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    The people I feel sorry for are the householders who thought they were going to be getting a nice picture of "a child reading a book, to tie it in with the library", and instead got a 70s Prog Rock album cover.
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    Not stealing but morally wrong. I did without in the early years to provide a home for my family. For this, I can expect Thomas and his gang to sell my home to pay for my care. Those that didn't bother buying a property get it for free.
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    And yet we still need £300,000 spending at the airport so less passengers suffer less delays £80,000,000 spending on the port to process less passengers £30,000,000 on the Liverpool dock £11,000,000 on a cruise terminal i genuinely fucking despair at how much managing a total decline in everything is costing the taxpayer to be ‘managed’ by people who are basically fucking clueless.
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    What next? A minister getting pissed and throwing up on a bus just after warning the public not to get too pissed? Nah that would be ridiculous.
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    Should be capped at £25k (remember that this is in addition to state pension), and lump sum capped at £75k. This would be seen by the wider population as at least more acceptable. It is only a small percentage of government pensioners receiving grotesque amounts and it is getting the rest tarred with the same brush.
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    Blimey just had to wash my car using baby wipes instead. 72 flushes it took to get them all down the bog but glad to be doing my part.
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    Not sure of the appropriateness of the forum’s legal expert posting screenshots from my FB page. Read the t&c’s recently JW? But yes, it was me. Most impressed with the professionalism of the SP staff who helped me do what I could. Also impressed with the amount of kit/drugs they carry - puts airlines to shame. Captain and I decided returning to IOM was the best course of action. I handed over to paramedics who were waiting for us at the port, and then went back on the boat to restart my trip. Hope the chap’s OK.
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    The joke amongst all this is the airport was furnished with millions upon millions of pounds to cope with the projected 2 million PAX plus per year by now ! It can't even deal with two easy jet flights in proximity ! I despair at the lack of accountability anywhere in the CS or government it really is a joke !
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    If you don't like the TT why not form a group, elect a chairperson, spokesman, treasurer. Then get the treasurer to buy the 43 boat tickets for you all to fuck off on the boat tomorrow.
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    Easy to increase visitor numbers - take control of the boats and discount ferry crossings massively. I suspect the SPC is the main reason for the decline as they have shareholders to answer to who are only interested in sweating their assets, and such a vital part of our economy and infrastructure should be owned by the people.
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    if only all that countryside care scheme money had been saved for buying in food and bedding for livestock during a bad year. if only animals could live off holiday cottages and range rovers there'd be no problem feeding them.
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    When I think of the number of so called politicians who rode into the House of Keys in September 2016 on the back of implementing change and Lord Lisvane's review, this just makes me want to throw up. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=42003&headline=Tynwald rejects Lisvane reform&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2018 You bunch of hollow, gutless, slimy, self congratulatory cowards. You are all a disgrace to this island!
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    This is typical of the attitude that perpetuates the myth of 'balls of steel, heroic, living life to the full, motorcycle road racers'. It's not compulsory to risk one's life in order to make the most of it.
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    Ok let’s clear a few things up... 1. The Tynwald ceremony is utterly boring 2. The “fair”, as identified, is a tacky and tasteless cocktail of dreary charity stalls and junk food outlets 3. Mec Vannin are an irrelevant entity, formed by nonentities... 4. ...none more so than the dick who is Chairman or whatever his pointless title is 5. Nothing that Quayle has to say is worth paying attention to 6. The “President” of Tynwald is a puffed up, pompous Scotsman who serially failed to be elected to the U.K. Parliament so now infests ours with his vacuous opinions. 7. Anyone who can’t find a better purpose to spend their time today than attending Tynwald just isn’t thinking hard enough. There; I hope that was helpful.
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    Bit like me and my missus
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    Can we not just use the £18m to pay down more of the debt, and revisit this when it is paid off?
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    If their role is scrutiny then that sometimes involves rocking the boat.
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    No, Stu, it isn’t. The media used to separate news, fact reporting, from opinion. The distinction is still valid. However most times what is presented as news is in fact opinion. In the case of this gentleman it’s all opinion. Is his opinion worthy of even being brought to the attention of audiences, and if it is presented, doesn’t it require the most rigorous challenging and testing?
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    I can’t fathom how it’s sane to fine someone £400 if they’re so poor they’re nicking stuff worth £6.50. Some form of community service order would be better wouldn’t it? May even give her a positive line on a CV and lead to a job.
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    I find all such things bizarre - people holding 'vigils', memorial laps, visiting graves on birthdays etc. I've lost loved ones, but have never felt the need to make a show of remembrance on anniversaries. I can think about them any time using just the power of my mind. A lot of the modern fascination with such things, post-Diana, is what is now called 'virtue-signalling'. I do accept however that I may be in the minority holding this perspective.
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    Ok, things a nationalised Steam Packet need to do: 1) Stop charging the earth for horrid coffee 2) Move the 'Vistitor Experience / Welcome Centre' on-board the vessel: you've got a captive audience for 4 hours, if you can't upsell stuff to them there then you won't have much joy with them dropping in to the Sea Terminal days later 3) Join the experience up: this is the first glimpse of the Isle of Man, what it has to offer and it's example of hospitality: historically, the Steam Packet has been the most miserable experience for people coming to and leaving the Island, this needs a total overhaul 4) Sort out that awful 'dog room' next to the banging doors and toilets which is noisy and stinks. Most people who are bringing their dogs on holiday with them are responsible dog owners. You do not need to fear them! In short: up your customer-facing offer. It's pretty grim at the moment, and there is huge scope for improvement. The Steam Packet have no reason to do it in the past - they just want to ship people here and rip them off - but this should be treated as an opportunity, not continuity.
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    Nearly £50,000 total plus the inconvenience (and probably a lot more than just inconvenience in many cases) and the robbing twats get a few months each, already laughably inadequate sentencing which I guess will be halved again with good behaviour.
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    https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/former-health-minister-voices-concerns-over-abortion-reforms/ What a bloody good job this wretched, undemocratic woman is no longer Health Minister (for all sorts of reasons!). Just think of the obstacles, delay, opposition and all-round heel-digging-in stunts she'd try to pull concerning abortion if she was. For a woman politician to still be attempting to deny the women of the Island an opportunity to simply have parity on abortion law with the UK is frankly disgusting. What a disservice to the public the election of this person was.
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    Plans look good though....