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  1. UniSol

    SSL Enforced

    Let me know if this breaks anything. https://www.searchenginejournal.com/chrome-browser-https/253801/
  2. Hola if I've broken anything.
  3. You can find some information regarding the changes here - https://invisionpower.com/news/9737-ips-community-suite-41-preview-available/ Please report any bugs here. Cheers
  4. I've applied the latest point release patch to the forum software and renewed the SSL cert used for logins. Let me know if anything is broken. Cheers
  5. I've relocated the website and it could take 24 hours before all users see it at the new location. Anyone getting the 'Account Suspended' page are still visiting the old location and will have to wait.
  6. Work in progress - I may need to move the site to a new server.
  7. Link me some broken content and I'll try to fix it.
  8. There are problems with the host storage and I expect to be able to migrate it off in the next few days. I didn't want to perform this work last week whilst I was traveling.
  9. UniSol

    We've moved!

    Check your junk, potentially your mail system is learning the new IP source for the Manxforums.com domain.
  10. UniSol

    We've moved!

    We've moved the website to another data centre due to issues with the previous upstream provider. You should find access speed and reliability much improved. Enjoy Uni
  11. UniSol

    Internet issues?

    Mine is fine too, but during the day usually was.
  12. UniSol

    Login over HTTPS

    If you've forgotten it, or like many rely on browser saved - you can use the Forgotten Password function.
  13. UniSol

    Login over HTTPS

    Whilst I was beavering away with infrastructure improvements post-Feb-outage, I thought I might as well add some peace of mind for those security consciences out there. I can add optional two factor authentication with Google Authenticator if there are enough people out there who would like it use it. As with SSL there is a annual cost to the plugin.
  14. I've forced the login dialog over HTTPS - this means your credentials will be encrypted between your computer and the website during login. Regular browsing and posting remains non-secure due to the fact users will be linking to external content. If you haven't changed your password in a while, this is a friendly reminder. Cheers
  15. UniSol

    Internet issues?

    Thanks for jumping in Concrete