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  1. Surely there are more than 100 buses here now - the bus garage parking areas always seem to be overflowing, and a lot of the mini buses are parked at schools.
  2. 1200 tons of wheat. There'll be bread shortages in Northern Ireland.
  3. Captain Carter left Douglas this morning with part of his fleet - both Wendy Ann and Girl Mary are on their way, if they have not already arrived.
  4. Looks like they need to fly in the expert from the Suez Canal.
  5. someone beat me to it!
  6. In what way are wallabies worse than the wild goats north of Laxey?
  7. Not with his Manx Radio "2 minutes" performance! Just 16 seconds needed to say nothing. Nothing comes from nothing. I wonder what his leaflet will say, if there is one.
  8. That's ducking the issue.
  9. Why all the shouting? David Icke is a nutcase who probably headed a few too many balls while he was a footballer.
  10. Too much fruit cake is dangerous for your health.
  11. It seems strange to me that the anti-vax, covid denier, flat earth etc... people seem to get all their beliefs from people who are "academics" or "genuine educators" and not from people who have actually got hands on experience of their topics.
  12. You only need another lockdown if no-one has been injected - like New Zealand.
  13. Stop the World. I want to get off.
  14. A friend took driving lessons before buying himself a car, soon after he got his first paid employment. His lessons were in a 900cc mini. When he passed his test, he bought a similar small car, but 1300cc. He had a lot of near misses before he got used to the extra power he had in his pedal foot. You only really start learning when you are out on your own.
  15. Depends whether or not it is truthful information.
  16. 'Cos it'll save building a new temporary one every 6 months?
  17. Jersey has stopped people from delivering "newspapers". https://jerseyeveningpost.com/news/2021/08/17/jersey-post-suspends-delivery-of-anti-vax-newspaper/
  18. So, it's all part of the "culture". Does that mean that in the "Cultural Quarter" on the Prom you will be able to go as fast as you like?
  19. You need someone with continuity to look after the business.
  20. They write words as they speak them. And they often can't pronounce words properly either. I've just checked "feasability" on a Word document, and it is picked up as wrong by the spell checker, as it has been on here, too. Manx Radio clearly doesn't have anyone who understands red wavy lines under words.
  21. Some of the worst driving is by those who think that 35mph is perfect wherever they are. I stick to the 30mph restrictions through villages etc.. (well, my speedo is usually on 31 or 32 - I usually find that this still gives me a "smiley face" when I pass one.) The number of times that I get a long queue of traffic behind is, quite frankly, ridiculous. Then there is the occasional idiot who overtakes within the 30 area, or just outside it while I am accelerating. I put my foot down when on a derestricted road, but most roads here do not seem suitable for going much over about 50mph. I did once make it up to 90, to keep someone who had been almost kissing my bumper in a 30 limit behind me - 'cos I knew they would catch up within the next 30 limit ☺️. (This was on a road that I know well.)
  22. This has reminded me of my landlady when I was in student digs many years ago, who swore black was white that the rain was caused by space rockets taking off into the atmosphere.
  23. There was a time when I was told that I should make sure that I went to the doctor for a regular check up so that I would count in their stats and ensure that the practice was fully funded. That seems to be somewhere in cloud cuckoo land - someone else, who had been going regularly for blood pressure checks, was told to go and buy his own monitor. Looks like we are out there on our own, matey.
  24. It's amazing stuff. I have a family member who lives in Oxford, and who participated in the AZ trials. There is family history of blood clots and strokes. He has suffered no ill effects. Nor have I, from the Pfizer jab. No.11 on the list has me creased up. "Hidden list of unfamiliar ingredients". Sounds like any number of packaged foods, whose ingredients are printed on the pack, but so small they might just as well be hidden. How many people actually read the list before tucking in? Most of the other 24 reasons are just as crazy. I'm sure Darwin would have a few good ideas.......
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