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    Blowing in the wind by now, Gladys. Along with any other truths about what goes on over here half the time, due to a total culture of unaccountability and responsibility within certainly, the upper stratae of the IoM Public Sector. Madam has rightly just been nicked for abuse of the MERA scheme. But above a certain level you can squander hundreds of thousands or even millions of pounds over here at any amount of inconvenience or embarrassment and it will be quietly brushed under the rug and nothing said. Everywhere you look.
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    I’ll just drop this in from the latest Eye
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    Contacts within the airport tell me that the director has issued an email to all airport staff basically exonerating the management team of any responsibility and slapping the blame firmly on Aurigny. What's the betting that behind closed doors, the fuel landing fees and handling charges at Manchester will be refunded to Aurigny by the Department of Enterprise?
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    Well we know they took 36 hours to get their story out - and then changed it (without admitting they had). Presumably the time was taken up by bribing Augigny with the promise of future work so they wouldn't squeal. If the same level of time, effort and money went running things properly as goes into avoiding blame, then things would be a lot better.
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    Come on Helmut, stop beating about the bush and say what you really think
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    But where’s all the polished mahogany and brass...shouted Uhtred from the 19th century.
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    What I want is easy. Which is to be allowed to go about my life how I want to go about it - but taking appropriate risks to safeguard myself and others because I’m not a complete moron who has been frightened into some submissive trance by a wall of fake news, media sponsored lies and bullshit. I also want all those panicking to just stay in doors and leave it to the rest of us if they’re really as scared as they portray. If you don’t want to go to work that’s fine - but I ain’t paying for it either as in 95% of cases here there is absolutely no reason not to go into work (if you still have a job that is). Also if you’re worried as you’re in a high risk group - that’s fine so stay in doors as you should be protecting yourself anyway. Don’t expect me to fuck my life up or make myself poorer because you can’t be bothered to take entirely sensible precautions to protect yourself as any sentient human being would. And don't expect government to provide some sort of guarantee to protect you. They can’t. Just protect yourself as well as you can and get on with your life and stop telling everyone else what they should be doing and shutting down the world because you’re crapping your pants about a virus that is very unlikely to actually kill you. Remember at the start of all this lockdown was only about managing NHS resources not about nobody ever getting Covid ever. There has been a lot of ‘mission creep’ by various parties whose sole role in all of this seems to be to keep people perpetually scared as that is where they themselves either feel more comfortable or they have some other vested interest in creating a state of perpetual fear.
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    One would imagine there is more to this story than first meets the eye. I’d prefer to give people the benefit of doubt or a chance to explain their actions before deciding whether yet another IOM Govt. clusterfuck has unfolded. However, should it be found that this flight had been scheduled between both Islands well in advance, the Airport Director carries the responsibility. A resignation would need to follow.
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    There’s a real disconnect on the public relations side which doesn’t seem to be addressed. I don’t think even putting this outside Costa in the sea terminal, where the DOI hierarchy would see it every time they come down the stairs, would make a bit of difference.
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    Yes that struck me as extraordinary as well. Apparently it's not the Minister's job to even know if any action has been taken to identify the problem or do something about those responsible. That's all for the operational managers, and if if the operational managers that made mistakes ... well that's clearly inconceivable, so there's no need to even think about correcting them, they are infallible. This is the situation the Manx government has got itself into, where the politicians are reduced to vague-apologisers for whatever their senior civil servants do, without knowing or caring what it is. And it suits both sides: the civil servants can do whatever they want without any responsibility; the politicians get paid lots of money without having to know what is going on. The only time recently that a politician tried to hold a civil servant to account (though you also wonder why they were so keen to get rid of Thomas), Beecroft was sacked with great indignation.
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    don't give up your day job,........................................................................ too late....
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    https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/not-one-of-our-finest-moments-says-minister/ if you listen to the second, longer, clip, he still says nothing. He avoids blaming anybody. I’m happy with that. There needs to be a proper enquiry before anyone is blamed BUT after four days it’s inconceivable that the paper trail hasn’t been examined and the break in the chain hasn’t been identified.
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    This is the problem though, who do they have to wait 4 days to wheel Tim Baker out when, other than him being the minister in charge, it's nothing to do with him. Get the Airport management out on the radio to explain why.
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    But the reason those people took their earnings as dividends rather than wages was to avoid paying NI - that's the reason people do that. It's perfectly legal, but you have to accept the consequences of being treated as a shareholder rather than an employee. And while the special circumstances of Covid might not be foreseen, the pension and benefit implications were certainly known. At best these people have been misled by financial advisers, but they were trying to pay less to the government and are now complaining because the government won't give them something they haven't paid for.
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    But if that was the case, why didn't the plane just circle around a bit waiting for someone to find the key or whatever? Clearly there was no one in charge prepared (or able to) to make the decision. I would have thought a slot for departure from Manchester would be easy in current circumstances, I doubt they are operating at even half their normal capacity. Though there would have been some procedures to go through because of the unexpected landing and they wouldn't have taken off without being certain that everything was sorted out. The whole way this has been handled is symptomatic of how problems are dealt with here at the moment. No admission that anything has gone wrong till a day and a half afterwards, and then vague apologies and no real explanation. They blame things abstractly on 'poor communications' and then communicate it poorly. It's not so much a lack of accountability as a lack of responsibility. The system is set up so no one really responsible for deciding and carrying out things (hence all those committee meetings to blur who should) so no one is ever to blame. The trouble is that the system leads to a lot more going wrong than a delayed rugby match.
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    It was only a matter of time, been saying it for years. This is what you get when you try scrimp and save and dont hire a make sure the front door is open executive with at least 2 deputies.ideally youd want a couple of make sure the front door is closed executives on board as well. Brought it upon ourselves no sympathy from me.
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    But at least the band on the Titanic didn't have to pay for the iceberg.
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    Being local is no defence...for anything. Some of the biggest twats/liars/crooks/charlatans/nasty fuckers I’ve ever met are local. I’m not simply referring to Tynwald and the media either.
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    As far as I can find out, the Isle of Man is the only country on the planet that has no speed limit on 2-way roads. Other countries have speed limits because of the value they place on human life. The IoM gov. does not have those values. For people who live in, for example France, being able to drive on a motorway at 90 mph rather than 40 mph makes a difference for the time it takes to drive from the north coast to the south coast. People who drive at high speed over the mountain road here are just doing it for the thrill.
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    In an ideal world there would be no speed limits anywhere because everyone would be sensible and respectful enough to apply their own. There's far too many dickheads up there, it's not just the odd one. Therefore a speed limit must be applied in my view.
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    The closer we get to Brass Eye territory, the better.
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    Let’s face it, this by-election is telling us what every poster on this site already knows to be true; democracy on this Island lies wheezing its last in a ditch. A slew of candidates, the majority of whom are utterly unelectable, with those who’ve actually managed to produce a half-cogent manifesto being the usual superficial, cliche-peddling chancers and lightweights with their shiny dog-whistles. The talentless striving to thrust their threadbare, meagre, offerings to a completely disinterested electorate. It’s simply bloody awful.
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    The words "Onchan" and "Facebook" are good individual indicators. Put them together and it's a near certainty.
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    That's a terrifying idea. Buying new planes every year, running ones that are too small on the busy routes, and ones that are too big on the quiet, have a mysterious fleet of little cessnas that no one knows what they're for, trial dial-a-flight out of Andreas Airfield, it would be mad.
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    See, if you were Manx you'd know that five centuries is hardly enough to disqualify one from being a comeover.
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    Err, don't include me in that list! I thought they were wrong to shut everything down in the first place. They should have shielded the elderly and vulnerable. However, since they did shut it down, we have to be careful how it is reopened. Jerseys model is not going to work long term. They have imported over twenty cases and have hundreds isolating. The Guernsey / Iom seven day and test is much better but must not be introduced until second week of September. Timing is everything. We have most of our economy up and running. It is not worth risking that for the sake of a few weeks.
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    I hate to tell you this, but that's the way the English-language press has been reacting to practically everything for most of my lifetime. Scaring people sells papers; getting people annoyed and resentful sells papers. It's a bit naive to expect them to stop when they're discussing something that actually kills people, they're usually like that when someone's bra-strap breaks or someone fails to kick a ball correctly.
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    Tell the truth. Jersey, two new cases yesterday. 1 metre social distancing. pubs are basically closed. Restaurants and pubs serving food are open but table service only. masks to be worn in shops and public transport no mass gatherings. nightclubs shut cinemas shut theatres shut public buildings mainly shut. people terrified of it coming back and going into full lockdown again. virtually no tourists because they are afraid they will not be able to get home. economy on its knees. I. O. M. - Open for business no masks no social distancing schools back. Most people back to work. Manx residents can travel off island and return. Economy ticking over well. No comparison, really.
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    All those millions of pounds spent on delegates travelling the world spouting about how we are a prominent player on the world stage and we can’t even get someone out of bed on a Sunday morning to open the fucking door. Basics cost so little in comparison. Basics across the board. Ffs. My head.
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    The Prom refurbishment project was always going to be a major project involving an arterial route into and out of the capital town; an amenity and business location; a showcase for the Island and, lastly, an opportunity to show how Government can act efficiently and decisively to provide a first class scheme delivered on time and in budget. As such, the project should have been meticulously planned, properly researched with extensive consultation with all stakeholders with a final project design and plan approved with necessary funding BEFORE any work was started. None of this is new or exceptional thinking; it is standard for any major construction project. Given the importance of the Promenade to traffic, business and the life of Douglas, speed of completion should have been high on the priority list at the outset. If ever there was a need for a concentrated effort between public and private sector, this was it. In just about every respect the project has been flawed and in failure. At the project completion stage it would be usual for a review to take place to assess how far progress met with the plan and how successfully the project delivered on its objectives. I would argue that the project has been so poorly planned and delivered that the review should start now. The only hope of successfully delivering it lies with implementing improvements at a management level without delay. Nobody could credibly argue that the management of it strategically, operationally or politically has been anything other than rank poor. DoI needs no more excuses; it needs change.
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    Outnumber the rest of the population, at least in the UK (2/3 of people scared to send kids to school in September) Don’t agree with the inflammatory language, but I have said before that fear of coronavirus is as bad as coronavirus. In the early stages governments almost everywhere did too good a job of scaring everyone. Some of that now needs to be undone.
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    Yes, but you're a known nutter who'd have people birched. I spent loads of time with my 9 year old over lockdown and really enjoyed it, and now its the summer holidays and I should be out there earning big cos there's loads of work I've decided to only work some of it, so I can spend more time with him. What's the point of having kids if you just want someone else to look after them all time for you?
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    You’re wrong. Totally, utterly, completely.
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    You can't wipe your arse on an ipad
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    All of the newspapers do online subscriptions. Who the heck is still buying inky versions? They should put a massive environmental tax on that plane. It's completely unnecessary.
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    I know some people hate it, and I know we can't live in our bubble for ever, but compared with huge swathes of the world this is great. Sat on a busy Port Erin beach, roasting hot, drinking beer, child in the sea. We're so lucky to be here on days like this. If I had to wear a mask on the bus I probably wouldn't have bothered. Fuck all you whinging dickheads.
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    Seriously....somebody needs to forward that to Baker and those dicks at the DOI.
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    I can't get past this. I'm gonna need bullet points - A lighthouse isn't a destination. You don't find safety and security at a lighthouse, you find rocks. A lighthouse says "stay away mate, it's dangerous here, you want the nice safe haven over there" Lighthouse and world don't quite work in a analogy either. Lighthouse in a stormy sea OR beacon in a turbulent world are better. How do you secure anything as a lighthouse? "I was really insecure until I became a lighthouse" said nobody ever. In fact who wants to be a lighthouse? They're lonely, isolated, and the world throws shit at them. And come to think of the Isle of Man is already secure - it's not floating off anywhere. And we have lots of lighthouses already. And it's often stormy. Congratulations you have reached your destination. Unless it is a metaphorical lighthouse. In which case, a lighthouse of what? hope probity prosperity fun compassion How will you know when you've reached your destination? When the Isle of Man is a secure lighthouse will there be a party? This was written by committee wasn't it??
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    Come the revolution I can tell exactly where Skelly will placed. These things are supposed to have cost £20,000 for the four of them[1], presumably the 'design' was done in house by the DfE because it was not only completely clueless about how the footpath is normally promoted, but looks like it was done by a small child who had just learned how to copy and paste and has no creative impulses at all. Presumably these are made out of Chinese granite, because no other stone is allowed (those Panamanian bank accounts don't fill themselves) but using local stone (red sandstone in Peel, limestone in Castletown, maybe a glacial erratic on the Northern Plain) would have looked better and added character. But of course the whole point of these things isn't to promote tourism or get people walking or make the Island a nicer place. It's to justify the employment of those who commission them, rather like most DoI projects. Even though these look like zero thought has gone into them, you can bet they were discussed at many long and self-important meetings at the DoI that kept many people busy for a long time. [1] I love the way it says And thanks to the skill of the stonemason, it’s easy to miss how the obelisk now narrows slightly where the inscribed names have been swapped around when even from that tiny photo it's blatantly obvious.
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    It's more strange that you haven't noticed that most candidates who have anything to say about them are being subjected to a critical view. The only reason that Christian is subject to that now is because she's just released her manifesto, so it's natural that it's receiving the most attention right now. So, with all stalrsnge respect, you'd be doing Christian's campaign more favours by properly defending her policies than you are by just throwing a wobbly because people are big meanies.
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    The one thing you say that I really agree with is stalrsnge.
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    It’s amazing that those who generally seem to complain about government on here now seem to be happy to lie down and let governments totally destroy their lives and tear down the economy around them and yet they’re happy as they feel comfortable that they’ve dodged an imaginary bullet from a virus that was never going to kill them. But then you can get away with anything if you can force people to live under constant fear.
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    Anyone who makes a point of telling people what their IQ is, is a moron. He's right about LegCo, but then I suspect most people on the Island would agree with that. The whole 'public say' over who becomes Chief Minister is a nonsense. If people want that, then they need to support a party system so that by supporting that party you are supporting their candidate for CM. That's the only way it can work in a non-presidential system. You can't will the end without willing the means. Fowler's manifesto is actually fairly conventional in a lot of ways, which isn't to say it's good. A lot of it is just proposing doing what the Island is already doing but more so, usually when it should be less. But at least he's produced something[1] rather than the 'Gizza job' leaflet, which is all a lot of candidates seem to manage. [1] In my experience a lot of candidates will tell you in person that they haven't put their manifesto out too early because "They don't want other candidates stealing their ideas". This invariably means that they don't want people realising that they don't have any.
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    Well in the UK they still have Covid unlike here. I’m happy with inflammatory language to be honest as a lot of them are lunatics as far as I’m concerned. If they’d rather be unemployed and on the scrap heap for the next decade instead of risk catching a virus which has a very low mortality rate then that’s their business. They’re completely free to lock themselves inside their own houses for the next few years if their concerns are that great but trying to restrict the freedom of people who accept the risks is unacceptable. The whole thing has got out of control. Some are scared and some are just lazy and don't want to go back to work and think the economy functions in some magic way that if you do nothing you still get paid. Some hard lessons going to be learned as furlough schemes unwind.
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    Some great pool scores must have been recorded when they literally had nothing to do for a whole shift.
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    In the sense that he’s witless, overweight and stupid, absolutely.
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    I love the naivety of expecting an up to the minute response from any branch of Isle of Man Government by using social media. Especially on a Sunday. The IOM Airport twitter account hasn't tweeted anything since 17 July (when it welcomed Rob Callister to the fold).
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    On the whole - yes. Every now and then, someone comes along and upsets the apple cart. They are weeded out and dealt with. Numbers are very low.
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    If you're really bad you get 6 - including repeats of his idiot questions at the covid conferences
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