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    Well said. Any normal society, parliamentary assembly, or media, would have relentlessly pursued Quayle over precisely the points you raise. However... I’ve genuinely reached the point of despair with this government and, probably more so, the failure of Tynwald to hold it to account. But that’s occurred of course because they’re essentially the same thing. The 50% turnover of Keys membership at our last election has, in fact, proved to be a disaster.
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    I can't believe someone sat round the table, thought about it, and then actually said "I know, let's put a plaque in it's place to say there was a Clock there." And then they agreed!
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    He's going to be disappointed if that's what he thinks. The BBC is no friend of the IoM. This smells like a Pyrrhic victory concealing a Trojan horse.
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    You mean well mate, but you really really do need to stop giving out references. It’s not fair on blokes like Stu.
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    It's bad enough to bring an army of civil servants over to run the government but bringing them over to show you how to do Manx history is just taking the mick.
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    The auction link is a good point. But I think they’re all backing the wrong horse with the TT being the only thing they can now think of to potentially bring more tourists in to the IOM. It appears now to be all about pushing anything TT related. But for an answer to your question you should perhaps ask one of the trustees of MNH what the real reason for this change to a TT feature is? Probably best not to ask the one who is also charged with growing the TT and tourism as part of his role at the DfE though.
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    YOUR views are sought????
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    Used them a few times in South Armagh for various reasons. Not an absolute show stopper if the driver is determined to make good their escape, certainly slows the vehicle down to a more manageable level. Glad to see them used, can’t see this happening very often though.
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    Because Manx Radio abdicated their responsibilities to the public for providing any decent or reasonably expected depth of news coverage to the island this week? These changes to MR news programming are a serious attack on democracy via failing to address the accountability of politicians, individuals and organisations on the Isle of Man. Whether such an attack is down to incompetent management within or from external influence...the result is the same. My major fear is it is a combination of both. Their taxpayer funded subvention should be immediately put on hold. Any decent-minded politician should be addressing this matter as urgent.
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    You got it succinctly AT. Exactly what "they" don't want. Bet the subvention increase gets approved now.....
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    The one to ask is the Head if MNH and he was asked on Mannin Line and was totally dismissive about people's opinions because he is in charge and has had loads of experience over the water....he did fail to mention this very expensive new display was not going to be ready before 2022.....why is it costing so much and taking so long. He did not impress me one bit rabbiting on about all the work he does and the large areas he is responsible for. It will be interesting to see if this is completed before or after the promenade and if the flumes are working at the NSP anyone like to start a book. I thought we were skint..... why do we import these idiots when I am sure there would be a local who would have the skills to protect our heritage at least their heart would be in it.
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    Refreshing to see the police is an equal opportunities employer.
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    Once we get driverless cars radio will be dead, as you can watch tv with your feet up drinking a brandy on the way to work.
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    Even if I spot this panda I won't be dobbing him in to the authorities. He's got some pretty heavy cousins
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    Excellent addition. Given that the type of fucktard that speeds everywhere is the least skilled to do so, this makes perfect sense
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    Seems to me that they've decided to chase the 3FM listeners. Not sure that's a smart move in the long term.
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    Better to spend the cash on a plaque saying "There used to be a mayoral chain here but it has been mislaid"
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    Bring back "The Castlereagh Line" & the fat Policeman reporting on the theft of milk bottles in the early hours of the morning.
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    But there hasn't been any removal of silo government at all. All they have done is create another silo called the Cabinet Office which contains an even higher percentage of people who don't do anything useful than all the other Departments. And in response to Lisvane's call to remove the Departmental Member system that gave automatic majorities to everything, all they did was make even more appointments. Another government reorganisation isn't going to do anything other than cost a lot of money and create loads of new posts and promotions.
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    Might draw a question but it would still be ignored. 6000+ signed opposing the shit tax.
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    Tesco value gin is the answer
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    I am definitely on the side of the punters who are trying to get to work and being harassed and delayed by these toe rags that are probably on benefits or daft. More strength to the commuters that gave this idiot a tug let us see a bit more of this and let the fuzz get on with catching criminals. If anyone is caught flying one of those drones anywhere near an airport they should be locked up for years. Just going slightly off topic, well everyone else does, how is Chris Thomas going to fly his drones to image the houses near the airport ? And have we not enough drones in Tynwald without spending money, loads of money, that we have not got, on hiring a firm, from across obviously to do the job. Why not send a few Members of Tynwald up in a hot air balloon with telescopes ? All money saving ideas.
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    Are there the staff ? 1 car chasing and thats the shift taken up.
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    Or the foreman black and British and the workers white Poles, of course!
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    Not even remotely like me. I am neither insular nor mediocre. Which is why I don't listen to Manx Radio.
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    The last one out must have put more than just the lights out.
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    Stu still has some way to go then.
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    Certainly the block he's in appears to be private. But then he can afford to buy, what with not having to pay Douglas rates.
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    It’s probably a bit like Pulp Fiction. Perhaps he’s in the basement ball gagged waiting for the man in the comfy jumper and the gimp mask to come back and let him out?
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    I am Juan and the other bloke that got escorted from the building and you can have your RAJAR £5 booze money. RAJAR surveying is weird you have to admit that.The fairest way would be to ask what radio had been listened to that day or the past 5 days, that would give a more accurate result. Paying them a fiver and asking them to go listen to radio for the next 5 days is going to increase the radio consumption as they will be thinking about it, so you end up with Declans ludicrous figures.
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    Just trying to get the denial in first.
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    Some new measurements to come into use after Brexit 2000 Mockingbirds = Two kilomockingbirds---[ a sin for short ] 1000 Aches=One Megahurtz 10 Cards = One decacards 0.5 of a Large intestine = One semi Colon. 365 days on alcohol free beer = One Lite year Time between slipping on a peel and impact = One Bananosecond Time to sail 220 yards at one nautical mile per hour = One Knot-furlong
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    My point is that Mr Flint is banging on about our standards having to be on par with the rest of the UK. but the IoM Police fall at the first standards hurdle in that it does not comply with the UK National Police Promotion Process. It went its own way and decided to create its own promotional system. Therefore the introduction of UK based standards in terms of firearms incidents etc become pretty much pointless as the senior bod making the decisions isnt qualified to be in that rank in the UK anyway. A Police Sergeant / Inspector and above transferring here would be fully recognised and qualified to do the job, transferring from here to there the individual would not be recognised in that rank unless its Constable. In fact I dont even know why they even dress like the UK police at all, it suggests a parity that isnt there. They should go the Garda style route. Whats Manks for PoPo
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    He's the cliché king, probably plagarised from Private Eye like that 'thick as pigshit, little englanders, etc etc. He thinks it funny. Probably laughs like a drain at his own jokes...
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    No business sense at all it is just pie in the sky. The TT is a museum in its own right. Just like the dinosaurs. Pretty big once, but past their best. We should move on and find something to replace it that does not kill hundreds of people. No grandstand or museum space needed.
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    3 phase to the scaffold........
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    It does. Has done for almost a month. I think I preferred it when it was described as a cold war nuclear submarine base accessed through the heavily fortified Neb estuary. From memory, it said Foxdale was a closed community for military personnel only.
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    Yes, if you can be bothered to put in the effort.
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    I think a lot of folk turned off then either because they were leaving for work, or because they'd arrived. For many it was probably the only MR programme they reliably listened to. And as workers interested in IoM current affairs they were probably the most lucrative demographic on the island for advertising revenue.
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    Green Raven being Martin Perkins's Mexican Wrestling name?
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    Yet another MF irony alert.
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    We plebs pay more for electricity so that it can be subsidised for big business
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    You are right. He is an easy target , just like me I suppose. I will not comment on his posts again
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    MR Bean...C.Thomas who incidentally is drawing very poor audiences, unsurprisingly. I think number of residents in house or apartment should be given consideration.
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