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  1. At the very least the antivax unvaccinated should have black crosses painted on their front doors.
  2. This really useful object was also available within 24 hours. If the truth be known, it was probably one that they had prepared for his 100th birthday, recycled.
  3. No fog showing up on the mountain webcam. Perhaps fog on a record (Fog on The Tyne, maybe?)
  4. The list of cruise ships booked in to Douglas Bay/Harbour does say Important notice: Following the current developments with the COVID-19 pandemic, this cruise port schedule is subject to change as the situation evolves. 🙃
  5. Ha ha ha..... She cannot dock in the capital, because she's too big, at 162.2m long. (Ben is only 125.2m long). Even if people are escorted in their own "bubble", which they are not allowed to leave, they cannot be guaranteed a trip on the mountain railway - we weren't even allowed a trip on it ourselves last year. It's not the only cruise company that has aspirations to visit us this year, despite our borders policy. See list here http://crew-center.com/douglas-isle-man-cruise-ship-schedule And yes, some of the cruise company's personnel are stupid, and will be going on a combi
  6. Still got to go round the bend before reaching the whale watching (and whale hunting) town of Akureyri. Another day yet.
  7. But is it? Their pledge at this point does not seem to indicate much of a rush - "the University pledges to return students assessed work (first and second marked) within 20 working days."
  8. Including apostrophes? 😄 Universities (plural) University's (possessive)
  9. ...and the amount we are paying out is enough for the building and completion of both of them, with money to spare, if the truth be known......
  10. Why should we be surprised that the cost doubles every time anyone looks at it? It is in Liverpool, and Peel Ports (and their various contractors etc.) are building it. Any guesses as to when it will be finished? (And what the final cost will be?)
  11. In my day, at my school, it was "Use of English", nicknamed "Useless English". At least it taught you when and where to put apostrophes, the difference between there, their, they're, etc...
  12. I suppose it is fair to say that most people have never experienced the death of a monarch or a ruling monarch's spouse, as the last such event was in 1952. This is someone who has been fulfilling a very long life of public service, again, longer than most people have been alive. Yes, the media are probably over-reacting by quite a large margin, and BBC, for instance, should not be showing wall to wall obituaries on both channels simultaneously. Be prepared for something similar in just over a week's time when we have the funeral.
  13. You still stand a lot more chance of dying from some sort of normal life event. “Something like 30 or 40 people drown in the bath every year, something like 1,000 people die falling down the stairs, something like 200 die from choking on their breakfast, and that’s many, many more deaths than we get from these vaccines so actually taking the vaccine is actually one of the safer things you do in the day, it’s definitely safer than cycling or driving to work."
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