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  1. I'm glad Gareth did not get in. My worry with teachers is that the majority of them seem to drift into the job from school and college without ever having experienced real life outside school.
  2. Is she by any chance related to Maltby the diesel engine at Groudle Glen Railway? (The one time Hi de Hi engine)
  3. Some resurfacing has been done in Baldrine - looks a bit like someone had "a bit of tarmac left over from the Promenade job" in the back of a lorry. Where there were already some horrendous dips whenever you encountered a grid, those dips are now double the depth. It's worse than having the village filled with "sleeping policemen". Try speeding through and your wheels will come off.
  4. All Gareth seems to say is that he cares about the Island, but he does not seem to know why.
  5. I think it's probably fair to say that none of the women are Masons...... so at least they won't be afraid of upsetting the old boy's network.
  6. Some are leaving it very late to provide details. Is that because they think that that having seen their name most recently, you are more likely to vote for them? Andrew Smith's manifesto, on thin card (have they run out of paper?) arrived by post today, addressed to "The Household Family". Infrastructure, which is causing so much angst, and costing so much money, gets barely half a page. His support of heritage "is well documented", but not here - that's all he finds to say about it, although there is a lot of heritage in Garff and elsewhere on the Island. Transport does not get a mention, although there is a photo of the upside down bus in Laxey river from 2015 (from before the last election!). There is no caption, only a reference to the 2019 floods. He comes over better than a couple of his competitors, but only marginally. I shall find it very hard to pick more than one candidate to vote for.
  7. Is this the sort of thing you are looking for?
  8. That's 'cos all the lead was extracted during the last few centuries, and has gone already.
  9. Even if it is only a rhetorical question, it is in poor taste.
  10. Baldrine also has a sign at each end (or it did last time I went through) saying that there are no road markings, just in case you don't notice the difference.
  11. As I said earlier - I'm all for making builders put solar panels on all newbuilds. The costs of installation would then be at their minimum.
  12. How can nuclear be cleaner if you can't find anywhere to dispose of the waste safely? Why was Windscale renamed?
  13. It's to train people to drive in the fog. So much better when you can't see what side of the road you are on.
  14. Yes, sorry, got the wrong bit of coast. A lot of ships do pass the Bahama Buoy, on both sides. I suppose putting a wind farm on the bank may make it a bit more obvious that the beacon on the buoy ☺️ Beaufort's Dyke would good place to avoid! I wonder how big a hole it would make in Ramsey if it blew up? 😲 The highest known concentration of munitions is in Beaufort's Dyke, a deep trench between Scotland and Northern Ireland, where an estimated 1 million tons of munitions have been dumped since the 1920s.
  15. You mean right next to the munitions dump?
  16. One suggestion I've seen is that they are a deterrent to any whales and dolphins that may wish to go past, because of the noise and vibrations. I suppose that might encourage fish that can ignore them! Similarly, fish might benefit, because ships, and presumably fishing boats, are not allowed anywhere near them. The latter point may be relevant if you are considering offshore north of the Island - a lot of ships pass that way, including our own, which quite often head that way round to Belfast. I'm all for making builders put solar panels on all newbuilds.
  17. Have you seen the size of offshore windmills, and heard the noise that they produce?
  18. Barbecue sauce appears to make a good anti-viral cream. Be careful what you bite into. Ribbing The act of pouring bar-b-que sauce on your penis before inserting it into the female's mouth, anus, or vagina. My girl and I were ribbing last night, when I ran out of K.C. Msterpiece. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=ribbing
  19. It is run by kangaroos (or wallabies in the IOM). "A kangaroo court is a "jumped-up" court that is typically convened ad hoc, ignores recognized standards of law or justice, and carries little or no official standing in the territory within which it resides. A kangaroo court may ignore due process and come to a predetermined conclusion." (Wikipedia)
  20. It's where the horse tram tracks are supposed to grow.
  21. Another news item seen today - "Being double-jabbed almost halves the likelihood of long Covid in adults who get coronavirus, a new study has suggested. Researchers at King’s College London also said that being admitted to hospital with the virus was 73% less likely, and the chances of severe symptoms were reduced by almost a third (31%) in the fully vaccinated." "The lead researcher, Dr Claire Steves, also from King’s College, said the good news was that being double jabbed “significantly reduces the risk of both catching the virus and, if you do, [of] developing long-standing symptoms”." https://uk.news.yahoo.com/chances-long-covid-almost-halved-223000515.html?.tsrc=notification-brknews
  22. Does this apply to the angled parking, too? From the above photos, it appears that the car on the right, which reversed in, has an even number, and the one next to it, which has driven straight in, has an odd number. (I'm sure that the signs tell you to reverse in, though)
  23. What's new, after over 100 years? From the Wikipedia article about the 1918 Spanish Flu "A later study found that measures such as banning mass gatherings and requiring the wearing of face masks could cut the death rate up to 50 percent, but this was dependent on their being imposed early in the outbreak and not being lifted prematurely." Spanish Flu infected around 500 million people, and killed up to 50 million. To date, Covid 19 has infected around 220 million, and killed 4 1/2 million. Could it possibly be the case that the imposition of mask wearing worldwide just might have played a substantial part in keeping case numbers relatively low? (Quite apart from the development and application of a vaccine.)
  24. Isn't that what you're supposed to do? It's what I did this morning 😎
  25. Going back a few years, there was actually a linkspan on that berth, which is "Number 6" (1, 2, 3, and 4 are on the Victoria Pier, and 5 is on the North Edward Pier, where Ben usually parks.)
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