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    i was actually quite tempted to throw my half drunk can of special brew in through the drive-thru window but my 4 year old talked me out of it.
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    Unless we support Manx Radio we’re unpatriotic? Manx Radio’s staff are sounding more and more like a cult, so convinced are they of the organisation’s specialness that they can’t see the world outside the bubble. Manx Radio has never contributed much to my life. I can just about live with the subvention because others do. But that gets harder when the arrogant DJs refuse to play local music, especially when I know that BBC local radio stations do a better job for people in their communities like me than Manx Radio. Even it’s most basic job has become a chore where 5 minutes of news takes 15 minutes due to the adverts and the blather. But to take money from the BBC to give to these amateurs is bonkers. And for Tynwald to threaten our access to the BBC to support this bag of shite is despicable.
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    We are now moving dangerously close to hot-tub pic territory...so if any of you are thinking about it...don’t fucking bother.
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    @Augustus Bit of a snide comment there. DT's done a huge amount of work for the cultural, sporting and thereby health life of the IoM over the past 25 years. What have you done?
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    "Juan Watterson MHK was shot in his ceremonial robes" ...police have narrowed it down to 43,871 suspects.
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    Agreed. To an extent. Until it comes to the point that it hurts industries in those countries to lose a huge market for their products. Blacklisting the UK will severely affect the powerful German car industry for example. There will be thousands of other industries that will feel the same. The EU can't even attempt to try it, it's on it's arse as it is.
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    Actually, it already is opened up to competition. For example, I heard from a health insurance broker only last week that insurers offer enhanced policy terms for CI & IOM residents to include cover for travel off-island, even for the most basic of elective surgery/procedure. The reason he said, is because the insurers/patients have a wider range of consultants & private hospitals to choose from in the UK, where the market is relatively elastic. As an example, Nuffield Hospitals indicative all-in pricing for Hip Replacement across the first 18 hospitals (by distance from IOM, but there are more) ranges from 9,575 to 13,275. If you are in the unfortunate position where travel isn't an option then you're left with no choice other than Nobles. And that's why you see yer man driving around in his Bentley. The dangling testicles, I might suggest, are from a patient and not his.
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    Nah. His best blazer was a large bungalow.
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    Pullyman deserves any credit bestowed upon him. He has done wonders to raise awareness off this horrible disease. The man is so genuine and selfless. More power to his elbow.
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    This would probably sell more if it was shaped as a dart board.
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    The Communications from the Control Tower to Marshals are via TETRA. These are all recorded. They would, presumably be available to an enquiry. As such any claims about what was said, or not said, will not be a matter of opinion but a matter of evidence.
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    I also thought that Joe Pack was very good. Tho' didn't he have a very feminine voice! ( actually, I've never heard her.) Maybe she's an MLC now?
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    That people give credence to religion in the first place. Secondly they encompass it in law. Then they argue who's pretend lord is more important. It is all bollocks. Anyway, it is Brian's birthday in just over two weeks so let's just be happy for him.
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    And what about those who choose not to 'dish out', yet still have to witness your insufferable posts?
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    Glad you are feeling on better form, John. Without health there is nothing and all arguments pale into irrelevance..
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    What do you find most unwholesome - his diet or his vocabulary?
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    I got a bit excited when i read the Speaker had been shot in his ceremonial robes. Especially considering he's a soldier and that.
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    Here is the Tree in the Bank I went into today: And I stopped in another Legion Branch and got a Picture of their Tree: 3X3
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    Linz you are the one on steroids or cheap cider you never make a point worth reading just your bitter and twisted remarks why don't you go and play in the traffic?
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    Try C:/users/tosser/my documents/pictures/vomit-enducing.jpg
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    I'm looking forward to doing just that. Although I'll put my rubbish into a dustbin.
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    It's even worse than that - Juan Watterson is in his 'ceremonial robes'. (You wonder if he sleeps in them).
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    Rob went down in my estimation with his announcement he wasn't buying cards but donating to charity. Just do it why announce it.
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    It’s disappointing that the report won’t be released. It hardly smacks of transparency. the fundamental thing is the Comms breakdown. The Control Tower will have authorized the release of the course car, and may have even seen it away, depending on whether it entered at the Grandstand or St Ninians. Either way, I cannot in any circumstance imagine that driver, with two police officers on board, starting his run to the Dan Kneen scene without explicit authority. then, a marshal or sector has either unilaterally released bikes to travel wrong way, or has done so in response to an explicit instruction issued from the Control Tower. Even a short statement to that effect would be helpful. However, I would imagine of SM is sueing the ACU, then the report will either be part of the rebuttal or the damning evidence. we shall see, or as it appears, we won’t!