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  1. I think Lxxx meant "these". Prices do seem to have increased significantly, nearly £500 for a fully flexible return to MCR. You can get a scheduled return Manchester to Los Angeles for less. Looks like Flybe are handing Easyjet more business. But then Flybe were in dire financial trouble on the basis of their previous pricing, so maybe some increases were to be expected.
  2. 17 medals in total. From such a small team this is simply stunning. Well done to all, they are outstanding https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-sport/special-olympians-to-return-home/
  3. Dunno what the relevant law is on IoM, but in the UK someone could have a case to answer on charges which if convicted could be punished by life imprisonment https://www.cps.gov.uk/legal-guidance/misconduct-public-office - rarely used but seemingly potentially applicable in this instance - I really do find it unbelievable that someone has not been charged over this matter.
  4. Newspaper article on the runaway tram brings most of the facts into the public domain for the first time http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=47456 Absolutely appalling. Clear gross negligence in servicing of the vehicles - microswitch failure due to age (and no failsafe), air brake pressure vessels not inspected for over three years FFS - even the pressure vessels in commercial espresso machines (as seen in most cafés etc.) are covered under the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations http://www.hse.gov.uk/pUbns/priced/l122.pdf and should be inspected at least annually. Also no risk assessments for the SMR, which are a mandatory H&S requirement. Can't quite believe what I've just read but if the CEO of DoI still has his job next week then Quayle and Harmer should resign - they cannot seriously allow him or his underlings to remain having recklessly endangered the lives of passengers and brought the department and island into disrepute.
  5. I've attended many very posh hospitality events across and I don't believe that this could not have been provided competitively in respect of quality, service and cost by on-island suppliers if the event organisers had been prepared to work with them. Yes we have a smaller market with fewer economies of scale, but between the motorcycle races and the other special events on island each year there's enough scale and the fixed costs of these event catering businesses are relatively low - posh marquees, catering equipment, guest seating and staff are all bought in on an event by event basis. Just another kick in the teeth for local industry.
  6. Stupid and sad. Good name & reputation lost - and for what? I suppose we should be thankful that he didn't injure anyone in a crash whilst uninsured.
  7. It's a pop-up at the bottom of the Booking site https://www.wtm360.co.uk/boxoffice/isle-of-man/
  8. These news stories seem to get hidden away in the Sports section on MR, but worthy of note. IoM sent 17 athletes to the Special Olympics and 3 of them have won Gold Medals so far. Simply outstanding. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-sport/another-gold-at-special-olympics/
  9. OFFS, not again. DfE have obviously signed up for a booking system provided across, with data stored across, and one of the dodgiest "Privacy" policies I've seen for a long time. GDPR compliant? Probably not. Still, the booking system operator doesn't handle your credit card payments - they have outsourced that but they don't tell you to whom they have outsourced it so anyone who uses this doesn't have the foggiest who else might get their data beyond the Event Organiser, DfE and the booking system operator "WebTicketManager".
  10. Yep. Partitionware is on island, and some of the Goshawk stuff is here because MT is the testbed / first deployment.
  11. Vannin Ventures is the bit with real growth potential. MT per se has a constrained market, whereas the Vannin Ventures Goshawk Communications technology which enhances telephone intelligibility for the hard of hearing has a global opportunity. It would be easy to imagine in 10 - 15 years that the Goshawk bit is worth more than the rest of the group, and it could be separated out and sold without impacting the MT provision of telephony services to the IoM. The other notable bit is probably Partitionware, which develops specialised systems for mobile network operators and again has global market potential given enough marketing dollars.
  12. Good spot. Essentially being bought by what looks like a Guernsey entity for £200M. Would provide the capital needed for infrastructure reinvestment, which sounds positive, but clearly the opportunity for another external fund to hold the IoM to ransom as happened with the IoMSPCo given that MT has the fixed line monopoly and infra inherited from BT. https://www.basaltinfra.com/recommended-cash-offer-for-manx-telecom-plc/ I'm surprised and disappointed but not astonished. I think there would have been other less controversial ways for MT to raise the infra capital it needs.
  13. The Wigan agreement takes no account of Hull Speed, and Hull Speed is the primary factor in how much propulsion energy is required, so to go faster affordably they obviously need to copy the Hull agreement.
  14. Selfishly, I would like to see more emphasis on the Irish tourism market. I'm sure we have more opportunity both ways than has been exploited in recent years.
  15. I don't think that there was any reasonable expectation of instant transformation. The SPCo was a foreign-owned monopoly cash cow preying on IoM residents, with another big re-financing in the offing which would have further increased the financial burden on users and freight. The needs of the owners were not remotely aligned with the customers and the profits were leeching out of the Manx economy. The transformation so far is: Profits retained in the Manx economy (albeit going into the Treasury) Owner and customer interests much better aligned and protected Which are genuinely two pretty big changes in favour of IoM residents & businesses. If the UA had expired without renewal we would have had a potential sea services crisis. If it had been renewed without significant changes then the SPCo would likely have changed hands again with a substantially increased debt burden to be paid for by customers. I would expect the new owner and directors to be cautious about re-jigging the commercially successful current operating model until they've got a few years under their belts and digested the cost of buying the business and re-investing in new vessels etc. The new UA includes 5-yearly reviews, so it can be revisited, but significant changes in services, fares or operating model are unrealistic in the first five years and we would all be whining like buggery if they cut fares now only to find that public subsidy was needed a few years down the line. Buying the SPCo was a strategic play with a lot of potential upside for the island, but enormous potential for cock-up. It's commercially successful and whilst it has scope for improvement like any business I would be hoping to see a conservative attitude from the directors along the lines of "if it ain't broke don't fix it". I'm actually surprised and encouraged by the modest fare re-jigging this soon - they may be modest improvements but they're modest improvements which will benefit many of us who use the ferries. New vessel by the end of 2021 sounds ambitious, but the SPCo has been working on the specifications for the BMC replacement for at least three years - and consulting with some stakeholders about that - so they may be further down the track than we realise. Next up, maybe we should take Manx Gas back into Manx ownership? :rofl:
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