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    I accept the apology, although note maybe it is time to reconsider your unnecessarily aggressive and frankly shitty approach to topics. While I don't mind a bit of abuse, I certainly give it out, you seem to take that approach with other more polite members of the forum too, and maybe you shouldn't.
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    Get a room the pair of you! Jesus.
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    Ultimately, this has got to be worth at least 6 billion pounds in free advertising for us. I fully expect kipper sales to go through the roof. may even save the post office.
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    You're right, they're all administrators with an interest in delivering the odd letter. They're not business people. Not one of the senior execs has any experience in supply chain processing and logistics. They've been left behind, even by Hermes etc. That should never have happened. It's actually quite pathetic.
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    Ramsey has got two things going for it. The Mitre (other pubs are available) and charity shops. If I lived there I would end up an alcoholic in ill-fitting but nonetheless gaily coloured clathes.
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    I suspect you're making the same mistake as those who produced it and put it on line. You have seen previous versions before over many years and know how things operate. But you have to put yourself into the mindset of someone who has never seen one before and doesn't have a rough idea of what to expect. After all the target users of the railways are supposed to be visitors who will be in that situation and might be put off using the railways if they can't understand what times the services are.
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    But...but...but... the boat's always gone to Liverpool, yessir. Add to that, over the last two decades especially, those running the Island have had this devout belief that if you hang about with very rich people, then some of it will magically rub off on you and the rich must know what they are doing[1]. Which rather ignores how they got rich in the first place. [1] There's a wonderfully revealing remark in the report on the MEA,. An unnamed politician (it sounds like Downie) at the time is asked whether the MEA Board are keeping close enough control on Proffitt and his spending. "But some of these fellas are millionaires" is the reply.
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    Agreed and it's strange. When the redevelopment was first proposed (and the sky was going to cave in if it wasn't done?) it was at least partly on account of the promenade foundations having been undermined/washed out by tidal action. So they'd need to go deep to rectify that. As you say, they aren't. Yet, anyway?
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    It’s never been the same since Gary Powers got shot down.
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    “In order to better protect staff working in the park during the summer months, supplies of factor 30 emoluments have been provided”
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    That'll be a pretty popular decision by our leaders I'd think. Most people I spoke to about it were ambivalent at best, and some were furiously against it. They should have a go at rebuilding Port Erin's smashed breakwater and putting their 24hr access marina there.
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    He sounded like the thick headed biff he is.
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    Well according to that interview with the Director of Highway Services, sorting out the utilities (and indeed putting more in) is indeed what they are doing first. In fact he said they were effectively replacing all of the services, which seems a bit over the top. Especially given that many of them will be very recently installed and should be both more than adequate for demand and very well mapped and known about. And yet they seem fairly clueless about what is where - for example he quoted drainage at Broadway which was "a few feet shallower" than expected. But that was presumably only put in at the time of the IRIS works and it should have been both done correctly and recorded in great detail. This isn't obscure Victorian works where the drawings were lost in a fire and only known about by Peter Kelly. These are things done by the same Department - maybe even the same people - in recent memory. One of the advantage of the Island is that there ought to be continuity and knowledge being passed on in the way it isn't in larger places. And yet these mishaps are treated as if they were inexplicable acts of God that no one could possibly expect of be responsible for. No one is responsible or blamed and nothing is done to prevent exactly the same things happening again.
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    If I ever decide to add my own (unqualified) thoughts on the subject of 5G you can rest assured it won’t be on this car crash of a thread, where anyone who expresses any sort of opinion contrary to yours is described as “a shill”, “ignorant”, “a psychopath”, “lying through their teeth” or “an absolute tool” – and that’s just in the past week. You’ve pissed on your own chips when it comes to civilised discourse, I’m afraid.
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    The prime function of our airport is to allow people to travel off and on to the Island is it not? Anything that can be done to increase the likelihood of that happening is surely the right direction for policy. That’s an opinion of course. The technical aspects of what we need to be able to land legally and safely is something I’m intimately familiar with. Being at the sharp end when we can’t deliver people to where they want to be because of a lack of capability at Ronaldsway is incredibly frustrating.
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    Dodgy area. If there's info, then give it to the Police as mentioned earlier. It was in the news recently where a couple of youths attacked a Pediatric surgeon believing he was a paedophile. Get it wrong and action is taken that is witnessed or evidenced in some way and they're jail bound. Leave it to the Police
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    I do love a Dilli character reference.. always makes me smile.
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    Tim Betteridge is one of the madder characters on Vader’s site.
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    That’s not the reason it happens. It happens because it comes out of a different purse. This happens all the time. Take the Laxey sea wall as an example. For years the commissioners paid for a worker and digger to move the stones, lowering the beach at the eastern end. I’ve no idea of the cost but let’s estimate 30 000 for the year. The lowering of the beach assisted sea toppover. Then come the financial cuts to the commissioners. Then comes the notion of a sea wall costing 6.5 milllion pounds. The height of the sea wall will increase by 12 inches. Bugger all use when there are waves of 30 foot or more during the winter. But the commissioners don’t pay for this. It comes out of another purse. It saves them 30k a year even though it’s useless. This happens all the time and it’s happening with the prom too. Money shite. The problem is at source. With administration, with devolvement, with everything. Shite. That’s what it is.
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    How unfortunate for you to have actually met two monstrous forum wankers.
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    Surely, somewhere, there exists a specification, and a body of expertise on light railways? Surely, the DOI read this spec, and consulted that expertise? surely, they didn’t just decide to do their own thing? if this is true, and the rails have to come up, then they shouldn’t go back down. Chalk it up as another cock up, and move on a century.
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    Did you live in the UK during the 3-day-week?
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    There was a quote from Mr Harmer in the past month that work was being majorly delayed on account of encountering "uncharted services". On a Victorian promenade. Who'd have guessed?
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    Here's a thing, I thought a Mr Georgeson was number two to Reynolds at the airport, and when she got promoted to be oberleutnant of the Ports would have been number 1. From correspondence I have just received it appears Georgeson is "Ports Standards manager" with Mr Spake in charge of the airport ? We seem to be proliferating highly paid and pensioned jobs here !! Ahh but none of that matters, because again we seem to having another raft of professionals to run the show at arms length as its all a profligate balls up ! Is it me ?
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    You seem to be suffering from the delusion that there's some sort of collective conspiracy going on here. There isn't. Simply put folks are getting fed up with accusations of this and that. Especially the "drinking" nonsense. Simple as. For some reason you seem to think it's important to bang on and on about Dilli said whatever and money in that hasn't been and so forth. So why? Back in March when this "project" was first proposed it was greeted with a healthy scepticism generated by lots of this sort of nonsense in the past. Hence: My contribution: Face it, IOMG have been here before and got the tee-shirt. They left the manx taxpayer with the scar tissue though.....
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    @paul's got wright shouldn’t you be spending quality time with your family instead of posting crap on here?
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    Any passing bandwagon. Never thought she was worth the salary.
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    now if only the herring were caught locally!
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    How it's not possible to win any decent sized delivery contract where you have intimate knowledge of the indigenous market with the supporting assets, is beyond me.
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    Bit of a loon, then.
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    Just to break the fourth wall for a moment, there's a lot of debate around the effectiveness of so-called IQ tests. Ther's a long history of difficulties with g (the "general factor" or general intelligence) as it is attempted to be quantified in IQ tests. Difficulties include: Various biases, including social and race, whereby the questions used to assess IQ can be biased towards the particular social or racial group who determines the questions Fitting IQ results to the normal distribution, which fails to allow for threshold effects in the distribution tails Its historical use by the eugenics movement Its narrow measurement parameters, mainly related to language or spatial reasoning and ignoring creativity and social/emotional intelligence Finally, of course, the main difficulty with the IQ measurement is that anyone that tells you unbidden what their specific "IQ" is, is by definition a bit of a dick. Ok, that's it, back to normal service.
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    Yeah. As I said, I wish them all the luck in the world. It does seem that there is expertise, track record and some buying power there. It's a massive struggle nowadays though. Even if you are keen on price and your service is second to none, you face prejudice from the majority who will not give you a chance because they are convinced online is best.
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    liability admitted now Gary Thompson should resign as COC with the ultimate responsibility of the course
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    It was a positive message. The older I get I've learned happiness comes from enjoying what you are not what you might be. Cast off ambition and enjoy the moment.
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    It’s not incoherent. It’s written in English. Do you have difficulty understanding the queens English? You also seem to be quite aggressive and horrible to be honest. There really is no need to be such an odious prick. I thought most of us came on here just to discuss current affairs and the news. Not be total arseholes to each other.
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    Surely it is a good thing the trams have been running. Had they cancelled them we wouldnt have discovered the surface was unsuitable until the job was complete. Now they are only going to have to dig up and redo a short portion of the track. Longworth has saved us a fortune!
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    The middle bit is only being prioritised so that the DOI can play trains/trams with their expensive toy set. All the tram lines should have been left until right at the very end horse trams should have been suspended for 3 or 4 years (or even better scrapped altogether) - they're the least important and only non-essential bit of the whole project. But no, somebody in DOI had to prioritise them so they could fuck around pulling an empty tram up and down 500 yards of road.
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    I wonder how much Stagecoach would want as subsidy to extend their existing service that terminates at Trumacar Lane so it carries on half a mile to Heysham Harbour to drop off and pick up after sailings. 2 or 4 services a day? That £37 mill could have been so much better spent. i do agree that fares should take account distance, sailing length, and speed, as well as load/demand factors.
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    Why do people deserve a discount just for being old? There is a very real danger if this happening. It will only take a few too many granny farming members of Tynwald (eg the Honourable member for Onchan) to put pressure on for blue rinse discounts and it may well happen! What we need are affordable fares for everyone - tourists and residents (no matter what their age) - while still being able to pay off the debt and fund a couple of new boats. Being able to escape the rock once a year does anyone the world of good!
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    Are you sure it was Rhumsaa. He may have had a baldy head and a big beard, but was he juggling balls at the time...or selling books... or singing in a band? You may have been tricked by a doppleganger pretending to be Rhumsaa.
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    PK and Dilligaf are two different people as I have met them both
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    I don't really agree Roger, they shouldn't be involved in running departments and drafting legislation. Their sole purpose is to review proposed legislation and make recommendations, returning it to the Keys for review. That's fine but as I say above, being so deeply involved does not give a reviewing body or individuals an unbiased view on proposed legislation. In my view MLCs should be as remote as possible from the coal face. If the workload is too small, they should reduce their hours and salaries.
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    Longworth found clubbed to death with an actual cabbage. It'd be like Murder of the Orient Express, but with 85,000 suspects.
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    I think the mass female implant onto Tynwald by way of the Legislative Council has demonstrated that that arm of non-democracy is superfluous. Nice when there are buffets and various functions and that, to have a bit of colour, fashion and fascinators present but other than that - what a waste of time and money. Call Lisvane back, call him a bit of a silly billy and tell him to do a proper job of reorgansing the make-up and effectiveness of Tynwald.
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    Some examples of where you've been inconvenienced? Like it or not the prom is desperately in need of updating. I also want to take my young family on the horse trams when they're old enough to remember it, just like I did as a child. It's one of the things that makes the island unique. Get rid of those things and you just turn in to a piece of the UK in the Irish sea. I've worked with many people over the years who have lived and worked around the world and the majority choose here as their favourite, because of our unique identity. It's good to know that people think that. It's just the usual local minority who pooh pooh everything and are totally blinkered to reality.
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    They honestly couldn’t care less about anyones livelihood or anything else. Re installing the mega loss making horse trams so that they can clip clop on for another 100 years of burning our cash for fuck-all benefit to anyone is their entire focus. It’s pathetic. Everyone said this project would be a total clusterfuck from day one. Harmer denied this and said it would be implemented with minimal disruption. Now it’s.clear that complete embarrassingl clusterfucks are all the DOI is qualified to deliver. This whole project has turned into a complete joke much earlier than most people had imagined.
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    Why spend £37mil for a terminal that cannot be used at night and cannot take freight. or at least not much freight Save the money and use Birkenhead on a Saturday and Sunday with the Ben and Monday to Friday Holyhead with the Manannan. only berthing fees to pay then the poor old Manx tax payer can pay off some of the SPC's dept. with the saving. By the time the first spade goes in the cost will have gone up another £7 mil and then the unforeseen extras that will have been missed in the first costing.
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    I think this is the root of the problem " can't afford to do without" whilst true, is a safety net for sloppy management and practices as there will always be joe public to pick up the tab ! There are too many people on the island in various silos of Government who are supposed experts in the field on big salaries, who suddenly find themselves needing independent reports as to the state of what they are supposed to be running ! Airport management seemed to be experts in the field when spending huge amounts of money on some fanciful set of figures about expansion etc etc !
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