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  1. I seen the Afro Celt sound system in the Melkweg a few years back... A very good venue. We also seen a break dancing championships there, it was really really good fun. Incredible skills!
  2. First Gig, Run DMC, Eric B & Rakim and LL Cool J = 1987 ish Manchester Apollo 2nd was ether Public Enemy at the Apollo or the Happy Mondays on Platt Fields I can remember because it all started to get hazy at that point... 1st on on the IOM was Reef. All very nice.
  3. My I also state that your icon thingy does have a face like a smacked arse.
  4. Thw C word beats the W word... You could resort the the TW** word!
  5. You have a face like a smacked arse! That little gem is my Dads favourite...
  6. Could we not export more meat? Good quality Manx meat could be marketed to posh British/Irish restaurants and the like!
  7. I've walked across the new public space thing behind RBSI and that was filthy! Broken bottles and food wrapping everywhere. What that that space for anyway, it's just a concrete splodge... I've also noticed how careless the bin men are when the collect around Governors Hill. Rubbish Rubbish Rubbish...
  8. Oh and the sweet ones get a squirt of lemon juice...
  9. I eat mine with ether Syrup or a sprinkle of sugar! I also munch them with a splodge HP Source for a savoury taste sensation!
  10. Buzzin, I can get me tracksuits from there....
  11. We built the ship canal to carry our crap downstream...
  12. I can't be bothered to rant...
  13. Yep, my partner is one of them. We were supposed to moving into a new family home on the 24th of March so I have just finished speaking to the back etc. as we can no long do this. We are extremely upset about this but we are sure that she will get sorted with something else. And it's not the whole marketing department but it's over 50%. I don't blame them it think it is market conditions and new legislation that have done the damage. Overall we are still positive.
  14. I stand to the left politically and I'm glad that Irving is getting punished. I also agree that his brand of filth adds fuel to the fire. Apparently he read the personal files of Adolf Eichmann and that changed his mind. I wonder how a man can know deep in is heart he is wrong yet still say the opposite.
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