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  1. What about the ones that are winged and go to die a slow and painful death in the undergrowth somewhere.
  2. If the border testing works.... and you've still got to keep in touch with people.
  3. I understand that a preferred route for cyclists takes them through Nobles Park. Much more scenic, much less hassle.
  4. Obviously he's wearing a face mask........ because he has to.
  5. Jersey are apparently taking in day trippers from France, lots of whom are on holiday in Brittany from Paris. Tests are being done on arrival, but results can't be obtained until after they've gone, and they have to be sent to them. Doesn't sound like the sort of open border that we should be aspiring to.
  6. Did he have to queue to read out his cue?
  7. Agreed. I have a friend (also across) who was diagnosed with prostate cancer back in March. I have not heard that he has started any treatment, and I daren't ask.
  8. There are also deaths that have been brought about by Covid 19, even when the affected person has never had the virus, or been tested for it. I have had a letter from an old colleague in the UK, whose husband died at the end of April, from a cancerous tumour. He was all set to have radiotherapy and chemo. The medics then advised them that "due to the virus", as the cancer treatment was "merely to extend his life", and they had to make tough decisions, the offer of treatment was being withdrawn. It was at that point he gave up trying to keep going. He died fairly soon after. No-one wi
  9. The suffragettes didn't do so badly. Where were the men in those demonstrations? It's mostly youngsters nowadays, because they are the only people to have new ideas, and new ideals that no-one has ever thought of before. They really do need to re-invent the wheel.
  10. Best thing I've heard George Ferguson say, about bringing in Grey Partridges and then shooting them..... "What numpty thought of that?"
  11. Everybody, but everybody, had a hand in slavery, including the elders of the villages that African slaves came from. Why restrict the vilification to those who trafficked them? In any case, that's history, which if we have been properly educated, we have learned form. What people should be dealing with now is current slavery, which is still rife worldwide, in sweat shops and elsewhere.
  12. The word "black" was the answer to a clue in a crossword I was doing yesterday. I'm surprised that was allowed.
  13. Like the "typical Englishman" abroad, they will say their piece louder and louder UNTIL EVERYONE UNDERSTANDS WHAT THEY ARE SAYING.
  14. I've only driven through there once since the changes, and was the first in the centre lane queue that was supposed to sit by an unbroken white line, while the left hand lane was completely empty, and the filter light was green. I think I did what most people on here would do - I checked my mirrors, etc., and filtered left, a car length early. It's that stupid layout that is causing the queues to tail back into the centre of Onchan. A lot more people want to take the left turn there than they seem to think, and it is forcing more than necessary to turn left down Victoria Road and battle it ou
  15. If he was bitten in the ear by a mad assailant, I hope he had a rabies injection. You can't be too careful with viruses at the moment.
  16. It's good to see that costs are being cut in Howie's official clothing budget. There must be a saving in not having the extra horizontal reflective stripe.
  17. I bow to your far better knowledge and more in depth reading. So the 180th anniversary should be celebrated in 2021 ;-)
  18. 1832. From Wikipedia. From the inauguration of the service until January 1832, the company was known as the Mona's Isle Company. Briefly the company then traded as the Isle of Man United Steam Packet, before assuming its present name in July 1832.
  19. The first of the four pictures above reminds me of Manxman's Dining Saloon. Tables for eight people, and along the sides, silverware leaning against the portholes....... until it got a bit bouncy, and everything started to fall.....
  20. 1 hour ago, P.K. said: Why do people who suffer from mal de mer think they will be better off below decks? 31 minutes ago, quilp said: Any roll is less accentuated, though engine vibration is increased. .................... On Snaefell, it was one of the dining saloon waiters who said, on a slightly rough day.... "One little roll and you lose your appetite".......
  21. Like John Wright, I've been on Bens lV V, and Vl. Manx Viking had her moments. The toilets were, as I recall, in tiny cubicles. I'm not huge, but they were challenging. She also had what seemed to be a permanent slight lean to one side, which she still had when we saw her in Norway around 1988. The ships were better when they had silver service restaurants. Going for a decent, relaxed meal seemed to be so civilised, though Ben V had unusual green coloured walls in her restaurant, which didn't help the appetite I suppose I have better memories of some of the trips on the last L
  22. Which one? The latest ship to carry that name did not perform very well after refit, and didn't last long.
  23. Odd, the version I've seen is Goodbye to Rosie, the queen of Corona Seein' me and Julio down by the schoolyard
  24. It was Me and Julio down by the school yard.
  25. monasqueen


    No worse than saying "reservoyer", "abertoyer," etc...!
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