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  1. I went to the new all you can eat lunch buffet located in Tower House last week with a couple of girls from work. I thought it was really good value for money and I had a lovely feed!!! They had a selection of pizzas (which were gorgeous), the hot dishes were lasagne (really good), carbonara, sweet and sour, they had sausages and chicken nuggets, chips, rice......The salad bar was varied and really quite appetising. For £8.95 all you can eat - I thought it was great value. Its a shame it was almost empty - I would recommend it - you don't have to go all you can eat -you can get one
  2. Living in Kirk Michael, I agree that on occasion it is impossible to get beyond 10mph due to the stopping and starting between the parked cars on the main road...however I have also witnessed the other side too. Walking up the village, the pavements are very narrow and particularly by the commissionesr office - having a massive wagon come hurtling past you, inches from you - be it at 20 mph, or 30 mph is absolutely terrifying, especially if you have young children, whose hands you can't hold, because the pavement is to narrow. I think the wagons are more of an issue than cars. I have
  3. I sometimes wonder how some legal representatives sleep at night...is the money paid, in some cases, to find that little technicality more important than true justice...I ponder to anther case..check out Robert Brown and, the 'murder' (in my eyes he murdered her) of Joanna Brown, from the island. Shortly after a high profile case, where pre nups were deemed valid in the uk, he battered his wife to death as he was pissed off that he signed a pre nup and she was divorcing him , with a hammer, that he brought in his sons school folder, killed her in the house, when the kids were there, popped he
  4. I don't know, is it? I have no idea whether this lad (probably on legal aid) has pleaded guilty out of remorse or for a lighter sentence, but I reflect back to the case where a lad who killed someone on the mountain, who could afford a hot shot lawyer, got off on a whim (some sort of reported brake issue on the car in the past or something like that, even though they were (I better say here allegedly) driving like a looney and killed someone) do the upper class tend to get off with it...I don't know, I'm just reflecting on one case..
  5. Trying to reiterate my original point...But what of those, who are living Scott free after killing someone, because they were driving their car like a tool, but their hot shot lawyer that their very wealthy family got them off...that shot bag lad killed someone, and at least he admitted it, whether that be through remorse, or advice from a lawyer. He admitted it. He had the decency (well I hope it was out of decency) to admit it. Not like some jumped up person, who feels they are beyond responsibility, despite killing somebody, and their well paid lawyer gets the off...It's a shame that p
  6. I was a twenty a day smoker, for 20 years...I loved smoking and one day I decided after many attempts doing cold turkey and failing, to give the e cigs a go. I was reluctant to start with, probably more because didn't want to really give up. I harped on about the fact they hadn't been tested long enough, I might die from something worse than lung cancer, what happens in 5 years when they find out that ecigs give you aids or Ebola or something that could possibly worse than the slow lingering, painful breathless death that is lung cancer...so I thought 'fuck it' I'll give them vapes a go...I'
  7. I am relieved he pled guilty and even though he is apparantly a shit bag, he has at least spared the family the distress of a trial, unlike the 'fortunate ones' who have the money for shit hot lawyers, and despite the fact they drove like twats and killed someone they get off on some sort of legal technicality or pathetic excuse and the family of the innocent having gone through hell and graffic descriptions of how their loved one succumbed, that poor family of the deceased get no justice. At least he has taken responsibility for his reckless actions, unlike those who are so up their own ass
  8. I noted a post on the Isle of Man Constabulary Media face book page, on a post regarding Bank Scams, that Tame Elf has established themselves on Facebook, randomly posting "Babylon is fallen" ..... a bit odd if you ask me.
  9. Ooh mint choc ices in the paper wrapper, that you had to blow up to release it! And choc mad ice lollies...happy memories on gorging on them to try and find the little ice cream man on the stick to win some sort of competition.
  10. Just incase anyone was interested....you will be glad to hear the wonderful news that Bodhie was found this evening after two days missing in the plantation. A little thirsty and worse for wear after becoming stuck in a fence upside down, but otherwise unharmed. Amazing! Thanks everyone who helped in the search xxx
  11. Poor little Bodhi is still, unfortunately missing. Recent post by owners via local media..... Help needed to find missing dog. Bodhi, a Black Patterdale Terrier, went missing on Monday 7th July in Arrassey Plantation. He is wearing a dark brown leather collar with a brass buckle and dog licence tag. There will be a search at 6:30pm today starting from South Barrule car park If anyone can help please call Jules on 495454
  12. Hope you don't mind me posting this here, but my friends little black Patterdale Terrier has been missing in Arrassey Plantation since around 7:30pm last night and despite them spending the night and most of today searching, there is still no sign. He has a dark brown leather collar with a brass buckle and dog licence tag. Any sightings or information can you please call Lisa on 434380 or Jules on 495454. They are currently out searching and recently posted the following Help Needed, urgently Can you help in a search for missing dog, at 3pm today a search will commence starting
  13. Stopping Police walking around in pairs, would in the short term work, thats until a loan Police Officer (say a 5ft 2 petite WPC) gets battered and killed attempting to arrest a violent and agressive person on the outskirts of town, because their nearest back up had to make their way from Glen Crutchery road.
  14. http://www.horseandcountry.tv/news/2014/06/14/two-event-riders-killed-one-day..... Ban horses too
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