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  1. 1) Will I get letters on a Saturday? a. No – all standard letter deliveries will cease on a Saturday from 21st October 2019. 2) Are all deliveries ceasing? a. No – Isle of Man Post Office will continue to deliver time-guaranteed services and parcels six days a week. Perhaps tv licence reminders count as time-guaranteed? Post Offices are going the same way as banks - impossible to find.
  2. In relation to Norwegian ships.... from various sources: "For safety reasons, Havila Kystruten is banning electric, hybrid and hydrogen cars from its ships sailing along Norway's mail boat route." https://businessportal-norwegen.com/2023/01/16/havila-kystruten-nimmt-keine-elektroautos-mehr-an-bord/ "While the company (Havila) will continue to transport fossil-fuel cars, they have also decided to limit the boarding and disembarking of private vehicles to only Bergen and Kirkenes, and not intermediate ports on the route. They said they would make exceptions for service vehicles for personnel who are doing necessary work on board the company's ships and for emergency vehicles." Competitor Hurtigruten says they have "moved cars between all ports for 40 years and they’re going well. We have no plans to stop it" "EVs are widely believed to have contributed to the fire 11 months ago that destroyed the car carrier FELICITY ACE while the vessel was in the middle of the Atlantic." The Felicity Ace eventually sank, with 3,965 cars on board (mostly by then write-offs). See https://gcaptain.com/lithium-ion-batteries-electric-vehicles-aboard-felicity-ace-keeping-fire-alive/ Ferry companies are understandably worried about the risks, and at least some are looking into changes that may have to be made. It's bad enough having to worry about e-bikes - https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/peel-fire-caused-by-e-bike/
  3. Problem with prescription not getting through to the chemist, which led to finding that there was a problem with a hospital letter to the clinic not getting linked with patient file - patient copy of letter then had to be produced for scanning at surgery, so they then had evidence of hospital prescription, which they could then verify to the chemist. Numerous niggles, but hey, they're all human (I hope).
  4. At 6.45am, it would have been dark as well as foggy. Here's a snapshot of how it looks/looked at midday. You can (just) make out white van man heading north, but no chance of seeing anything else, and with so many road coloured cars about, not a good day for speeding and/or overtaking.
  5. As they said - "King Edward road (road past Groudle -it's not called the Groudle road"
  6. King Edward Road (aka, wrongly, Groudle Road) NEVER gets gritted. Sending people that way may seem sensible when Whitebridge is shut, but then you just create more problems ... "Whitebridge road has been re-gritted and is passable with care. Groudle is gridlocked and icy - avoid Groudle road and use the Whitebridge. We will amend the matrix sign at Groudle junction. Officers on way to assist motorist stuck near Groudle pub." "We are closing the King Edward road - (road past Groudle Glen) due to ice. Use the Whitebridge road route which has now been cleared. Take care on all roads." But at least they learned something.... "King Edward road (road past Groudle -it's not called the Groudle road ) is now open!"
  7. Harry's got a lot to answer for. (Recollections may vary)
  8. As legend has it, Ken Dodd used to come to the Island with a carrier bag....... There's always a precedent...
  9. Quite scary in parts, with raging torrents down the roads round here, and water well out from the gutters. It looked better for a while, but the rain has started again now. Fingers firmly crossed for everyone down Laxey, with high tide still to come.
  10. Point taken, but as the Post Office is supported by us taxpayers, I feel that there must be some apportioned assistance.
  11. That leaflet went straight into the recycling. I think it improper for the Government to allow such things to be delivered with the post, at my expense. As for abortion, should this not be allowed when a woman has been the victim of a rapist? Allowing such a child to join humanity is allowing evil genes to be propagated.
  12. At least sited where it is, they can tell you when the ship arrives, though some of them can even get that wrong when they are looking out of the window! I'm surprised they haven't got an illuminated sign to advertise their presence, like the "Electric Railway" sign at the other end of Douglas. Though I suppose it might get blown away almost as soon ass it's put up.
  13. https://www.gov.im/categories/benefits-and-financial-support/social-security-benefits/tv-licence/ The concession under which pensioners aged 75 or over who are resident in the Island get a free TV licence each year from the BBC (irrespective of their means) has been extended to 31 December 2023.
  14. A lot of people, on a lot of forums, talk shit, regardless of topic. Choose your forum, and who you believe, wisely.
  15. I know someone who believed/believes everything that was/is against "normal" peoples' views. He's still an anti-vax Covid denier, etc... etc..., but he has recently cancelled his membership of some of the protest groups. This has got to be good news, because I think he was spending a lot of time on the group forums stirring things up, and taking things in. There must be many more people like that who are still active stirrers.
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