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    A bloke spent a lot of his own money at Jurby and has had some tremendous stuff up there, like the Joey Dunlop exhibition, and the wall of bikes. why do we have to spaff taxpayers money on this?
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    I can see the English building the tunnel to the Island. The Irish building the tunnel to there. Then road between the two being closed for a motorcycle race.
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    When anonymity was introduced for victims of sexual assault or rape in the IoM, 30+ years ago we also introduced anonymity for the person charged unless and until they were found guilty. I can’t remember why it was changed back. Legally I think anonymity, ie not being named until convicted should be a right of all defendants. With modern media they are pilloried by the digital equivalent of the lynch mob. Its common in other countries, such as Germany. No reporting or identifying until end of trial. It isn’t an attack on freedom of speech, it’s protecting someone who is still innocent. As for similar fact evidence, people with the same experience coming forward, I’m not convinced whether it outweighs false memory syndrome. Very difficult balance?
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    Well thanks for that. However, I disagree that I don’t have a perspective. I actually think the dismantling of the north western rail lines in the 70’s was a strategic mistake. I also think the Island has some incredible heritage, scenery and locations. There are some early signs of some real new impetus in focus on both the enjoyment of locals, and the benefit of tourists. However; We are dealing with the here and now. The Island is in a dire mess, across all sectors, and in respect of the horse trams, the time had come to draw a line. DBC actually demonstrated more strategic perspective than IOMG in this case. There are limits to the amount of money that can be literally pissed down the drain, and as we are using the health service in our conversation, 300k equates to around four GP’s or ten nurses. and where did the suggestion that I knew anything about the health service come from? I only worked alongside practitioners daily, and closely for twenty years, and do so daily now. And as for wider Manx life, working in the public sector, seeing first hand how departments ‘work’ and paying my taxes as a resident. Yes, I suppose you are right - clueless! and as for the boat in the morning quip - probably the biggest indictment of what remains wrong with the place. I only offer opinion. I’d be enlightened to hear an expansion of yours some time. Im sure we all would.
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    People want to help but like teapot says they don’t want to get off their arse to do it. I would have welcomed a hand on the shovel this week. Howard came close but as soon as I turned the hose on he disappeared. It was Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday when help would have been most welcome. The homes were contaminated with sewage and there was no water or electric. A few flasks, some clean cups and a slice or two of cake would have helped to keep moral and energy up. The loss adjusters were quick to arrive, then the skips and once the houses were empty there wasn’t much that could be done until the contractors started. Most of it was standing around, cold, wet and miserable so yes, some food and hot drinks would have been good but everyone was in too much shock to think about it. There were three or four without insurance and one of them lost the entire downstairs. Maybe crowd funding would help them? I don’t know. I lost my garden and my car. I got offered 150quid for my car. Another battle for tomorrow for me but a friend has given me a car and that seems to be the way it’s going. Everyone helping everyone else in any way they can without fundraising. I hosed the shit off my garden and nature and spring will do the rest. Someone turned up last night with six bags of wood and the night before a Tupperware dish with a hot dinner in it This is what was needed and it was the community who provided not an internet crowd funding page. But fair play to them for doing what they think is helpful. These things often don’t end well. Let’s see how this one goes
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    You can bet your bottom dollar that a la horse trams, we will have bought a job lot of the junk ones off a bloke at some energy supplier in the UK who saw where things were going, and we will crack on blindly, installing them against all available evidence.
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    A low point has been plumbed on MF by the sneering condemnation of this man. I don’t know Mr Cringle. I have never met him. As far as I know makes no pretence regarding his age ,yet the term “geriatric “ is used against him as a term of abuse. Not only offensive to him, it is to any of his generation. Those that follow the “baby- boomers” should reflect.As the need to keep working longer and longer progresses and they find they are unable to retire , they will become the “ old” and resented as clinging on to their jobs.Some attitudes will have to change. I have no idea of his ancestry. It no more my business than anyone else's, yet the term “in- bred” is casually ,if obliquely, tossed in. Even a low estimate of his IQ is asserted, and if that isn’t enough, he is absurdly derided as being part of the establishment /“ruling class “. Well, I find his articles well- researched, well written and amusing.He speaks well on radio and his presentations are very professionally crafted. - There are some on MF who could do well to study his technique. Keep going, Terry!
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    As older, more lucrative (for the Govt) vehicles are disposed of, the currently lower rates for the (allegedly) less polluting ones will rise to maintain revenue. Including electrics. Sure as eggs are eggs. It's less about the environment and more about money. How can a BV Merc Citaro bus, running 12hrs a day and paying only £166 a year be less polluting than a 1.4 Fiesta rated at £180 a year doing 1+1/2hrs a day for the daily commute, for example?
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    I hear somebody has sent a letter and nobody can remember what to do with them so they all just panicked and hit the fire alarm.
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    No rear seatbelts and several non-standard modifications. Speeds of 140, being filmed. Why do you ‘feel a little’ for him? He’s reckless, and his recklessness is clearly pre-meditated. I hope they throw the book at him.
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    There was a public meeting for residents on Wednesday night, someone also posted a letter to me so I can send it to the government by way of objection. I’ve been ‘on the phone’ to the government telling them they need to do something before a child is killed & this mad cap scheme is the best they can do? Poor show. The fat kids (and they are) are ferried to the school by their fat parents in their stupid cunty 4x4’s it’s time to make them walk or provide better bus services. I lived by St Ninians and walked or bussed it to school at Balla almost every day, no hardship at all.
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    Far too many splendid old trees have been felled recently. I hear nothing but chain saws all day. The area is already over developed. To destroy the last bit of green space in the area will be sacrilege, but they will no doubt press on. Why not fill in the empty areas in town first to house the non existent new immigrants?
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    We'll have to wait to see the actual judgment to see the Deputy High Bailiff's reasoning and whether this has wider implications. It's surely a coincidence, but the fact this has come out the same day that it has also be discovered that the guy is in discussion with the AG's Office over the Ramsey Marina, doesn't really look good does it?
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    Daphne Caine is presenting a petition from Some scholars from Ballakermeen school to Tynwald on Tuesday asking for a select committee to be set up to look into the feasibility of having Syrian refugees on the Island . Does this woman ever give up ? she has now got children on side who have no idea what it would involve, she brought the matter up last year and it was turned down. The Island has already given one and a half million pounds since the Syrian crisis started. I think these children are entitled to a point of view.....when they start putting some money in the pot. They probably dream of rescuing children of their own age coming over here and living happily ever after, interestingly I read of some refugees that had been adopted by a Scottish Island had all left....do not know where they went because they could not stand the weather and could not find jobs. Emotional blackmail should not be practiced on the young and gullible....out of order.
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    Is the more important factor that for far too long a blatant lie was used to try to prevent ongoing investigation as to why decisions had been taken? This has to be almost as bad as when that scoundrel Eddie Teare claimed that he had "ballance the budget" when all that he had done was to further raid reserves. It's nothing short of institutionalised dishonesty across the board.
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    I'm with you on this one, Sidney: I finally got around to giving a listen to the NEW SOUND of Manx Radio. Wowwww! Now I know why they were bigging themselves up for several months before the relaunch. It is absolutely amazing - loads of new presenters and innovative features! The early morning guy does a feature where listeners text in if their car reg number adds up to the same number as the one he has just pulled from his random number generator.(This NEW item should not be confused with a feature he has been doing for several years.) There is also "Where's Where's Where's Where's Wotton, Where's Where's Where's Where's Wotton?" Here the listeners have to guess where Ms Wotton is. This is nothing like the little comp that Brindley used to do several years ago.(Possibly called Maps to Mind.) Other "new" items are Guess The Mystery Sound, Guess The Mystery Voice, Radio Charades, Yes-No Interlude. And amazing prizes, such as a pen, mug or car-sticker! It is good to know that The Nation's Station is not afraid to try new cutting edge original ideas. (I can hardly wait for some other new programmes such as: "Lunchtime Lucky Dip", "Know Your Parish", "Kelly's Eye", and "The Green Scene")
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    Jebus, they must have been quick with the camera to get that footage. There's a better chance of seeing that missing Red Panda from the Wildlife Park.....
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    Well said. Any normal society, parliamentary assembly, or media, would have relentlessly pursued Quayle over precisely the points you raise. However... I’ve genuinely reached the point of despair with this government and, probably more so, the failure of Tynwald to hold it to account. But that’s occurred of course because they’re essentially the same thing. The 50% turnover of Keys membership at our last election has, in fact, proved to be a disaster.
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    No, being locked up isn't a punishment, certainly not for repeat offenders. Lets take the notorious Mr Varey as a prime example - his life, in prison, is far more 'comfortable' than it is outside, so ultimately, someone will suffer, so he doesn't have to. He puts other people at risk to support his own lifestyle, and we call this punishment? Tell me, how exactly has this guy been reformed by the penal system, having been a repeat resident at Her Majesty's service? How should his victims feel knowing that when he's outside, he is a risk to others, and whilst he is inside, he is in a place where he has no worries, no stresses, and can enjoy a standard of life which is unachievable for him outside? It is a lose-lose situation for his victims, and a win-win for him, so unless there is a change whereby his punishment is proportionate to his crime, there is no encouragement whatsoever for him to correct his ways. Perhaps next time he decides to introduce someone to a knife edge, and kills them, we will all take solace from the fact that he is once again in prison, apparently reformed, because everyone decided to give him a hug and reassure him its okay to terrorise people. I do however agree that sometimes, a more positive experience inside can lead to a reformed character. How to differentiate between who deserves a supportive network, and who deserves to be treated like a piece of shit is quite a task, but that is no excuse whatsoever to treat a murderer to the same standard of life to someone who got caught nicking a neighbours pint of milk. The fact still remains that punishment should fit the crime, so in the case of violent crimes, sexual crimes, or any other such abuse should not be rewarded with an xbox, overindulgence of Basset's finest, and a pair of jeans which make your arse seemingly change shape.
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    Well, when someone has punched you repeatedly, kicked you, stomped on you, followed you home, intimidated your family etc, i'm sure and reasonable victim would sleep easy knowing that he spent 10 months in the nick playing on a playstation, and is now an angel sent from above to spend the rest of his days being wholesome member of the community. Sorry, not buying. I had sustained contact with this individual, and know his act inside out. Charming, friendly, helpful etc (exactly as he comes across on the programme) as long as you turn a blind eye to his shenanigans. Then, in the blink of an eye, you are on the receiving end of one of the most vicious individuals out there. Only thing I hope is that next time he's playing with kitchen utensils, he's on the receiving end, as that's what his life of crime deserves, not a few months in prison 'with privileges'. Funny thing is, I never reported him to the police. Having now seen this programme, i'm glad I didn't - would have been rewarding him for his behaviour, and that, says it all, about our 'justice' system.
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    Goldsmith is a repeat offender. Who is back in the papers again today and happily wandering around Strand St. No doubt someone who will be back inside at some stage too. All this series has done for me so far is demonstrate how poor our rehabilitation rate actually seems to be. Virtually every one of those featured in the series has been in more than once so it does seem rather odd that the main political justification we seem to find for allowing this embarrassing series to take place in the first place I s the focus our ‘success’ at rehabilitation.
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    I'd rather have trees, green grass, hedgerows, wild flowers, birds, bees etc Selfish I know No doubt Minister Thomas will tell me just how wrong I am
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    The question that needs answering is why did Quayle spinelessly fold over the imposed quotas on the Scottish boats last year? The quotas and measures were worked out on sustainability grounds and announced. Jockland kicks off, there's a meeting with Krankie and suddenly all those scientifically worked out measures go out the window. Why, Howard? What thrall does Krankie hold you in? Photograph opportunities? If it had been the fecking farming community you'd have happily thrown millions at it in support and GRANTS.
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    Because like every other local business they put a random motorcycle in their shop window. I notice that undertakers don’t.
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    @gettafa OK, my leukaemia wasn’t terminal, but during the 9 months Chemo in the community I continued working part time, chaired several tribunals. I was tired, suffered from fatigue, but paced myself. Worked a day, had two off. If it comes back I’ll continue. Normality is good for morale and recovery.
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    Apparently they've found a business plan and a bag of money in a big jiffy bag leading to mass shock and hysteria http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=53308
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    The same sort of obfuscation as applied to the farmers grants FOI requests ! It seems that Government know perfectly well that some of its actions would not sit well with the plebs (electorate) so obfuscate around it ! Remind me again about the Gov approval figures I wonder why !
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    There needs to be more social housing built, houses and flats, instead of letting Dandara plunder the Island so they can sell to second home owners to rent out at ridiculous prices government housing stocks should be increased so that people on a low or medium wage can have a reasonably priced roof over their heads. The most important things are Health, Living accommodation, decent food and an all around good education. These four things are the corner stones of a caring and progressive society.
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    Chris Thomas will be along in a bit to tell us it's not really £11 that's just how the stats make it look and it's actually the best value in Britain.
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    The usual collection of idiots who want to return to the 'spuds and herrin' days of yore in their Isle of Man sweatshirts and unkempt grey hair blowing in the wind..
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    TT Exhibition should be at the Grand Stand to encourage out-of-season visitors
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    This is obsfucation on the road safety debate. As posted earlier, 95% of collisions are down to driver error. MOTs have a negligible effect on the causation factors of RTC. The ‘Safer Vehicles’ element of Safe Systems, which is part of our national Road Safety Strategy (remember that?) focuses primarily on the crash worthiness of the vehicle and encourages drivers to buy safety ones. Whereas cars that are poorly maintained will ‘crash worse’ especially if their structure is compromised by corrosion, the impact on overall serious and fatal figures. I cannot ever recall attending a collision caused by someone having one headlamp not working. The focus, drive and effort needs to be on improving driver standards, and the fatal 4 of speed, drink driving, mobile phones and seatbelts, along with making our routes safer. Collisions have fallen for the last two years, but I think this is in spite of anything done in the name of road safety to date. We’ve seen fluctuations in the past. We have seen some good work and shit weather during TT, which has helped, and Gary Roberts is giving strong signals that more pressure needs to be applied to improving safety during the Motorsport festival periods. Whether he overcomes the political intransigence that is ultimately costing lives, remains to be seen.
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    Let's be honest here - it's both. Yes Longworth should have been told that no extra effort would be made to help any running of the horse trams during the works and any operations should fit around the work rather than the other way round. And he should stop trying to micro-manage and interfere under the delusion that he is the expert on everything (I see the Cabbage is out of action again). And he should be stopped in his fantasies of running the MER on the horse tram tracks. (And of course he should have been gotten rid of years ago). But the fact he can get away with this sort of behaviour is only a symptom of the real problems. The project has been marked from the start with poor planning, a lack of urgency, an inability to look at how things work on the ground and a complete disregard for those affected by their actions. none of which is any surprise because the main purpose of such projects is to sustain and increase the departmental budget and keep the management and their mates in the style to which they have become accustomed. As a result failure is better than success because everything can be done all over again. And there are never any repercussions except increased salaries and self-importance.
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    Are you SERIOUS? This highlights nothing short of corruption. Corruption is binary. It either has taken place or it has not. This should trigger resignations and one individual in particular. Skelly.
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    But people have got hurt. Some businesses have nearly gone to the wall. People have lost income, and some people have been laid off by their employers because of the mess they have created to keep trams that lose money anyway running. Then it’s revealed they they didn’t even have to run them!
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    Every time I drive through Castletown I flick two fingers at anyone who looks at me. Naturally they’re bemused by this. Soon, they’ll work out it’s because they elected this fucking halfwit.
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    I hear ambleside has donated a 30 foot section of dry stone wall.
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    They could earn more than that on a fri sat night delivering pizzas. To expect loyalty and commitment from someone on a zero hours contract is naive in the extreme.
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    Thank you - that’s been totally fucking evident from the very first minute this was mooted and not one person has said what you’ve said. And foremost among the culprits are our supine, idiotic fucking shit-useless media who’ve peddled this ‘by-pass’ bullshit for all it’s worth.
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    +110% There's something perverse about IOMG. I wonder how much lower they're prepared to sink to whilst the rest of us have to deal with reality? Whoever you are (that authorised this), you need to fess up and explain why you thought this was such a good idea. If the Prison is actually run on the lines portrayed in the program then I think you should expect a backlash.
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    I think we should get Howard, or whichever Minister is in charge, to write the Iranians a stiff letter.
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    Sucked into the intake would be game over
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    Rob Callister will be Chief Minister and deservedly so.
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    One of the skills of highway planning should be that roads are designed so that even poor drivers will handle them as safely as they can, not so that good ones (or ones who think they) can drive fast. Blaming the drivers would be rather missing the point, because the layout should discourage them behaving like that. Perhaps some of the problems with Richmond Hill are caused by the DoI being infected with TT-itis and thinking that every road should become a racetrack, but it's probably more that they lack more general skills to design and implement their ideas. Certainly it never seems to have occurred to them that water runs downhill. I suspect they have an idea what a 'proper' road looks like (a motorway over a nice flat and dry landscape) and simply try to get as near to that as they can, irrespective of need, topography, local conditions, weather, safety or cost. Especially cost.
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    I think they all clubbed together to give a man called Jonathan and his family somewhere to live. A heartwarming story if ever there was one.
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    You know for a while I forgot what a vile and cancerous individual you were. And then you post one of the most hateful, tone deaf and insidious things I have ever read on this forum.
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    he must be one of those lovable rouges who for some unknown reason ( has he died ? ) if he did read what was being typed here is incapable of creating a login to MF and responding.. also tied to river pollution, 16 investigations and a 7.5k fine. a real decent bloke, we need more of those around.
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