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    Given that it says Sustrans "will work with the Isle of Man Government to deliver changes such as improved signage, high quality cycle routes and traffic calming", it's pretty clear that all this is mostly about is just bunging yet more money at the DoI so as to keep them in the style in which they are accustomed. More unnecessary and overpriced minor roadworks will justify the bloated management and lucrative contracts will be available for the right people. Obviously anything that might really help cyclists (such as filling in potholes) will be ignored. I suppose it may be a good thing that they are bringing in outside expertise, rather than taking on yet more people to organise it (and then being absorbed into the civil service), though it's perfectly possible they will do both. But it looks more like carrying on as normal and draping the new spending in lycra to justify it. It's just yet another example of the IOM Government's addiction to 'initiatives'. Rather than analysing what the problems really are and working out what is the best way to tackle them over the long term, they'll decide to look at what is currently fashionable (usually at the point where everyone else realises it's not much use), decide they want one too and announce it with great fanfares. Then, after the initial budget is spent, nothing will be done to maintain it (even if it provided something useful) and everyone will forget about it.
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    The Ballakermeen area during school pick up and drop off is unbelievable, it is only a matter of time before a child is killed on Westminster Terrace or Drive. There was a note of apology from the headmistress... and? They could have a rolling drop off area, but that would not fix the mess that is collection time. It's good to hear something is being done, but it won't be enough, the kids are parking all over the disc zone, the Chelsea tractor drivers are stopping on the double yellows by the corners or taking up 2 spaces because they've no idea (about anything, why would you even have a car like that ? Specifically the white Range Rover Clars Vogue driver who constantly parks like an utter twat!). Yeah, parking, it's emotive, I'm off for a nice cup of tea and a day dream about my bike. Did I mention how much I like it? It is actually awesome.
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    Michael Moyle should be appointed to lead the enquiry ! If they are not going to appoint sharp untainted enquiring minds, then save the money and don't bother having an enquiry, just publish the result !
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    There was a problem with my posting. No mobile data where I am. The internet is by microwave link connection. It dropped out due to a thunderstorm. I went on to add that there are intangibles. Bushys, Hooded Ram, the fun fair, lots of events, the atmosphere. There’s also reputation, publicity and profile. Im in a remote area of catalonia at present. On a beautiful winding mountain pass. Weekends it’s full of bikers, just like Home, on Sunday rides. Stopped at next village. Coffee. Four bikers parked up next to us. Asked to take photos of the Manx number plates. Chatted. They knew all about TT, S100, FoM. Their aim is to get over one year. Discussed routes, how had we driven down. We came via Bilbao ferry. They hadn’t thought of that, 5 hours up the motorway. Sailings to Plymouth, Portsmouth, or Cork. They were particularly interested in via Ireland. The real limits now are boat capacity. Im not sure, even at £30 million, that it’s a true figure. You have to strip out the lost local spend, because we stay in or go away, some of us, and the spend of ordinary tourists who are forced out. i still think it’s a positive, but I’d be amazed if it’s more than a £10 million, extra, and then you have to deduct the staging costs, road costs, disruption costs, health care costs. Im neither pro nor anti TT. I just want realism. Claiming a £40 million benefit as a headline is just misrepresentation, smoke and mirrors. So is alleging there is no benefit. And on the intangibles side we have to take into account reputational risk of the death and injury roll.
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    Talking Heads. I find Mr Wint to be patronising and more than a little didactic. He censors txts and emails on the fly and bollocks up the meaning in the process. Get well soon Stu.
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    Yes they are. They are denying every private patient in the Island local private treatment in absolutely every case for 18 months. The only option (when some are already paying £2,000 a year in private premiums) will be to pay again for off Island treatment as well as your private cover. So you’re paying NI at 10% to IOMG, then a private premium of several thousand pounds to a health insurer, and then boat, plane and hotel costs on top of that - just to access treatment that your NI should be paying for if the DHSC management weren’t so totally fucking incompetent. It’s just taking the piss out of the taxpayer to be honest when the basic problem is that DHSC timelines and treatments aren’t acceptable in many cases in the first place which is why people are forced to go private. They can’t even do that anymore without paying even more money to get off Island themselves and spend even more of their time off work traveling to and from the UK.
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    This is quite simple. The PPU is knackered. It needs shutting and refurbishing urgently. It’s nothing more sinister than that.
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    Maybe it's to encourage them to do some actual NHS work?
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    Is the basketball round or flat?
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    So, err, yeah. Just thought I'd bring this back up. I've given up on the politeness. Anyone who thinks the earth is flat is a fucking dickhead.
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    How many experiments have you carried out in your life Paul? - Drugs don't count.
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    It won’t work in a million years to start with there will be very little interest as those who want to walk or cycle already do Short of banning buses and cars very little will change We don’t have roads wide enough for cycle lanes ( the ones we have don’t get used) and we certainly can’t afford to widen them We have bought a nice big fleet of busses and a good amount of smaller ones for the new services Now they say we should cycle or walk Are they wanting to turn the clock back for other things too ?. Why not ban toys and PlayStations etc and make our kids play with hoops, maybe even make special lanes for them to roll their hoops along with their sticks Where will the line be drawn on “ nice to have and don’t need / can’t afford”? I think spending any money on this is wasteful
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    The BBC subcontracts enforcement - mainly to Capita. So they aren’t from the BBC. They have no right of entry. You don’t have to tell them anything. They may write to you. If they do you can write back saying you will charge £100 for answering the next letter, reading it, etc and £200 for any subsequent one, and that sending further letters will constitute acceptance, and that the contract is governed by Manx Law and Manx Courts.. If they write back then issue invoices and sue. It’s been done in English Small Claims and BBC lost.
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    In that case, you'd think that cops, firefighters, teachers and medical staff would be fast-tracked for treatment. It doesn't happen.
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    Difficult to understand how this is a saving measure ! As someone, who for my wife, (reluctantly! due to length of waiting list) has just paid to see a consultant privately, and then paid for a minor procedure at Nobles, we were invoiced for every single item of time and equipment that was used at Nobles by the DHSS, and they charge like a wounded Rhino !!! ( quite correctly I hasten to add before I get flamed). My point is there is no way this loses them money and it was in the consultants own time after hours ! There has to be more to this than meets the eye !
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    I might have said this before but I'll say it again, we don't watch TV but we have one and we pay our license fee, it's just something grown ups do. What is the point of making a fuss over £10 a month? Half the monster sized TV's cost more than that to run...
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    The washing of hands before the first of many coats of whitewash.
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    So does the toilet tax, the increases on road tax, increases in rents....all leading to not being able to afford a cheap cup of coffee a day.
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    Them fuckwits give the other cyclists a bad name...
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    As someone who likes to cycle, I agree that cyclists should contribute something to the proposed cycle lanes. Problem is that we'll end up paying for some nugget in DoI to come along and just paint a white line
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    Not sure this is necessarily the right thing to do. We have large buses, HGVs, fast motorbikes and loads of cars on our network of 'B' roads which cyclists are supposed to share with, if the uptake of cycling increases it'll only produce chaos, frustration and RTCs. Without compulsory purchasing of land to make the roads wider and more accommodating as well as creating footpaths where there are none I really don't see how this can be done. If you add in that most of the year we have pretty shit weather which will no doubt demotivate most folk from walking or cycling to the shops I can't see us all effectively going back in time to what China was about 10 years ago. This is good in theory but will never work as is unless massive changes are made to our network of roads and pavements. If I was intending on going to the local shop which is about 3/4 mile away and it was kissing with rain I'd say to myself "fuck that, I'm going in my car".
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    I think you under-estimate the depth of distrust a lot of people on the island have for Nobles hospital now. The horror stories just within my family and circle of friends are enough to force you private and I'm sure we're not the only ones.
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    Its quite clear that there were a whole pile of issues here that needed to be addressed - mainly because things have been left to slip and slide over a number of years through piss poor management. Reading between the lines here, the boy David and his management team have decided that the only way to deal with Consultants taking the piss with the amount of Private work v NHS work they undertake can be dealt with is to cut it off at the knees (pardon the pun). Rather than coming up with this cock and bull about refurbishment (utter shite) and depriving the population of this service for 12-18 months (read more like 24), would it not have been more prudent to work it through properly and give consultants 12 months notice of their change in contract? There has already been a number of consultants either retiring early or leaving the Island - this latest move I believe will just open the flood gates, making the situation a lot worse for the entire population. In my opinion, another gilt-edged cluster fuck. Isle of Man Where you Can't.
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    Move over Wrighty, we have another doc on the forum
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    These are secret boundary land markers indicating to the landowners/farmers how much countryside grant they receive. The top number is the amount in thousands of pounds, and the bottom number is the code of the farmer in question. So, on the far left, farmer 9 will receive £200,000 (although as you see he receives further payments for other parcels of land bordering this point). The letters indicate to what extent the rest of us are being ripped off by each individual grant so, in the ascending scale, “AV” is “Awful Value”, “SV” is “Shit Value” and “FH” is, of course, “Fucking Hell” to indicate that the farmer has hit the jackpot. The FH indicators are coloured yellow to more readily draw the farmer’s attention to their good fortune.
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