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  1. craggy_steve

    Sayle Gallery going into Administration

    off-topic ....
  2. craggy_steve

    Sayle Gallery going into Administration

    I think we have a busy and vibrant arts scene; music, theatre and visual arts all seem to punch above their weight for such a small island. I used to visit the Sayle exhibitions regularly and have spent a decent chunk of cash there but over the past few years the exhibitions have seemed less relevant to me / my tastes and insufficiently appealing to justify the hassle of a trek into Douglas. More generally I think that spending on art is linked to public confidence and discretionary personal spending, and both are less evident on the island than they were a few years ago. If the expensive end of the high street is in crisis, which it evidently is, then it would be unreasonable to expect arts vendors to be unaffected. Higher end jewellers, clothiers, gadget vendors (photography, hi-fi etc.) have withered on the island over the past decade. I guess the other factor is simply that fewer of us are going into Douglas to spend serious money because we're shopping via the Internet instead, leading to reduced footfall in Douglas. Main challenge with the Sayle in Douglas though has always been its location - the Villa is the wrong part of town for a contemporary gallery simply because the Villa area is a destination, not somewhere that gets much passing trade.
  3. craggy_steve

    Rex verdict

    ManxSPCA don't use a vet to do microchipping, they have got their own staff trained / qualified to do it.
  4. craggy_steve

    Rex verdict

    You can get your dog chipped by the ManxSPCA for a minimum donation of £15. The old annual dog license used to cost £20 which was discounted to £10 for dogs which were already chipped. So chipping "for life" can cost less than one year's dog license. Seems sensible and better for less well off dog owners.
  5. craggy_steve

    Enterprise Development Scheme

    Contrary to ugly rumours in another thread, Minister for Enterprise Laurence Skelly is alive and kicking, and has seemingly just kicked SPARK Impact off the playing field .... https://www.gov.im/news/2018/sep/21/changes-to-enterprise-development-scheme
  6. craggy_steve

    More IOM Government Spin

    Newsflash! Isle of Man Gov't to buy bigger carpet ...
  7. craggy_steve

    Hi-Fi Dealers?

    OK, I suspect they mean this stuff, not your regular WD40 https://www.amazon.co.uk/WD40-Drying-Contact-Cleaner-250ml/dp/B00KPUBO2S I prefer this https://www.amazon.co.uk/Servisol-701-100UK-Super-10/dp/B000KEB6WW and I might have an old can in the garage. Edit: I'm being thick. Whoever does the radio engineering at MR should have something ideal. You only need a couple of squirts. I don't think this repair service is that expensive if you like your kit. If I had a 33 & 303 I'd definitely think it good value. My Arcam amp has a dual-concentric volume pot which seems to be unavailable now, and I know it's going to fail one day.
  8. craggy_steve

    Charity Laws change considered

    There is a chunk of me (I am a (unpaid) charity trustee) which agrees with you, however we don't have the concept of Community Interest Companies (CICs) in the IoM companies legislation. That being said, the larger charities (Hospice, ManxSPCA) etc. necessarily have to employ people to deliver their front-line services, which in turn means paying for either in-house or outsourced HR and management to look after those people, and sufficient fundraising capacity to bring in the money to pay for them etc. Not all good works can be done on a solely voluntary basis, that really does limit the scale and scope of the good which an organisation can deliver, so I think the focus should be on the proportion of funds consumed by admin & fundraising vs. the delivery of actual charitable purposes - which has been scandalously high in some charities across.
  9. craggy_steve

    Hi-Fi Dealers?

    Was that on a Quad 33? Might be worth trying http://www.quadrevisie.eu/quadrevisie.html I nearly left school at 16 to work for Quad, Peter Walker took me around the factory then, some of their production techniques and philosophies were "interesting" - but they worked. Always had a soft spot for older Quad gear. My own aged system is largely Arcam Delta and Tannoy, still sounds great but I have to get the soldering iron out occasionally because it's over 30.
  10. craggy_steve

    What will happen to the old Whitestone Garage Site ?

    My bet is that Isle of Man Enterprises (Shoprite and the past owners of Whitestone) will turn it into a supermarket to capitalise on the new Ballasalla expansion and close their Castletown store.
  11. craggy_steve

    Charity Laws change considered

    Do not pay VAT on what? Basically there are some limited classes of supplies which charities may arrange with the supplier to purchase zero-rated or low (5%) rated if they are relevant to the delivery of the charity's charitable purposes - see https://www.gov.uk/guidance/how-vat-affects-charities-notice-7011#sect6 If you have been in societies which have charitable status and have claimed all their paid VAT back on a blanket policy then they probably owe the VATman for their incorrect overclaiming of VAT relief. I believe that if the VATman thinks the overclaiming has been intentional he can look back and recover up to 20 years of underpayments, plus interest, and may also impose extra penalties. There is no blanket VAT exemption for charities.
  12. craggy_steve

    Rally Under Threat...

    Director of DoI Highways Division. Heaven knows what the actual truth of all this is, but I'm getting the strong impression that DoI are pushing for more, more rigorous and complete, risk assessments and road closure process documents from the organisers, which require work effort beyond the capacity of the amateur volunteer organisers to provide. If so one could read that as DoI wanting more documentation to cover themselves, and pushing that burden onto the organisers. Obviously the organisers must provide adequate documentation, but if recent expectations of what is adequate have become more burdensome than what they have previously needed to provide then they're going to struggle with it.
  13. craggy_steve

    Police ready to race to the scene

    Used to have these on my RS, never needed to replace them
  14. craggy_steve

    Ronaldsway Airport

    Which radar?
  15. craggy_steve

    Island at War

    That would be contrary to our national economic development strategy. Gov't keeps telling us we need more people on the IoM.