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  1. Note: Making your body text larger will assist selling your item - we're not a newspaper
  2. Thanks for reminder Attached is the NZB for last nights episode in 720p Heroes___3x14___A_Clear_and_Present_Danger.nzb
  3. Yeah I didn't mean to include the ledge which broke my Auto adjustment
  4. I unfortunately witnessed a biker collide with a car outside Century Court just now! The biker overtook my car which was waiting to enter the side driveway, while another car pulled out onto the Prom.
  5. UniSol

    Lens Flair

    Same place as the others, but zoomed
  6. I don't think house prices will ever go down, there is always a huge market for people wanting to move over here for retirement,low crime, better schooling and health system. If locals can't afford the houses, people from overseas just buy them instead. £200,000+ for a 1 bedroom flat in Douglas is definitely not ideal Also incredibly annoying that you pay the same amount for rent as you would a mortgage on same property at the moment.
  7. UniSol

    Lens Flair

    Stormy-innit Needed exposure, but the wind was blowing me off the roof balcony
  8. Reminds me of the golden days with Domicilium Between 5pm and 11pm my latency to the UK would be 300ms+
  9. It's available on the MSDN site. Even the WSUS download listing has been updated - Windows 7 is selectable for downloadable updates
  10. UniSol

    Lens Flair

    First shot with my new Nikon D60
  11. I was hoping this would a be a good Vin-D film, I was wrong Too short, predictable and very "Fifth-Elementy" 5/10
  12. UniSol

    Lens Flair

    It would be good if you could specify your camera below the image and possibly lens config.
  13. You should half your price at least if you want to sell a Intel P4 system.
  14. I have enabled the following plugins for use in the Blogs; Latest Visitors Shows the latest visitors to your blog Friends Displays a list of your friends' blogs Twitter Shows your latest twitter messages Last.FM Album Quilt Shows your Last.FM Album Quilt on your blog MyBlogLog Shows recent visitors to your blog Last.FM Recent Tracks Shows your Last.FM Recent Tracks on your blog Digg Shows the latest stories you've dugg. Google Shared Items Show recent entries from your shared items list Happy Christmas Uni
  15. I'm only interested in seeing Peter acquire those powers the Future-Peter used... Return of the invisible man would be good.
  16. I solved the problem for the moment, by moving two HDDs from the main SATA controller to the onboard RAID ports. I think the motherboard has had it, this is the second time I've had issues with the SATA ports. Perfect reason to upgrade. Thanks again to Stef for the Sysinternals link
  17. Nothings changed on the set-up, something must have degraded.
  18. There is no Symantec AV. 2Tb Storage. Could be the memory I too.
  19. It's flagged up Hardware Interrupts and Deferred Procedure Calls - I'll take it apart tomorrow. Cheers for the link - didn't realise we could still get these apps.
  20. Also note, I've stopped a bunch on non-mandatory services, with no fix.
  21. I have a 2003 server, which has recently started to use CPU time but has no process in Task Manager assigned to it. I really need to find out what's using it, as it's cause the server to run terrible slow. See attachment! servercpugrrrrrr.pdf Any ideas?
  22. My Live Messenger beta was upgarded today, to full 2009 http://download.live.com/messenger Enjoy
  23. I'm currently in Prague, but I've not had any reports of problems at home.
  24. I think everyone will go and watch it regardless. Surely it will be better than that bag of piss T3... At least Bale can act the part, not like that young John Connor who is an absolute flid.
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