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    Why are they exempt John? A well known farmer(to some anyway) in the east recently posted on Facebook that he didn't see why he should pay rates on the barns on his farm as they don't use any amenities. Neither does my rear bedroom as it hasn't had anyone in it for 20 years but there you go.
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    Reading back through this thread from the start of the promenade works and there seem to be rather a lot of predictive contributions that have duly come to pass as reality. Fact is that neither DOI or their contractors have any experience in jobs of this scale. Throw in what appears to be a total lack of planning and the eternal horsetram issue and it was only ever going to be a recipe for FUBAR. Pride needs to be swallowed for the sake of the taxpayer and the Island. Put the whole job, including design, out to experienced off-Island contract. Return the DOI to what they should be doing which is basic maintenance, repairing roads, keeping rivers clear and cutting trees and hedges back. And never, ever again listen to civil servants with ideas well beyond their station.
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    Absolute rubbish. I went to New York a few years ago and the Statue of Liberty was closed for repairs. Did I sue the NY tourist board? No, I just went somewhere else as despite it being a key tourist attraction it’s not the only reason why I went to NY. The argument over adverts about horse trams being binding is rubbish. An advert is not legally binding whatsoever.
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    In the day most Manx shops were owned by the occupier, then when they retired if family did not want to continue it got sold, this is when the off Island investors got into the act and the rents went sky high. Now of course online sales are part of the problem, it is a shame but I can see the Strand Street of the not so distant future will be coffee shops and charity shops, I have nothing against either but unless the footfall in the street generally is increased the big stores are going to be either downsizing or moving away. Rates and expensive electricity do not help either.
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    Does IOM Newspapers decide who wins the awards or do they have judges ? I always thought it must be who places the biggest and most costly adverts. Or are the awards like:- the biggest cock up of the Year goes to the MUA for Laxey River Floods. The business with the largest employment growth goes to Chris Thomas and the cabinate office. The best fair pricing strategy goes to Manx Gas.
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    Perhaps the gates were exercising a degree of discretion as kids are often a bloody nuisance on flights.
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    What they did not say is that they only stop cars that look like they may have defects. At the same time they wave hundreds through. If you have a light or two out or the car looks old and neglected, expect to be stopped. Look after your cars maintenance needs and you have nothing to worry about.
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    Than goodness, getting in your car to go the UK to drive about, do things things that people do and enjoy doing ,and come home is simply one of those things many of us feel happy and privileged to do. It is done without fuss, without forms and regulations and bull. For those who love rules and regulations, sleep doesn’t come easy as they lie tormented by the nagging disquiet that someone, somewhere might be just getting on with life and,God forbid, even enjoying themselves. We have more than enough laws, rules and regulations. More do not make life safer, fairer or more enjoyable.
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    I don't care if anybody believes it or not. It's the truth.
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    You are sadly correct. Worst offenders are husband and wife teams who need the sick notes to cover school holidays
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    Agree totally..it's standard work just on a bigger scale. Without input ,plans and a schedule of work any contacter would struggle. Hence the removal of penalties. It's so not the contractors fault . DOI , Buck stops there . Ohh and I'm not discounting are esteemed leader as when all said and done he appoints ministers to oversee departments . Said it earlier. Job needs to stop from now till early New Year and everyone involved to be called to a crisis meeting and sort the many many issues out and start afresh with ideally DOI no where near the job .
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    The full report is here http://www.tynwald.org.im/business/opqp/sittings/20182021/2019-GD-0047.pdf
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    Which by definition would also have to be unfair and/or unworkable.
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    Speaking for my visitors over the years, there has been a huge cross-section of people from a dozen or more countries. They love the event and keep returning. That is a simple fact. There were first-timers this year. Rain every day, races postponed...postponed...postponed and cancelled. Plan B kicked in which included the Steam Train and museums. I was worried for them but they loved it. Paid their deposit for 2020 before they left. I think they are typical of many TT visitors. It won't stop in a hurry,, not if the fans, and residents of course, want it. I remember the big mouths basking in their prophetic glory that 2007 - the 100 years of the TT - would be the last. They had about 5 years of that bile. I see them now and again and remind them of their words. They change the subject. I let them. I know. They know.
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    Breathtaking that you believe you can personally move the UK government to do something.
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    It's not just an incestuous pageant of cronyist backslapping then?
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    Her couture designs are a bit outlandish
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    Arts Council got the Arts Council Award for Arts Counciling...
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    I am a bit younger, but we had next to nothing, not even a car. Our dad rode his pushbike to work usually 7 days a week. We often got second hand toys at Xmas along with one new one. Our parents went without to keep us fed and clothed, but we were happy and never ever were jealous of better off kids. We all played together and walked to school together.. I really feel sorry for the last two generations of kids who are never satisfied, no matter what they are given. Christmas was the happiest time of the year for us. Can’t say the same these days.
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    lets just say cunts then and see if that helps.
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    The convention in the Highway Code is that "must" means it is linked to a specific piece of law, whereas "should" is advisory, e.g.
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    If something pops up and you read it you cannot be a troll.If people disagree with me then that is the mark of a free society.You may disagree with everything they say but what the fuck..
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    Thanks so yet again we wrote a massive cheque for nothing. Just to have a load of expensive equipment not used and then to continue to employ someone to run a process we paid a shed load of money out in order to automate.
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    You’re talking about depression though which is an entirely different thing. It’s not work related and is an illness. What in general is happening in the PS though is extreme laziness manifested as persistent time off as people can’t be arsed even pretending that they’re working.
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    Please, more details. This sounds like the most interesting news of the week and the newspapers ironically went and deleted it.
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    Actually, there are people at Manx Radio who can cover a news story competently. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/man-accused-of-trespass-in-ramsey-forest/
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    Ironic for the overly-sized IOM Government to be preaching about knowing your limits. There is a limit to how much you can keep ripping off the Manx taxpayer!
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    Its in the big text at the bottom. The increase in payments made by Treasury in 2018/19 includes funding for minor capital works. All amounts are quoted net of VAT.
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    If you removed all these people there'd be nowt left nor economy to go with it...
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    In my experience, in independent reviews of bullying, the accused still has the upper hand
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    What about what whataboutery?
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    No, you see I distinctly remember that on that particular night eighteen years ago I went out for a pizza and then went straight home, was tucked up in bed by 10 and definitely did not go out again.
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    Those girls didn't have to say "Yes" and I too feel sorry for Andrew. Epstein was no more than a pimp and that's it! None of anyone's business. Bloody Channel 4 and that daft bint reporter. Meh.
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    Brother in law is a DVSA inspector. They are aware of this and have been since VOSA days. A vehicle is legal on UK roads if it is legal in its home jurisdiction and the taxation time limits have not been passed. Of course it could still be subject to a DVSA check whether at the roadside or at a DVSA centre and they have the power to issue an immediate prohibition of use if anything is found untoward. I am very much for ad hoc roadside inspections and skilled staff can find out a lot about a vehicle within minutes.
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    The key issue in all this is not the age of consent in the state/country that it took place in nor the morality of a 40 or 50 year old having sex with someone much younger. The age of consent debate needs a whole other conversation. This case should be all about whether the women involved were deliberately groomed to have sex with Epstein and his friends. It is about whether positions of power and authority were abused. Finally It is about whether consent was freely given. As Mojo has said there are similarities with the Rochdale grooming gangs, and there may also be connections with modern slavery and people trafficking.
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    It was me that pointed that out, I wasn't saying it was right, it may disgust some people but it's not illegal to have sex with a 17yr old, at least in the UK and New York State it seems.
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    It has to be said, despite the protests of some, that roadside checks do not ensure the roadworthiness of all vehicles on the island. I no longer have a dog in this fight, so what would be the recommendation of this forum to ensure that we don't have a problem in the future with badly maintained vehicles? Options could be a five year test and then every two years or anything you like. Doing nothing isn't an option and roadside tests are insufficient. Just as an aside, I just booked a car for test, six years old, serviced every year with 15,000 miles on the clock. I checked the tyres, plenty of tread but cracks between the treads and along the top of the sidewalls. They could just delaminate when hot, leading to an accident. It hasn't had its second MOT but would certainly fail any test. If it were an IoM car, it would be driven on those tyres until they wore out, or exploded.
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    Page 7 of this week's courier. 2 cases which included no insurance. Each case on it's merits of course, but even so: £400 fine for driving with no insurance and damaging a police cell. £300 for no vehicle licence and failing to produce insurance. Why bother with insurance? Just don't get caught. Or crash. While I am on one, I see someone was stopped with a tax disc for another vehicle. Is that a straightforward offence of having no vehicle licence or is it fraud?
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    1. everyone's the same under the wto...... 2. as long as your talking the wto won't take action......
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    So, we are told by the health minister that the text reminder system for hospital appointments is expected to solve the missed appointment numbers. It is only being trialled in a couple of areas. However, I have had experience of this with some regular appointments I have. They are usually at 8.30 in the morning, but the reminder I get is for 9.00. On the first occasion, I arrived at 9.00 as per the reminder thinking the appointment had been changed. But was told that the system does not recognise appointments before 9.00. There are other "quirks" such as getting the appointment time wrong for a lengthy treatment, which throws the whole timetable out for the department and could mean that the patient is sent home because the treatment cannot be completed in the time left. The reminders also do not say which department the appointment is with, so if you under a couple of departments, I am sure it would be quite easy to turn up to the wrong department. I gather that these anomalies have been reported, but the system has not been tweaked. How difficult is it to get this relatively simple process right? The system should be turned off until these bugs are eradicated.
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    Well to answer the question in the OP, and to get away from this House or Lords nonsense - From Paddy Power: Next PM - BJ 3:1on, JC 2:1, rest no chance most seats - Con 20:1on, Lab 9:1, rest no chance Overall majority - Con 15:8 on, Nobody 7:4, Lab 20:1 So the bookies seem confident enough for you Rog.
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    You might as well go the whole way, and have a rule that everyone driving on UK roads has to have passed a UK driving test
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    Alcohol induced nostalgia is always brilliant Wrong person Dilli - but your deference and hero worship to the old money and Govt of a long gone era somehow shines through.
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    She is simply precocious. In less febrile times she would not have received such ill-advised homage from people who should know better. It only reinforces her overweening self-belief.
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