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  1. To those who queried the figure that I stated:
  2. If you do ring up to cancel, you *may* be transfered to another operator who will offer you 3 months half price subscriptions. Push for 4
  3. If unable to find A N Other, have you thought about approaching the MER depot at Derby Castle? Whilst they may not be able to book it in and put the charge towards the £6m deficit that they contribute towards, one of the guys may be willing to do it in his spare time. (At home, obviously)
  4. Sandra, Could you PM me details of the methods used to approach the Dept. of Tourism and who you communicated with. Thanks.
  5. Complaint submitted? By the sound of it, it is a MT IP related problem. Email to MT:
  6. Oh and Sandra, smile a bit dear, and tell the teen male helper not to be distracted by the girls in the corner when he's on the 'ice' supervising
  7. In defence of Sandra (who for all we know could be involved with trying to do something positive for the Island). *{Edit: Cross Post, She is involved} The kids loved it and so did many of the adults. Those who have not skated before will not be aware of the differences... it is slippy, you fall over, everyone laughs at you. As one who has skated before, I was aware of the difference and most of the time was spent trying to unlearn the correct method and adapt to the lack of 'bite' and the lack of toe brakes. That said, I came away bruised and happy for the others who did leave sporting
  8. I raised this on a thread about plastic surgery in general back on Manx.net when it was claimed that psycological treatment takes too long and it was 'claimed' that it was better for the patient to just operate. 'Until the next time' was missing from the quote.
  9. I saw it was P2P earlier when I posted, and assumed that the system is similar to the one that Sky Movies uses to distribute its media. Having not looked at the system, isnt P2P and DRM a conflict of principles?
  10. It was in Friday's Independent on page 11 (sorry, my scanner is borked) * No address supplied
  11. I know dear, and Manx to boot... and best of all.... As somebody who proudly annouced their paid up membership of the SPMCE I thought you'd have taken time to dig into my past to find why Charles (the Chairman) was so happy to publicly support my standing? By the way, I don't know if you responded in the thread where I was asking for copies of the National Anthem to teach my Beaver group (90% Manx born, 0% taught the anthem by the Manx Education system), but I found it, and I taught them. I am also actively introducing them to Manx history and respect for the local environment an
  12. I feel your pain. Did you complain?
  13. For absolute beginners, a very simple way of displaying RSS feeds can be found on Feed2JS.org. You open an RSS feed page, then copy the address into their input box and it creates the code. You can select various styles that determine which headers are displayed and the colour schemes. They host the code etc. if you want a simple <iframe> copy and paste into your page. Edit: This is the copy and pasted code for the BBC/Isle of Man feed that you can add to your page as is: <script language="JavaScript" src="http://feed2js.org//feed2js.php?src=http%3A%2F%2Fnewsrss.bbc.
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