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  1. The teribal speling is cawsed by teechers hoo carnt teech proper, and are only in it for the holidays. A quote from someone I know who has only recently retired (across, not here): "I stuck it out all that time for the money and holidays. " I suspect there are many more teachers with that sort of philosophy.
  2. Why on earth should teechers have to sacrifice their own time to have discussions with parents, even if they have done so since time immoral?
  3. I bet a bit of research would find a few good home truths about Doncaster, too!
  4. What's the point? If we did have a "system", there would be no difference, because everybody comes in via a "red" area.
  5. They'll be on-line banking only, with no branches at all, by Christmas, so they won't have any "workers" in Douglas to do a Santa Dash anyway.
  6. Going back a few comments... What's the point of having a traffic lights system for entry to the IOM when everybody arriving here has to come via a high risk area (apart from Guernsey)?
  7. What I can't understand is why the "key workers" are always referred to as a group of 5. Their manager came with them, and he should surely have had to sign the same documentation. It was a group of 6. Also, he should have been managing them. He clearly failed. He may not have gone into Tesco himself, but sure as eggs is eggs he would have been sharing some of the booze they went in to buy. As he was their supervisor, and was with them in the car park, he clearly approved of not going direct to the hotel. He should have been banged up with the rest of them.
  8. They made it obvious by wearing face masks. I'm used to seeing the occasional single person wearing a face mask (usually an elderly person, probably classified as vulnerable) but a group of 5 of them going in mob handed? I gather it was a staff member who questioned them, and they said they'd just come off the boat. The Tesco staff were doing their job by reporting them, in the interests of a large number of people in a "busy" shop. "Snitching" is not appropriate terminology.
  9. It gets even worse. The ITV news item says they all went to McDonalds after visiting Tesco. A Yorkshire news item confirms that they were eating in McDonalds.
  10. As the supervisor was not included with the photos in the papers, here's his profile from the Haigh Rail website. I have highlighted some of the text in red, for emphasis. Mick Downing – Professional Head of Welding Mick is a proven, all-round professional with 36 years of railway experience. In that time, he has gained a formidable skill set and is equally at home on major nationalP-Way renewals, small private heritage railways or crane projects. He has worked as Welding Manager or Head of Welding at a number of high-profile organisations including Britis
  11. When you apply to come in under an exemption, you have to complete a form that tells you what the rules are, and then requires you to sign to say that you will comply. If people can't read the forms, how are they going to be able to read notices at the port/airport? The "Doncaster 5" had their H&S "minder" with them. He admitted to "dropping his guard". He is as guilty as they are, because he should have been looking after them. Some story, thinking they were only getting out of their van for a smoke. They, including him, always intended to go to the shop, as it was in the o
  12. "Positive cases of Covid-19 are rising weekly in Doncaster, with the climbing infection rate meaning that it is increasingly likely the area will become a coronavirus hotspot." They were coming from a high infection rate environment to "have a jolly". Tesco was "busy" when they visited. I have no sympathy, particularly for the supervisors/managers.
  13. They are traumatised?. I am incensed that their boss is not taking responsibility for his staff. Two of them are apprentices, and he should be acting as their guardian while they are working for him. He should be looking out for all of them and making sure that they conform to the rules of wherever they are visiting (and rules vary a lot through the UK, too). Is that latest Corona case at the prison one of them??? How many people did they contact in Tesco???
  14. Interesting that one of the UK's tabloid papers, The Mirror, says that the welders called into Tesco for their lunch. Ben doesn't arrive in Douglas until about 5.30pm. Shouldn't they have had lunch before they got on the boat? Another tabloid, The Mail, says that they called in for alcohol. Far more likely. Bet they went to the bar on board, too.
  15. I just had a look at some of the other countries' reactions to people who do not follow the rules. I came across this one from Norway, where they seem to have been quite severe without actually putting people in jail. Throwing someone out of the country and excluding them for 2 years could help get the message across, perhaps. Norwegian police said ... they had expelled a foreigner who violated quarantine rules and slapped him with a 1,900-euro fine, while immigration officials banned him reentering the country for two years. "We live in a system based on trust. Everyone
  16. I agree, but that is no consolation for someone who very genuinely gets "rock fever". This is very real for some people, and has caused many a couple to give up on island life and disappear off to a bigger landmass. We are lucky. We both moved here from choice, and spent a good few years assisting the economy by working here. Now we have retired, neither of us has any wish to move back across, particularly while that place across is in such a mess. We do have family across, and it is very hard not being able to go and visit. That's where the telephone comes in. We do miss our re
  17. I haven't heard of that.
  18. Putting people into the Jurby Quarantine Centre does at least mean that they can't sneak out to the shops/ I guess that the "Tesco 5" got 4 weeks because it was thought that at least one out of that number might have read the rules. Do people here get released after they've only served half their sentences? That makes even more sense of the 4 week sentence.
  19. Guernsey may be allowing UK residents in, but only if they self isolate for 14 days. Not many people will be taking them up on that. All persons arriving in to The Islands of Guernsey ('the Bailiwick') from anywhere in the world (with the exception of the Isle of Man) must self-isolate for 14 days on arrival, unless they are eligible for and opt into a 'test on day 7' option. This is a legal requirement, and failure to comply is a criminal offence. Where you are required to self-isolate for 14 days, you must not leave your accommodation and you must not leave the Island.
  20. The Channel Islands have different systems. Guernsey's is very similar to our own, and they allow people a very similar amount of freedom. Jersey's allows more incomers, so that they can take advantage of tourists, but they lose out on the freedoms, and they are likely to have to wear face masks in public places soon. I know which one I would prefer to live with.
  21. They should start that in Liverpool, which seems to be the epicentre at present.
  22. That'll keep him out of mischief, all being well.
  23. What about the documents that people have to complete and sign? As I understand it, these give advice about rules and restrictions.
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