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    A decade or so ago, my wife was bequeathed a reasonable sum by her last surviving parent. As an aside, the will contained a couple of grand to each of half a dozen charities. Having seen the bare-faced-cheek of those charities, hounding (and I mean HOUNDING) my wife during her period of grief (she was also executor) - we will never, ever, bequeath or donate to any charity that a) Has a professional fund raising team b) Employs Directors on £100k plus salaries plus mega pensions ( in addition to their ex-public service pensions usually). or, c) Stops behaving like charity and sets itself up as a pseudo police force taking people to prosecution (RSPCA etc.) and fund raises on blatantly political grounds. We have done a 180 Degree about turn - they will get zero, we now deal only with local charities with no employed (or pensioned) staff. It has been a tough lesson to learn, but boy has it been learnt!
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    At least we can rest easy knowing that the people responsible will be reprimanded and lessons will be learned! What are we doing employing an Irish company to clean our schools anyway? Obviously the cheapest quote but surely there are local cleaning companies who could have employed locals in the same way? The whole matter of outsourcing needs a serious review, local organisations should get preference unless the skills do not exist on the island. There always used to be janitors employed by the schools who looked after things, the dark side of being obsessed with privatising everything I guess. If they hadn't let the whole PS get out of control in the first place we would have less problems.
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    By that you are assuming boot's planning decisions are based on rationality, fairness and sense. I admire your optimism
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    The bizarre thing is there already is one. i also don’t understand how an investigation into safety issues can be withheld as it is “business sensitive”. That is like saying the outcome of the recent spate of Boeing crashes will be kept under wraps as it might give competitors the edge. there will be much wider event safety learning available from careful analysis of this incident. This is clearly not going to happen though.
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    Catholicism... A religion that has harboured paedophiles from prosecution - moving them from one parish to another if they thought that the truth may get out. A religion that persuades it's followers from using condoms and contraception - leading to STI's and some poorer areas of the world struggling with over population. All religions are nothing but cults and fairytales told to convince people that there is some higher purpose in their life and to allay their fears of death.
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    Stick the car/road tax on fuel then you get a much fairer but more unpopular tax on emissions.
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    If you've screwed a few million out of dodgy company dealings i guess a dent in your professional pride by being banned as a director can be lived with.
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    What a ridiculous comment or were you trying to show your superior intellectual ability? How on earth do you know that they were re-using an old number plate? It appeared shiny and new so my view is just as valid as yours. If you really want to know about re-cycling then drive a second hand vehicle and keep it for years. Store and save old wood. screws etc. Don't buy new things, repair them. Never use any plastic receptacles. Don't keep buying up to date phones. computers, etc. This computer for instance is over fifteen years old and it's internals have been updated as necessary. If the children had a life style that encompassed these ideals and actually understood what they are talking about I might give them and their parents more credibility. You may sneer but when we were young we all re-cycled to survive. Have you ever taken old wooly clothes to pieces and re knit them into new garments? In other words don't even think of putting me down, I live re-cycling and don't need folk like you to try and force their populist ideas onto me.
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    http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=47959&headline=Doctor in court for importing cannabis through the post&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2019 I wonder how long we will keep prosecuting people for possession of small quantities of cannabis (in this case 14.95 grams) because it seems to me that this is a (largely) victimless crime and that the public expense and individual collateral damage of these prosecutions outweighs any theoretical benefits of them. This chap will have to report himself, or be reported, to the General Medical Council, but fortunately for him, the GMC doesn't seem to take much interest in this sort of thing and is unlikely to discipline him or take away his licence. The other thing which continually surprises me is why people keep doing things which they are very likely to get caught for. Don't they read the newspapers? Three things which come up over and over again in the weekly court cases are importing cannabis through the post, drink driving and accessing online child pornography, and you would have thought that people would have started to get the message by now.
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    You could say the same about alcohol: wine is stronger than beer, spirits are stronger than wine. But because it's legal and highly regulated and taxed, you know exactly what you're getting because it's printed on the label.
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    it has worked for so many over here.
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    With those skills he could be a compliance officer in the Louis Group
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    It’s getting to the stage that @Neil Down, @MrPB and @dilligaf are clogging threads ( not just this one ) with incessant sniping at each other. Calm down. No one expects the (Spanish) suspension.
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    Advice from the biggest anonymous trolling dickhead on MF. Think I’ll pass.
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    I’d say that’s perhaps the main problem. Most of the people who support him on social media seem to be aggressive shit-stirring twats (Corrin et all), and if you listen exclusively to aggressive shit-stirring twats blowing smoke up your ass and pushing our false messages on Facebook you might not notice that 80% of everyone else in the village thinks you’re an embarraing plonker who seems to have real issues with your fellow Onchan MHK. As per my above suggested question tally here are the rough results of my broad RC question/subject tally so far The below records Rob Callister’s questions asked this sitting of Tynwald (so from Oct 2018). The results below are taken from his own website (which is a month out of date) so only go up to the 12th March. The results look pretty predictable. Total questions asked to 12th March: 21 Questions specifically on areas where Edge has responsibilities: 8 (plus the one now being discussed 9) 12th March Question to DOI Minster on FTB register (Edge responsible) 12th March Question to DOI Minister on unoccupied social properties (Edge responsible) 12th March Question to Chairman of the MUA 2nd March Question to DOI Minister over social housing rental matters (Edge responsible) 2nd March Question to DOI Minister over social housing matters (Edge responsible) 5th Feb Question to the DHSC on adoption services 30th Jan Question to DOI Minister over EFW plant 15th Jan Question to DOI Minister local authority housing (Edge responsible) 11th Dec 2018 Question to DOI Minister social rent tariffs (Edge responsible) 11th Dec 2018 Question to Chairman of the Post Office on pay grades etc (Edge responsible) 11th December 2018 Question to DHSC bed capacity 11th December 2018 Question to DHSC on A&E capacity 11th December 2018 Question x 2 to DHSC on Comcabs 11th December 2018 Question to DOI Minister on Signpost Corner traffic flow 11th December 2018 Question x 2 on taxi plates and private hire licenses 6th October 2018 Question to Post Office Chairman on salaries (Edge responsible) 6th October 2018 Question on public service vacancies 6th October 2018 Question on Manx Gas 6th October 2018 Question on Steam Packet Pierhead contract
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    Here’s an outrageous idea. Why not just not smoke pot, or in fact anything else?
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    Agree. It would be worth a limited period trial on a "use it or lose it" basis. Some of the late Night Owl buses run much of their routes empty or almost empty, so why not just try something different? Maybe just start it with one of the minibuses to keep the costs low.
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    Sounds like a challenge to all members of the public and all visitors....whoever gets interviewed over the TT period...or if you see any roving reporters anywhere you have to say 'I love Manx Radio TT' as loudly and as often as possible....together we can try to get it mentioned as much as possible..that will pi55 the Gov idiots off !
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    Hold on, but what have the Douglas 2000 scheme been doing for the last 25 years??
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    John, are you familiar with Calmac? Multiple routes on multiple vessel types to some populations that are way too small to be viable, none of them more than a fraction of the IoM. There is no resemblance at all. By comparison, SPCo is a compact mainline operation with critical mass, and to a single island destination. If you can avoid making a profit in this scenario, not only should you not be in business, you should not be allowed to play with anything more dangerous than wax crayons.
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    Unfortunately everything government does has the Public Sector Pension Liability hanging over it like The Sword of Damocles. Add to that a VERY healthy electorate scepticism born out of years of fiscal ineptitude and constantly fuelled by incessant and completely unnecessary jollies for the boys and girls and it's easy to see why they are simply not trusted to do what's right for the island. Personally I think none of them should be allowed off-island unless accompanied by a responsible adult....
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    Good. I am glad you had the determination to do that. We lost a relative some time back who owned her own home and she went into "care". I could not believe how quickly it was suggested that the house could be sold and the funds donated to said "caring" charity. In the end some distant rellies appeared and took the lot. Not popular with the family, but the scavenging charity got nothing.
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    Hopefully now people will be thinking long and hard about leaving any money to them in future.
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    The FSA was created after the SIB heist, and it was only there to give comfort to investors, safe in the knowledge that their money was regulated by a first rate watchdog (No sniggering at the back of the class !). This guy should be in gaol now but like many before him he's walked from the court with a slap on the wrist. We don't want to deter other wealthy crooks entrepeneurs from setting up their shady business here.
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    Yes. Take England, Wales and NI for example. To be paying more than 20% tax you would have to be earning (as a single person) £12.5K personal allowance plus £37.5K (£50K in total) and even then you would only pay over 20% on your earnings over £50K. I and a vast majority of people on the island don't make that sort of money so make no savings at all from the higher tax rate.
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    A number of root vegetables are also proposing to stand and already have my vote !
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    I think you misunderstood when someone told you the pen is mightier than the sword.
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    Blew below on the evidential breath machine. Something else available to stick him on for, job done, names mentioned at the tax payer funded awards night. Meanwhile, those house robbers from a while back, b and q robbers and people who beat the crap out of others still walk about. Easy targets make up lazy police figures.
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    Its the manufacturers and retailers that should stop providing the single use plastics, like when fruit and veg is wrapped for no good reason
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    Seriously? Climate change, my arse! Its all a load of nonsense. CBA but I could go on.
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    I hardly think the overstuffed right wing stiffs that inhabit msnxforums are the target audience here. Good on them I say. Fight the power word up bro.
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    I have. In exchange for 100’s hours free legal advice over the years, including drafting that T&C you just cut & pasted. I hardly ever advertise, link or promote. Thanks for promoting my business. Much appreciated.
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    That's how they normally buy people's silence; by promotion, pay rises and the big lock-in pension. Keeps everything in house and inside the circle of trust. That's why you rarely even hear a mouse squeak on the Island; it's worse than the Vatican.
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    Nah. Just take my word for it. You take the word of idiots to prop up your flat earth shite, so it should not be hard to take my word for this
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    Given the characteristics of the business with its monopoly position as far as ro-ro traffic is concerned and the captive market, it is difficult to conceive of the SPCo ever not making a substantial profit, but I suppose with their track record of goof after incredible goof, if anyone can make a loss on the operation it would have to be our government.
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    If they do, taxpayers should organise together to file a class action suit for misappropriation of taxpayer money.
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    Only Irish and Scottish boats have the privilege of raping Manx waters for those sort of weights. And they ain't offloading at Peel breakwater.
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    I pay the same as you and only do 20 miles a week.......bloody expensive but good fun. However low mileage is never taken into account in the pollution calculation typically.
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    That’s not strictly true. I notice that locate.im has craftily removed NI from its online tax calculator because then it would be abundantly clear to anyone doing a comparison on take home pay that it’s actully worse being in the IOM under about £25k of earnings. The 10% band masts the fact that in the UK you’d still be better off on a net basis after all taxes and allowances than moving to the IOM. I hope we’re not luring people here under false pretenses.
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    We had to recycle as likely or not our parents had very little excess cash to splash around
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    Good on you doc. We used to re use botles now they get smashed up! Each bottle a beauty when you think about it. Packaging in general is hideous in most cases, and the main contributor to our "waste". The older generation always knew how to recycle and reuse. The points you made illustrate this well. If we want to get serious about recycling its time to get back to basics, and reality. The manufacturers and the suppliers are the main culprits. Also, plastic bags are not single use , they can be re used indefinitely and for many tasks
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    But that sort of validates my point. They didn’t get him for one thing so perhaps fitted him up with another just for the fun of it because they could.
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    “I’m sure there’s more to this but as reported“ - clearly, grounds to stop and search developed, and he was found in possession of an item which would be deemed an offensive weapon per se.
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    Do you have any plans for next weekend?
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    Jeezus, that looks a bit too much like me for comfort!
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    What fucking drug dealers? Where can I find them?
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    Taking the p1ss, in fact.
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