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  1. Don't sit on the fence. Say it how you mean it. The "specialist", for instance..... does this help? The fucking fucker wants fucking fucking.
  2. Just curious, because it appears that most of the new cases are schoolkids. Also, are they vaxxed people, for instance?
  3. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/treasury-minister-due-in-court-over-misconduct-case/
  4. Enough to put the wind up anyone. Does anyone else think the the centre picture of a piece of debris looks like a map of the IOM in mirror image?
  5. Is it just co-incidence that the booster jabs started to be given just after the Island was opened to people from elsewhere, and schools were re-opened? Could it not be that the increase in death statistics was due more to the toxicity of English visitors? The author does not seem to mention that although people were being banged up for taking liberties with other people's health as well as their own, the residents of the Island have had a lot of far greater freedoms than people elsewhere. Those freedoms are ignored. "this would never be tolerated in England but the obvious joys of not having to wear masks; being able to visit sick relatives; being able to attend their funerals when dear ones die; embracing the luxury of being confined to the Island; being able to go to a sporting event; being able to join one’s irksome “friends” for a pint".... The old quote of “70,000 people clinging to a rock” starts the article off well by showing the ignorance of the writer - it is “70,000 alcoholics clinging to a rock”. I'm haaaappy here.
  6. Miss Isle of Man syndrome: Travelling in the UK, Ireland and Channel Islands There are no restrictions on travel within England. You should check the rules at your destination if you’re planning to travel to Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, or to Ireland or the Channel Islands as there may be restrictions in place. From the Gov.UK website, last updated 15 October 2021.
  7. The developers must be laughing all the way to the bank. What's going to be finished first? The Liverpool Ferry Port, or Douglas Promenade?
  8. When I saw the heading, I thought for a moment I was in America.. 😊 Kids will always find a way to jump into water. Sometimes harbour walls are safer to jump from than cliffs/rocks. There are less rocks there to land on.
  9. Someone from inContinent, creating a brown trouser moment in the adjacent car? Apparently, people have been ignoring the instructions at Walpole Avenue - now reversed again, and back to being North to South.
  10. I'm sure I had something like it in December 2019, but no significant illness. Just developed a persistent dry cough that would not shift for 3 months - it only went just before the first lockdown. There were 2 of us similarly afflicted.
  11. Those MHKs who failed to get back in, did so as the result of a "popular vote" - i.e. they were unpopular with the electorate. Most of them (if not all) are therefore probably the worst people to pick as MLCs.
  12. In relation to relationships - there's a letter written by Edward V111 in 1919 going up for auction shortly. It's to his lover Freda Dudley Ward, who was at the time married to William Dudley Ward, the Liberal MP. This was more than a decade before he met American divorcee Wallis Simpson. The affair continued until 1934, ending only when Edward became involved with Mrs Simpson. Quote: “I do love you, love you, my very own blessed little Fredie darling & I find life very hard & dour without you … it’s hell when we are parted sweetheart & when I can’t hear you say all your divine things which is what keeps me alive.” Some people just don't seem to be capable of finding a partner of their own. Just be careful who you choose as a role model. (Royals have always been able to have their cake and eat it.)
  13. From Boris Johnson's Conference speech - looks as though he has recently been along the Prom! "we will invest in our roads unblocking those coagulated roundabouts" It's yet another way of describing the roundels!
  14. No, but it could have been a euphemism.
  15. Back to the topic of petrol.... Who are those idiots who have been panic buying on the Island? Road fuel comes here by ship, and unless there is suddenly a shortage of ships, we have no problem. The main reason for making sure that you have a tankful of fuel is if you are getting the boat in the morning - there's a problem across. There's also the fact that petrol is cheaper here at present.... and.... a lot of filling stations across don't seem to sell E5 petrol, if you have an older car. Asda, for instance, only seem to have E10. But... if you are staying on the Island, DON't PANIC.
  16. Bacon from the Peel smoke house is pretty good, too.
  17. Has anyone got any figures showing how many people voted in each constituency? It seemed like a very low turnout.
  18. Just what we need, something "which could defang neutrophils". Does that mean if Phil is neutral, it will extract his teeth?
  19. Not where you have to fight hard to keep your job, and worry about whether you'll get a pension, for instance.
  20. With respect, both, like teaching, are public service jobs.
  21. That brings to mind the slightly later comedy "Carry on Cabby" (1963). The women proved quite powerful in that. Perhaps they will be in the Keys now.
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