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  1. Hi Guys, Selling a computer just needs a pci-e gfx card. But comes with onboard graphics. Spec: 16Gb ddr3 patriot ram 4x 4gb 2TB western digital green hdd I7-3770 @3.50ghz never been overclocked Zalmen case Gigabyte GAZ77-DS3H motherboard Write master dvd drive All in good working order, just never used anymore. £350. SOLD
  2. Nothing will be fixed as there is nothing to fix?? Apps are created and if the creator only selects uk and doesn't specify the Isle of Man then we are not eleigable for it. We are are not part of the U.K. we just follow every move they do.
  3. I would just take out the hard drive and place it into a hard drive caddy. Ebay there are loads. Hard drive USB caddy, then you can access the hard drive from any computer and get the information you want providing it is readable. No need to worry about booting a computer from it then. Thanks Tony
  4. I am so impressed with these guys I just had to let everyone know! My MacBook Pro 15 retina developed a few pixel type marks when black light was shown, feeling these they felt like chips, non the less I thought I would fire an email off to Mannage as it's still under warranty. I got a prompt response and was told of the possible fault. I popped down a few hours later the guy (Matthew) came out and took my Mac off me to run some tests, 10minutes later he popped out and said they have ordered the part and will let me know when it's in. 3 days later I got a call, my part was in and can I dro
  5. From everyone I have spoken to they are great. I can't get it yet, but if you can go for it! Yes you need to shell out the money for installation, but if they can't install it then you get a refund no problems. There maybe a wait though as they are really busy with installations from what I am hearing. But will be getting my dad signed up asap as all he does is surf the net and doesn't need a landline anymore! Can save him £25 a month long term. Thats 300 quid a year!
  6. No need to reboot, after adding VPN just go to applications play store, force stop, clear cache and open it again. Yes it's a pain, I don't have the issue on my s4 though, it's usually down to the app developers not selecting the iom as an available country. Thanks. Thanks
  7. Retina for the win. It's a massive difference! Even on our iPad air it's just so much clearer. I also use an LG 27" super wide as an external display for programing etc. Great side by side but quality is less. I'm using the new mac book pro, i7. Highly recommend going for the newest with retina.
  8. I would definitely advise look at a Bike rather than a frame. The build up costs are normally quite a bit more than a complete bike. If you are wanting to hang fire a month or so the 2015 range is coming out so the 2014/2013 bikes will be reduced. Unfortunately for you... 54cm is quite a common size. However, bare in mind one companies 54CM is very different to another 54CM it completely depends on how they are measure. For example, I am a 56cm in one bike company and a 60cm in another...
  9. You can buy a brand new shimano brake (mineral oil, so less maintenance) for £44.99 from your local bike shop ;-), less the disc.
  10. Sounds like your router is having problems have you spoke to Wimanx? You will likely find its not Wimanx which is at fault but the router / wireless connection. I've never had down time with Wimanx and am online about 6-16hours a day.
  11. Head of system communications. Lmfao as if. I have nothing at all to do with Bluewave.
  12. Blah blah blah, moan moan moan. Always the manx way when people do something new or different. If your a computer geek that was super fast speeds. Then stay on Copper! if you're a web surfer than move to Bluewave simples!
  13. And most people will be connecting using sessions rather than passwords. When's the last time anyone entered their passy into mf? Slim am I right in saying Manx Forums has no SSL or TLS? So all logins and posts are not encrypted on here. You seem to know more about this stuff than most. Heartbleed vulnerable websites on the Alexa top 10000 https://gist.github.com/dberkholz/10169691 Slim, I login every time funnily enough! lol Correct, although the passwords are partially encrypted with a php algorithm usually, so they still need decrypting. Thanks Tony
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