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  1. Seems the biker is (a bit of) a plonker, and the person who published the video can't spell "roundel".
  2. That's just the same piece of video, with music drowning out the expletives.
  3. Sounds like a double whammy! Strangely, there are no other (big) ships in Heysham Harbour, though there are two outside, maybe waiting for clearance to go in?
  4. At least no-one has (yet) suggested that the beach should be filled with white sand from the Sahara, like one of the beaches on Tenerife. "5 million bags of sand arrived in the ship Gopegui. It was used to fill the beach in the first half of 1973 to create the artificial beach of white sand, which opened on 15 June 1973, although with initial problems due to red ants and scorpions that were imported along with the sand." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Playa_de_Las_Teresitas
  5. Surely everyone has had at least one of quaylaM's "adverse events", with or without a jab.
  6. And still no sign of that huge seagull statue.
  7. Saw mince pies in Sainsbury's on Tuesday. Expiry date was 24 December!!
  8. Why pick on Stu? There are plenty more out there that are at least as (and possibly more) deserving.
  9. I have visions of the kids with their "bitchimum". Blue street furniture/railings was so "Douglas Bluethousand", and now so dated.
  10. outdated Very sad news.
  11. Uncanny that this should have happened after Liz met Liz. At least there is the photographic evidence that she was still able to stand and smile on that occasion. Another country would have been withholding information for at least a couple of weeks already. I do, sincerely, hope that all turns out well, for her and all of the family.
  12. Not even an "educated guess". I often head to/from the south, but far prefer to use Heysham than Liverpool. As the VoR says, the roads through Liverpool are shit. Getting out of Heysham on the new link road is bliss, whether heading north or south.
  13. Isn't there a bit of logic behind this plan to have extra locomotives? The Cabbage could pull a commuter train while the steam engines are still warming up for their day's work, and the extra steam engine would provide the means to run extra trains on busy days, and/or act as a much needed spare engine. Trouble is, someone seems to have screwed up both the acquisition of a diesel engine, and the renovation of a steam engine.
  14. The idea with the new boat is that it will be able to fit on the berth, so it will go to Liverpool through the Winter.
  15. Who said there wasn't enough? They were busy re-wiring at the crossing this morning.
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