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    There has not been a terrorist attack on Ronaldsway airport since this fence was built. Therefore it's a rare resounding success and should be celebrated as such. Starting with a decenial some time this year.
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    Do you regret being a tool? the article doesn't say the cyclist weren't insured, but if someone hits someone else the injured party don't usually claim on their insurance. They claim on the other driver's. The courts found this driver guilty so why would the injured party need to claim off their own insurance and potentially lose any NCB etc? Cyclists should not have to have insurance, that would stop children from using pedal cycles and what about pedestrians?? This is just a bigoted rant against cyclists with a good measure of homophobia thrown in.
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    Like three bald men fighting over a comb...
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    It's not for me to pass judgement but I'd say that's a bit harsh
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    I was much amused to see that IOM “Newspapers” website reported that a man made “lude” comments to a female police officer. Obviously worse than rude but not quite lewd, so lude it was.
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    Jeez, what have the pigeons done to deserve that...
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    I don't think it's much to do with this administration. It's just another block out of the "Independent, self-governing nation" bollocks that is maintained to keep the local establishment in jobs and egos. We do as we are told, simple as. And if that means making public who beneficiaries are, then we'll be told to do it. We don't even get a say in or know who uses our "independent" airspace either. It's all a very, very expensive sham.
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    Listening to Howard trying to justify this I’m not convinced he knows what he’s signed us up to.
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    What was said? It’s hard to see what grounds exist to say that the public is not able to disagree with things an MHK says on social media or pick holes in many of the Swiss cheese like social media statements a politician chooses to make. Chris Thomas is just about the only a dignified social media user who gives as good as he gets usually. If people can’t take criticism they shouldn’t make statements that seem to be open to attract criticism as they seem to be perpetually clumsy or ill-advised.
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    We have been failing them for as long as I can remember. The issues start at social care. It is underfunded, and understaffed, and certainly up to a couple of years ago, had a high turnover of staff. Social care, when properly structured, has the ability to do great things. When it doesn’t, it can’t pick up the problem people that see-saw between MH services (also understaffed) and the police - who end up using needed capacity to fill the gap. I've seen some utter tragedies in my time with young people. We can, and must do better.
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    Once the roads are closed there are Travelling Marshal, Marshal response cars, course inspection cars moving in all sectors. If you allow free movement you can almost guarantee that lots of people will take advantage and someone will end up being mown down, leading to delays.
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    As a duck I recognise some familiar canards when I see them. This thread has some old chestnuts "pay road tax" (whatever the fuck that is) "should be insured" (most societies see little risk posed by cycling so require no insurance) and "gay lycra" (just downright homophobic) If you don't like the sentencing carried out by a court then drive sensibly.
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    The peacocks are actually a DFE led ambush marketing campaign and have already had a return on investment, based upon a completely random and made up viewing of say 6.5 million and a randomly made up rate per viewing of say £37.50 each, far in excess of basking shark (which are actually wintered in a HNWI pool through a completely transparent tender process) again facilitated by DFE.
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    OK, that's all very good. How many tourists did the expenditure attract? How many tourists does the IOM actually attract, outside of Motorsport events and other special events? What I am trying to get to is the figure for tourists that come, principally for the Heritage "attractions". Does this information exist? It is well and good talking about the expenditure that goes into making the Island a tourism destination but that expenditure cannot be evaluated as being a good investment, without some information about the actual number of tourists actually attracted by it. A few years ago I read that the approximate number of visitors, annually was 300,000. Of these, 100,000 were visiting friends and family; 100,000 were business related and 100,000 were tourists. Of the 100,000 say 40,000 came to the TT, 10,000 to the Classic TT/MGP and another 5,000 to the Southern 100, car rallies or simply to visit the Island on motorcycles and car clubs. That leaves somewhere around 45,000 other tourists. What percentage of these arrived here because they would get to sit on a horse tram or steam railway? I don't know the answer to these questions and I suspect the likes of Mr Harmer don't know either. However that does not stop him from saying that criticisms or, at least questions about the value for money the losses on these services are misconceived. It would be true progress to have politicians who could explain their decisions with facts, rather than merely insulting the intelligence of those that dare to question.
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    Would we be having this debate if hed hit a car or house and done that much damage? As others have said this is why driving a ton of metal has a legal requirement for insurance because it can be real bad if things go wrong... And to those who say cyclists should be paying 'road tax' think of the non charge as being like the opposite of disincentivizing taxes on fags booze and irn bru. And obviously road tax would have prevented these cyclists fron being hit... BTW with all these cyclists on the road, how many facey messages have you seen regarding bad parking, car park hit and runs or police appeals? Some are cunts for red lights and pavements but they tend not to speed in town or use their mobile phone when riding or do things that put others at risk because crashing hurts. Anyway Jeremies / angry car blokes, fire away at the above ...just dont do it while youre driving.
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    With bikes and the riding gear being the sort of prices/values they are these days, it's surely time that some sort of insurance was compulsory for use on public roads? What happens if a cyclist hits a car and is culpable? Is the car driver expected to claim on his insurance?
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    I'd suggest that road closures extended because of weather or other delays are far less now than they used to be. I personally think that Gary Thompson has made some good calls in recent years re. this, certainly in comparison with his predecessor who had roads closed from 10am until 9pm in a few instances with delay after delay and still no racing at the end of it.
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    I imagine for this debate that it would be green looneys and millenials filling the public gallery.
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    Who are these weirdos that sit in the gallery anyway? I mean, I can understand if they're family or friends and about to meet up with one of the MHKs for dinner afterwards but I can't for the life of me imagine being sad enough to want to sit and watch a session of the Keys. I'd sooner sit and talk to pigeons at Lord Street.
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    Great. Bring it on. You would be astonished at the number of people who book an appointment with the doctor (because it's "free") when their problem could be treated with simple over-the-counter remedies which they could have bought at the pharmacy.
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    FFS, it doesn't make any difference to anything, they are all the same. Might as well have Kim Kardashian for PM for all the difference it would make.
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    Indeed. When I saw this on the front of the paper I thought that they would have been more honest printing "There's F*** All News This Week".
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    It smacks a bit of late afternoon geography teacher on a trip to the zoo to me
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    Agreed. Really harsh considering some of the bullshit that's allowed to slide on here. Just in case I'm suspend or banned or whatever for this................
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    Ah, but our airport is naturally of much higher status and would be a much higher value target for a terrorist attack. Like everything else over here. Apparently.
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    Being blinded by the sun is a regular feature in car vs bike incidents. A friend of mine killed a cyclist in those circumstances about 15 years ago. Personally, when driving in those situations I virtually stop - such that I’m a bit concerned a following driver will run into me. Cyclists too should realise that if they’re blinded by the sun they’re vulnerable to following cars who won’t see them. I’ve told my kids in those situations to get off the bike and walk, along the pavement if there is one, or at least as close to the side as possible while watching out for cars.
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    In every bloody photo Quayle resembles a three year old who’s dressed himself unaided. I swear that man could wear a bespoke 5 grand suit and still look like a sack of shit.
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    British Cycling members, which many local cyclists are, have liability insurance as part of their membership. Covers claims against them for up to £15 million. Would nearly pay for the new prom that, with all the damage they've done to it, having not paid any road tax and all that.
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    The driver who got taken to court was insured. His insurance will pick up the £4500, as its compensation, the equivalent of damages. What worries me is the thought that the cyclists, with expensive bikes, and the potential to harm third parties, didn’t have insurance. It’s cheap. I’ve got it for my wheelchair. Fully comp. Public liability. The lot. £60.
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    Why should cyclists not have to pay road tax and they insurance, they use the road and are quite capable of causing accidents what if they run a child over or any pedestrian? This yawn scenario does not give a valid answer. Why should cyclists be treated like sacred cows ? They should start taking responsibility like everyone else.
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    Shouldn't make any difference. When was the last time the Govt took a blind bit of notice of the results of any public survey?
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    Slightly off topic but still cyclist related. Came to work this morning along Peel Road observing the traffic around me only to see in my rear view mirror and absolute bell end of a cyclist weaving in and out of busy traffic. He then shot across the QB roundabout ignoring the traffic that had right of way and headed off down the road towards Douglas. That prick just helps the anti cyclists in their rants and does the rest of us no favours whatsoever
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    Sounds like an honest guy just learned that it can be a foolhardy trait when interviewed by a friendly policeman.
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    A claim that they will probably do their utmost to wriggle out of?
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    Which, like the rest of manxforums, I am totally against unless we are getting a cut of the proceeds.
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    I quite like it. The dialogue can be hilarious.
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    I don't see what all the fuss is about. It's not as if we ever really had a choice in the matter. What are we going to do, declare independence? Not going to happen as long as the UK has a navy, air force, and land army, and no wish to let us have our independence. The Isle of Man might sell kool aid to everyone else, pretending we're independent to justify a unique position as a tax jurisdiction, but we should never drink our own kool aid and believe such nonsense. We're the UK's little client state under colonial governance. What they should do is make the beneficial ownership register so you have to physically walk in an office and pay for access and specify what you're asking for, not give any sort of index or search function. Keep it old school. That should slow down dick heads like Murphy.
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    You might not be personally stuffed but a lot of people see no future here anymore and haven’t for a while.
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    Absolutely not. In any way. For that you have my utmost respect
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    I don't believe in mixing my cultural references, or my drinks.
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    No, that's the old way. Now, you look on eg facebook to find like-minded concerned who will direct you to resources that match and feed your preconception which you can then distribute at will. It's supercharged confirmation bias.
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    It's not just the Corpy. This grab, grab, grab attitude and expectancy that the public can simply be squeezed for more every time exists right through the local public sector. Where are the savings and economies that the electorate were effectively promised, courtesy of Departmental budget cuts? The cuts may well have been implemented by Treasury but the Departments simply continue to hike and impose new charges in order to compensate. There's no intention of any economising whatsoever at Departmental level.
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    Basically there's two reasons why you need to have a TV licence. Firstly if you watch or record any live television - no matter where it comes from in the world or who is broadcasting it. Technically even a livestream over the internet is included in that - no matter what you are watching it on. And 'live' in this instance means that you start watching the programme before it is finished - so even if you're watching it with a delay it still counts as 'live'. And recording it and watching it later also counts as 'live'. And even if you watch it on something other than a television (such as a smartphone) it also counts as viewing. Secondly you also need a licence if you watch anything on BBC iPlayer (in fact it asks you when you try). You don't need it for the catch-up services of other channels such as ITV or Channel 4 or for streaming service such as Amazon or Netflix (unless they are streaming something live). There's a useful guide from Jack Schofield from February here, for those who don't believe the official version I linked to above. Obviously this isn't as exciting as the man from the pub telling you that you can watch without a licence if you're wearing a tinfoil hat, but it does appear to be the law.
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    Does Ann Reynolds bathe up there?
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    You have absolutely zero understanding of what you are posting. For all you know it could be a recipe for a really good chicken broth or directions to the nearest dogging site. I will increase my offer to £20 if you can explain the above word salad in your own words.
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    Maybe wonder what the outrage/reaction might have been had Farage, Boris, or Tommy Robinson uttered it? A "daft joke?" Some poor sod was jailed for teaching his girlfriends dog to perform the fascist salute as a result of another, equally "daft joke." Humour is subjective, as is the concept of offence. It depends who's doing the joking and who's doing the listening. Having done a search, I can't find anything indicating Brand withdrawing what she said, only stories that she refuses to apologise and can't understand what all the fuss is about, and good old auntie standing by her, claiming the edgy stuff is all part of the programme. Anyhow, something can never be un-said, so her "daft joke" isn't really withdrawable. Is it not reasonable then to also consider the feelings of those actual victims of acid attacks? Did they get the, "clearly daft joke?" She should be sacked.
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    Indeed not. Do you think he might have acted it better on the BBC?
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