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  1. monasqueen

    Monstrous old scrounger

    Those who are trying to find excuses for him are presumably fiddling the system themselves, and think it's fair game. He has enough nous to find somewhere to save the money, but is not intelligent enough to realise that had he spent it all, he would have got away with it. Now he should cough up, and let the money be used for someone who needs and deserves it. Benefits cheats should be put in the stocks. Benefits fraud is taking away money that people have paid into the system. Tax fraud is stopping money from getting into the system in the first place. From the sound of it, this feller is guilty of tax fraud too, if he has kept bank accounts, etc.. secret.
  2. monasqueen

    Monstrous old scrounger

    So he's squirrelled away his ill-gotten gains into bonds - that makes it even more apt for the court to order its appropriation back to govt funds. None of the 'issues' should be insurmountable when you are dealing with scum like that.
  3. monasqueen

    Wild goats

    If you take the MER tram north out of Laxey, you can see goats in the fields on both sides of the track. The ones that you don't get to see are those that are grazing down the cliff side. The main traffic problem will be at dawn/dusk, when they are most likely to be repositioning. Their numbers have been increasing over the last few years, as has the number of wallabies.
  4. monasqueen

    Monstrous old scrounger

    Surely the court has the ability to make an order for the amount to be extracted from the man's bank account/s?
  5. monasqueen

    Reynoldsway part 2. £80 million to spend on ports

    Tenders keep coming and going from/to cruise ships. Most passengers should be able to get ashore, as well as quite a few crew during their breaks. If there were only 20 on one, and it was evening, those were probably coming out for at least a second time. If they could only land 100 per visit, ships would not call anywhere.
  6. monasqueen

    Spies interviewed in Isle of Man

    Were they sheltering from the snow?
  7. monasqueen

    Tram & Bus Incidents

    Bet it was a local driver. They always seem to be the ones that ignore trams. On King Edward Road, you see them stopped on the hatch markings, across the tracks, from where they look for approaching traffic.
  8. monasqueen

    Reynoldsway part 2. £80 million to spend on ports

    Joe, who clearly walks nowhere, says that it will only be 1,000 metres away (not the half mile we have all been promised) and it will be just as convenient for the city centre. As for planning permission - does he think that the people in those twee dockside apartments nearby will welcome a ferry terminal on their doorstep? The man's in Cloud Cuckoo Land.
  9. monasqueen

    Plans for lord street

    Could be damaging. Sounds like something for Onchan race track. When does the fight start?
  10. monasqueen

    Horse Trams

    It's not his.
  11. monasqueen

    Ben My Chree and sulphure/NO2 emissions

    Why just pick on Ben my Chree? Manannan uses lots more fuel. Alright, it's better grade, but have you seen it leaving port, creating its own smoke screen? It's not exactly a green machine....
  12. monasqueen

    Horse Trams

    The one at Dobeln in Germany is the only other one in a proper roadway. It is a fairly recent re-creation, and only operates about 6 days a year. The one at Victor Harbour goes across a half mile causeway, and the horses (which are unshod) walk on rubber matting. A big difference between ours and all the others is that our horses go a lot faster. All others are restricted to walking pace, unless they get spooked :-0. I've been on one of ours that got spooked, and it set off at a gallop, only a short distance, till it got reined in, but it was quite impressive!
  13. monasqueen

    Plans for lord street

    It's an ideal spot for a bus station.
  14. monasqueen

    Steam Packet Warns Of Disruption To Sailings

    Perhaps time for IOM Govt to buy Commodore. Sister ships, Ben and Clipper (Clipper is a little bit younger and slightly bigger). Both companies have fast craft that don't like a bit of wind, and make people seasick. Steam Packet freighter Arrow seems to spend more time helping out Commodore than she does helping IOMSPCo. Could an order for 2/3 new ships - Ben/Clipper style - result in a bulk discount?
  15. monasqueen

    Tourists not wanted round here!!!

    If he is looking to take holidays within the British Isles, but outside the UK, the OP would do well not to consider going to Ireland as an alternative. Children aged between 15-17 years may remain on the premises after 9pm where they are attending a private function at which a substantial meal is served.