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    Apparently they've found a business plan and a bag of money in a big jiffy bag leading to mass shock and hysteria http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=53308
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    Chris Thomas will be along in a bit to tell us it's not really £11 that's just how the stats make it look and it's actually the best value in Britain.
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    You constantly elude to racist views. You play a clever game with words. You manage to keep yourself on the right side of moderation. I'm completely with Teapot, posters like TSE add much needed comedy to this forum. You just add bile and hate.
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    The usual defence is that we weren't in court and don't know the whole story, so there must be some extenuating circumstances that we're not aware of. Just don't go drawing any parallels with Lisa McGee, though, or @CharlieBrown will be along sharpish to tell you to fuck off.
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    Mine was last Sunday morning
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    How about the fact that all of our unrestricted roads are single carriageways with adjoining roads which are not slip roads (some of which are hidden) and which are not as straight as a die like motorways yet motorways most of which have 3 or 4 lanes travelling in the same direction are restricted to 70mph? I'd call that a no brainer for restriction
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    I'm afraid the reality is that the government and the majority of the "care" system are self-serving jobsworths who don't give a flying f-ck about any of the people in actual need of care. They're only interested in their own salaries and doing as little work as possible until they can collect their pensions. The ones who genuinely care are the exception to the rule and probably don't last long due to having to put up with the toxic culture created by all the jobsworths they're surrounded by.
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    Staring Audrey Hepburn as Lisa McGhee, and Jean-Paul Belmondo as Sergeant Eddie Quirk from Traffic
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    I remember at the height of it all speaking with someone from London looking to pay around £1.5m for a Victorian townhouse in Derby Square as the estate agent had said that he’d be paying at least £5m for a similar townhouse in a similar Victorian Square in London and in contrast this was such a bargain he’d be mad to pass on. I couldn’t resist pointing out that Derby Square isn’t fucking Notting Hill and I didn't think Notting Hill had a quick fit tyre and Exhaust Centre and a central garden where junkies and piss heads hang out for most of the afternoon. The same house now wouldn’t even sell for £650k. A lot of what happened at the end of the last boom was just bollocks milking people who were used to high property prices elsewhere thinking they’d found the bargain of the century.
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    Rog's point is described badly but what he means is that Eire will remain the EU and EU nationals will retain the right to live and work there. So in theory an EU national enters Eire via the normal route and had their passport or National Identity card checked on arrival. They have now entered the CTA and there would be no checks if they they boarded a flight or ferry to the Isle of Man or UK. That EU national.can now "disappear" into the UK. The EU Settlement scheme which is currently open does not result in any Visa or mark in the passport. Instead it is a digital verification which requires the person to provide a check code which an employer or landlord can then verify online. So I agree with Rog the CTA would appear to create a weakness in the UK Border. For many that will be viewed as a major issue. However, if people concerns are about immigration, well you haven't seen anything yet. The Tory party manifesto quietly dropped the caps on migration that they have had for several years. Countries like China and India are likely to demand easier access to visas for their nationals as part of trade deals. The new points based system has not been announced yet. It does however seem likely that they will include exemptions for skill shortage areas and the salary requirement will also be removed or significantly lowered from the current £30k. Overall it may mean that migration increases not decreases, depending on whether the UK remains an attractive destination. The problems with illegal immigration will not go away. You will still have overstayed and people smugglers.
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    I must admit a career in the armed forces never appealed to me. I respect those that do choose to join the armed services and appreciate the work they do, however, I don't see them all as being "heroes". I tend to reserve that term for those who have done something outstanding. That said Brexit has overshadowed the scandal of many ex-forces personnel becoming homeless and living on the street. The UK Government really should do more to help people leaving the armed forces and certainly should not allow them to go homeless.
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    Someone I know had exactly the same speedy response recently. I think they do very quick initial referrals from opticians to see if it's anything very serious. It usually isn't. The wait comes if they find you need treatment but it's not dangerous.
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    It could be my long awaited hospital appointment.........no.....very improbable.
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    That's probably the only "bickering" I've gotten into here in the five and a half years since I joined, but I can make it two for two now if you like?
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    Just wait till he sees the bar prices in there! He'll be shitting them as well as creaming them.
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    I think I saw the Post Office Managers discussing what to do next?
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    That’s fine. I’ve no problems with that. If it had been possible we would have followed his wishes. Instead we spread portions of ashes in places he loved. Funeral director had $ signs In his eyes, disappointed, it was cheapest coffin and just the hearse. Then, a couple months later a celebration of his life, whole day, jazz band, marquee, catering. Lots of laughter. Yes, I remember the bin bags off the back of the boats, the seagulls following the boats. And one trip a 7 or 8 year old collecting cups and saucers and hurling them over board. If it had continued we’d have been able to walk to Liverpool.
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    Some interesting comments in Quayle’s answers today (not reached before the lunchtime cut off, so answered in writing not orally). A tiny fraction of the info. proffered to Baker (second answer) has previously been made public so far I’d say. I wonder why not.You’ll notice that honourable members have been receiving ‘regular updates’ - it’s a pity the honourable public haven’t. His dismissive response to Beecroft (first answer) is interesting too. (Compare the answer prepared for her to that offered to Baker). Is he just sacking her off because he can’t stand her; because she’s a woman, or because he’d rather not dwell on the fact that Spicer left after 25 minutes? Anyway, judge all this stuff for yourselves. TYNWALD January 2020 FOR ORAL ANSWER – Q26 (CONVERTED TO WRITTEN) The Hon. Member for Douglas South (Miss Costain) to ask the Chief Minister – What effect the resignation of the CEO of the transformation team has had on the transformation process; and if he will make a statement? ***************************** As Honourable Members will no doubt be aware, the Health and Care Transformation Director resigned from his post last month due to personal circumstances. I am grateful to the individual for his service and for supporting preparation for the Health and Care Transformation Programme to get up and running. Naturally, his departure has instigated consideration of how the Transformation Programme will be led going forward and Honourable Members can be assured that they will be notified of the outcome of this as part of their regular updates on the Transformation Programme. In the meantime, I can assure Honourable Members that the deliverables of and commitment to the Transformation Programme are unaffected by this event. Planning for the majority of projects within the Health and Care Transformation Programme was completed last year as scheduled. Some of the projects have been resourced and work has commenced on these. Work to resource all projects as soon as possible is continuing so that appropriate progress can be made across the wide scope of this programme. Finally, I can assure Members that, in accordance with Sir Jonathan Michael’s independent report, an annual report on the Transformation Programme will be brought to Tynwald. ——————————————- Question 30 - Chief Minister’s ORAL ANSWER to Mr. Baker (Converted to written) Mr President I welcome the opportunity to provide Honourable Members with an update on our progress to address the challenges facing our health and social care services as identified by Sir Jonathan Michael whose recommendations were unanimously supported and approved by this Court last year. The Health and Care Transformation Team has been established and is continuing to grow within the Cabinet Office along with a robust governance structure to oversee progress and ensure the vision and outcomes from the programme can be delivered in a transparent, effective and successful manner. A communication strategy is being developed which will be launched in due course to ensure our colleagues, staff, service users and patients are able to access relevant updates on our progress. The 26 Recommendations from Sir Jonathan Michael’s Report have been translated into 14 key projects by the Transformation Programme Management Office. This team has been working hard on commencement of the first seven projects through the formation of project teams. These cover the creation of Manx Care and associated governance, its funding model, digital and data requirements, service by service reviews and needs assessment. This first phase of activity will deliver the governance, accountability and legislative framework to establish a new public sector body Manx Care, to focus on the delivery of health and care services and allow the Department of Health and Social Care to focus on policy and strategy. Manx Care will be up and running on 1 April 2021 and the Transformation team is progressing work to deliver this against some very challenging deadlines. This requires working with the Attorney General Chambers who have drafted the primary legislation needed to establish Manx Care and to map out the new ways that Manx Care will be commissioned by the Department of health and social care. Honourable Members will welcome the opportunity to engage with this process during the consultation stages of this process expected over the forthcoming months. It has been critical the Transformation team engage and work with those already involved in delivering health and social on our Island to ensure change is delivered by and within the relevant services to benefit users and patients. To ensure a formal and robust mechanism exists for clinical and professional governance, review and scrutiny within the programme a specific clinical and professional panel is currently being convened and those interested have until the end of January to express their interest to the Transformation Team to be considered for this valuable Panel. Finally I can confirm the first areas identified within the service by service review, care pathways and needs assessments have been agreed to cover: Cardiovascular Diabetes Haematology oncology Urgent integrated care These projects will look from the perspective of the service user at what we currently offer, what the service user’s journey needs to look like in the future and how we get there with the ability to continue to improve our services in the long term. The teams have started meeting with stakeholders in these areas, as the transformation team will be undertaking this work with those involved in care. The teams need to be clear on the current situation, what the future service should look like based on best practice and how the transformation can support and equip those services in those journeys. The other areas that will be included during this first phase (until summer 2020) will be eye care, autism and children with complex health needs – the latter will have a specific pathfinder agreed following a short discovery review to identify appropriate areas given the significant scope and complexity. Transformational change of this scale is not without challenge and difficult decisions. However the team have established a solid well governed programme which now requires the time and resources to deliver the ambitious outcomes to ensure our health and social care services can be sustainable in the medium to longer term. I am confident with support from Honourable Members and the commitment already shown from our service areas. Together we can rise to the opportunity we have for tangible, embedded and successful change for the benefit of our community needs and health outcomes for our nation. Honourable Members, along with other key stakeholders, will continue to be updated on the progress of the programme and, in accordance with Sir Jonathan Michael’s independent report, an annual report will be submitted to Tynwald.
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    Yes they should keep it at 65 permanently as Canada has
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    i think the island to anywhere fucking else in 13 minutes sounds a lot better.
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    Bit of a hike on Gawnie's original £3M then
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    My point is, mental health services are overwhelmed because of the under resourcing of social care services. This is the bit that needs fixing. More day to day support for the vulnerable
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    If the problem isn't EU workers Roger then your much lauded tory government are to blame for consistantly failing to meet their immigration targets and for cutting back on our homeland security services - police, immigration, border force etc etc. Assuming you voted tory in the last GE, a wild stab in the dark I know so please correct me if I'm wrong, then presumably the tory party have a plan to make good the cuts they made to our homeland security services and they have set targets to deal with all the illegals their stupid and short-sighted policies have allowed to settle here and have a plan to get rid of them So please share what you know of tory "plans" to deal with the situation you are so bitter about. Hopefully it won't be another completely stupid, unfair, unjust and highly damaging "hostile environment" bollox...
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    It is only worth remembering if you ask for something different next time. If you vote for someone else promising the same arrangement you had with the last representative clearly nothing will change, no matter what else they are promising besides (that which they cannot promise because they have literally no power to achieve). In the case of the sewage charge Hansard shows that it was promised during the original vote debate that a full review on the equity of the charge would take place before it was increased again. Did that happen?
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    So happy for you that you had that one person and I'm sure a few more..so makes all the difference knowing someone's on your side. Dealing with that seemingly isolation is so so tough ..I'm alone so it's made it really hard but one particular friend every week would meet me and to this day we still do when possible .blessed to have had him to help me
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    I retired here , I have an interest in all forms of heritage transport , first visit in 1954 , regular visiter, moved here in 2002. I think the island is beautiful and have absolutely no desire see the island " turned into the mythical England from your(?) psychopathic fantasies". Just curious to know why you strive to troll so offensively , you really do need to "have a word with yourself" Hope this helps
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    What can I add to this conversation. Not sure really. A large proportion of these issues seem to relate to behaviour and what is acceptable or unacceptable behaviour within a society. As a reasonably affluent, white, heterosexual male with liberal views but conservative behaviours I'm aware there is a huge gulf in my experiences and understandings. You've got to tread carefully in these types of issues, and there is no doubt in this intersectional time, where emotion and status signalling are to the fore, these can be a lot of heat and noise generated if you say the wrong thing! At its most fundamental I don't really believe in essences and categories - they are all the experientially formed outputs of evolved neural networks with no absolute (or supernatural) underpinning. Most people with an XY chromosomes have penises, but some don't. Most people with XX chromosomes have vaginas, but some don't. Most people with XY chromosomes are happy to behave within the cultural norms of masculine behaviour, some don't, and the cultural norms of masculine behaviour change depending on place and time. Ditto for XX chromosomes and behaviours. But not everyone has XY or XX chromosomes, some have more, some have less, and there are ways that the influence these chromosomes can have can be reduced - see Lyonisation, or look at a Calico Cat. Biology is complex and defies simple categories. There is no essential characteristic or behaviour that can be used to classify all people as either men or women, and when people claim there are essential characteristics behaviours all men or all women should (or should not) exhibit we are into the realm, not of reality, but of ideology. There’s nowt as queer as folk. All the world’s queer save thee and me, And even thee’s a little queer. There’s nowt as queer as folk. Thars only thee and me that’s sane And I’m not too sure of thee. It is useful to categorise people by biological sex as either men or women; and to presume certain characteristics and behaviours of people so categorised, but your presumptions will not be universal. It is simple reality that there are exceptions to the binary of men and women, male and female, both in external characteristics and in behaviours; and when it comes to the internal characteristics of organs as nuanced as the brain our understanding of how its form and resulting function subtly change under the influence of genes and environment is woefully lacking. I recently came across this post on the China Channel: Perverse Pasts and Queer Futures in Taiwan I am fascinated by Taiwan - in political; colonial; racial; and sexual and gender terms its society defies simple categorisation. Queer studies provides an interesting lens to think about society and how it categorises some things as acceptable and somethings not. A part of me is also interested in the concept of acting out a role, or a behaviour - straight acting, acting white etc. We are "meant" to act out certain gender roles, and when we don't suffer social opprobrium. I'm fascinated by the meaning of honesty in such interpretations of behaviour. Shakespeare has Polonius say: This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man. The Daoist in me wonders about how this is ever possible; and how putting on a dress or a pair of trousers and behaving a certain way relates to truth!
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    Won’t have been IoMG, but the new, municipal, owners of Middlesborough/Durham/Teesside/Tees Valley international on Sea Airport throwing a few incentives to justify their takeover.
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    What an absolute waste of a route. That won't last six months.
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    Oh what a surprise NOT. Wants to stay in the gravy train as he would be out at the next election if any decent candidate stands
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    Has anybody an idea of how much taxpayer money is put into them or any idea of how many staff are kept in their jobs as a direct or indirect consequence of social reports being so prolific? I am all for them for genuine cases but nearly every case these days involves the defence asking for one, and it incurs further costs to the taxpayer (and more money to lawyers) by delaying sentencing just to tell us what most reasonable people could have guessed or been told as part of the defence's case to begin with. I'm all for due process but lawyers and repeat offender criminals are obviously taking the p--- either for money or to seek mitigation of sentences. You can't blame them for taking advantage of the system, but you do have to question why the system allows them to get away with it.
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    Welcome to reality. The UK Government had assured everyone that the Common Travel Area will continue to exist. So no checks from Eire to anywhere else in the British Isles. You are at least finally thinking about some of the challenges that need to be overcome in the next 11 months.
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    They're probably worried about the shitbag playing the race card.
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    Even if every man woman and child on the island rose up against HM The Queen I hardly think that they would get very far! In any case in spite of the misbehaviour of The Sussexes the monarchy is very popular over here.
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    France have vehicle testing every two years after the car is four years old, and they are allowed on uk roads. Many many french cars will be doing 100,000 miles + between vehicle tests, which in my opinion is no safer than a manx car never having a road test being used on a uk road.
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    The new James Bond Movie " A vote to a kill" starring Dr No Allison as the Villain.
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    Well certainly the ones who were stealing old spinsters houses and raiding their executors accounts. Many of the bank managers especially got very rich. I would never, ever, appoint my bank as an executor of anything given the generally low standards that apply to anyone who works in the banking industry. I know of several cases where property was literally stolen but as there were no surviving relatives it was brushed under the carpet. A couple of them had builders employed almost constantly doing up orphan houses and flipping them.
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    In truth it's always gone on. It's just that nowadays it's not just easier to do (you don't even need a pair of scissors and a prit-stick) it's a lot easier to detect. There's just a sort of professional omertà that civil servants and politicians agree to ignore it in each other's work so they can get away with it themselves. Unless someone like Watterson picks it up (and I reckon he warned the press as well) it gets ignored. Morris's departure announcement didn't even get the rudimentary "the time is right for him to pursue new opportunities" fig-leaf that Couch did. JUst a slightly backhanded remark about her having gone to a conference in Spain.
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    If I wanted to tie myself to Rog's mast as you put it, then I am perfectly capable of saying so - I do not say so. Instead of employing your usual personal diversionary tactics, why not answer my point - Are you proposing the cancellation of IOM work permits and will you be campaigning for the same?
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    So...Cambridge Analytica did not work for Leave.EU and UKIP in the run up to the referendum? Hmmmm. Appeal to majority failure. You mean the majority of people who voted. There is an approximate 13 million people difference between the two statements. So much wrong with that statement. Shall we make British nationals with less than thirty years wear a special symbol so we know who they are? Plus, are you suggesting that no-one born in the UK under the age of 30 should not have had a vote in something that would affect them for decades to come? Talk about stacking the deck in your favour...
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    I'm in for £50M by the time it's complete, additional dredging etc all done. ETA. And we're also paying to tart up Heysham facilities now as posted previously.
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    Try ‘Ego-driven clone of the Chief Minister’.
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    Yes,regularly down the South. Boots in the shape of a Van usually.
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    you're going soft
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    This 'find younger listeners' thing is surely quite wrong? MR is - or was - community radio valued particuarly by the elderly For government to take it away from that audience with it's £1m bung is an act of cruelty really
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    60 2 bed flats, budget £4m, nice big job for the construction industry, sell them as part of a scheme, £20000 deposit £8000 a year mortgage, own the flat in 10 years, £2m profit, bunch of people on the property ladder, mighty success, trebles all round.
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    The IOM should change to a Party Political system of Government.
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    JW 'banned' me for "spamming" ( "questioning a mod's decision" , an interesting hypothesis ) you have to remember that disagreeing with JW , however politely will result in a ban ...... how we laughed...... just saying . ETA on the up side I wasn't fined
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