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  1. Yes, sorry, got the wrong bit of coast. A lot of ships do pass the Bahama Buoy, on both sides. I suppose putting a wind farm on the bank may make it a bit more obvious that the beacon on the buoy ☺️

    Beaufort's Dyke would good place to avoid! I wonder how big a hole it would make in Ramsey if it blew up? 😲

    The highest known concentration of munitions is in Beaufort's Dyke, a deep trench between Scotland and Northern Ireland, where an estimated 1 million tons of munitions have been dumped since the 1920s.

  2. 22 minutes ago, The Phantom said:

    There are some pretty big and shallow sand bars off the NE that are best avoided by shipping generally. 

    Bahama Bank is the main one (been a few groundings there over the years) would be where I'd put it. 

    Relatively close to Ramsey too for the support vessels etc.

    You mean right next to the munitions dump?

  3. 3 hours ago, The Phantom said:

    Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't want to live underneath one. I think the Island would be too small for anything  onshore.

    But a farm offshore of the north of the island (relatively shallow, sheltered from the predominant SW Storms) would probably be out best option for green energy.

    There's quite a bit of research to say they are beneficial for fish populations too. Whether that's due to increased shelter or reduced fishing pressures is still uncertain.


    One suggestion I've seen is that they are a deterrent to any whales and dolphins that may wish to go past, because of the noise and vibrations. I suppose that might encourage fish that can ignore them! Similarly, fish might benefit, because ships, and presumably fishing boats, are not allowed anywhere near them.

    The latter point may be relevant if you are considering offshore north of the Island - a lot of ships pass that way, including our own, which quite often head that way round to Belfast.

    I'm all for making builders put solar panels on all newbuilds.

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  4. 10 hours ago, hampsterkahn said:

    It is the “maritime court “/“ common law court “ aspect which I don’t  understand  and was hoping it could be explained to me.

    It is run by kangaroos (or wallabies in the IOM).

    "A kangaroo court is a "jumped-up" court that is typically convened ad hoc, ignores recognized standards of law or justice, and carries little or no official standing in the territory within which it resides. A kangaroo court may ignore due process and come to a predetermined conclusion." (Wikipedia)

  5. Another news item seen today -

    "Being double-jabbed almost halves the likelihood of long Covid in adults who get coronavirus, a new study has suggested.

    Researchers at King’s College London also said that being admitted to hospital with the virus was 73% less likely, and the chances of severe symptoms were reduced by almost a third (31%) in the fully vaccinated."

    "The lead researcher, Dr Claire Steves, also from King’s College, said the good news was that being double jabbed “significantly reduces the risk of both catching the virus and, if you do, [of] developing long-standing symptoms”."


  6. 17 minutes ago, yorik said:

    Ah, but only if your registration number is even, if it's odd it's the other way round

    Does this apply to the angled parking, too? From the above photos, it appears that the car on the right, which reversed in, has an even number, and the one next to it, which has driven straight in, has an odd number.

    (I'm sure that the signs tell you to reverse in, though)

  7. 17 hours ago, AcousticallyChallenged said:

    Massive randomized study is proof that surgical masks limit coronavirus spread, authors say


    The researchers estimate that among a group of Bangladeshi adults in the study that were encouraged to wear masks, mask-wearing increased by 28.8 percent after the intervention. When tracked, this group saw a 9.3 percent reduction in symptomatic covid-19 seroprevalence, meaning the virus was confirmed by bloodwork, as well as a further 11.9 percent reduction in covid-19 symptoms.

    …Because the research team was only able to document cases in which people were symptomatic and were seropositive for the virus, Ranney agreed that results may be an underestimate.

    “To me this is the minimum effect of mask-wearing in a community,” she said. “I would expect the real effect of masks is much higher, given the limitations of how they were able to measure covid in this study.”


    What's new, after over 100 years? From the Wikipedia article about the 1918 Spanish Flu  

    "A later study found that measures such as banning mass gatherings and requiring the wearing of face masks could cut the death rate up to 50 percent, but this was dependent on their being imposed early in the outbreak and not being lifted prematurely."

    Spanish Flu infected around 500 million people, and killed up to 50 million.

    To date, Covid 19 has infected around 220 million, and killed 4 1/2 million. Could it possibly be the case that the imposition of mask wearing worldwide just might have played a substantial part in keeping case numbers relatively low? (Quite apart from the development and application of a vaccine.)

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  8. 30 minutes ago, Ramseyboi said:

    In reality people going straight along the prom we’re just barrelling through as if there was no intersection and with a quick glance to their right

    Isn't that what you're supposed to do?

    It's what I did this morning 😎

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  9. Going back a few years, there was actually a linkspan on that berth, which is "Number 6" (1, 2, 3, and 4 are on the Victoria Pier, and 5 is on the North Edward Pier, where Ben usually parks.)

  10. 3 minutes ago, ellanvannin2010 said:

    A private operator would not need a director of transport amongst many other posts  for what is essentially a small depot of under 100 buses

    Surely there are more than 100 buses here now - the bus garage parking areas always seem to be overflowing, and a lot of the mini buses are parked at schools.

  11. 13 hours ago, finlo said:

    What is its cargo? I can see a "whiskey galore" by first light if its not gone tonight.

    1200 tons of wheat.

    There'll be bread shortages in Northern Ireland.

  12. 17 minutes ago, Yibble said:


    Lifeboat now appears to be heading from Douglas to Ramsey. Are there any tugs on site or heading Ramsey way?

    Captain Carter left Douglas this morning with part of his fleet - both Wendy Ann and Girl Mary are on their way, if they have not already arrived.

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  13. 1 hour ago, Yibble said:

    IoM Newspapers have, rather wonderfully, captioned a similar photo "A man with a shovel attempts to recover the boat"

    Looks like they need to fly in the expert from the Suez Canal.


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  14. On 5/19/2021 at 10:50 AM, Declan said:

    Didn't Gareth Young win X-Idol?

    Not with his Manx Radio "2 minutes" performance! 

    Just 16 seconds needed to say nothing. Nothing comes from nothing.

    I wonder what his leaflet will say, if there is one.

  15. 2 minutes ago, Happier diner said:

    I apologise for insinuating that these anti vax/ conspiracy theorists are fruits cakes...

    I meant to say dangerous fruits cakes....just my view.

    Too much fruit cake is dangerous for your health.

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  16. It seems strange to me that the anti-vax, covid denier, flat earth etc... people seem to get all their beliefs from people who are "academics" or "genuine educators" and not from people who have actually got hands on experience of their topics. 

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