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  1. The walkway has been completely awash with seawater at high tide over the last few days. Not a suitable place to park anything. I would not be surprised if there has been some damage done to the wall.
  2. My driving instructor referred to side lights as "parking lights" and said they should not be used for driving. In many conditions, you cannot see a vehicle coming towards you with just their side lights on until it is very close. Using gears instead of brakes can make a difference in slippery conditions. Depends how hard you tend to jam your foot down on the brake pedal. I wonder how the computer in driverless cars is set, and how they cope. No, I don't think I'd like to be in one!
  3. Allegedly a UK based crew member, so won't be counted in IOM statistics.
  4. If you go back through the CM's statements, you will find more detail about the state that the UK needs to be in before our border gets opened up a bit. On 3 September, he said "As set out in our borders framework, for a move from Level 4 to Level 3, we would need to see a reduction to a rate of one in every five-thousand people. The UK still has a considerable way to go to reach this." Currently, the UK rate is 260.6 per 100,000 population. That's 13 per 5,000 people. (It's a higher figure in the North West.) Don't look for any changes in the border level for a good while yet. Impatience will not speed things up.
  5. Care homes will obviously get priority because a number of people can be jabbed in one visit. Visiting individuals will take time, and will need to be well organised to ensure that the maximum possible can be done. No matter how well this is all organised, they'll get criticised.
  6. I have family across, but the last thing I want to do is go away from here to a place that is crawling with virus. Once everyone has been vaccinated, and the dangers have been substantially reduced, then I might be hoping to spend a few days away to catch up with some hugs. Meanwhile, I shall enjoy this Island.
  7. To help out even further, schools could be asked to include the Use of English in their curriculum, if they don't already. Trouble is, a lot of the teachers would need teaching first. (I have known a few teachers whose grammar and spelling are poor, and they would suggest that they do not need such skills for teaching, say, maths).
  8. The air is much healthier here than it is in a lot of places across. There are times when I have driven along a motorway across when I can hardly breathe (or can only breathe hardly).
  9. Isn't it the case that in a lot of the Asian countries, face masks are often worn because of the air pollution?
  10. That's the point. People ignore a lot of what is written. And "should" is often interpreted as "must".
  11. A worthy successor to the Bad Bus Bosses.
  12. Some people don't bother to read beyond the first part of the recommendations: "If you exercise outdoors, a face covering should be worn"
  13. For years now, the Prom in the area of Port Jack has been closed around high tide whenever there has been a bit of overtopping likely. What is the difference between that bit of road and the area around the sunken gardens? As I said before, you can't actually see how bad it is along there before you've entered the section. And yes, people do tend to be monumentally stupid nowadays, which is why the authorities need to be a bit more proactive.
  14. I would definitely blame the DoI for not closing the road earlier. I drove along there at high tide a few days before Christmas, when there was not so much wind. Once you get past Broadway, there is nowhere that you can get off the roadway or turn to go back, and it is only when you are half way to the Sea Terminal that you realise that the sea is flooding the road. You have to continue driving through varying depths of salt water, depending on the state of the waves. I learnt from that to avoid high tide, but does everybody have to learn the hard way? Letting people drive along there yesterday in those conditions was at best foolhardy.
  15. Usually you find that if you are across with strange number plates, the plod can't be bothered to do you, because of the extra paperwork they need to do. Worked out fine for me once, when someone in an unmarked car caught me speeding on a nice clear straight road. Came up behind with lights flashing! Plod chatted to me about IOM, and let me go with a warning. 😊
  16. I don't think we should be rushing to open the borders to UK while Hancock is saying "we're a long, long, long way' from lockdown measures easing". I'd be more than happy if we can get back to where we were last summer, whilst everyone around us sorts themselves out. They seem to have no control over the situation at all, or their population. (I have family members that I want to visit across, but not while the situation over there is so dire)
  17. Some people seem to want to write off anyone who is of pensionable age, and "anyone over the age of 80 would have died anyway." Our Lord of Mann and her Prince Consort would, I'm sure, be amongst many who would disagree.
  18. Selections from a Telegraph article today, about Ealing Hospital, "where people in their 30s, 40s and 50s are fighting for their lives.".. It's probably behind a paywall, so I have selected a couple of relevant bits. "A 56-year-old teacher, Cook tested positive two weeks ago. She felt a little unwell, she says, then “boom, the next thing you know I’m at death's door, rushed in, collapsed, couldn’t breathe”. Cook has now been on oxygen for ten days" “At the minute we have a particularly young group of patients in,” she says. “Many of our patients on the very sick ward are now between the ages of 40 and seventy."
  19. Should have one that covers his arse as well.
  20. If he thinks "Covid is a con" he clearly hasn't been watching any television news. He's the sort of person who I wish would catch Covid..... then ask him if it's a con.
  21. That will have been a Covid Party, so that all of the participants will be able to claim their £500 in due course. If they're going to get £200,000, the £10,000 fine is peanuts.
  22. No-one could be quite such a plonker as the 45th president. I wish Biden good luck, also his vice president.
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