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  1. The telephone trace system will never work while you've got people like one I know, who gives his grandmother's old phone number and address as his own.
  2. There's a lot more to Sweden than Stockholm. The countryside is lovely, with lots of little communities. Sweden is divided into 21 county councils and 290 municipalities. Municipalities are also divided into a total of 2,512 parishes. (From Wikipedia)
  3. You didn't experience the wondrous snaking queue round and round the back car park of Shopshite, then. Tesco was usually bad, and M&S was too. All wonderful when it was cold and wet.
  4. That may be no bad thing. Let everyone else make their mistakes, then we can learn from them, and cherrypick the correct way forward. It hasn't been discovered yet, by anyone.
  5. It'll also put off the skateboarders, the guy who has his dogs pulling him along, anyone with a wheelchair, and blind or partially blind people. Who on earth authorised that to be plonked there? Crazy.
  6. There are people in Jersey who are jealous of our position. "THE government has moved to reassure Islanders about the spread of Covid-19 in the wake of confirmed cases affecting two schools and the Fire and Rescue Service. A sharp rise in the Island’s tally of known active cases, which has trebled during the past fortnight, has sparked fears that coronavirus is now present in the community, rather than stemming exclusively from arriving passengers and their contacts." https://jerseyeveningpost.com/news/2020/10/16/official-reassurance-after-surge-in-covid-19-cases/ "Border incompetenc
  7. If we adopted the Jersey model, we'd all be going around as we did in lockdown. Social distancing, face masks, etc. etc. Doesn't sound too much like "dealing nicely" to me. Had my social hug yesterday. I'm happy as things are.
  8. If the first figure was correct, and later on the number of legs was counted, that would amount to about 1500.
  9. Thanks, quilp. Perhaps he was practicing for Santa's arrival at Laxey this year.
  10. Someone has come low over our house and into Laxey Bay, within the last few minutes. WTF???? I presume they must have jumped off Snaefell somewhere. Is there an outfit in the IOM that does such things? I've never seen one here before.
  11. I understand he has a nickname locally - Furbrush
  12. Going back to Jersey versus Guernsey, I find the Jersey Evening Post article on the topic of Guernsey's new Chief Minister rather amusing! As they say, "the two islands took different very approaches in response to the Covid-19 outbreak"
  13. If you look at the overspend on pretty well every project that there is out there - the Prom etc..., should anyone be surprised that Manx Radio is incapable of making a profit? It needs advertising to help pay its way, but some of the adverts are so woeful that, hardly surprising, a lot of people say they can't listen to them and switch off.
  14. China has been well on top of ways to deal with this virus from the very start (apart from letting Wuhan whistleblowers die from it.) It leads me to believe that a) they are massively massaging their statistics, and/or b) knowing how to deal with virus escapes from Wuhan, because they get them all the time????
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