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  1. Isn't there a bit of logic behind this plan to have extra locomotives? The Cabbage could pull a commuter train while the steam engines are still warming up for their day's work, and the extra steam engine would provide the means to run extra trains on busy days, and/or act as a much needed spare engine. Trouble is, someone seems to have screwed up both the acquisition of a diesel engine, and the renovation of a steam engine.
  2. The idea with the new boat is that it will be able to fit on the berth, so it will go to Liverpool through the Winter.
  3. Who said there wasn't enough? They were busy re-wiring at the crossing this morning.
  4. That's probably nearer the cost of just the replacement poles, and the installation of them. 5 poles, is it?
  5. I thought at the very least that this was going to be about a bull that is abroad, i.e. overseas, like, say, Pamplona.
  6. I think we can be fairly sure that the load was originally much higher than seen in the pictures before it hit the wires. The kayaks do not look to be in a "normal" type of loaded position (if anything is normal). Note also that in the film clip, there are lots of pieces of tree along the surface of the road, which were presumably dislodged from the lorry by the wires. The sort of thing that would have taken a few double deck bus windows out. They must have been collected earlier in the journey. Surely another indication that the vehicle was well over height.
  7. The No 3 bus has been a mix of single and double deck buses every day lately. Strange that none of them hit the wires. Seems like the loading of the lorry was done without due care and attention.
  8. Did you see the way the lorry was loaded? About a dozen kayaks on top of a landrover on top of the lorry. Looks as though the kayaks have shifted a bit (hardly surprising!) Were the kayaks supposed to have been on top of a trailer, on top of the landrover? Some genius in the loading department. https://m.facebook.com/tmvinyl.co.uk/videos/340549211619810/?extid=WA-UNK-UNK-UNK-AN_GK0T-GK1C-GK2C&refsrc=deprecated&ref=sharing&_rdr
  9. Maybe the guy with the overheight lorry came back and took it, to help pay for the fine he will (hopefully) get for destroying the railway infrastructure.
  10. Yes, but it's not on the rails, and has no wheels.
  11. Perhaps he doesn't like the heat.
  12. Correction, just been to Douglas, and saw two of their company vans next to the work site. Both registered in Hamburg. That work must be paying well if they can afford to bring 2 vans that far (with 2 ferry crossings).
  13. Has no-one noticed that the rail grinding firm is actually German. It is only a branch of it in England. One of their company vans on the Island is registered in Hamburg.
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    How prophetic.... just found this....
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    No, we're far too young terdye, wait 'till tomorrer
  16. A lot of heritage railways across are using diesels instead of steam engines during the current dry weather. The Cabbage could have taken some of the strain, and saved on some of the coal that has to be imported from distant countries now that the UK doesn't mine it any more. If you're looking for it, I believe it's at the back of the bus garage on blocks - its wheels have gone away again.
  17. The area in front of the Sefton is the "Cultural Area", where all sorts of cultures can be found. 🙄
  18. That was years ago. I'm sure the residents of the twee apartments have had something to say about the "200 checked in vehicles and winter weekend freight" since.
  19. I don't know what the crime figures are for the UK cities that most people travel through for the Channel Islands and IOM. Do the figures for, say, Southampton versus Liverpool make any more sense of the comparison?
  20. At least the profits don't now go to someone's pension fund on the other side of the earth.
  21. The trouble is that EasyJet have scheduled their flight to the IOM at the end of their day's rotation, knowing that Ronaldsway has limitations, and knowing that the airline is susceptible to delays, and delays upon delays. They rely on the fact that the IOM airport crew are willing to help where possible, even though it inevitably means that the staff on the evening shift will rarely get home at anything like a "normal" time. Quote from the Manx Radio article - "The department also confirmed that during May and June the airport extended its opening hours beyond the agreed 9.30pm seasonal extension, for the London Gatwick service, on 48 out of 61 days." And then they are unable to cope when, unusually, the airport needs to shut at its advertised time because there is a staff shortage, and they are blaming the airport.
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    They're avoiding the noise and vibrations from the wind farms.
  23. It must be time for a few more episodes of "Funny Bus Bosses"
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