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  1. Siansbury's Taste the Difference India Pale Ale, at above price in Shoprite, is £1.65 a bottle across. One of the others is £1.50 a bottle in Sainsbury;s across. (23 June) A nice deal if you can get it.
  2. It's OK if you are a driver who loves potholes. Some of the potholes on the side away from the tramway have been there for as many years as I can remember. They get a bit of tarmac put into them occasionally, which gets pushed out by the underlying water course next time it rains. A touch of frost makes them even worse. Some of them get quite deep before the next bit of tarmac is thrown into them, so itsmeee is well advised to keep driving down the middle of the road! The "report a pothole" website is so bad, it's a wonder if any potholes ever get reported anyway. Last time I tried to use it, the first thing it gave me was a map of Newcastle on Tyne!
  3. monasqueen


    The stuff's probably all made in China now, anyway.
  4. Some of the problems may be on the UK side? I received a card in the post today, and noticed that the postmark said "Don't Forget Father's Day 19 June". The postmark was 17 June - last Friday! Today is Wednesday. I know we don't get weekend post any more, but.... Alright, it was sent second class, but from an urban area in the south Midlands, so no real excuses. The address was handwritten very legibly, with large postcode, so again no excuses are valid.
  5. Shirley one of the problems with colour blindness is that red looks green?
  6. Tesco are certainly into adding extras to their prices. Probably more than enough to make a profit on shipping costs. Beers, for instance, Taylors Landlord beer and Adnams Ghost Ship beer, are currently priced at £1.90 per bottle in Douglas. The website shows the UK price to be £1.70 per bottle, or £6 for 4 bottles. (There is no multi-buy offer in Douglas.) Wines can be substantially different in price. Offer prices, and "price matched" items are normally the same price in Douglas (those are the ones to go for!) Remember that the yellow "clubcard" prices are only applicable if you have a clubcard and "show it" at the till.
  7. This was the Mannin. Even though she was built as long ago as 1972, she still exists, and is currently available for hire, from Padstow. https://www.padstow-harbour.co.uk/phc_vessels.html
  8. Unlucky 13 has been ditched. People down King Edward Road will now have to catch the tram, but that doesn't go beyond Derby Castle.
  9. What on earth is wrong with this proposal for an outdoor seating area, from which people can watch the trams coming and going. Of course, it would make more sense to have the seating area next to the distillery, on part of the old tram station site, but nobody is allowed to use that for anything, it seems.
  10. monasqueen

    TT 2023

    The Clerk of the Course came across on Manx Radio as someone who has come across to look after fans who come across. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/hopes-proposed-tt-2023-schedule-will-give-fans-fantastic-experience/
  11. Whistle blowers can be dealt with very subtly in the workplace, with all sorts of surreal barriers being put in place to stop them doing their job to their best ability, whilst leaving no evidence that could be used to prove discrimination, etc.... Eventually the barriers get so prickly that the target has no alternative but to seek employment elsewhere, at which point the errant employers have won. It is easier for the employer where there is no union, but unions are not very good at fighting a war against barriers that appear (on the face of it) to be superficial. Jobs tend to have goals, but when the goal posts are constantly being moved, even by miniscule amounts, an employee can easily become disorientated. The employer is in a win:win situation, because the majority of workers have a fear of being out of work, having to look for a job, and so on.
  12. The system seems to be designed so that kicked out MHKs can't claim 2 payments - the supplement AND a pension. To claim both would be greedy, to say the least. Quite apart from which, the current scheme would appear to have been approved by Tynwald in 2018, when both of these people were MHKs. Where were they then?
  13. They're not pepper pots. They're Daleks.
  14. ...... the Pandemic, with so many people now working from home.
  15. I hope that this is given full and serious consideration. A dignified and caring way out would be beneficial, not just for the affected person, but also for those around them. I look forward to a bill being put forward and passed. As for the possibility of proposing someone for euthanasia, can I suggest that Putin might be an ideal candidate - from the sound of it, he has multiple illnesses, all of which could be terminal, and which could be affecting his mind...
  16. Perhaps the surgery belongs to the surgeon? But then again, it may be something to do with a surgeon's salary rather than a number of surgeons' salaries? It's only an apostrophe. Who cares? The taxpayers? (One word, not even hyphenated!!)
  17. Looks to me as though the track was full of tarmac, so that would inevitably slow progress. Who was the poor horse? He seemed to be trying his best.
  18. It was a butcher that I was more than happy to use on a regular basis. I was very sad to hear that it has closed - fortunately read about it just before I was due my next visit.
  19. As I have seen in print somewhere... he is showing all the signs of having Parkinson's Disease. Keeping the hand from shaking, but unable to control the foot. The medications can do all sorts of things to the way the mind works, apparently.
  20. Dandelions are very under-rated. In France, a family I stayed with had neat rows of them in their allotment - for use in salads. You can make wine from the flowers. Goldfinches love the seeds What's not to like?
  21. We found that yesterday evening - you can no longer drive straight across at the Broadway roundel, but you still can at Greensills Corner. It it's supposed to be a roundabout now, there aren't enough cones to make it look right, and someone is going to drive through them. It's all very amateurish.
  22. If this was accidental damage, someone in the crew was remarkably careless and should be "spoken to". If this was "self inflicted" damage, why has Russia "retaliated" by firing missiles at a munitions factory just outside Kyiv? Of course, the ship might not have sunk if there had not been a storm. Any port will do in a storm (and judging by what I've been reading about Russians, they had probably drunk lots of it, or the local equivalent.)
  23. It is interesting to see that one of the top Russian warships, that was told to "F Off" a while back, has now sunk/been sunk, and that Ukraine has issued a new postage stamp with the following image.
  24. It defies all logic, therefore it'll probably be approved. Then everyone will put their dining/drinking areas out in the road, filling up even more parking spaces.
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