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  1. Ynys Mon, to give Anglesey its proper name. (Monas Isle). One of the names that our radio newsreaders have trouble with, every time the two islands' football teams play each other.
  2. Don't Panic !!! Ben my Chree has been allowed in, so the nasty stuff must have been eliminated or neutralised.
  3. I love all the loose chairs that will fly everywhere in "a bit of weather". At least the tables look like they are bolted down.
  4. Well done. Richard Branson is another example of someone who worked his way through this sort of "barrier". At one of my office jobs across, the filing clerks were given a table to sort documents into alphabetic order, with a row of large letters at the top of the table... A...B...C... The dyslexic in my trainee time wrote a poem which only she could read. I spent ages with her transcribing it into recognisable english, and it was put up on the wall. Creativity, imagery, etc... it was all there. A lot of people are too easily put down, then stay down. Some of them seem to believ
  5. I was taught to read and write by my parents. When I was training to be a teacher, the idea was that kids should not have their spelling , grammar, etc... over corrected, because that would cause them to lose their enthusiasm for writing, and cramp their style. This is probably why so many teachers carnt speel.
  6. From what I've heard, she's put Auckland back into lockdown.
  7. Whilst everyone is working out how and why the airport failed to open for a plane that should have been arriving with a blaze of publicity (???)... Will somebody please publish the result of the rugby match?
  8. The papers are flown in when Ben is not scheduled to have an overnight crossing to Heysham. Sometimes it is to give them a maintenance break. At other times, like this last weekend, there is an overnight sailing to Ireland. Ben went to Belfast on Saturday night.
  9. But teachers are expected to impart "life skills" to their charges. This is something few of them have now. Perhaps it is true that once upon a time, common sense could be taught, but now it can't, because the teachers were not taught it themselves. It is certainly now a rare skill amongst the younger generations. Teachers who went through war experiences had life (and death) experience in bundles, and it seems to be the case that they were always the most highly respected.
  10. This was in the late 1960s. From what you say, just as things went sour for teachers? I suppose part of the problem was that, at least at my Grammar School. the teaching profession was being heavily pushed as a potential career, possibly because the teachers there had no experience of other jobs themselves, so could not extol the virtues of other types of work. Thinking back, there was the teacher who was so fed up, he left and went to work on bin lorries.
  11. My experience entirely. I trained as a teacher, partly because there were teachers in the family, partly because I couldn't think of anything else I wanted to do, and, I suppose, there was the lure of those nice long holidays. What spoiled it for me was that during school, then college, holidays, I had worked at a number of different jobs - shop, packing factory, postal delivery, etc., etc., and I got a bit of "real life experience". I then went into teaching practice, and found that in the staff room, all the teachers could find to chat about was who was the head teacher's pet, which tea
  12. If they.re spending all that for cyclists, then they should be taxing bikes and/or lycra to help pay for it.
  13. No, not I. It was about January we got a couple of cheap packs, which at our normal rate of use were going to last through until about June! I don't know where some people keep it all! Butter and cheese last a reasonable time. Check the use by dates. Spuds usually keep for quite a while, too, if kept cool and dark. Milk - if you can cope with it, there's always sterilised. Hardly use any here, so no problem. One of us drinks coffee black. The other either uses single portion pots (which can be quite long dated), or even better uses a slug of Baileys as coffee whitener. I never normally u
  14. Ever since lockdown started, we've worked on the basis that we will keep 14 days worth of supplies in hand, drinks, long life fruit juice, some food in tins, some frozen, used in rotation with fresh bought in while we can. If we are put into immediate isolation for 14 days, we will cope. If we decide to go away, then come back, there will be adequate food for the 14 days that are required of us. And that's without having been in The Scouts. "Be Prepared". It's not that hard.
  15. There are some parts of the Government's information that do not seem to have become general knowledge. Which of the following can people not understand? I have used bold type to emphasise that (a) you are expected to prepare in advance, and (b) below, to show that you must go direct to your home without stopping off anywhere. There's plenty more information on the website. (a) A period of 14-day self-isolation is mandatory and this must be carefully considered before deciding to travel. (b) Arriving back on the Island, how should I get home to minimise contact with others?
  16. Aimed at however might suffer from "rules are not for me" syndrome, or the "I never get ill from anything" syndrome. Perhaps Southfork is a founder member?
  17. Quite so. You will have been away to a place where the virus is still at large. You cannot, on arrival home, be certain that you are free of it yourself. The logical thing to do, obviously, is go into a busy supermarket, with no social distancing or face mask rules. Yeah, infect a whole load of your compatriots, force a reintroduction of lockdown, bugger the landbridge between IOM and Guernsey. Gosh, you will be popular, and should suffer whatever the legal eagles can throw at you. Use your bloody common sense, if you have any.
  18. Here's a thought for Minister Boot. Instead of importing partridges to be shot, or even red squirrels???... ....should he be assigned to Tesco, with appropriate gun, to shoot the people who are shopping in there who should be in isolation? That might be a suitable disincentive for those people who think they are above the rules and don't care about the rest of us.
  19. monasqueen


    Clearly the instructions that have been broadcast, and which are handed out, are not explicit enough. What part of "isolation" do these people not understand??
  20. I've certainly had enough of him in Manx politics.
  21. And the other side of that story .. ‘In order to limit the spread of the coronavirus on the Island, the States of Jersey have put in place health-protection measures for all arriving passengers. This has resulted in a drastic drop in the number of visitors. Source https://jerseyeveningpost.com/news/2020/07/25/ferry-company-suspends-services-until-further-notice/
  22. Didn't I see somewhere that UK teachers who have booked holidays away at the end of the school holidays, and who are therefore having to quarantine themselves for the first fortnight of school term, are going to have to take unpaid leave for the quarantine period? Seems logical, if their job has to be covered by someone else who needs to be paid for it.
  23. What is the need for parents to travel? Kids of that age should be fully fledged and able to cope on their own.
  24. Partridges are an endangered species across. It is very rare now that I see one whilst travelling in England. There is more logic in importing some to protect them, rather than to shoot them, though that suggestion will fall foul of the anti red squirrel people.
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