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    Press Release from the Rob Vine Fund Following the cessation of Motor Sport on the Isle of Man in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic the Directors of the Rob Vine Fund, Registered Charity No.954 (Isle of Man) wish to inform the public of the Isle of Man that they have unanimously decided to make all our equipment available to support the Manx community. This means we can supply the DHSC with 1. All of the medical equipment in storage for motor sport events on the Isle of Man. The list includes; • 4 Patient ventilators, suitable for Intensive Care use • 4 Multipurpose Patient Monitors for use on wards or Intensive Care. • 5 Suction Units • 8 Adult Advanced Life Support Bags • 3 Paediatric Advanced Life Support Bags • 130 Immediate care cases (prepacked with lifesaving medical equipment) • 130 Scoop Stretchers • All extra medical equipment currently held in stock 2. We have made available our three frontline ambulances should they be required. These assets have a total value of £750,000 3. The unpaid volunteers of the Hogg Motorsport Association are currently on standby to assist the Isle of Man Ambulance Service in any way they can We remain committed to supporting the Health Service and the Manx community while the Covid-19 Pandemic continues in any way we can. We wish to thank everyone who has donated to the Rob Vine Fund which makes this gesture possible. The Directors of the Rob Vine Fund.
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    Then the fishermen would ask why they can't fish at the reservoirs for 6 hours because it's "almost certainly doing nothing to spread infection". The fell runners would ask why they can't run on the hills for 6 hours because it's "almost certainly doing nothing to spread infection". The dog walkers would ask why they can't stroll in the plantations for 6 hours because it's "almost certainly doing nothing to spread infection". We're all being asked to make sacrifices and those who still want to carry on with no change think they're better than everyone else. In the case of cyclists they could be forgiven as they spend most of their lives acting like the rules don't apply to them anyway.
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    I find Christians attitude laughable, if business can't pay nor indeed if the individual can't pay then he can stamp his foot as much as he likes he'll get nothing, or he'll further run Douglas into the ground ! Silly little man !!
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    But enough about Norfolk.....
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    Given the state of the stock market, my spreadsheet shows I'll be able to retire when I'm 561. Otherwise no big plans at all.
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    Government themselves stopping regular work. I actually didn't realise they'd started.
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    If I was a seriously rich family in London I'd not be looking at this island. Not in a million years would I still be here if I was minted. It's a decent place for a reasonably wealthy family who have existing ties here and who use it as a base as they have already factored in the downsides to be here. A newcomer wouldn't last two minutes.
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    I admire the consistency with which that man spouts rubbish. It takes a lot of hard work to be such a fool, so frequently, for so long.
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    People are stupid. If they get within punching distance then they deserve it.
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    https://www.reddit.com/r/Coronavirus/comments/fnl0n6/im_a_critical_care_doctor_working_in_a_uk_high/fla4cux/ " I'm sad to say that I do have the details, and there has been intense discussion about this over the past weeks. To answer your question: "herd immunity" would have been a beneficial outcome to slowing virus growth to a prolonged period of time. It was not a primary outcome. That said, the official policy was wholly wrong and when all the dust has settled, when all the costs and lives have been counted, people have to make their governments accountable. I'll tell you what happened in the UK. Over the past decade, eminent figures in public health developed complex models that would help inform the UK response to a pandemic. The response plan would allow slow spread through a population and a number of deaths that would be deemed acceptable in relation to low economic impact. Timing of population measures such as social distancing would be taken, not early, but at a times deemed to have maximal psychological impact. Measures would be taken that could protect the most vulnerable, and most of the people who got the virus would hopefully survive. Herd immunity would beneficially emerge at the end of this, and restrictions could relax. This was a ground-breaking approach compared to suppressing epidemics. It was an approach that could revolutionise the way we handled epidemics. Complex modelling is a new science, and this was cutting edge. But a model is only ever as good as the assumptions you build it upon. The UK plan was based on models with an assumption that any new pandemic would be like an old one, like flu. And it also carried a huge flaw - there was no accounting for the highly significant variables of ventilators and critical care beds that are key to maintaining higher survival numbers (https://www.newstatesman.com/politics/health/2020/03/government-documents-show-no-planning-ventilators-event-pandemic ). So, come 2020 and COVID-19 causes disaster in China, Iran and Italy. Epidemiologists and doctors from around the world observe, and learn valuable lessons: the virus is insidious with a long incubation, any population actions you take will only have an effect weeks later the virus spreads remarkably quickly and effectively the virus causes an unusually large proportion of patients to require invasive ventilatory support early large scale testing, and social distancing measures, are effective at stopping exponential growth stopping exponential growth is VITAL to preventing your critical care systems from being overwhelmed. Everyone in the world could see these things. But despite this, very few governments chose to act. The UK did the opposite of acting. In an act of what I see as sheer arrogance, they chose to do nothing, per the early stages of their disaster plan. There was some initial contact tracing, but this stopped when it was clear that there was significant community spread and exponential growth. And after this? They did not ramp up testing capabilities. They did not encourage social distancing. They did not boost PPE supply, or plan for surge capacity. They ignored advice from the WHO, public health experts in other country; epidemiologists, scientists and doctors in their own. I can tell you with certainty now that they did not even collect regular statistics for how many COVID patients were being admitted to critical care in the UK. They did nothing. What were they thinking? Maybe that what had happened in China, and was happening in Italy, couldn't possibly happen in the UK, right? It was impossible. The persisted with the original plan with no modification. Well COVID-19 is not flu. That is perfectly clear. And it was clear that the UK numbers were following, exponentially, the same trend as Italy. But still the government and their advisers stuck to their guns and put out reassuring messages. I would ask here - why did they still think we would be different? Finally, a team at Imperial informing the government's response put up-to-date COVID-19 data into the historical models that the UK plan was based on (https://www.imperial.ac.uk/media/imperial-college/medicine/sph/ide/gida-fellowships/Imperial-College-COVID19-NPI-modelling-16-03-2020.pdf ), and predicted in a best case scenario 250,000 deaths and excess of 8x surge capacity of UK intensive cares. They concluded that our approach was wrong, and that "Epidemic suppression is the only viable strategy at the current time". Where are we now? The government has instituted a number of measures that they previously called "unscientific", but has not mandated them. We are far, far into the exponential curve both in deaths and critical care numbers, and there is at least two weeks more growth until any of the half-hearted measures taken might kick in. We do not have sufficient testing capability for even hospital patients, who sometimes wait days for a test result. There are not enough tests for anyone in the community, or any healthcare workers who might have symptoms. Hospitals are scrambling to produce surge capacity, and several smaller hospitals in London are now overwhelmed with COVID and out of ventilators. There is clearly not enough PPE in the country and we are rushing to secure supplies. Don't believe the UK government propaganda when they say that they are only advancing along the same plan at a faster pace. It is total bollocks. Their plan was wrong, kaput, totally broken. They chose to perform an experiment on an entire population, a trial of 'new epidemic mitigation strategy in UK' vs 'epidemic suppression in rest of the world'. They didn't listen to other experts from all over the world, and in this arrogance they did not observe the lessons or data that was there, plain to see. They have backtracked completely and are now doing what most world public health experts and what the WHO asked them to do in the first place. They've wasted a month, at least. Will they suffer? Hell no. It will be the vulnerable in the population, the unlucky young, and the medical staff at the front line. When the final counts return in months or a years time, don't let them get away with it."
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    It amazes me the amount of dickheads that headed away on holiday 2 weeks ago and now expect to be 'rescued'. Didn't you notice something going on/not going on at the feckin airport 2 weeks ago?
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    I was about to post that. If anything, one would hope Covid19 will lead to a massive reduction in the number of local authorities on the island. This place is ridiculously over-governed.
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    My job is non essential yet it’s the government who’ve told us as we can’t work from home to carry on but follow social distancing guidelines even though that’s particularly impossible when staff have to share equipment, canteen and toilet facilities, let alone the numerous doors we have to touch, there is also some jobs which require two people, ie anything that’s heavy to lift. I think this will bite them in the arse, I believe any non essential job should be told to stay at home. Why can they shut down building sites but not manufacturing? I read this morning they’ve told a self employed gardener he can’t carry on working despite it being his own tools and equipment he’s using? It will take someone from our workplace to catch it before we’re shut down and it seems madness to just carry on and wait for that to happen.
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    Yeah, but with no access to hair dressers, will all be sporting these "covid cuts" in the pub
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    You can't beat a redhead for satisfaction guaranteed.
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    He did say of the 12 without travel history, 4 were from the same family. Personally, I think HQ should do a total lockdown for three weeks. Anybody who arrives goes to the Comis for 14 nights. Anyone testing positive goes to comis for 14 nights, there families to isolate at home for 14 nights. Keep testing those families until they are clear. Once the Island is clear, open up the businesses, but keep the borders closed to prevent the virus coming back.
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    There's not much in the way of exercise benefits, but there may be in terms of mental health because of of 'getting out of the house'. And if the main concern is to prevent spreading the virus, then a drive is probably lower risk that going out for a walk - you're remaining in your own environment after all. But people have accidents at home as well: There's nothing else for it dili, you're going to have go out and live in the garden for the next six months. And no you can't have a tent - do you know how dangerous those things are?
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    I thought I'd quote this rather than it suddenly "disappear"....
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    Maybe you should check if it’s open before you randomly think and post.
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    I appreciate pinning down exact causes of death can be tricky, especially in people who are already ill, and the numbers are past the point where autopsies are even possible. We could do with a suitable international standard really for recording and reporting deaths, to give some accurate and valid data. From that data clues would arise. Instead though countries seem to be trying to shift and conceal. I read earlier Spain is changing the way it is recording things, pretty sure France isn't telling the truth either. I don't understand why not. Get the information out there as accurately as possible, there are some clever people in the world who could use it for everyones benefit.
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    I do hope you don't mind but I've altered your post.
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    Anyway, with less traffic on the roads it could be a good time for hedgehogs, rabbits and polecats so look on the bright side.
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    This looks like potentially a fantastic step forward: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/25/uk-coronavirus-mass-home-testing-to-be-made-available-within-days
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    I listen from time to time while testing radios, sadly I think the kindest thing to do with the whole sorry shambles is to just pull the plug out and let Energy or 3FM take over.
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    Someone please, please tell me Gef the Mongoose is a satire account. Please. Seriously, what is going on here folks.
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    If it's on a credit card you'll be fine. Get a refund and let the might of Mastercard fight the insurance company instead.
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    "There is no harm whatsoever..." = famous last words
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    That's the question isn't it. Judging by the rest of the world and how countries have mostly not acted until it is almost too late, then probably not. No one wants to be cooped up in their houses in spring, no one wants savage restrictions on their freedom, everyone wants to be at work and leisure, but it is clear and obvious that if it got a proper hold here it would be a disaster. Hopefully we've timed it right. Too early to know yet. There's a chance Flybe going bust could have helped save us.
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    For anyone stuck at home, I've put the live stream back up. Will let it run until the phone dies
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    Did I ever tell you about the time I was attacked by a Bear in Glen Wyllin................
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    I think it's great: No children in supermarkets Fewer cars on the road No bloody aeroplanes No effing tourists Bliss!
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    Those who think the world will be a better place after this are mad. Look at what has been taken away from you in just two weeks. That's the future because they can now get away with it. Totalitarian nightmare.
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    Yes. You certainly do notice simple pleasures such as savouring a country walk in the sunshine a great deal more than usual. Well, I have at any rate. Life is precious.
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    Is this because you are too fat to get onto a bicycle?
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    "Bollocks" is a bit rude but I understand where you are coming from. In 2010 IOM Government Total Funds and Reserves was £3bn, in 2019 this had fallen to negative £58m. In fact, if you had thought the NI was ring-fenced, then the other funds and reserves, ie the available ones, would have been negative £972m. This does sound alarming and, indeed, the direction of travel is not optimal. However, much but not all, of the reduction is due to the effect on Pension Scheme Liability calculations of low-interest rates. An optimistic person might have thought this would rectify itself, a bit, in time. Now we have CV, interest rates further down and investment values also falling, I suspect now is not a good time to look at the overall effect on the Government's Balance Sheet. I expect and hope that the interest rate and investment valuation positions will correct themselves but how long this may take is anyone's guess. I don't want to be too alarmist so I suggest that all of the above is a hint that there will need to be some tidying up after the CV episode. In the short-term it is cash that counts and, at Mar 19 the Government had about £400m in cash and deposits and £1.3bn in investments. I suggest that means there is more than enough breathing-space for a slight change of direction. For now, I can see that the priority is keeping the economy going while the crisis persists and hence the use of NI funds.
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    So we are introducing a 40mph speed limit to lessen accidents and the strain on the NHS. But in TT week we don't need a speed limit on the Mountaon because speed has no correlation with the number of accidents or their severity. The cat is out of the bag now! I fully support 40mph during the Coronavirus crisis. But it's going to be hard defending no Mountain limit now the precedent has been set. If we're looking to reduce hospital requirements we should also be looking to ban cycling. As the most vulnerable road users they are at risk and all cycling journeys are non-essential and can easily be made by other forms of transport.
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    Au Contraire, those of us in the South voted our muppets in knowing they'd be shit, just fractionally less shit than those we wanted to keep out ! such is life !
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    I wonder how some people are going to meet their domestic rates demands in a couple of months' time if they've not been working or have been receiving a lot less than usual. Demanding @ £1k upwards may break a few camel's backs.
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    Current currency doesn't appear to work very well either.
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    I turn on to listen to the news. These days it's some almost random time between on the hour and half past the hour (ok, I know, it's supposed to be 20 minutes). I had to endure Ben banging on about his banger and how hilarious the two Chris's are in the morning. That is to say Shouty Shouty Chris who thinks he is still in the pit lane, and non-shouty Chris. But as soon as I hear the news once, it's back to BBC Radio 4 Today for me. I may have hinted at it, but I feel Manx Radio is getting rather dire.
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    I'd like John's thoughts on this. I'd hate to be in lockdown with Manx Radio as my only source of local information.
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    Way too early for that. Everyone's an expert.
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