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  1. Problem is not pensioners / retirees per se, but the disproportionate immigration of them compared with immigration of workers. I am retired, albeit a tad early, and very conscious that retirement massively reduced my tax conribution - no employers or employees NI for a start IoMG has modest corporation tax reciepts, which puts more emphasis on employee taxation in order to meet the cost of seemingly ever-increasing gov't spending.
  2. There is appropriate Manx Residency legislation already on the books, just never brought into force. I've harped on about this previously https://legislation.gov.im/cms/legislation/acts-of-tynwald-as-enacted/category/2-primary-2001.html?download=27:residence-act-2001&start=20 The IoM needs to drop Work Permits, which are an anachronism that dissuade immigration by the "economically active", and bring in Residency Permits which shall be granted by default to Workers. That would remove uncertainty for potential off-island job applicants while reducing immigration by retirees who currently face no barriers in coming to the island and inflating housing demand and health service pressures. I think it's the only "kind" way of fixing the economy and the dependency ratio. I had a chat with Alan Bell about this years ago over an informal coffee while he was CM; his opinion seemed to be that the motivation for Tynwald passing the Residence Act was fear of the IoM potentially being overrun with incomers as happened in Jersey, while the reluctance to remove the Work Permit restrictions was (is?) basically driven by politicians' fear (of losing their seats). Alf needs to man up and JFDI while he's feeling brave.
  3. That there is what DfE need to be publicising for their "Locate" promotions. Nothing else matters really. IoM doesn't need more retirees / old farts / TT fans, just a full-on worker immigration campaign in the same vein as Australia and NZ used to do.
  4. If you're not trolling then you are the problem. Yours is one of the most seriously disturbing posts I've ever seen.
  5. I was thinking along these lines early this morning, then I remembered that when living in UK I used to attend a lot of horse trials / one-day and three-day events - and I have seen plenty of people seriously injured or killed while competing in the cross-country phase. I've even won one myself long ago, so I know first hand what it's like, the thrill of riding "on the edge". Competitors take risks, mishaps happen and can be life-changing or fatal. In horse trials the course designers try to make the courses more "technical" these days, to minimise bad falls - but of course they still happen. Personally I think the TT needs a revamp to make it more relevant for contemporary motorcycling: more classes for lower-speed "greener" racing - fuel limits, more e-bike / zero-emissions endurance classes, more classes for Cat A2 license road bikes - look to the future because the evolution of the petrol superbike has pretty much stalled anyway, and that will naturally reduce speeds and fatalities. Celebration of achievement doesn't need to correlate with highest risk.
  6. Peanuts. £30M p.a. shortfall is only 3/7ths of a ferry terminal.
  7. Ha! No. But on the commercial front I have had experience of submitting bids when I'd been told by others that I would be wasting my time because XYZ Co. would be the winner - and sometimes they were correct.
  8. Errmmm. Maybe I had a little less faith than you in the online jobs system used by IoMG? Jobtrain, and IoMG's usage of it, have improved as a consequence of my previous criticisms and the ICO's intervention, but I'm a tad fussy about the data governance practices of 'officialdom'.
  9. Dunno if there's a blacklist, but I am certainly one of those who has made an application only to later discover that it never found its way through to the hiring Department. There are certainly many coincidentally similar anecdotes to be heard from others who have been vocal in expressing that Government's performance could be improved. https://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/business/my-application-to-join-new-agency-went-astray-221389
  10. Yep. That appalled me when I saw it. Maybe there is some valid reasoning behind the short sentence, but to my mind it was rape and should have been prosecuted and sentenced as such.
  11. Certainly this was a consideration for my wife and me. No disrespect to the medical professionals on the island, but the accessibility and responsiveness of the health service within which they operate seems to have significantly deteriorated over the past decade.
  12. That was merely more of Greenhow's megalomania. It may be now that CabO shrinks.
  13. Long overdue, and I hope Alf and Co have recognised the the huge depth of the public sector cultural issues and can carry their clean-up through all the way. I've gone, not a stakeholder anymore, wasn't prepared to wait, felt that Alf should have grasped this nettle as his highest priority as soon as he was elected CM. He's said some of the right things in that interview, it will take his full term and probably the commitment of his successor, but done well could stimulate a renaissance for the IoM.
  14. Not on my radar. Gobsmacked you're getting excited about it but I guess you know your own exposure risk profile.
  15. Ashford needs to go. So does Cannan. Cannan appointed Ashford to Treasury Minister despite having shared a full term with him in the Quayle CoMin, there is no way Cannan can claim to have been innocent or misled, he's essentially given Ashford the No. 2 spot in Manx politics; why, for what? When Cannan became CM succeeding Quayle there was a _possibility_ for improvement. Cannan dashed all hope of that very quickly, so he too is unfit for office in my eyes. CoMin and COG both need a rigorous clear-out.
  16. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/manslaughter-charge-against-four-anaesthetists-dropped/ Manslaughter charge against four anaesthetists dropped Deemster rules there was not enough evidence to secure 'safe conviction' Accusations of gross negligence manslaughter against four Manx Care anaesthetists, over the death of a patient, have been dismissed.
  17. "The court also found that Public Health England failed to tell ministers what they knew about asymptomatic transmission," she said. "Mr Hancock has frequently stated how he wished this had been brought to his attention earlier." https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-61227709 If IoMG, Magson, Cope & Ewart were so intent on following PHE as Dr Ranson repeatedly stated in her evidence to Tynwald , one does wonder whether Ewart was either fully informed by PHE, or perhaps similarly failed to inform ministers on IoM. Whatever, the High Court has clearly just trashed the reputation of the old Public Health England and its early Covid policies. Ranson's opinions look ever more credible.
  18. A story from an acquaintance ... few years ago so not verbatim, but definitely the gist ... "I was summoned to 10 Downing St, and sat on the sofa in Tony Blair's office while he explained to me the vision for NPfIT, and asked me to be the Programme Director. I questioned the resources and finances and [they] explained the budget, five and a half billion or so, which was all for systems development. I asked about the budget for staff engagement and training, explaining that I thought these were essential for the programme to succeed and would need funding. Tony replied that the NHS staff were 'our employees and will do what they're told'. I turned down the job because I didn't see how I could succeed without significant effort in bringing NHS staff on board". Anyway, therein was the foundation for failure of NPfIT, it never stood a chance, crippled from the outset by an authoritarian politician as project sponsor.
  19. It's a minority service, which a small number of consumers on the IoM have taken up because MT haven't reached them with fibre yet (if ever) and their DSL is awfully slow. I was lucky, my rural idyll was an early beneficiary of the fibre rollout, but if I were trying to WFH in an area with rubbish DSL and no fibre then I'd be a Starlink customer, the price is affordable if you need the speed.
  20. Politician was Tony Blair, IT Salesman was Bill Gates. https://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~rja14/Papers/npfit-mpp-2014-case-history.pdf
  21. May well be, with a marginal profit history over recent years and facing increased input costs now, that the primary value in the company is its assets, principally the land / buildings. In which case closing the business and flogging the assets could get a better return faster for the shareholders than attempting to sell the business as a going concern. Hypothetically, I have no inside info, but that would be my guess.
  22. IoM politicians managing, even if it's only "micro" managing? You's havin' a larff 😉
  23. Yep. Problem is that there are many more people getting infected with covid than would normally catch 'flu, and it seems to be circulation in society for a much greater proportion of the year. So on an individual case basis Covid may be statistically (slightly) less lethal than 'flu, but there are many more cases. Shows how well we (humanity) have done tho'. Before vaccines the original strain of covid was statistically c. 18 times more lethal than 'flu. Now it's c 0.9 times as lethal or thereabouts despite Delta and Omicron being more lethal than the original strain. Phenomenal achievement. If we could find truly workable measures to reduce spread then it really would "be over".
  24. Sad to say I think Putin's agenda is now clear. He doesn't give a shit about global opprobrium and sanctions, we're all pissing into the wind. His aim is to recreate the glory days of the USSR and if that means the New USSR is a global pariah with closed borders, captive subjugated population and almost zero external trade then so be it. That's what the old USSR felt like, and Putin was a happy bunny then. USSR vs Rest of World, it worked then, in his mind it could work now and would be better for Russia, and Russia has a good stockpile of nukes. Only question in my mind is which state is next on his list if he succeeds in reclaiming Ukraine. Obviously can't reclaim those which have since joined NATO without getting into a very big fight, but all the adjacent ex-Soviet non-NATO states are probably in play to create the largest bloc he can. I think the best hope is that he is assassinated by his own people, his control of Russia is nothing like as strong or extensive as the old Politburo used to have. Just my 2d. Utterly depressing.
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