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  1. Thanks guys - much appreciated. Will be asking the lawyer across about any IHT allowance and Double Taxation when I get over. Benefactor not deceased yet but there is time to do some tax planning possibly. Thanks once again.
  2. I have been informed that I will be a beneficiary in a UK will when the time comes. The "estate" is mainly property with currently some cash. Will I have to pay UK inheritance tax and does anyone know if I can claim the tax allowance of £325000 from the UK taxman. Meeting UK solicitors shortly at the benefactor's request so wonder if I need to point out I am IOM resident and what those ramifications will be.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. Others in the office say Sure mobile signal is dire and calls most often go to voice mail which would not be helpful. Also sure quoted me £20 per month more than MT but I will go back in with a bill. Sure were certainly put out when their quote was higher. Will report back when we have a decision.
  4. We have a one stop shop telecoms contract covering landline, unlimited broadband and 2 smart phones. Contract is up for renewal in January and at least one phone needs replacing owing to a broken scree. Anyone MF members got any recommendations as to which firm to sign up with or even split the contract? Cheers and happy new year.
  5. Ouch. Same rooms I believe and same capacity limit - 500. Perhaps the question should be - has the Island learnt that the beer festivals aren't just on a Friday night lol
  6. Hi Guys This needs a bump. Rotary Club of Douglas have a 3 day Beer and Cider Festival at the Villa Marina and opened yesterday. Tickets from Welcome Centre or Villa or pay on the door. 128 different beers, 20 ciders. Beer list looks fairly good and has a number of beers we at CAMRA haven't had. Limited to 500 people in the two rooms I understand. Using some CAMRA equipment and volunteers. Should be a good do. Ends Sunday afternoon 4.30pm. Fri pm 12-4.30 Fri eve 6-10.30 Sat pm 12-4.30 Sat eve 6-10.30 Sun as above. www.beerfestival.im Facebook.com/BeerFestivalIOM Please support it - Real Ale is thicker than water lol.
  7. Hi Cheesypeas Mrs Offshore and I had our house refurbished earlier this year including taking out walls, chimney breasts etc and installing concrete lintels. We used DRS Ltd as a one stop shop. Very pleased with the standard and cleanliness of their work, price and courtesey of their staff/trades. Building Control Officer also said he rarely saw such a good standard of work. Thoroughly recommended. We will use them again once got some money in the bank to do further works. Costs came in at less than 1% over budget and they were able to suggest and agree various cost savings on site as well as recommended additions. Contact Gary Crompton 438299. Director of DRS and also Cromptons Architectural Services. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
  8. Apart from dealers does anyone have any recommendations for supplying and fitting new motorcycle road tyres. Needs to include taking wheels off as well so can't be National Tyres. Cheers and thanks
  9. Thanks for all the replies guys. Got approval for a 0% card this afternoon. Just seemed bizarre not to be able to get one straight off. Need to jump through a couple of hoops that's all. Sorted.
  10. Before this becomes a Nat West thread - it wasn't them nor RBS group incl IOM bank. Will pop in at lunch and see but the manager in the UK will be getting a letter off me complaining about inconsistent policies.
  11. Have just been turned down for a new 0% balance transfer card after making an online application through the the bank itself. Reason given was that I am not a permanent resident of the UK. Said bank is a European player and has a high street presence in Douglas. Mrs Offshore and I have our mortgage with them locally and took out additional lending through their UK arm. Seems bonkers and their policies are not consistent. Also booted out of any online applications through comparison websites. Surely we can't have 50,000 economically active people and no credit cards. Any suggestions gratefully received.
  12. Hi all. Apologies for Friday. That was outside our control. We were told by the Fire Brigade we could open the main doors and let 1000 in with freedom of movement between rooms. That nicely doubled capacity over the Freemason's. When we arrived Tuesday we were told 250 in the Promenade Suite and the Villa staff would close the doors at 180. We knew then we had trouble brewing. We were informed by Villa Management on Sunday that they had called in the Fire Brigade this week and agreed 250 limit. All news to us until Tuesday when we got there. Too late to move the beer. Just had to grin and bear it. Next year we should be attending all meetings of Villa with the fire brigade so we all sing from the same hymn sheet. Further we were told over the summer we could only have the Royal Hall for 3 days. No good to us as we need 7. Over the weekend it emerged we could have had the Hall for days as it had been unused for a fortnight. It is now booked for 7 days next year and will contain the beer. Not sure what we will do with the bands. Maybe swap and send them to the Promenade Suite or maybe none at all. Bands were bought in originally to raise demand as we weren't sure if anyone would turn up. With regard to the hire costs including security we paid a 3 figure sum for the whole place for a week and not the 4 figure sum per day being mentioned. IOMG see the festival as high profile and offered assistance this year without being asked. We have no complaints on that score just gratitude. In CAMRA terms and number of different beers stocked the IOM festival is in the top 10% of all CAMRA festivals in the British Isles. Not bad as we are only 4 years old. Attendees were well up at 3000 (1900 last year) despite Friday and it was a virtual sellout. 100 pints or so left and no cider perry or fruit wine. All that went at 8 pm Saturday. Royal Hall should take the loading in terms of weight. No issues there. Bar may be back to back stillage down the centre from the stage and cider bar across the sound box. Possibly as many as 200 beers next time up from 132 plus duplicates. Should be allowed 800 people in the Hall so assuming agreement with Fire Brigade is reached then more beer should be on the cards. Would be embarrassing to run out if you've got in on the Friday! Friday night could be ticket only in advance. That is very common in the UK. Our Friday night queue is not unique to the Island. Cider bar had 38 different ciders and perries 49 in all including duplicates. Next year we will have 56 different ciders and perries with duplicates stashed elsewhere. Thank you for all your support and comments. We try to take them all on board and make the event bigger and better each year. We are all volunteers, regular beer drinkers who hold down full time jobs and give up (in my case) 200 hours a year to deliver the fest and there's a good few who give up double that amount of time. It a wonder sometimes that most of us are still married! Cheers guys and thanks very much
  13. Interesting spreadsheet Scotteo thank you. Incidentally some of the high scoring beers we have more than one cask. 5 hours to go....
  14. Hi guys. We will have to see how the building works this year. Like every year we could evolve things another year. For clarity if you have seen one of our pvc banners the festival is open 12 noon to 11 pm Friday and Saturday and not just Thursday. One of our more minor cock ups. See you all tmw.
  15. Stillages put up tonight. All new cider bar and stillage. Beer stillage holds 105 casks with 30 more under the bar. With 60 bottles of fruit wine and mead you ain't got a chance of drinking us dry! Roll on Thursday.
  16. What worries me from an IOM perspective and I know I'm just a comeover is the prospect of either UKIP or the Conservatives holding an in out referendum on the EU in 2016/7. Recent polls seem to indicate 2/3 would vote to stay in but if the UK left it would be disasterous for the IOM - the Chinese banks coming here so they have a back door into Europe wouldn't come. Farage comes across as ok I suppose - I dont agree with his anti EU message and some of his candidates look bonkers if not amusing but the damage UKIP could do to us would be tremendous. There are other parties of course with their own loose cannon. I'm not an apologist for Europe - its undemocratic and run by failed or retired politicians but I firmly believe the UK (and the IOM) is better in than out. modernise and democratise it - just don't leave. I've got a postal vote this time and I aint voting UKIP
  17. Ooer looks like the Ben may be cancelled Tuesday and Wednesday and all the beer, cider, glasses and equipment are due on the boat on 1st April. Nervous times for us. Isle of Man Beerless and Ciderless Festival anyone? Joking apart it should be ok - we've learnt by experience to build in a bit of extra shipping time to allow for cancellations. Stilling chewing my fingernails down nicely though.
  18. BEER LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, we open for business two weeks today, Thursday 9th April Just to whet your appetite herewith the beer list. Weakest we have is a new, as in last week, 2.8% beer made with lemongrass. Strongest at 9.4% is from Hooded Ram. Enjoy folks Cider and Perry list together with fruit wines are listed on www.iombeerfestival.com Look forward to seeing you all there. BREWERY BEER STYLE ABV Allgates All Black Mild M 3.6% Ambers Ales Chocolate Orange Stout S 4.0% Anarchy Strait Jacket Pa 3.6% Bank Top Flat Cap B 4.0% Belvoir Brewery Oatmeal Stout S 4.3% Bespoke Money For Old Rope S 4.8% Blindmans Buff B 3.6% Blue Monkey BG Sips Pa 4.0% Brampton Brewery Wasps Nest B 5.0% Brentwood Marvellous Maple Mild M 3.7% Browns Ales Gladiator B 4.2% Brunswick Brewery Father Mike P 5.8% Brunswick Brewery Old School IPA IPA 5.0% Burton Bridge Brewery Damson Porter P 4.5% Butcombe Adam Henderson's Rare Breed Pa 3.8% Cairngorm Black Gold S 4.4% Castle Rock Red Riding Hood B 4.3% Castle Rock Screech Owl IPA 5.5% Castle Rock Sherwood Reserve S 4.5% Church End Fallen Angel B 5.0% Crouch Vale Yakima Gold G 4.2% Cullercoats Lovely Nelly B 3.9% Cumbrian Legendary Loweswater Gold G 4.3% Derwent Carlisle State Bitter B 3.7% Digfield Ales Chiffchaff G 3.9% Digfield Ales March Hare G 4.2% Dorset Dorset Knob B 3.9% Enville Ginger Sp 4.6% Frog Island Brewery Shoemaker B 4.2% Frog Island Brewery That Old Chestnut B 4.4% Fuzzy Duck Mucky Duck S 4.0% Fyne Ales Jarl G 3.8% Gas Dog Brewery Gas Dog Dark Ale D 4.2% George Wright Roman Black D 4.8% Great Oakley Welland Valley Mild M 3.6% Great Orme Welsh Black D 4.0% Green Jack Orange Wheat Beer W 4.2% Hastings Blonde G 3.9% Hawkshead Lakeland Gold G 4.4% Highland Brewing Orkney IPA IPA 4.8% Hop Studio XP Pa 4.0% Hop Back Summer Lightning B 5.0% Isle of Skye Young Pretender G 4.0% Itchen Valley Hampshire Rose B 4.2% Langham Halfway to Heaven B 3.5% Leyden Black Pudding M 3.8% Little Valley Hebden's Wheat W 4.5% Loddon Hullaballoo B 4.2% Long Man Best Bitter B 4.0% Lymestone Foundation Stone IPA 4.5% Marble Lagonda IPA 5.0% McMullen Country Bitter B 4.3% Mighty Oak Kings B 4.2% Milestone Brewery Honey Porter P 4.9% Milestone Brewery Magna Carta G 5.0% Milton Brewery Minotaur M 3.3% Milton Brewery Marcus Aurelius IRS 7.5% Milton Brewery Nero S 5.0% Moles Landlord's Choice P 4.5% Naylors Velvet Mild M 3.9% Nene Valley Brewery Australian Pale G 4.4% Nene Valley Brewery DXB B 4.6% New Plassey Cherry Diva Sp 4.7% Nine Standards No. 3 Porter P 4.7% Nook Yorks B 3.7% North Cotswolds Brewery Cotswolds Best B 4.0% North Cotswolds Brewery Shagweaver G 4.5% Oakleaf Quercus Folium B 4.0% Old Dairy Blue Top IPA IPA 4.8% Orkney Dragonhead Stout S 4.0% Otley O1 G 4.0% Peerless Jinja Ninja Sp 4.0% Poachers Brewery Jock's Trap B 5.0% Poachers Brewery Monkey Hanger B 4.5% Purple Moose Dark Side of the Moose D 4.6% Purple Moose Glaswyn Ale G 4.2% RCH Boadicea Sp 5.3% RCH Firebox St 6.0% RCH Santa Fe St 7.3% Reedley Hallows New Laund Dark S 4.4% Robinsons Dizzy Blonde G 3.8% Rudgate Ruby Mild M 4.4% Salopian Hop Twister G 4.5% Scottish Borders Brewery Foxy Blonde G 3.8% Scottish Borders Brewery Game Bird B 4.0% Scottish Borders Brewery Lemondrop Sp 2.8% Settle Signal Main Line IPA 3.8% Sharp's Atlantic IPA 4.2% Sharp's Doombar B 4.0% Shardlow Brewing Reverend Eaton B 4.5% Shardlow Brewing Whistle Stop B 5.0% Slaughterhouse Brewery Boar D'Eau G 4.5% Slaughterhouse Brewery Space Trotter B 4.3% Sonnet 43 Bourbon Milk Stout S 4.3% Sperrins Brewery Band of Brothers G 4.2% Sperrins Brewery Third Party B 4.8% Steamin' Billy Brewery Sky Diver B 5.0% Stod Fold Amber B 4.2% Stonehenge Pigswill B 4.0% Thornbridge Jaipur IPA 5.9% Titan Titan Gold G 4.4% Titanic Plum Porter P 4.9% Towcester Mill Brewery Bell Ringer G 4.4% Towcester Mill Brewery Mill Race Pa 3.9% Traditional Scottish Ales Ben Nevis 80/- Ale B 4.0% Truman's Budburst B 4.2% Truman's Swift G 3.9% Truman's Zephyr Pa 4.4% Tring Colley's Dog B 5.2% Tynebank Silver Dollar Pa 4.9% Upham Stakes Ale B 4.8% Vale Wychert Ale B 3.9% Warwickshire Brewery Kingmaker B 5.5% Warwickshire Brewery Lady Godiva B 4.2% Wentworth Brewery Bumble Bee Sp 4.3% Wentworth Brewery Granny Clarke B 3.8% Wicked Hathern Brewery Cockfighter B 4.2% Wicked Hathern Brewery Hawthorn Gold G 4.5% Williams Bros. Fraoch Heather Ale Sp 4.1% Wolf Woild Moild M 4.8% Yeovil Stout Hearted S 4.3% Yubberton Brewery Yawnie B 4.4% Bushys Castletown Bitter B 3.5% Bushys Dalby Spook G 4.0% Bushys Joey's B 4.0% Hooded Ram Cow Killer IPA 9.2% Hooded Ram Little King Louis IPA IPA 6.0% Hooded Ram Black Pearl Oyster Stout S 5.2% Okells MPA G 3.6% Okells Spring Ram G 4.2% Okells Steam B 5.0% Old Laxey Brewing Company Bosun Bitter B 3.8% Beer Style Key: B Bitter D Dark G Golden/Blonde IPA India Pale Ale IRS Imperial Russian Stout M Mild P Porter Pa Pale S Stout Sp Speciality St Strong W Wheat
  19. Nearly there folks - beer (and ciders, sorry Albert) arrives on site 2 weeks today and the festival programme goes to the printers tomorrow. So much to do and so little time!
  20. Well that's 75 beers ordered. Another 50 still to choose and research. It's a hard life! 40 ciders and perries on the way and one of the guys is going across shortly to collect 60 bottles of fruit wines. Tis all looking good and opens 5 weeks today.
  21. I'll see what I can do Albert. Might have to wait while B&Q restock with ropes and chains etc after last week.
  22. Trevelyan Hotel Douglas during MGP. She says I looked interesting (!) and I was on my third pint of Guinness. Been downhill ever since and not touched the black stuff since then either. Wouldn't swap her for the world.
  23. We had cider left last year but that was down to more arriving than we ordered and the limited space we had to sell it in. Steam Packet workshops have built us a new Stillage (racking) for cider this year so we can display things better. Thanks for the beer recommendations. We will have a look at what's available and get MF user's choices where we can. Albert - hang your head in shame. We will have to handcuff you to the cider bar until you learn. It is of course the place for ladies to be.....
  24. Just had 2 walls done in my house. Roughly £1000 per wall including two 125 mm concrete lintels for each wall. Price includes fees and calcs. You may need Building Control approval. Suggest you check with Do I.
  25. If anyone out there has any particular beer cider or perry they would like to see at the festival please PM me or post on here and we will do our best.
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