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    It doesn't show the DHSC in a good light at all: says Anwar Hussain from Peel
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    The latter I think. From her Linkedin she appears to have gone to school in Salisbury (though it was a private school, so she could have lived a way away) and most of her subsequent work was in the South of England. Never in the same post for long before she came here. As to Wigan, it seems to be being put forward as some sort of paradigm withing the integrated care field, though that could just mean that they produce the snazziest-looking documents. As usual there seems no willingness to look at a variety of different authorities or look anywhere outside England. Robertshaw kept on comparing us with systems on mainland Europe and it made Couch sound even more clueless. And it's all wrapped in the usual language of aspiration and 'vision', never anything concrete or achieved. Certainly nothing about outcomes or how well things worked. As Watterson said (lines 1454 on): Of course the reality of all this is that they have been busy producing reports while Couch has been cutting back on the things that actually do support people in the community, such as meals on wheels. Similarly there is much talk about working with voluntary organisations, while they are actually taking more and more in house - even stuff like adoption and fostering that has always been done by charities. But then these are the sort of people who nationalised the hospital sweet shop.
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    Make tyres square. they cannot be rolled down hills by children then. Why are the simplest of solutions always overlooked?
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    Excuse me but the correct term is "rightsize" for obvious reasons. In 2009 the perfect opportunity to "restructure" the CS/PS arrived in the shape of the UK wising up to the VAT scam share. Mr Tony Brown CM stated that "Nothing would be excluded in considering how to deal with the situation" and then promptly went on to exclude redundancies in the CS/PS. I suspect it was because they are the largest political lobby on the island and if you want to stay on the gravy train stay in office then it's not sensible to upset the electorate. Since that date the Public Sector Pension Requirement has just kept on growing apace....
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    I no longer know what's real and what's post-ironic.
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    Whilst developers have played a major part in island life, as times change and growth slows, government need to be careful that the developers input does not become toxic ! The building sector was largely supported by government prior to the VAT renegotiation, and at one time it was difficult to find any company not on the Government payroll ! Times have changed but the developers have not as they gobble up sites and sit on them waiting presumably for the good times to come back ! The planners have got to face facts, that until there is a proven demand, which there is not at the moment, and indeed a demand that cannot be satisfied by saleable properties already on the market, then the greener the island stays the better !! There are brand new properties in Ballasalla and at Santon standing empty no doubt others throughout the island !
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    I don't think that is what Watterson is saying in this case. The Hansard is now available and this relates to something Morris said in lines 834 onwards: So she was clearly claiming it was nearly all her own work[1], when it very clearly wasn't. Of course the little word 'Wigan' hadn't actually appeared at this stage and I suspect the Committee were setting her up for pointing out that "Over half of this document is a copy, cut and paste, word for word what Wigan produced in 2014" later in the session (see p 30 on). So Watterson isn't saying that her 'authorship' should have been hidden, but that she shouldn't have claimed that she wrote most of it when she hadn't. But the whole PAC session is deeply depressing with both Couch and Morris clearly unable to do anything but spout jargon and having no more idea of what is going on and no proposals to fix things except by calling more meetings or commissioning more reports. [1] Someone at Manx Radio (young Gawne?) did a good job in picking up this story straight away, writing it up comprehensively, and not waiting for Hansard to appear, though the recording was available. It did mean the piece contains one mistake in implying that David Gawne was CE of Crossroads Care (it's Jackie Betteridge).
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    I'll have a go at a health care "vision" and a "strategy" Vision Make sure everyone is a well as possible in as cost effective and caring a manner as possible. Strategy & Implementation Move everyone to Wigan.
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    To be fair, I can see why I am not a highly paid civil servant. If I was at one of these committees and someone questioned me and I hadn't a clue how to get out of it, I would simply say "fucked if I know?"
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    From the "You couldn't make it up" department, this is the opening line from Michaela Morris's LinkedIn profile. "A highly personable yet steely Health Care professional."
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    I feel bitterly disappointed by the whole experience. It was by and large an utter bloody shambles of the highest order, with one or two very small exceptions. And those exceptions were nothing to do with Chris Thomas or the Isle of Man Government. Please cast your mind back to the beginning of the "Glorious Year" and reference the special website that was created - that for the first 3 months had literally fuck all on it. And I mean nada. Then, for the rest of the year (by and large) the organisers had the audacity to basically pick through the papers, facebook and other listings and claim already planned and unrelated events as their own. From what I can make out,, the biggest chunk of cash went into building a garden at St Johns ready for Tynwald Day..which from what I can see hasn't been touched since and will no doubt revert back to being a scrap of land in the not too distant future. My advice Mr Thomas, is if you are going to wax lyrical about something, make sure it is something worth waxing lyrical about. To say The Year of Our Island was a damp squib, is being bloody generous.
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    Couch sounded informed, articulate and convincing when in the Treasury. Nothing could be further from the truth now. Did anyone hear his mewling on Manx Radio this evening when they followed up his recent mauling at the PAC. He was challenged by Jane Poole-Wilson in connection with a series of highly critical reports, particularly in respect of communication within Nobles. His reaction was pathetic - “I can’t be expected to know what everyone is doing...”. Not only did he sound self-pitying and avoiding his responsibilities, but it was a comment that singularly failed to address the questions put to him. I wonder if the skids might be under Mr. Couch shortly.
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    Two key appointments will help lead change and develop Island's health service This link explains a lot. In summary: Minister for Health and Social Care Howard Quayle MHK, said:
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    It's just come to me, Droppa Bottleofpopov
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    so i have just bought something that i can continue to overcharge myself for using. and this is the opportunity of a generation. i like it
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    Says drunk anonymous man on the internet
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    All that you say is completely true and it’s called politics. These people aren’t balanced, fair and reasonable, they’re politicians. A decent interviewer would have challenged Hooper in precisely the terms you set out. Beecroft was just as terminally useless as you suggest. None of which negates the fact that Hooper, who almost certainly is grandstanding, has very effectively pinned Ashford, Couch and Morris due to their own stupidity. For what it’s worth, as I’ve said before, if Hooper wants to elevate his credibility further he should ditch Lib Van like a used condom.
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    It’s certainly legit to seek to filter out headbangers and the perpetual objectors. An idiot cousin of mine (in UK) once objected to a neighbour’s planning application to extend their property because the previous year the neighbour had bought a boat and my cousin’s objection was that the neighbour was guilty of “excessive spending”. I kid you not. Whether such idiocy rears its head here I couldn’t say, but there will no doubt be neighbourhood disputes/rivalry where planning objections are raised for reasons of spite.
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    Cut and paste is all part of Michaela's digital initiatives.
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    I knew a tranvestite once. He had a Wigan address.
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    The only real question is where did the wigan author copy it from in the first place. It may even have originated here 150 years ago and has just been doing the rounds since.
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    Sacking is surely the only option?
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    Glad your on board, you having been such a staunch supporter of government. I just say it as I see it. ( often getting me banned ) This Gov does indeed deserve support for lots of things it is trying to do, but when it allows this sort of thing to prevail, it has failed and failed badly. This stealing of Wigan's paper is an insult to every single person working in the DHSC ( or whatever ) and even every voter.
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    bit harsh, i expect the manx delegation didn't want to waste the taxpaxers money on a 2 week jaunt to wigan