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    Haha is Rob really complaining about unnecessary questions in Tynwald? "How much does is cost to send a letter to Jersey?" Idiot.
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    Tell him I'll chuck him 200 quid to keep quiet about it.
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    Even though I'm labelled a 'TT apologist' I too find that phrase a bit galling. It is quite true that those who are killed racing are taking part in the sport that they love, the last thing on their mind is that they will become a statistic. The awareness that what they are doing is dangerous is always there but they have confidence that it will not be them who has a fatal accident. Really the phrase is to provide some sort of comfort to their family and friends rather than respect to the deceased.
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    a bullshit neutral government would be a nice start.
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    It’s all gone to the dogs since I left.
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    This was always going to degenerate into the Four Yorkshiremen Sketch, wasn't it?
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    Once he successfully sues us for 250 million pounds he can then build his marina at no cost to the taxpayer
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    They may have thought it was the zombie apocalypse. Can't blame them for getting out of there fast if this was the case.
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    Most people think stagnation at best, except Chris Thomas and co and the planners, who are intent on covering the island in concrete to serve the needs of the building industry ( add name as required) !
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    The island's government have no idea how to make the island more attractive, as evidenced by the constant rebranding of the department responsible for economic development who come up with white elephant after white elephant and costs the taxpayers more than they bring in. This whole cruise ship idea smacks of a typical response all politicians come up with, worldwide, when faced with a difficult dilemma. Do something. Anything. It's far better to waste money doing something than to save money while being seen to be doing nothing.
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    careful dilli, you are in danger of skewing john wrights rehabilitation of re-offenders figures again
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    If the costs were only £500k the Belfast development clearly didn't have to purchase anything from Peel Ports...
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    Prison is absolutely no deterrent for many offenders. Because of 'light touch' intervention in their teen years they've already become habitual law breakers long before they see the inside of a gaol cell. All too late for some of them, when early intervention could have made the difference and turned them around. They arrive at Jurby emboldened, cocky and unphased because they've already lost the fear that most law abiding people would have, and they've learnt that the justice system is a soft touch. The reality T.V. show currently running will only reinforce the idea of authority as a joke.
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    I've always supported Prison staff as like Police, Hospital and Fire crews but if there's one thing I can't stand, its a bent officer and as far as I'm concerned, lock them up as it will make a big statement regards trust and maybe Margo hardball was right all along?
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    There was a public meeting for residents on Wednesday night, someone also posted a letter to me so I can send it to the government by way of objection. I’ve been ‘on the phone’ to the government telling them they need to do something before a child is killed & this mad cap scheme is the best they can do? Poor show. The fat kids (and they are) are ferried to the school by their fat parents in their stupid cunty 4x4’s it’s time to make them walk or provide better bus services. I lived by St Ninians and walked or bussed it to school at Balla almost every day, no hardship at all.
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    If they did hear it and it persuaded them to leave too, that’d be a real result.
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    Pretty much the same way you get on here. People not monitoring properly...
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    Yes even the CM has said he thinks the prison series will be good for tourism. He just hasn’t said what kind of tourism. Personally I’d prefer that we pitched it at tourists who arrived with all their spending cash in their wallets - not stuffed up their arses.
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    If you had bothered to read the comment I wrote on the very same page as yours, you would have found out exactly where the new unit is going to be - Tromode House. I even linked to the map of the planning application. I'm wasted on you lot.
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    Anyway, about the marshals?
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    This geezer probably earns more for what he doesn't report than what he does
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    I’ve seen many social media outpourings along the above lines across social media today. It is incredibly sad to see a youngish guy taken in his prime racing competitively in the IOM and whole hearted condolences to all concerned and connected. It’s really is incredibly sad to read what happened. But that statement is really starting to wind me up the more people who probably don’t even know the person concerned use it online as it’s totally meaningless. Would they say the same for a dead alcoholic or junkie reported in the paper? He died doing what he really loved which was drinking huge amounts of vodka, or shooting up heroin which is a bit of a risky hobby really but well done for living life on the edge doing what you loved. Hopefully we all end up doing elements of what we love in life but I’m not sure it makes any of our short lives any more explainable if we happen to die early.
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    I'd probably have to throw some more stuff into the act?
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    I agree with MrPB, your posts do not come across as blinkered and I would not consider you an apologist.
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    Here’s an idea, how about banning racing on the road. Go play on a private funded track.
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    And you nearly stopped being a deliberately provoking idiot just to try to wind other posters up.
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    Pick me, Miss. Me, Miss. Please, Miss.
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    The rationale is probably that they can get rid of meter readers and a couple of administrative processes and there will be more money to pay off the debt or for pensions. The reality will probably be that it will alll go pear shaped, cost three times the budget and need additional staff to sort it out along with a tariff increase to get back to where we are now.
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    Margo Hardball is the only individual to emerge from this farce with any credibility whatsoever IMHO. The only one with any real assessment of the situation and judgement and approach in keeping. The rest are just exemplary of the IoM PS.
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    That’s what happens when the guards are besty mates with the inmates, shocking and very embarrassing with the prison being on TV. Guards and officers appear far too familiar with each other.
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    How would he have the power to do that? He's running the prison, not directing policy on crime, punishment and victim support.
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    Whether you give a toss about carbon emissions or not it doesn't matter, the IOM could have been self sufficient in renewable energy years ago (which would have been massively in our financial interest), simply by taking the advice they paid to receive. Clearly it wasn't in the interest of those who made the decisions, so we spunked a load of money on gas turbines and pouring money down the drain instead - and nothing will change until that process does.
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    We all make mistakes and why he or others did what they did, then I'm not qualified to say but if the comments on here are a true reflection of society, then I'd say that he has a few points to make and as people know about his background, then I see some weak people on here. Our so called members of society have influenced his reactions and caused him to be angry and IMO, shown their insensitivity to a person rejoining what should have been to a good positive society? Hells bells guys, you've dropped to low standards and yes you can say that he shouldn't of responded the way he did, but neither should others who deliberately goaded him to do it and helped him to likely be banned. As for comments on here regards paedo's, then who knows if your favourite person who responds with a like or laughter at your comments might actually be one of those? I too wish him and others leaving prison a better non offending future and hope that they've turned a corner and become a normal member of society
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    Any farmer or landowner who receives over £10000 pa in countryside care payments should have to turn over an acre of farmland for woodland. Every year. If they're serious about this carbon neutral island bollocks then planting lots of trees the most sensible start. I planted 26 this morning so I've done my bit.
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    You can bet your arse this will be profitable for them else why bother?
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    Althoiugh the MUA have said the cost 18 million quids will be paid by the MUA, how can this be so when the MUA can increase prices without explanation for this??? The controversy in the UK is that the cost WILL be passed on to the consumer, like it or not. The Advertising Standartds Agency have pulled up the TV ads for over claiming the advantages? The cost saving advantage of 'smart meters' can only be so if you constantly take readings to monitor your costs, if you change from tungsten to LEDs. you need before and after readings but then, most people will be changing to LEDs anyway, so the ability the check on savings will be superfluous? The meters on the Island will not be dual fuel,so you cannot compare gas and electric costs, you could check if cooking your carrots and spuds on three quarters power is better that full power but, are you really going the run to your meter to check this while cooking dinner? Final point, the MUA say that there are problems with the Key Meters ?Yet these meters are an easy way of calculating your consumption of a daily basis? Is this another " Voids under the Prom " excuse for doing what they, the MUA , want to do???
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    I watched it, first one I've seen. Don't see what the problem is, it was alright. Might watch the others.
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    Course is 60725 metres. 530 marshals per race, thats one every 114 metres. So assuming an evenly spread for your experiment they should all be able to see the preceding Marshall. It takes a football linesman less than a second to wave his flag (pre VAR) after an offence. Let's say two seconds because marshals don't have the muscle memory of a top linesman who practices flag waving for 30 hours a week. So 530 marshalls @ 2 seconds = 1060 seconds = 17 mins 20secs. But with practice and with marshals spread further apart I reckon it could beat the lap record.
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    Not quite right there GD. No laws were broken and while some may have taken a gamble, many didn't. Here's a potted history. In the late 1990s the UK Gov introduced some new rules around the taxation of earnings, especially around the self-employed. These were announced by the then Inland Revenue it its press release numbered IR35. In the absence of a catchy name for the new rules, they quickly became known as IR35. This kickstarted the advisors into trying to find loopholes. When they thought they'd found one, they packaged them up into schemes which were initially sold to their clients before finally being mass marketed. Several have used the IOM over the years and a couple have found their way into the IOM Courts. https://www.judgments.im/content/J1442.htm This is a good example as the owners battle for the rights to use the scheme. It didn't end well for the clients however https://www.gov.uk/tax-and-chancery-tribunal-decisions/robert-huitson-v-the-commissioners-for-hm-revenue-and-customs-2017-ukut-0075-tcc We then have; https://www.judgments.im/content/J1267.htm This also didn't end well for the clients either http://financeandtax.decisions.tribunals.gov.uk/judgmentfiles/j11254/TC07292.pdf The interesting point in this case is at paras 18 & 19 "His motivation in entering into these schemes was solely to avoid the complexities of running his own company or his own business. When considering whether or not to enter the schemes he simply compared the post-tax cash he would receive under his existing arrangements, via a UK umbrella company, and the post-tax cash he would receive under the Penfolds arrangement. The cash which he would receive under the Penfolds arrangement was slightly better than he was currently receiving but Mr Hoey did not really understand that this was because he would be paid in a way which was designed to avoid paying UK tax on a large part of his earnings. Importantly I note that Mr Hoey did not receive the full benefit of the absence of UK tax on his earnings because the fees chargeable by the various intermediaries were between 10% and 18% of his income, compared to the 1% which might be charged by a simple UK based umbrella company. A substantial part of the hoped for benefit of avoiding UK tax was therefore absorbed by the fees being charged by the promoters and facilitators of the scheme"
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    Ignoring the Marshalls and driving off again was not accidental though.
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    You have to wonder what makes these people tic.
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    Why is the first reaction nowadays offence? A perfectly acceptable response, though one without Puritan self-flagellation, would be: ”great pun, glad people enjoyed it. Tourette’s is a complex condition which is often misunderstood, for more info contact ...” why go for offence. The objective should simply be consciousness raising on a complex mental health issue. It was a joke FFS!
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    Why is it that the best joke award every year at Edinburgh is never that funny anyway. This one is just another simple play on a word. There's no real comic invention in it. Is the panel solely made up of students ? I agree with you about the reaction though.
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    who cares. i've always wanted to own 43 identical size philips screwdrivers. it was looking to be a pretty expensive obsession until this auction happened my way
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    How can you say that? There's a box full of swarfega on the first page alone!
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    I'd say it's in similar vein to the news today that they've given Dandara the go ahead for 280+ houses and the bypass in Ballasalla. 190 jobs to be created is the claim, plus those in supply. No. 190 plus others on the dole if it doesn't go ahead. That's what it's about, the construction industry is the only thing keeping the private economy afloat over here at the moment, I'd say. Completely state sponsored and encouraged with no regard as to what the fallout will be to the housing market in the future. Whoever's got the land that Govt will have to buy (announced) to facilitate the bypass access roundabout/junction is going to be quids in though. Name your price.
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    Yep - like bitching about it on a web forum. Go you.
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    How very DARE you allege I'm a cyclist! I shall insruct my advocate to sue for defamation!
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