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  1. I haven't heard of that.
  2. Putting people into the Jurby Quarantine Centre does at least mean that they can't sneak out to the shops/ I guess that the "Tesco 5" got 4 weeks because it was thought that at least one out of that number might have read the rules. Do people here get released after they've only served half their sentences? That makes even more sense of the 4 week sentence.
  3. Guernsey may be allowing UK residents in, but only if they self isolate for 14 days. Not many people will be taking them up on that. All persons arriving in to The Islands of Guernsey ('the Bailiwick') from anywhere in the world (with the exception of the Isle of Man) must self-isolate for 14 days on arrival, unless they are eligible for and opt into a 'test on day 7' option. This is a legal requirement, and failure to comply is a criminal offence. Where you are required to self-isolate for 14 days, you must not leave your accommodation and you must not leave the Island.
  4. The Channel Islands have different systems. Guernsey's is very similar to our own, and they allow people a very similar amount of freedom. Jersey's allows more incomers, so that they can take advantage of tourists, but they lose out on the freedoms, and they are likely to have to wear face masks in public places soon. I know which one I would prefer to live with.
  5. They should start that in Liverpool, which seems to be the epicentre at present.
  6. That'll keep him out of mischief, all being well.
  7. What about the documents that people have to complete and sign? As I understand it, these give advice about rules and restrictions.
  8. It won't take forever, unless people play silly buggers. There have been a few studies into the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic (which lasted 2 years). A quote from an American source (National Geographic) says: "The studies reached another important conclusion: That relaxing intervention measures too early could cause an otherwise stabilized city to relapse. St. Louis, for example, was so emboldened by its low death rate that the city lifted restrictions on public gatherings less than two months after the outbreak began. A rash of new cases soon followed. Of the cities that kept intervent
  9. It is not just IOM rules, as it happens. There are people in parts of the UK who are similarly restricted, and cannot travel out of their own area (North Wales is a case in point). The quarantine system has been catching people who come in with the infection, which indicates that it would be silly to let people go straight back into their places of work. Bear in mind that most people are arriving in the IOM having travelled from, or via, the North West, where infection rates are very high at present. Few people do not stop anywhere to shop and/or seek relief before getting on the bo
  10. Anyone with any nous buys a bootfull of what they need in Asda before they get to the boat, as well as filling up with fuel. They should be fully aware of the restrictions well before they get to the port. I've got no sympathy at all with them.
  11. You reckon he was looking for a "pox doctor"?
  12. Don't know who the person above is, but this one isn't exactly old.
  13. Maybe the Moon is made of Wensleydale cheese.... Just maybe.
  14. And that year working in the "real world" gives you some "real life experience", which is invaluable.
  15. I saw some news about that one a few months back. Looks about as useful as the bus lane was, along from the Grandstand. But the politicians will like it, particularly as "by its opening, the project's cost had risen from an estimated £800,000 to £2.3m."
  16. One of the big problems is that hotels, and Steam Packet, will have rolled over their bookings from this year to next. There are a lot of people hanging on in the hope that something will still happen next year.
  17. I was "forced" into private dentistry quite a few years ago, and went to one close to where I had been going previously. The treatment there was worse than I have had at most NHS dentists previously, and at my last visit, they didn't even do everything they were supposed to - the dentist apparently checked my records after I went out to pay, then came out to reception to apologise to me while I was still there. Well, sorry, that's not how I think I (or anyone else) should be treated. I left them. I'm pleased to be able to report that they moved on some time back. I managed to fi
  18. That'll teach her to fill up cheaper across
  19. Sorry, no photos. I think the camera would have broken.
  20. I saw a young lady in a mini skirt belt the other day. She had to lift a leg slightly to stride over her dog's lead, and you could see what she'd had for breakfast. She didn't need to bend down...... C'mon, people, it's far better to leave something to the imagination.
  21. The way Covid is going, across, they are now well over the rate of infection that should be sending us back into full closure. The other worry is that having sent a load of students to universities, what did they all do? Have freshers' parties of course. Tantamount to having Covid parties - and they're all getting/spreading infection.
  22. This Forum is "going to the dogs".
  23. What's that got to do with the Snaefell Railway?
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