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  1. When the charges were first introduced in the UK, a female keyboard warrior in a Manx Facebook group posted (and I kid ye not) "if they introduce charges for carrier bags over here, I'm going to start using my own bags". Bless! I don't particularly like either, but on balance, I prefer Shoprite to Tesco. Hope the Aldi rumours come true one day!
  2. There are two types of questions: 1. Genuinely wanting information. 2. Challenging questions, designed to cause embarrassment or stoke up public opinion and therefore influence policy. As a party member, Julie had direct access to the Minister in a privileged manner, so should be able to easily get 'information questions' answered. Therefore, presumably, the 'gagged' questions were of the latter type. Being in a party, the responsible (to the party) way of operating is not to cause embarrassment, especially not to the leader. That's how political parties work. Nothing unusual there. In the UK, that's the job of the whips, to ensure party discipline. As someone else said, she should have asked the questions anyway and let the party sack her if they were a point of principle.
  3. Have you evidence to support that or do you just think they aren't?
  4. "A question for foreign aid do-gooders" It's a funny insult isn't it? Presumably if you are not a 'do good' person, you are a 'do harm' person or a 'do sweet fuck all' person? I'd rather try and do good where I can, I find it is not a bad way to lead my life.
  5. Just a quick question... If a sitting MHK stands for re-election, but doesn't get in, they get six month's salary. If a sitting MHK simply decides to retire and does not put themselves forward for re-election, then they don't get the payment. If a current MLC is nominated but not re-selected, do they also get six month's pay-off, whereas if they simply 'retire' and won't allow themselves to be nominated, they don't get anything? Is that how it works for MLC? Not suggesting any connection or ulterior motive here, I was just wondering how it works?
  6. Until they reach the point of being banned? That's how it works with IoM & UK, points don't count in terms of reciprocal agreement because they are issued in a different manner, but the totting up bans do. Apparently, foreign licence drivers in the UK who get 'points', have them placed on a 'dummy licence' in Swansea. If they reach 12 points, they get banned and such a ban would then apply here. Or are you saying that the UK/IoM agreement is different to the UK/RI agreement?
  7. Given that the whole reason for being there was to put a nervous passenger at ease, you are correct. Quite amusing, if you weren't that nervous passenger... or taking it literally.
  8. Many years ago, British Airways pilots had to be part of a 'frightened-fliers' course (perhaps they still do?) Apparently, they all hated it, dealing with scared passengers, asking stupid questions. They would show them around the aircraft, explaining how things worked and why aircraft stay in the air. On one occasion, a frightened would be passenger asked the fed up pilot "what happens if both the engines fail?" Lacking having a smooth answer, he replied, 'well, we crash'. Not entirely reassured, she said "well, what if only one engine fails?" "We get to the scene of the crash that little bit quicker" was his unsympathetic response!
  9. Ah, well that is where you are going wrong. The truly wealthy long since worked out how to not pay any tax at all. Get yourself a decent accountant old bean and leave paying taxes to us plebs, then you'll be happier.
  10. Presumably, if they applied for and received a music license this year, then there was trouble, the police could object to the license being granted next year, thus legally & easily bringing the evening entertainment to an end? Not saying that was the intention, simply offering an answer to the question.
  11. But did they give good notice that they would take this line this year? Or did they (as it appears) leave it until the last minute, then raise the issue? If they told the organisers six months ago that they'd need a license and the organisers ignored them, then my sympathy will quickly evaporate. If the police announced this (as it appears) late last week, then that is pathetic.
  12. "Police wrote to the organisers saying: ’Having reviewed the Carnival over the past few years it is evident that there are no families that attend the evening part of the event ...’ It's a good job no families were present to witness such an outlandish protest! Won't someone think of the children???
  13. Here's a thought, instead of the twonk who has spent their time deciding the police have been wrong in allowing the Castletown Festival to go ahead for the last 60 years, and that the day before is the best time to tell them they need a licence, being left with nothing better to do with their time, stick them on the desk answering phones, where they may be of some value to society?
  14. If he's paying for the trips out of his own pocket, then it's none of our business. If we're picking up the tab, then it's a fair question. On a completely unrelated question, whatever happened after the fact finding trip that a previous Health Minister made to New Zealand?
  15. Presumably, you will need a UK address to bill it to, or someone else to get it on your behalf? If you travel off Island a lot, then it certainly makes sense. £9.50 for 250 minutes from pretty much anywhere in Europe sounds reasonable.
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