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  1. I'm not stripping off for a mongoose.
  2. Staying low? Most of the UK may be, just now, but....there are places recording increased rates.... .....such as Bedford. "Latest figures show Bedford Borough has the third highest Covid-19 rate in England, with 221 positive cases recorded in the week up to 15 May giving the town a rate of 127.5 cases per 100,000 people in the population - an 84% increase on the previous week." Also parts of Scotland. "Covid infection rates in East Renfrewshire are now higher than Glasgow, figures show. The weekly case rate on 17 May reached 118.3, with Glasgow on 112.1, according to Public Health Scotland." These places, and others that are being hit hard by the Indian variant, are a long way off the "magic" 30 cases per 100,000 population that we keep getting told is the yardstick.
  3. The IOM Bank has now said it will hold back on charging charities until May 2022. Looking at the Guernsey press, it appears that the NatWest Bank there have been forced to follow suit. "the bank’s change of heart may have followed pressure from the Isle of Man, where the vast majority of charities bank with a NatWest subsidiary and there was a significant adverse reaction to the proposed change." A bit of a breathing space at last, but clearly it ain't over yet.
  4. What is an app? 😧 Everywhere I turn, there are people trying to force me to have something called a "smart phone", which seems to me to be anything but - they cause people to walk into things, they keep having to be put on charge, and they effectively give you no privacy.
  5. A lot of people may "get away with it", but it is killing people in their millions (over 3,375,000 and rising at the rate of at least 13,000 per day, worldwide.) Massive numbers have been hospitalised, some for long periods. Large numbers have been left with "long covid", which has left them debilitated long term. It is not "just another" cold, or flu. That is not just any other scare story, it is how it is. Why else should every country in the world have been trying to fight it? Try looking at places like India, where they are so desperate they've been dumping bodies into rivers, and plastering themselves with cow dung, because they've been told that will keep the virus away (it would keep anything away!). We're well off here, and it is easy to forget about what others are having to suffer.
  6. Goes well with the coast road between Baldrine and Ballabeg, where there were road works a couple of weeks ago, but these have been removed. Heading north out of Baldrine, the derestriction signs were covered over with black binbags for the period of the roadworks. Those binbags are still in place. Does that mean the 30mph limit continues? No, it can't mean that, because if you are heading south from Laxey, when you get close to the level crossing at Ballabeg, the black binbags that were over the derestriction signs while the roadworks were on have been removed, so any speed is legitimate between there and Baldrine.
  7. Peanuts! Have you seen the proposals for Guernsey's harbour development? The preferred option is costed at a cool £360m!
  8. I'm sure that the criteria differ quite a lot from country to country, as do the "people" who apply them.!!
  9. Who's to blame them? The UK is still 7th in the list of countries on numbers of infections, 5th in the world in the number of deaths, and 13th in the world in number of deaths per million of population. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
  10. Copied from the Torygraph article - cautious optimism, with a possible sting in the tail. "Prof Sarah Walker said she was hopeful the vaccination programme could keep Covid under control. “I am cautiously optimistic,” she said at a briefing discussing the new research. “I think the last three months have shown the combined effect of lockdown and vaccination but long term lockdown is not a viable solution, so vaccines are clearly going to be the only way that we are going to have a chance to control this long term. “Without vaccines, I don’t think getting close to zero is really feasible in the situation now in the UK where we’re effectively endemic, we’ve moved from a pandemic to an endemic situation.” But she warned ‘“the virus is always going to throw us curve balls and we’re only a small step away from things going wrong again”."
  11. Not incorrect. Just unsubstantiated at the moment.
  12. From the MyProm Newsletter Central Promenade The picture shows the highway completed to binder level, 40mm surface layer to be laid once work is completed in the area. Beanie kerbs have been installed and the pavement prepared and ready for the granite paving to be laid. Access is maintained for pedestrians and some parking has now been returned on the landslide to assist patrons. Stopping and picking up your favourite chippy dinner is now so much easier. Please remember these businesses remain open and are here for your service and rely on your custom. Is a Beanie Kerb like A Beanie hat? Isn't parking on a landslide likely to be dangerous? Is that horse tram in the bottom picture battery powered? Look, no horse.
  13. The size/price trick has probably been played since Adam was a lad. I recall I first encountered it when I was at junior school, and visited the sweet shop across the road. That was Mars Bars. Same price, but much smaller. Penny (1d) gobstoppers got smaller, too. It's the same now - bags of crisps are much smaller. Things that used to come in packs of twelve are now in packs of 9. Cadbury's Creme Eggs changed from packs of 6 to packs of 5. Much easier to share?? (I had already stopped buying them, because they had stopped being made from Milk Chocolate - all part of the Hersheyisation of Cadbury's). Tins of sweets/biscuits at Christmas time are now a lot smaller than they used to be. The Daily Wail published an article about this in 2009. "Consumer Focus, the customer body set up by the Government, is concerned that firms are attempting to pull the wool over shoppers’ eyes." Nothing has changed.
  14. If we do that, then, as usual, it's the minority of dishonest people who will undoubtedly spoil things for the rest of us. Slapping them with a fine will not do much good if they've already been half way round all the Island's pubs, etc...
  15. At the very least the antivax unvaccinated should have black crosses painted on their front doors.
  16. This really useful object was also available within 24 hours. If the truth be known, it was probably one that they had prepared for his 100th birthday, recycled.
  17. No fog showing up on the mountain webcam. Perhaps fog on a record (Fog on The Tyne, maybe?)
  18. The list of cruise ships booked in to Douglas Bay/Harbour does say Important notice: Following the current developments with the COVID-19 pandemic, this cruise port schedule is subject to change as the situation evolves. 🙃
  19. Ha ha ha..... She cannot dock in the capital, because she's too big, at 162.2m long. (Ben is only 125.2m long). Even if people are escorted in their own "bubble", which they are not allowed to leave, they cannot be guaranteed a trip on the mountain railway - we weren't even allowed a trip on it ourselves last year. It's not the only cruise company that has aspirations to visit us this year, despite our borders policy. See list here http://crew-center.com/douglas-isle-man-cruise-ship-schedule And yes, some of the cruise company's personnel are stupid, and will be going on a combination of old, pre-Covid, IOM information as well as UK Covid rules - because they don't know we are not in the UK, and they've probably never heard of the IOM Gov't. If they haven't already contacted/been contacted by the companies concerned, it might be a good idea if the Tourist Board adopted a pro-active approach and asked the direct question about what they think they are going to do here.
  20. Still got to go round the bend before reaching the whale watching (and whale hunting) town of Akureyri. Another day yet.
  21. But is it? Their pledge at this point does not seem to indicate much of a rush - "the University pledges to return students assessed work (first and second marked) within 20 working days."
  22. Including apostrophes? 😄 Universities (plural) University's (possessive)
  23. ...and the amount we are paying out is enough for the building and completion of both of them, with money to spare, if the truth be known......
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