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  1. Looks to me as though the track was full of tarmac, so that would inevitably slow progress. Who was the poor horse? He seemed to be trying his best.
  2. It was a butcher that I was more than happy to use on a regular basis. I was very sad to hear that it has closed - fortunately read about it just before I was due my next visit.
  3. As I have seen in print somewhere... he is showing all the signs of having Parkinson's Disease. Keeping the hand from shaking, but unable to control the foot. The medications can do all sorts of things to the way the mind works, apparently.
  4. Dandelions are very under-rated. In France, a family I stayed with had neat rows of them in their allotment - for use in salads. You can make wine from the flowers. Goldfinches love the seeds What's not to like?
  5. We found that yesterday evening - you can no longer drive straight across at the Broadway roundel, but you still can at Greensills Corner. It it's supposed to be a roundabout now, there aren't enough cones to make it look right, and someone is going to drive through them. It's all very amateurish.
  6. If this was accidental damage, someone in the crew was remarkably careless and should be "spoken to". If this was "self inflicted" damage, why has Russia "retaliated" by firing missiles at a munitions factory just outside Kyiv? Of course, the ship might not have sunk if there had not been a storm. Any port will do in a storm (and judging by what I've been reading about Russians, they had probably drunk lots of it, or the local equivalent.)
  7. It is interesting to see that one of the top Russian warships, that was told to "F Off" a while back, has now sunk/been sunk, and that Ukraine has issued a new postage stamp with the following image.
  8. It defies all logic, therefore it'll probably be approved. Then everyone will put their dining/drinking areas out in the road, filling up even more parking spaces.
  9. "Everton have taken another significant step in the development of their new stadium by signing a main construction contract with Laing O’Rourke. The deal will see the company complete works at Bramley Moore dock and locks in costs for the club, preventing the final bill from spiralling." In other words, lessons have been learned from the Racket's/IOM Govt's New Terminal, where costs are anything but terminal.
  10. From their own website: From the wheat, Laxey Glen Mills produces no less than 15 varieties of flour all of which are free from UK legislated additives.
  11. "Flour usually contains a small amount of additives. Bleaching agents such as benzoyl peroxide are added to make the flour more white. Oxidizing agents (also known as improvers) such as potassium bromate, chlorine dioxide, and azodicarbonamide are added to enhance the baking quality of the flour. These agents are added in a few parts per million. Self-rising flour contains salt and a leavening agent such as calcium phosphate. It is used to make baked goods without the need to add yeast or baking powder. Most states require flour to contain added vitamins and minerals to replace those lost during milling. The most important of these are iron and the B vitamins, especially thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin." Yum, yum. Read more: http://www.madehow.com/Volume-3/Flour.html#ixzz7PNp6STyh
  12. I learned a lot about roundabouts when I worked in Cardiff many years ago. Roundabouts there were in effect treated like these roundels, except that people did drive around rather than across. When you got to a roundabout, if there was nothing immediately in front of you, you entered. If you hesitated at the entrance, you had someone up your back end! Everyone kept moving. Scared the death out of anyone who wasn't local, but it worked. The roundels work, if you make sure you don't cut out in front of someone and cause them to brake. The worst problem with the roundels is the people who use them to do U turns, so they are following the lines round and getting in everybody else's way!
  13. We wondered when Ramsey Bakery bread rolls were not available in Tesco yesterday. Not keen on buying imported bread, with all of the chemicals it contains. At least Ramsey bread is natural flavour, rather than chemically induced flavour.
  14. The requirement for an LFT to be taken within 12 hours of arrival appears to have been removed, for residents at least.
  15. "Mr Crookall gave an update to Manx Radio's John Moss:" https://mmo.aiircdn.com/61/621f229c5ea88.mp3 It's right at the end of the soundbite that you get "the meaning of life, the universe, and everything". Ha ha ha.
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