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  1. That'll teach her to fill up cheaper across
  2. Sorry, no photos. I think the camera would have broken.
  3. I saw a young lady in a mini skirt belt the other day. She had to lift a leg slightly to stride over her dog's lead, and you could see what she'd had for breakfast. She didn't need to bend down...... C'mon, people, it's far better to leave something to the imagination.
  4. The way Covid is going, across, they are now well over the rate of infection that should be sending us back into full closure. The other worry is that having sent a load of students to universities, what did they all do? Have freshers' parties of course. Tantamount to having Covid parties - and they're all getting/spreading infection.
  5. This Forum is "going to the dogs".
  6. What's that got to do with the Snaefell Railway?
  7. It would be an amazing harbour to the south, with a huge pier for cruise ships.
  8. It took the Victorians 6 months to build the road between Derby Castle. and Groudle, complete with adjacent tram tracks. It took a similar length of time to build the Snaefell Mountain Railway. With the Prom, you've got a head start, because it's already a level bit of road!
  9. whingers are uncomfortable with lot of things.....
  10. Sadly, I think this was part of the problem with the Liverpool Arms. The last time we went in there, the food and the service were dire.
  11. Moorhouse might be able to make chips, too.
  12. We might just as well use the mattress system of banking. No fees. Instantly available cash........
  13. Nah. If you start massacring people, then you make a mess of the organs that you might want to use.
  14. Good grief! Do any such statisticians exist, anywhere???? You'll be saying the same about politicians next?
  15. I won't have any cares about expertise or safeguards at the time, because I'll be dead. I won't have any need for any part of my body, and whoever wants it can have it, faults and all. I don't even think I'll be in any position to care about what happens to the final remains.
  16. It was Lisbon = Portugal. Hopefully that lesson will have been learned, so they'll try somewhere closer to the right gauge next time.
  17. Rule 4? Comfortable and quiet bed !!
  18. Indeed. There appears to have been no hindrance to any of the other ships coming and going, so if it was the apparently most likely explanation of a baulk of wood, they must know where that ended up. Good News: Ben has left dry dock, and looks like she's doing sea trials south of Falmouth. Her speed is "normal". So she may come home soon.
  19. If you look at the picture of the damage, take note of the height of the prop above the keel of the ship, and ask how it is that a sandbank could have caused the damage. If Ben had encountered a sandbank, she would have been well and truly stuck on it before any sand got near the prop!
  20. That's where they should be going. Ever heard of integrated transport? My first trip on a horse tram was when I came with my parents, and got on one close to the ship's gangway. You couldn't go that close now - you've got to get people through security, but get them to terminate close to the Sea Terminal doors, and you're onto a winner.
  21. New Zealand has tried to keep strict controls in place, and they have still managed to get another death. Not a pensioner, but a man in his 50s.
  22. There's clearly a problem and somebody needs to get to the bottom of it.
  23. There's not a big enough river in the IOM, but there is a boat in the morning.......
  24. Just burnt the toast, probably. I saw a bit of black smoke that soon disappeared, before the fire brigade came out.
  25. News, from 2 1/2 years ago, clearly passed you by. And in June 2018, the stable buildings were put onto the protected buildings register.
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