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  1. I don't think house prices will ever go down, there is always a huge market for people wanting to move over here for retirement,low crime, better schooling and health system.


    If locals can't afford the houses, people from overseas just buy them instead.


    £200,000+ for a 1 bedroom flat in Douglas is definitely not ideal :)


    Also incredibly annoying that you pay the same amount for rent as you would a mortgage on same property at the moment.

  2. I have enabled the following plugins for use in the Blogs;


    Latest Visitors

    Shows the latest visitors to your blog



    Displays a list of your friends' blogs



    Shows your latest twitter messages


    Last.FM Album Quilt

    Shows your Last.FM Album Quilt on your blog



    Shows recent visitors to your blog


    Last.FM Recent Tracks

    Shows your Last.FM Recent Tracks on your blog



    Shows the latest stories you've dugg.


    Google Shared Items

    Show recent entries from your shared items list



    Happy Christmas



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