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  1. It was an excellent week end. We camped through the whole week end. Would like to have seen more security in camping field. Having said that I heard that security did throw some knobs out in the early hours of Sunday. Yet again it was the minority who spoil it for the majority. I think a no generator rule would limit a lot of the noise. Maybe a seperate area for camper vans. Thanks to everyone who made it possible
  2. What is it with the mass duck migrations that take place in our rivers from time to time? I'm sure I saw you in Laxey with some mates hanging around the river.. I would like some reassurance that if I were to vote for you, you would not squander my vote by spending your time bobbing around on rivers.
  3. I thought you were calling me cheap!
  4. Harbour Lights in Ramsey, Peel or Port St Mary Harbour Lights clicky
  5. Love it. Keep him simmering away :-)
  6. I think Posters should just be themselves.
  7. I've always done it that way, and as recently as a couple of days ago. NB I know that the cold snap always catches the weak batteries out, but I've been told that one of the local automotive suppliers had a bad batch of batteries earlier this year. The mechanic that told me said he'd had to replace quite a few. I think he said they were 'Platinum' brand. I'm going to see if I've got my receipt.
  8. True. QI hasn't been going that long
  9. I am fairly sure that the second Pope was gay. Edited to add:- When I say fairly sure, it was one of the little gems that came from QI
  10. Love Lidl. Wish it would open over here.
  11. Thanks to all for their replies
  12. Clearly you've never been in the one in Port Erin. The aisles are about half-a-person wide. Aye. It's a bit of a bugger. You need to perfect some pirouettes just to get to the cream.
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