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  1. 38 minutes ago, Annoymouse said:

    On more than a few occasions if I couldn’t undertake the horse tram, I would overtake instead, far to many people are happy to sit behind the tram seemingly oblivious to the growing number of vehicles behind them.

    So it's you, is it? Does it really cause too much of a delay? Have you not read the Highway Code?

    301 Always give way to trams, particularly when turning across the tracks. Overtake only on the left of a tram. If driving a large or heavy vehicle, do not follow too closely to a tram.


  2. Isn't this a case of the police being asked to apologise for upholding the law (as it was then)?

    If there should be apologies, they should be from those who made the laws and kept them in place.


  3. To be fair/fare/fayre, the Racket were between a rock and a hard place when it came to keeping a service going.

    Most of the freight comes overnight, so it can be distributed early morning, and the fresh stuff is on the shelves same day. Putting it onto a daytime sailing would add another day to its delivery time, because it would arrive here after everyone has knocked off for the day. Newspapers would have to come by plane (even more expensive).

    Most passengers come on daytime sailings, and with few passengers travelling, it looks easy to take off the daytime sailing...... but..... most of the people coming over will have been "essential workers", and making them travel overnight is not exactly looking after them!

    It looks as though Government decided that the schedule ought to be maintained, and for once I think they were right.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Lightening McQueen said:

    What the **** is all the expense of the My Prom team for then?

    They send out an occasional newsletter, which either nobody reads, or which has only a very limited circulation. 

    Example notice:

    "The Department of Infrastructure are working on the pedestrian crossing at Regent Street for a period of up to 2 weeks. The works, which started today, will close this crossing. The zebra is currently being worked on with the uncontrolled crossing being worked on from Monday 28 June. The nearest controlled crossing is the zebra at Victoria Street or at Howard Street. Signage (pictured above) has been placed in the area to show diversions to businesses and shops. "

    I was on the Prom today, and noticed that there were several people still using the crossing at Regent Street, having walked around all the fencing. Have they been told? Are the signs adequate/existent?

  5. Planning applications are amazingly easy to push through at present, while you cannot object to anything that is further away than next door to you, and notices are only posted at the site. Partially hidden notices make even more of a mockery of the system.

    Add to this the obvious capabilities (?) of those looking after the system.

    Some MHKs need to look very carefully at their positions in advance of the next election.

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  6. Elm trees are under threat due to the Dutch Elm Disease. These trees look healthy.

    Anything that can be done to protect this extremely rare example of an ancient tree tunnel should be.

    They've been there longer than any of us, and they're probably healthier than most of us. Why should any of us demand their downfall?


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  7. 2 hours ago, Andy Onchan said:

    You can bet your life that if the Raad my Foillian route was made so that bikes can use it then there'd be no problem with vegetation overgrowth!

    But the Raad would surely become even more susceptible to landslips.

  8. 34 minutes ago, chris4652009 said:

    I'm itching to come across but tbh I can see the usual tinpot knee jerk reaction and borders getting shut back down pretty quick, hence I'm holding back on booking anything at the moment :(

    Believe it or not, I have a similar reason for holding back on going across. There have got to be a lot less restrictions, and then there is the prospect of the new variant "Delta +" causing further disruption.

    I am fully vaxxed (2+2) but that doesn't seem to count for a lot. 

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  9. 55 minutes ago, Beelzebub3 said:

    The DOT had 8 men employed throughout the year carrying out maintenance on the Island's footpath's that included 2 joiner's who fixed bridge's and stile's etc, I believe the DOI have 1 joiner now doing the safety defect's as reported by the public, the trimming is carried out by contractor's.

    Congratulations. Never before have I seen so many grocers' apostrophes in one sentence. 😲


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  10. Just keep changing the name. That will help everyone to forget.

    Think Calder Hall, Windscale, Sellafield. (British Nuclear Fuels (BNFL) decided to try and banish the bad memories by changing the plant's name to Sellafield in 1981.)

    Silverdale. That's a nice name.

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  11. Guy Gibson's Black Lab was called Nigger. Is there/could there ever have been any suggestion that this was intended to be derogatory?

    Why is there such a huge need to airbrush history? We should all be learning from it, so it needs to be visible.

    I think the word "Woke" will be (or has already become) the divisive word that you are looking for.

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  12. 11 minutes ago, Cambon said:

    Breaking news in Jersey - All of England and Scotland now RED listed and must take three tests.

    Jersey has 50 active cases at present. We are now looking a lot better than them.

    "Changes announced today also see a pause in Jersey's domestic reconnection plans, meaning nightclubs will remain closed until 5 July at the earliest; restrictions on informal gatherings in homes, and standing service in pubs and bars, also remain in place for at least another fortnight."


  13. 2 hours ago, The Dog's Dangly Bits said:

    That'll just be some overly hysterical clown with nothing better to do than moan.

    Perhaps we'll see how you think the Promenade "roundabouts" are performing in a few years time!

    There's a more recent quote, which may also sound familiar - think pink concrete etc...

    "The acclaimed £4m shared space traffic scheme has been branded a ‘shared nightmare’ in need of repairs to its ‘crumbling surface’.

    Community group Action for Poynton say the scheme, which was introduced in 2012, has defects in the surface as well as sunken manholes and disintegrating stone blocks."

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  14. 13 hours ago, Shake me up Judy said:

    Good luck with insurance claims. An absolute piss-take that'll never work, and yes, I've seen the Poynton video.

    There's a comment about Poynton that sounds familiar - 

    "There’s still a few who suggest it wasn’t that bad before and the £4m that has been spent on adding two roundabouts that aren’t really roundabouts and taking away the traffic lights and road markings has created a dangerous free for all which is an accident waiting to happen."

  15. 19 minutes ago, Banker said:

    Problem was a lot of the BAME population refused the vaccine until it started spreading so what do they expect.

    So you've seen statistics on the ethnicity of those who have been hospitalised?

  16. Austria and Germany are obviously even more scared - 

    "Austria has added the UK to its red list and imposed a landing ban for direct flights over concerns at the rising number of cases of the Indian variant.

    From June 1, only Austrian citizens and residents will be allowed to enter the country from Britain. The announcement follows a similar move by Germany over the weekend."

    They are probably looking at data -

    "Blackburn with Darwen has seen the second biggest rise in reported SARS-CoV-2 infections in the country, from 104.9 cases per 100 000 people in the seven days to 9 May to 159.7 per 100 000 up to 16 May. Bolton continues to have the highest rate: up from 189.2 to 341.5 cases per 100 000." (Source - https://www.bmj.com/content/373/bmj.n1315)

    An update on Bolton.

    "Most recent data showed the town has an infection rate of 450.7 cases per 100,000 residents - which is a week on week rise of 60 per cent.

    NHS England figures show that the Bolton NHS Foundation Trust was treating 24 Covid patients on May 18. A month earlier, on April 18, that figure was 13.

    The MEN understands there are now 43 patients being treated for the virus at the Royal Bolton Hospital, with ten more people admitted since Sunday."

    Seems like the Indian variant is spreading at least as fast as the Kent variant did here. And hospitals are starting to be challenged, despite the fact that a lot of people have been vaccinated.

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