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  1. Good grief! Do any such statisticians exist, anywhere???? You'll be saying the same about politicians next?
  2. I won't have any cares about expertise or safeguards at the time, because I'll be dead. I won't have any need for any part of my body, and whoever wants it can have it, faults and all. I don't even think I'll be in any position to care about what happens to the final remains.
  3. It was Lisbon = Portugal. Hopefully that lesson will have been learned, so they'll try somewhere closer to the right gauge next time.
  4. Rule 4? Comfortable and quiet bed !!
  5. Indeed. There appears to have been no hindrance to any of the other ships coming and going, so if it was the apparently most likely explanation of a baulk of wood, they must know where that ended up. Good News: Ben has left dry dock, and looks like she's doing sea trials south of Falmouth. Her speed is "normal". So she may come home soon.
  6. If you look at the picture of the damage, take note of the height of the prop above the keel of the ship, and ask how it is that a sandbank could have caused the damage. If Ben had encountered a sandbank, she would have been well and truly stuck on it before any sand got near the prop!
  7. That's where they should be going. Ever heard of integrated transport? My first trip on a horse tram was when I came with my parents, and got on one close to the ship's gangway. You couldn't go that close now - you've got to get people through security, but get them to terminate close to the Sea Terminal doors, and you're onto a winner.
  8. New Zealand has tried to keep strict controls in place, and they have still managed to get another death. Not a pensioner, but a man in his 50s.
  9. There's clearly a problem and somebody needs to get to the bottom of it.
  10. There's not a big enough river in the IOM, but there is a boat in the morning.......
  11. Just burnt the toast, probably. I saw a bit of black smoke that soon disappeared, before the fire brigade came out.
  12. News, from 2 1/2 years ago, clearly passed you by. And in June 2018, the stable buildings were put onto the protected buildings register.
  13. They were including rental charges for their office accommodation, etc. etc. as part of the horse tram costs - no doubt at full commercial rates. You can make practically anything look as though it's losing buckets of money with the "right" sort of creative accounting. New stables have not been built. The old Victorian ones are still to be used for the horses. There is a new tram shed. The old one had to be demolished before it fell down of its own accord - probably because no-one spent any money on maintenance. The temporary marquee is still in place, even though it's been emp
  14. No, no late night for me either, and I'm not going for the boat in the morning afternoon.
  15. Perhaps they were concerned that their heavy tanks might fall through the deck.
  16. Ynys Mon, to give Anglesey its proper name. (Monas Isle). One of the names that our radio newsreaders have trouble with, every time the two islands' football teams play each other.
  17. Don't Panic !!! Ben my Chree has been allowed in, so the nasty stuff must have been eliminated or neutralised.
  18. I love all the loose chairs that will fly everywhere in "a bit of weather". At least the tables look like they are bolted down.
  19. Well done. Richard Branson is another example of someone who worked his way through this sort of "barrier". At one of my office jobs across, the filing clerks were given a table to sort documents into alphabetic order, with a row of large letters at the top of the table... A...B...C... The dyslexic in my trainee time wrote a poem which only she could read. I spent ages with her transcribing it into recognisable english, and it was put up on the wall. Creativity, imagery, etc... it was all there. A lot of people are too easily put down, then stay down. Some of them seem to believ
  20. I was taught to read and write by my parents. When I was training to be a teacher, the idea was that kids should not have their spelling , grammar, etc... over corrected, because that would cause them to lose their enthusiasm for writing, and cramp their style. This is probably why so many teachers carnt speel.
  21. From what I've heard, she's put Auckland back into lockdown.
  22. Whilst everyone is working out how and why the airport failed to open for a plane that should have been arriving with a blaze of publicity (???)... Will somebody please publish the result of the rugby match?
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