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    Not stealing but morally wrong. I did without in the early years to provide a home for my family. For this, I can expect Thomas and his gang to sell my home to pay for my care. Those that didn't bother buying a property get it for free.
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    And yet we still need £300,000 spending at the airport so less passengers suffer less delays £80,000,000 spending on the port to process less passengers £30,000,000 on the Liverpool dock £11,000,000 on a cruise terminal i genuinely fucking despair at how much managing a total decline in everything is costing the taxpayer to be ‘managed’ by people who are basically fucking clueless.
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    There are always exceptions of course but generally the best way to hang on to your parents house and assets is to not put them in a home and off load the cost to someone else and look after them yourself. You know, like we used to do.
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    What next? A minister getting pissed and throwing up on a bus just after warning the public not to get too pissed? Nah that would be ridiculous.
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    Should be capped at £25k (remember that this is in addition to state pension), and lump sum capped at £75k. This would be seen by the wider population as at least more acceptable. It is only a small percentage of government pensioners receiving grotesque amounts and it is getting the rest tarred with the same brush.
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    If you don't like the TT why not form a group, elect a chairperson, spokesman, treasurer. Then get the treasurer to buy the 43 boat tickets for you all to fuck off on the boat tomorrow.
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    http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=39081&headline=Police in drugs factory bust&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2018 Yesterday morning the police arrested the owner of a cannabis farm and took some photos of the same. It is very disappointing to see these misguided cannabis growers making the same old mistakes time after time. The yellowing of the leaves in the photos are clear signs of incorrect root pH balance or nitrogen deficiency.
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    Easy to increase visitor numbers - take control of the boats and discount ferry crossings massively. I suspect the SPC is the main reason for the decline as they have shareholders to answer to who are only interested in sweating their assets, and such a vital part of our economy and infrastructure should be owned by the people.
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    Problem drinkers will still pay it. It'll just come out of the family allowance and little Jimmy will have short trousers and shoes a size too small. Taxing alleviates thinking for government.
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    You get the impression that Humbles got her support by wandering around Prospect Hill (where presumably she works some of the time), pestering MHKs to back her like a small child getting sponsors for a charity event. Whether the later ones knew she already had enough to stand would be an interesting piece of knowledge and they might be annoyed they had 'used up' one of their 'supports' on someone who didn't need it. If MHKs stick to the spirit of the law (rather than the mess of words they have produced) and only support five, Allinson, Baker and Harmer already seem to have used theirs up and Ashford, Caine, Hooper, Perkins, Shimmins and Thomas all have done four. I reckon there enough spare supports going for another ten. One of the defining characteristics of MLC elections is that they are perpetually changing the rules to stop it looking silly and/or crooked. And each time they do they manage to produce an outcome that looks even more ridiculous and bent than the previous one. So I have high hopes of what, with this multiplicity of candidates, is already promising to be what is technically known as a 'clusterfuck'.
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    'Whichever way you throw us, we'll say yes.'
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    Thank you for your kind comments. Maybe it's just me but I'm starting to tire (to the point of nausea) of the whole damn lot of them and it. From 5 years of being lied to (yes, lied to) by Bell and Teare to the current bunch of clueless chancers and their entourage. UK Govt gave us a measure of slack in how we conduct our affairs. Look what they (yes, they as in Tynwalds past and present) have done with it - now billions in debt and liabilities and a population in hock to monopolies for the basics. And we then let them retire on huge pensions and golden handshakes as if they'd served us and our interests well. The mention of failures is taboo and they're ignored and forgotten whilst they march on to the next fiasco. Time for some accountability and reality, I'd say. And it doesn't involve £7k junkets to the Seychelles. Anywhere else and there'd be people on the streets with placards.
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    I may end up on their FB page later. Protesting at the hospital today, I didn’t manage to follow my own advice to ignore them and instead took a leaflet, tore it up, binned it, and then stated that abortion policy should not be decided by misinterpreted mistranslations of Bronze Age texts before leaving them to it. My bad
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    This is typical of the attitude that perpetuates the myth of 'balls of steel, heroic, living life to the full, motorcycle road racers'. It's not compulsory to risk one's life in order to make the most of it.
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    Ok let’s clear a few things up... 1. The Tynwald ceremony is utterly boring 2. The “fair”, as identified, is a tacky and tasteless cocktail of dreary charity stalls and junk food outlets 3. Mec Vannin are an irrelevant entity, formed by nonentities... 4. ...none more so than the dick who is Chairman or whatever his pointless title is 5. Nothing that Quayle has to say is worth paying attention to 6. The “President” of Tynwald is a puffed up, pompous Scotsman who serially failed to be elected to the U.K. Parliament so now infests ours with his vacuous opinions. 7. Anyone who can’t find a better purpose to spend their time today than attending Tynwald just isn’t thinking hard enough. There; I hope that was helpful.
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    Bit like me and my missus
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    Can we not just use the £18m to pay down more of the debt, and revisit this when it is paid off?
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    If their role is scrutiny then that sometimes involves rocking the boat.
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    No, Stu, it isn’t. The media used to separate news, fact reporting, from opinion. The distinction is still valid. However most times what is presented as news is in fact opinion. In the case of this gentleman it’s all opinion. Is his opinion worthy of even being brought to the attention of audiences, and if it is presented, doesn’t it require the most rigorous challenging and testing?
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    Today I attended the hozzy for my bi-annual check for my P/C, I was diagnosed with this in 2010 so I've been getting a little pissed of with the "active surveillance" protocol,but I'm now into my eighth year so what the hell, i was met once again by the consultant Mr Upsdell who said "what are you on? your PSA has come down from 12.8 to 6.5 and has not been this low since diagnosis", I replied I am using my "own" homeopathic meds doc, what's your opinion? "Keep doing whatever it is your doing", and then informed me my bi annual check would now be annual,so a good day for a nice change.
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    You are correct, its perfectly simple, if you work all your life and pay tax and NI etc etc never claim any benefits of any kind, the moment nature renders you incapable of caring for yourself the state steps in and seizes the rest ! If however you lie on the sofa and watch Jeremy Kyle and do eff all then you are taken care of from cradle to grave ! My wife parents were both in care costing the family a huge amount of money and they were accompanied by people who had hardly worked a day in their lives. For me its Denmark and 9k goodnight Vienna !!
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    This is true. I have been in and around a few of these situations over the years, but when the government forms about a third of the economy as it does here, whether it's doing anything useful or not, how can it be otherwise? It does stick in the gullet somewhat that these people, who are to all intents and purposes fireproof, have the power to send businesses to the wall and employees onto the dole in order to export the financial strictures of the government to the private sector while they themselves sail on in gilded splendour with their guaranteed taxpayer funded salaries and index linked pensions. We urgently need to see much more sharing of the pain by those within the walls of Central Government Offices rather than them just dishing it out to those outside, whilst announcing (ludicrously) that everything is peachy with the Island economy.
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    Ok, things a nationalised Steam Packet need to do: 1) Stop charging the earth for horrid coffee 2) Move the 'Vistitor Experience / Welcome Centre' on-board the vessel: you've got a captive audience for 4 hours, if you can't upsell stuff to them there then you won't have much joy with them dropping in to the Sea Terminal days later 3) Join the experience up: this is the first glimpse of the Isle of Man, what it has to offer and it's example of hospitality: historically, the Steam Packet has been the most miserable experience for people coming to and leaving the Island, this needs a total overhaul 4) Sort out that awful 'dog room' next to the banging doors and toilets which is noisy and stinks. Most people who are bringing their dogs on holiday with them are responsible dog owners. You do not need to fear them! In short: up your customer-facing offer. It's pretty grim at the moment, and there is huge scope for improvement. The Steam Packet have no reason to do it in the past - they just want to ship people here and rip them off - but this should be treated as an opportunity, not continuity.
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    It's a massive step forward. The Boys Club has become a Boys and Girls Club. That's progress for you. Enough to last us another 20 years, probably.