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  1. Whatever happened to railway stations?
  2. Tital: "Were in the money"? Does that mean you're no longer in the money?
  3. I believe it has a Thyme Restaurant, so it will be upmarket Premier Inn, with upmarket prices. Sample menu
  4. Are they still "seeding" scallop beds? Are any of the beds "out of bounds" this year? I reckon it would be a good idea to have a few large boulders put in prominent places on the sea bed to stop fishermen from scrawping the whole lot up. Certain areas like that should then only be made available to other more careful fishing styles, like hand picking by divers.
  5. It seems unlikely that pigeons will have been the only creatures affected. And what has happened to their chicks? You, too, could be at risk........ What is the poison in, and where?
  6. I'm sure I read somewhere, over a year ago, that fail safe brakes were going to be fitted on the Snaefell trams.... before the start of the 2018 season. Now we are told that only 2 have been fitted before the start of the 2019 season. WTF????
  7. Numpty deserves more. They don't say whether the car had ever been serviced. Probably a few defects worth doing him for, too.
  8. Venture capital grabbers. Is there much in MT that can be sold off, leaving nothing but the skeletal remains to be sold back to iomg?
  9. As usual in surveys, the questions were designed to get the answers they wanted. A fast craft would have been a white elephant if it had been scheduled to work in the last few days. When they can work, they are extremely fuel inefficient and costly, and they can't act as back-up for freight.
  10. The company seems to have similarities to the one that the UK Gov't contracted to provide freight ships after Brexit - but they had no ships. It sounds like a big con.
  11. I know of at least one in a public service post who fulfilled the first 3 of those.
  12. The perpetrators will only blame pier peer pressure.
  13. Nothing new there. Going back 50 years + the police across used to "promote people into incompetence". And from the same time the teaching profession had the saying "If you can, do. If you can't do, teach. If you can't teach, teach teachers. If you can't teach teachers, become a schools inspector". No doubt there are numerous other similar sayings, to suit other work places. I suggest "If you can't do anything, become an MHK", or am I being a little too harsh? (There are of course exceptions to every "rule".)
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