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  1. The man's pathetic. Dear me.....
  2. Delayed till 5pm, so they can have a cuppa first.
  3. Probably not the Cabbage. 2 steamies were being taken to Port Erin today. It would have been a reliable diesel pulling them.
  4. So nothing left for maintenance.
  5. I thought it was the Chinese that are taking over the world. Watch out for them buying out even more companies now that their virus has caused massive devaluations.
  6. Your relative could die within 2 weeks of you getting here if you infect them.
  7. Where do you go to eat when it rains?
  8. New Zealand reacted fast and hard, and with a population of just under 5 million, they've only had 21 deaths. No-one is saying that they were "shut down everything loonies".
  9. I was behind someone yesterday on a road which has a statutory 40 mph limit on it. They drove at between 29 and 34 mph. When they got out onto a normally derestricted road, their speed varied between 30 and 33 mph. They approached a 30 mph sign at 33 mph and braked. Fair enough? Not really. I didn't brake and was doing 30 when I passed the sign. There's a slight upwards slope. He then exceeded 30 through the village, and left me behind! Out of the 30, and back up to 40? No chance. By the time I turned off, soon after, there were about 8 cars in a longtail queue behind. No overtaking chances, due to bends in the road, traffic coming the other way, etc.. No, not rush hour, some time after 10 am. People like that can cause accidents by making the people behind get fed up and take chances.
  10. It's another case of... You couldn't make it up. They have got lots of modern digging and roadlaying equipment. How long do they need ??? In 1893, with little more than shovels, and probably a few sticks of gelignite to clear some of the rocky bits, the Victorians managed to build the Manx Electric Railway, AND adjacent roadway, between Strathallan and Groudle. Work began in Spring 1893, and the service started on 3 September 1893. Oh, and in the time, they managed to build the car sheds at Derby Castle, too. Why can't they now manage to get a few hundred yards of road and track relaid the other way, through to the Sea Terminal, in less than what seems like a decade?
  11. I somehow suspect that the IOM is not the only jurisdiction with similar restrictions. It is very tough, but this is a very difficult situation. I have an elderly relative across, 89, who wants me to visit, but I can't. I have also had to miss a couple of funerals. It is very sad, but I am not whinging about it.
  12. Topic Page 666. Bodings, bodings
  13. Just a normal sort of guy, then.
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