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  1. Ha ha! Mrs Craggy suggested I start a station to cater for reactionary folk like me who have abandoned MR. Gave it 30 seconds thought. Anyone can set up and broadcast over t'internet - it's literally child's play. Maybe that's the answer, Manx Community Radio.
  2. Nope. Wikipedia's page on Foxdale was updated last night (probably a result of @hampsterkahn 's revelations herein). However Wikipedia preserves previous versions so please see https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Foxdale&oldid=916944120 which was the Foxdale page from 21st September until some meddling git interfered yesterday.
  3. New MR MD on MTTV Good on him for doing the interview. Confirms what I suggested earlier in respect of the new schedule, obviously going after an audience of which I am not part - so nice to be excluded - more to the point though he honestly accepts that MR are in competition with the other stations for advertising revenue, which seems to mean that we no longer have three radio stations trying to address separate segments of the audience in the IoM, because MR appears to be seeking to broaden its appeal into the demographic niches dominated by the other stations. Really not sure how that can work, a state subsidised station seeming to be in direct competition with the private sector for audience segments to bolster its advertising proposition. Not Mr Sully's fault, he's just here to make MR as successful as it can be within the rules set by Tynwald, but Tynwald need to get a grip. Either each station has its own target franchise / audience segment, or the market becomes a free for all with one having the advantage of state subsidy - ostensibly to do the PSB bit but nevertheless giving it a resilience and critical mass which the others cannot duplicate. Increasingly looking like the only rational solution is to take MR out of the commercial sector and fund it solely as a PSB.
  4. He's going to be disappointed if that's what he thinks. The BBC is no friend of the IoM. This smells like a Pyrrhic victory concealing a Trojan horse.
  5. I think a lot of folk turned off then either because they were leaving for work, or because they'd arrived. For many it was probably the only MR programme they reliably listened to. And as workers interested in IoM current affairs they were probably the most lucrative demographic on the island for advertising revenue.
  6. Just not my style. Music I don't like, continuity I didn't enjoy, news thin, I'm clearly not the target demographic. Came across like a poor imitation of Radio 2, which also gets the off switch, further diminished by the annoying adverts. I expect it has been researched and will suit some folks, but not for me. I got on OK with the old Mandate, I would turn on the radio to listen to that, but by default the radio is off, I switch it on to listen to specific content, I'm not a background radio listener.
  7. OK, so I tried the new MR. Not for me, I held out for 7 minutes of the breakfast show but I'm clearly not part of the target demographic so switched off. Turned on again for the news at 8, but I don't think that 5 minutes a day is really the listening time the new boss was hoping for and the news summary was thin - wanted to turn it off again but hung on in there for the whole 5 minutes to give them a fair trial, I guess I must be one of the Internet generation.
  8. Darn!, If they put that gig out to tender I missed it. When I were a yoof and sound engineer of a notorious onshore pirate station the jingles were recorded by me and my mate Hank, both "singing", both playin' guitar, in my bedsit and me doing the recording. Cost less than two pints of lager and a packet of crisps, and no complaints from the listeners Radio stars of today don't know they're born. Seriously, dunno how much these cost but I do wonder whether quite such lavish production is appropriate in these straightened times. I'm planning to listen to the new MR tomorrow to give it a chance, but as I previously only bothered turning on for Mandate and Talking Heads I'm not very optimistic.
  9. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=51360 Fairness of new rate reforms is questioned
  10. Not lauding England / UK at all. USA, France, Germany, Australia - name a first world country and the policy is much the same, they won't let you in unless they want you or you can prove that you will pay your way. Problem is that we are not part of the UK or financially supported by the UK, but anyone from the UK (68 million folk) can quit the UK and move here. Nearly half the IoM population is UK comeovers, including me, who did not need to immigrate into the UK but by being UK resident have the right to come and settle here. The immigrants who have come from outside the UK / EU and who actually have to go through the full immigration palaver are not the problem. And no, it wouldn't restrict Manx returnees - they already have the right to live here as does any immigrant who has previously resided on the island for 10 years. The Isle of Man passed suitable legislation in 2001, but has never brought it into force, see https://legislation.gov.im/cms/images/LEGISLATION/PRINCIPAL/2001/2001-0007/ResidenceAct2001_1.pdf . Don't know why this legislation was created, maybe the island was just following the model adopted by the Channel Islands.
  11. CTA predates the EEC, encompasses UK, Ire and CDs (which are not part of EU) and was not superseded by EC / EU legislation, Schengen etc, so it would remain in place if UK membership of EU falls away. No material change. UK and CD citizens may travel freely to RoI and vice versa. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_Travel_Area Nope, I'm not confident it will work either. Ireland would be an open door to / from the EU. There would have to be identity checks to verify nationality.
  12. CTA is supposedly unaffected.
  13. For England, read UK. Yep, immigration restrictions are potentially ugly, but they are widely considered necessary else the "best" countries to live in wind up with loads of passengers in the economy, overwhelmed public services, soaring house prices / rents etc. The UK has always had them and so have most other first world countries, but whilst the UK is in the EU the restrictions only apply to non-EU citizens. Americans, Africans, Arabs, Asians, Antipodeans etc. all have to jump through massive and expensive hoops to be allowed to live in the UK (and thus IoM).
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