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  1. Even before secondary school I was taught when writing have a dictionary by your side, never did me any harm! now on their mobiles it is speed that counts with a message, spelling out of the door.
  2. Interesting in England the likes of Yvette Cooper (Ed Balls wife) as an MP was all for taking refugees in and appealed to people. but never did herself? worrying is once some come, do they bring then have rights to bring all their surrounding families, what work could they do once settled?
  3. jaybs


    Bad enough how much was paid to Liverpool Council for these rails they decided not to use after a future tram service was scrapped, strange how other buyers of the rest of the track purchased it much cheaper?
  4. Didn't know that, colleagues have stayed there and felt it was just acceptable! they accepted it with parking. Neil, friends & colleagues in my industry do ask for where is best to stay! not sure why it worries you!
  5. Would never recommend or use a Hotel that you have to pay for car parking! and more so the prices they are quoting!
  6. Heysham is good for The Motorway? Yes ideal for The Lakes & Scotland, anywhere South is adding that much time onto the ongoing journey, okay it may suit a few people but never I feel the majority. There is nothing special about Liverpool? it is a lot easier for anywhere East as well as South! If Heysham should become the only port then forget about tourism completely and accept the small island syndrome! be a sad day is this happens.
  7. No way would I want to see a car park on a prime spot on the promenade!
  8. The problem with Brexit is mainly down to opposition benches, and retired MP's having secret meetings with The EU, perhaps making them promises which they had no right or power to, that made the UK's negotiations weak from the very start! the EU unelected bureaucrats feel they can dictate, no way should the UK accept that in any way!
  9. Corbyn is a complete idiot, I wonder how long his militant and anachist suppoters who got him elected will back him, when he does not deliver what they expect.
  10. If someone wants to get in they will, be it an illegal passport or ID, unless they have all the real equipment to check the details and if it is a genuine document.
  11. No way would I want to see us involved with Scotland, under the SNP I see it all ending in tears, voters their will have big regrets they complete [ower they have given them, just wait and see!
  12. Feel many disabled would be willing to pay in some cases, such a premium place car parks, but more disabled bays are needed, not as many areas do around three.
  13. Caravans on most roads are a pain! so no sympathy for them
  14. It would be completely wrong if this was not put out to open tender, just trust once it does get down to consultations then they are fully open to being scrutinised/
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