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  1. For comparative purposes, there is an inquest report just out into the fatal tram crash in Croydon in 2016, where the tram was going excessively fast. It appears that the driver may not have been sleeping too well. The verdict was that it was an accident. "The inquest heard that the tram went into a very tight corner, just before the tram stop, at 73km/h (45mph). The speed limit was 20km/h (12mph). " "The foreman of the jury said: "The tram driver became disorientated, which caused loss of awareness in his surroundings, probably due to a lack of sleep. "As a result of which, the driver failed to brake in time and drove his tram towards a tight curve at excessive speed. "The tram left the rails and overturned on to its right side, as a result of which the deceased [were] ejected from the tram and killed.""
  2. It is worse than bonkers, it is tantamount to criminal damage. When planning (or lack of it) goes badly wrong. Lessons should be learned. An update on it, with a link to the petition..
  3. It's to be hoped that they do a proper job, and then keep it maintained, rather than just allow it to silt up again. Heysham has suffered from many years of neglect.
  4. I don't think he ever leaves the Island by boat, otherwise he'd make sure somebody got Heysham Port properly dredged, and kept it so.
  5. Presumably the "worker" is the one who is leaning on the shovel.
  6. Perhaps they're white lies?
  7. Perhaps it's down to education? I was taught, many, many years ago that no matter what someone looks like, the point is that they are human beings, and they should be treated as such. I have been called quite a few things in the past, a lot of them not very nice. It can be hard to try and remember that "Sticks and stones may hurt my bones, but words will never hurt me". The harder the abuse, the harder I got. It would be better for everybody concerned if humans treated other humans with humanity. What is happening now is that certain sectors are rabble rousing.
  8. Nigg** used to be used more as a term of affection once upon a time. Why else would Guy Gibson have given his dog that name? My father called himself one of them in a postcard home once, after he had become extremely suntanned, and I had a toy "golly". Why has anything and everything got to be turned racist nowadays? I once worked with someone who had a lovely South Wales Valleys accent, who would go away somewhere hot for a holiday so that he could suntan the palms of his hands and the soles of his feet. People in general need to wake up to the fact that everyone is the same under the skin.
  9. Does anyone have a huge arrow of the type that has a sucker on the end, to stick in the middle?
  10. Why is it that mindless and ignorant rants about the three English penalty takers are termed racism? Surely if three white English players had been chosen to take the penalties, with similar results, there would have been similar mindless and ignorant rants? "Social" Media has a lot to answer for, for making abuse far too easy. Go back a few years, and there was similar abuse, but not then called racist for some reason... "For years after his infamous penalty miss at Euro 96, Gareth Southgate was abused in the street" "Beckham said: 'I made a mistake in '98 and the reaction at the time was pretty brutal.' But he added: ''If social media was around when I was going through that time in '98 it would have been a whole different story.'"
  11. So it's you, is it? Does it really cause too much of a delay? Have you not read the Highway Code? 301 Always give way to trams, particularly when turning across the tracks. Overtake only on the left of a tram. If driving a large or heavy vehicle, do not follow too closely to a tram.
  12. Isn't that equivalent to being a racist comment?
  13. Isn't this a case of the police being asked to apologise for upholding the law (as it was then)? If there should be apologies, they should be from those who made the laws and kept them in place.
  14. To be fair/fare/fayre, the Racket were between a rock and a hard place when it came to keeping a service going. Most of the freight comes overnight, so it can be distributed early morning, and the fresh stuff is on the shelves same day. Putting it onto a daytime sailing would add another day to its delivery time, because it would arrive here after everyone has knocked off for the day. Newspapers would have to come by plane (even more expensive). Most passengers come on daytime sailings, and with few passengers travelling, it looks easy to take off the daytime sailing...... but..... most of the people coming over will have been "essential workers", and making them travel overnight is not exactly looking after them! It looks as though Government decided that the schedule ought to be maintained, and for once I think they were right.
  15. Well, that's him brutally (and accurately?) analysed. Can the others all be similarly dealt with before we have to decide who is worthy of our vote?
  16. They send out an occasional newsletter, which either nobody reads, or which has only a very limited circulation. Example notice: "The Department of Infrastructure are working on the pedestrian crossing at Regent Street for a period of up to 2 weeks. The works, which started today, will close this crossing. The zebra is currently being worked on with the uncontrolled crossing being worked on from Monday 28 June. The nearest controlled crossing is the zebra at Victoria Street or at Howard Street. Signage (pictured above) has been placed in the area to show diversions to businesses and shops. " I was on the Prom today, and noticed that there were several people still using the crossing at Regent Street, having walked around all the fencing. Have they been told? Are the signs adequate/existent?
  17. Shouldn't that be "two Wongs.........." etc....?
  18. The donkeys are from Guernsey. Jersey residents are toads - toadally different.
  19. That looks as though it will fall apart when the first wheelchair goes over it.
  20. Planning applications are amazingly easy to push through at present, while you cannot object to anything that is further away than next door to you, and notices are only posted at the site. Partially hidden notices make even more of a mockery of the system. Add to this the obvious capabilities (?) of those looking after the system. Some MHKs need to look very carefully at their positions in advance of the next election.
  21. Elm trees are under threat due to the Dutch Elm Disease. These trees look healthy. Anything that can be done to protect this extremely rare example of an ancient tree tunnel should be. They've been there longer than any of us, and they're probably healthier than most of us. Why should any of us demand their downfall?
  22. I think even panic/stress can cause blood clots!
  23. But the Raad would surely become even more susceptible to landslips.
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