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  1. monasqueen

    Dangermouse VED avoidance

    Numpty deserves more. They don't say whether the car had ever been serviced. Probably a few defects worth doing him for, too.
  2. monasqueen

    Upsetting the nutters

    It's just hot air, aka wind.
  3. monasqueen

    MT - Being bought?

    Venture capital grabbers. Is there much in MT that can be sold off, leaving nothing but the skeletal remains to be sold back to iomg?
  4. monasqueen

    Steam Packet Warns Of Disruption To Sailings

    As usual in surveys, the questions were designed to get the answers they wanted. A fast craft would have been a white elephant if it had been scheduled to work in the last few days. When they can work, they are extremely fuel inefficient and costly, and they can't act as back-up for freight.
  5. monasqueen

    Ramsey marina meeting tonight

    The company seems to have similarities to the one that the UK Gov't contracted to provide freight ships after Brexit - but they had no ships. It sounds like a big con.
  6. monasqueen

    Why is it so hard to entice people here?

  7. monasqueen

    Why is it so hard to entice people here?

    I know of at least one in a public service post who fulfilled the first 3 of those.
  8. monasqueen

    Cut & paste

    The perpetrators will only blame pier peer pressure.
  9. monasqueen

    Moving the problem

    Nothing new there. Going back 50 years + the police across used to "promote people into incompetence". And from the same time the teaching profession had the saying "If you can, do. If you can't do, teach. If you can't teach, teach teachers. If you can't teach teachers, become a schools inspector". No doubt there are numerous other similar sayings, to suit other work places. I suggest "If you can't do anything, become an MHK", or am I being a little too harsh? (There are of course exceptions to every "rule".)
  10. monasqueen

    Voting numbers

    Wasn't Thurston known as "Woody"?
  11. monasqueen

    Voting numbers

    I live in Lonan. One candidate came to the door, while we were in, but did not manage to knock or ring the bell, just left a card saying "sorry you were out", which gave no information other than his name. We had no information whatsoever about any of them, other than their home addresses, which are all in the parish of Laxey. They each did a short piece on Manx Radio (in the Mandate programme), in which 3 (including the winner) talked about Laxey projects, such as the sea wall, and the other 2 said nothing. None appeared to have any interest in the parish of Lonan. No information was delivered to us. The candidate who got the landslide win with 59 votes was at one time chairman of the Laxey Commissioners. Is it possible he was just aiming to get back into Laxey by the back door? All being well, he'll get kicked out in 14 months time. I saw nothing of any dirty tricks campaigns, other than a couple of big signs that I only saw this morning, which seemed to refer to a certain person's past. If I am correct that the person concerned was not one of the candidates, this was completely irrelevant. Did any of them deserve a vote?
  12. monasqueen

    Ramsey Marina

    I heard it being claimed that income from this proposal would be in the region of £1m per year. The construction costs must be mega millions, so surely the payback will take too many years for it to be viable. Another problem seems to be that it will leave a seaside town without a seaside? Where will locals and visitors have to go to find a beach?
  13. monasqueen

    Money launderer jailed

    Needed the right equipment. These people had the right idea.... https://edition.cnn.com/2018/11/23/europe/money-laundering-amsterdam-scli-intl/index.html
  14. monasqueen

    New buses all round

    If we need to replace our buses after 3 years, is it now time to replace the cabbage?
  15. monasqueen

    Horse Trams

    Yes, some people don't seem able to judge the width of their vehicles. Then there are also the ones who decide to overtake into the face of oncoming traffic... this includes people who should know better, like a local taxi driver, witnessed on the final day of horse tram operation this season.