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  1. I've just had a bath. Does that mean I'm Dihydrated. Or will I now oxidise?
  2. There's got to be something good to come out of this.
  3. They need to, with the sort of Lycra clad lunatics that are about, peddling furiously on walkways.
  4. The best of the scenery is north of Laxey. What's to be bored with? And some of the habitations that the MER passes through, such as Maughold, have no other public transport.
  5. Can we have a stabit back on display, please? Why was this removed from outside the Sea Terminal (years ago now) and what happened to it? There was a promise of a big statue of a seagull some years ago. What happened to that? How much was spent on them before they were scrapped? How many of the current proposals are just pie in the sky, too?
  6. There = not here They're = they are Try their, as in.... their green bin, and their green shite. Sorry. I was taught English at school. I'll get my coat. Agreed though, why should it just be DBC who supplies green bins?
  7. That's me! 😀 I avoid Faceache and Twatter on account of the even huger numbers of con artists, spammers, deniers etc... Too much of a mine field to try and pick my way through. Can't be bovvered.
  8. It should be cheaper - they're not buying, and adding, all those extra chemicals that UK flour producers put into theirs.
  9. Where would I be without my fleece? Don't answer that!!! 😎 (I was wearing a Regatta one yesterday!)
  10. monasqueen


    Has anyone else seen the Amadeus YouTube version of "Flooding in pee road this morning"? Is the description indicative of what sort of leak caused the problem? https://www.youtube.com/shorts/FNMJlcp5A8Y Flooding in pee road this morning Flooding in pee road this morning
  11. From what I've seen, the consequences of having covid without having been vaxxed can be substantially worse than reactions to the vax. I know someone who had covid before any vaccines were available. She is still substantially debilitated by "long covid". Yes, there was nothing that could be done in her case, because she could not have had a jab. The vast slowing down of the death rate after vaccines became available was surely not coincidental.
  12. Chain stores have one overall manager/CEO. Churches often now have one vicar (or equivalent) for a number of places of worship. Head teechers can probably do all of the paperwork by WFH (working from home) - the computer forms will all be the same, with a visit to the school being deemed necessary maybe no more than one day a week.
  13. "responses that over 10 million v-safe users provided in v-safe's pre-populated check-the-box fields." Isn't that a bit like Putin's pre-populated referendums?
  14. I could never work out why some employers could not cope with flexible working hours - which meant that the "morning people" would happily be in and productive by 8am, and those who could not get up early could provide cover until gone 6pm. Similarly, lunch doesn't have to be more than 1/2 hour. Combine all that, and you've always got people able to cope with phone calls (for instance) from some different time zones. Not too hard to turn that into workable 4 day weeks. Result, happier, and more productive, people.
  15. The standard of written English is also poor in the local newspapers, and some of the spoken "English" in adverts is appalling. This appears to indicate that Grammar is no longer taught in schools.
  16. Can you imagine what the reaction would be if the UK cut Ireland's gas supply?
  17. Some people wouldn't be able to understand the news if Phil Gawne was reading it 😁 This is now a multi-cultural Island. But then, so is the adjacent island, so it's not much good getting the boat in the morning.
  18. Seems the biker is (a bit of) a plonker, and the person who published the video can't spell "roundel".
  19. That's just the same piece of video, with music drowning out the expletives.
  20. Sounds like a double whammy! Strangely, there are no other (big) ships in Heysham Harbour, though there are two outside, maybe waiting for clearance to go in?
  21. At least no-one has (yet) suggested that the beach should be filled with white sand from the Sahara, like one of the beaches on Tenerife. "5 million bags of sand arrived in the ship Gopegui. It was used to fill the beach in the first half of 1973 to create the artificial beach of white sand, which opened on 15 June 1973, although with initial problems due to red ants and scorpions that were imported along with the sand." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Playa_de_Las_Teresitas
  22. Surely everyone has had at least one of quaylaM's "adverse events", with or without a jab.
  23. And still no sign of that huge seagull statue.
  24. Saw mince pies in Sainsbury's on Tuesday. Expiry date was 24 December!!
  25. Why pick on Stu? There are plenty more out there that are at least as (and possibly more) deserving.
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