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  1. They're supposed to be getting the rock from Norway.....is that Northern Rock?
  2. Just a thought - do they want to stop tourists going to Ramsey, because they'd see the state that the pier has been allowed to get into?
  3. It has just been announced on manx Radio that the Electric Railway will not be open between Laxey and Ramsey this summer "for safety reasons" Anyone know what the problem is? I look forward to my tram trips each year.
  4. Because it's more profitable and useful than a pier? But isn't it going to be like a pier? A hell of a lot more expensive than doing up Ramsey Pier would be, too. Out of interest, compare our airport with Madeira, see this link - Madeira Airport At Madeira, a considerable amount of money has been spent on building up the runway above the shoreline, which has given them an airport that will take jumbo jets - not that we need that sort of length, but there may be a time when we want to encourage large plane loads of tourists, or when we want to have direct tourist flights out, wi
  5. I think x-in-man was joking - it looks as though the overhaul is going to be 2 weeks in April, subject to further confirmation, and information being forthcoming from Steam Packet - at least that is what a bit of fishing through the booking computer seems to show. They've still got to find "a suitable freighter" to cover Ben, (I doubt if Riverdance will be repaired by then )though at least (we hope) the fast craft can cope with the passengers and cars at that time.
  6. David Christian on Man Radio Today Apparently, Douglas has improved a lot since David Christian became a councillor - hotels have been demolished, apartments have been built etc.. One comment of his confuses me (is it just me?). He says "We've mananged to keep the sweep of the bay" Sorry, but were there plans to demolish the sea walls?
  7. They were never in the IOM, so how can they be returned here?
  8. I can't see what the argument is - the originals were legitimately purchased, and are safe in London, and provided that they are readily available for viewing, and well labelled (this may be a problem area - why not write to them to point out any grouses about it?) then why not let them stay there. There are not that many small museums now that exhibit original items - far too precious. It is relatively cheap to produce exact replicas, and any museum with an interest (whether Edinburgh, Lewis, Norway, Ireland or IOM) should be given the opportunity to acquire a set of good copies for d
  9. didn't they look on the beach at Blackpool? Never a truer word... yet... Laura Howland, on Manx Radio this morning, when asked whether Riverdance was the intended charter vessel, said "No".... Perhaps it was going to be the sister ship, Moondance, instead Riverdance would be a good wreck for them to buy and do up, like Sea Express 1/Snaefell, then they'd have a spare freighter.
  10. So if day excursions are from £89, why has he said they are from £139? Confused....
  11. Put a glass roof over, and you can have a better class of palm tree inside. It'd be like a tropical house, sweltering when the sun's out. You'd need a cafe to help keep you hydrated
  12. And another £7.10 here! Not claimed it yet - can't figure out what to spend it on......
  13. You may not want to go on one when you see the price - quote from "A Word With Woodward" - "There’s a selection of special events and day trips for 2008 – starting at £139 per person."
  14. She's finally getting in, 2 hours late. Last year's fog was 3 February, when the seacat got hit in the Mersey. They've since stopped all movements if there is thick fog. Almost on the anniversary....
  15. Completely with you there. When tourists can see a tram coming, they will use it. If they can't see one (and they won't if they are only every half hour) they will ignore them, because they will think the service no longer exists. Why can't 2 horses run every 20 minutes? Better still, why can't we have 3 horses on, every 15 minutes or less - far more people will use them, at not much greater cost. If I'm going into Douglas for shopping in the summer, I park at Derby Castle and use the tram, rather than spend hours circling town looking for a parking space. I have bought a season ti
  16. Ben has still not made it into Liverpool this morning, as there is thick fog on the Mersey. The Steam Packet has put out the following warning: Birkenhead to Douglas 14.00 sailing on the 10.02.08 possible delays due to heavy fog. All passengers are asked to check in as normal. The evening/overnight sailings must also be in danger of delays. Sounds like Liverpool airport is also badly affected.
  17. Some time back, whilst in my car, I saw a young lady with pram walking along a pavement with bull terrier look alike following on. The dog paused to drop its load in the middle of the pavement. The girl looked round and watched it, then carried on. I can only hope that when she took the same walk next day, she got the muck all over her pram wheels and shoes. Just imagine what wheelchair users have to go through, getting all sorts of unmentionables on their hands.
  18. There's all of this sort of stuff (homosexuality, swearing, etc..) in Eastenders - she can watch that for next to nothing. Why spend money on going to see something that you know from the adverts and trailers is going to offend - sounds like self-flagellation to me.
  19. I've heard skeet that while superseacat has gone into drydock, seacat is still not yet fully repaired, so neither of them will be able to take over when Ben goes in at the end of the month.........
  20. monasqueen

    Your Job

    You seem to have described a lot of places that I have had the "pleasure" of working in over a good number of years - managers who couldn't manage their way out of a paper bag, management by fear, managers who have crap ideas and then say if their idea doesn't work, it's the fault of the workers... Statistics rule all, so the workers find all means possible to bend them and fudge them, while the managers use them for "spin". It's a crazy world out there, and thank goodness I no longer have to work for a living (though a bit more pocket money would come in...!) Have discussed this recently
  21. Q. Why does the Mersey run through Liverpool? A. It'd get mugged if it walked!
  22. Wind and Weather This site is pretty good for checking weather conditions - includes some buoys around the coast that give wave heights, too. Might be a bit bouncy at first in the morning, but probably better nearer to Liverpool. Glad it's not a seacat tomorrow!
  23. Agreed, good food, good quantities, and very fast - just what you need if you are on a restricted lunch break. Chips, Cheese and Gravy a speciality. Great beer, too, if you dare have some at lunchtime!
  24. If they brought in Inheritance Tax, there'd be a queue for the next morning's boat What is being talked about here is a tax charge on amounts being taken out of a pension fund, for a purpose other than payment of a pension. As oldmanxfella said, tax relief will have been given on the original payments into the fund, and tax will not have been charged on any growth in the fund. The charge will become more common, because at the moment the purchase of an annuity is compulsory, so on death, there is no fund left to pass on to spouse or dependents. From April 2008, the purchase of an ann
  25. Why to Wait at a bus stop This gives a mathematical formula for why you should wait at a bus stop, for anyone who just thought it was sods law that if they give up and start walking, at least one bus will then invariably turn up! There's some sad people about!
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