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  1. From the MyProm newsletter. "Harris Promenade It is great to see the finished works looking as good as the artist impression (bottom left). " (There is a block of 4 pictures, and the one shown here is the one that is bottom left.) This year, next year, sometime..........?
  2. The Laxey Bay swimmer is probably in hospital after swimming in untreated sewage.
  3. And it will destroy your petrol lawnmower.
  4. If you think you've not heard enough bad things about what may or may not be in vaccines, have a thought for your tap water supply. The UK Gov't is proposing to channel broadband through water pipes. For heaven's sakes...... https://www.gov.uk/government/news/broadband-rollout-trial-to-target-hard-to-reach-homes-through-uks-water-pipes
  5. Oh, memories. Mashed bananas with condensed milk in a butty. Mmmm.
  6. Whose truth are we now supposed to believe? 1) Vaccines are good, because they save a lot of people from suffering serious illness and/or death 2) Vaccines are bad, because they include dangerous chemicals, magnets, computer chips, 5G, etc....
  7. If you believe the Worldometer figures, our population is 85,527. That seems amazingly precise.
  8. Point taken. A bit idiotic handing out a large lump sum with complete freedom to use it on whatever took the recipient's fancy, too! I can't say I'm impressed if that's what my taxes are paying for.
  9. Amazing stuff. The new clothing was surely not essential, as suggested by others above. (He clearly has expensive tastes!) He needs to gen up a bit better on what is allowable in the way of expenses, or he might get done for tax. There are lots of internet sites that will help. UK Rules (IOM will be similar) in relation to clothing can be found easily, and some sources are easy to read and understand. Try this one for example.
  10. That says nothing about the seriousness of the infection. As I understand it, the injection gives a good degree of protection from serious illness. A friend across, who is asthmatic, and therefore susceptible, had his 2+2 early on. He recently contracted Covid, which gave him an illness for some 24 hours. He is strongly of the opinion that he could have been seriously ill, or worse, had it not been for the injections.
  11. It's funny, every time I walk past my fridge, I feel a magnetic force pulling me towards it.
  12. The problems related to pregnancy seem to be more on the lines of the need to arrange for "preterm delivery". There's a recent article in the Irish Times giving the Irish angle.
  13. Has anyone noticed that the magnetic effect is only in the right arm.... .....there's klingons on the starboard bow...
  14. Still not fixed. This afternoon's 15.00 Liverpool sailing has the following warning - The Manannan is currently running with a short delay. This sailing will now depart from Douglas at 15:45hrs. Passenger are asked to check-in no later than 15:15hrs.
  15. Condor's no better - ‘Voyager has also experienced a technical issue with one of her four engines so her sailing from Poole [on Thursday] was cancelled" People in Jersey are getting critical, if they weren't already.
  16. They're talking about giving out the flu jab at the same time, one in each arm - a double whammy jabby.
  17. Image 5 has a "floating bus stop". Are they sending buses down the river?
  18. People have a natural magnetism. If the vaccination has enhanced mine, then I'm all for it. 😁
  19. Thought it was my stomach rumbling. 😋
  20. Don't read too much into that, though. A friend in the medical industry, who was double jabbed + 2 a while back. has just recovered from Covid. He reported that "when I was feeling really ill (a 24 hour period) I was producing negative lateral flow and PCR tests. It was a few days after that positive lateral flow & PCR appeared. My GP tells me they are seeing this in the vaccinated population. Had I not rechecked on home lateral flows twice daily and a second PCR, I would have merrily gone to work last week , or to the shops, travel etc." So, had he been ill enough to go into hospital, he would have tested negative on arrival.
  21. There's supposed to be a horse tram track on there by next summer blue moon.
  22. "based upon observed pedestrian desire lines" Do I have Y shaped wrinkles on my face?
  23. Trouble is, vaccination is not stopping the infection spreading. It is only making the infection more tolerable when you catch it. Yeah, so I can live with that, I hope. The jab will help to keep you out of hospital, so it's got to be worth having. Guernsey publishes stats on how many people with Covid have been jabbed. Nearly half their recent cases have been double jabbed. It's not going to go away any time soon. No point being scared of it any more. Just take care, and use a bit of common sense as you go about your normal life, and choose the countries you holiday in carefully!
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