead i've gone for a 10 pack (Stella, £9 in Shoprite!!), two spliffs (so far) and yesterdays football weekly podcast
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    The Ramsey & Peel services stopped during private ownership. Rolling stock was shot. The permanent way needed relaying. There was nearly no traffic. The losses were huge. Services stopped for a year or two. It was leased to the Marquess of Ailsa for 5 years. He operated just Port Erin to Castletown one year, and to Ballasalla the next. Then it was closed for a couple of years. Surplus coaches were stored at St John’s. There was a fire, many were lost. My recollection is that the northern and western track was lifted whilst in private ownership. This was all before politicians nationalised it. Nationalisation was a 1976 election issue. Happened in 1977. The Peel and Ramsey lines were basket cases, the government of the time couldn’t afford to relay track. .
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    Wish we had a bunch of people to open a retro arcade.
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    One of the oddest things about elections on the Island is that, once they were forced to carry out this democracy lark and introduce actual voting for the Keys in 1867[1], while the franchise was widened fairly rapidly (eg votes for some women), there were much greater restrictions on who could be a candidate. As there still are. What is important is that the 'right sort' of people are elected. [1] Something they usually usually forget to mention when bragging about "the oldest continuous parliament in the world".
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    Oh look, a Man Utd fan who can't handle the actual football resorts to tired old stereotypes. Probably reads the sun
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    I agree but weren’t they already catered for by energy and 3 fm?
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    Absolute bollocks and at next years awards at the Villa Marina you will get your prize..And if your punctuation is any guide you are absolutely fucking clueless fella.The Island is awash with scroungers and at least ten a week are done in the paper.And pay back a tenner a week..Liberals like yourself that cannot see the bigger picture and do not get out are killing this Island..
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    There must be Syrian accountants out there looking for work
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    Its fucking soaking in Laxey. Not flooded yet. Today might be the day those stupid steps on the beach get smashed up though...
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    What about those who are too proud to claim benefits. How does that slot into your “analysis”
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    Yep , cause the lazy bastards want a free house like mummy and whoever daddy is, where as these imported families stick together and will be grateful for a free house rather than see it as a right and will work their ass off.
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    Contains the Most Guardian Correction Ever:
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    Ramsey's got its own refugee problem...
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    I prefer mine charred black on the outside and red inside. I'm not aware of any poncy French term for that style, though! :-D
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    He's a child refugee from Czechoslovakia at the start of WW2
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    It's the brave new world. You can choose your own truth nowadays.
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    Especially when you retire....
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    Because that always works out!
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    Why do they seem to take so much pleasure out of job losses..Mainly because they are unemployable elsewhere and are worried..The Editor is only in a job because of his father and if you cannot find 50 spelling mistakes in the papers you must have been in the Huts at Balla..
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    If you're sure where is your proof? Asking for a friend.
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    You should probably just stop trolling this site and needlessly insulting any poster who isn’t prepared to put up with your pathetic attempts at trying to wind people up. I’m sure most posters just laugh at you and the lack of value you add to Manx Forums.
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    Cost cutting dressed up as lip service.
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    And Mars and Marathon bars were twice the size. We did exercise though. Ran around in playgrounds and when we got home. Climbed hills and woods. Engaged in sport where competition was the basis and the fittest and strongest were to the fore out of necessity, and it was something to be aspired to. And most walked some distance to school too. Sport and leisure time for kids now is tapping a keyboard or staring at a device. Too often, physical competition is discouraged for fear of upsetting the also rans.
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    Yes, come on China, we've been down this road before somewhere. What's the independent variable?
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    I’ve not expressed any opinion on what you posted about Sure. You need to be careful, reading about a photo and then assuming it applies to a wholly different cartoon. Such, however, is the modus of flat earthers, anti vaxers, and those vehemently and irrationally against 5G.
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