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  1. MrG

    Pubs closing

    Yes, the Watsons ran it then the Irvings took it over and gave it a grand name like "Garden World".
  2. MrG

    Pubs closing

    Probably a bit before my time but I grew up in Glen Vine and remember a sweet shop in Glen Lough Circle in the early 80s run by two old ladies (although I was about 6 so they may well have been in their 40s!). Would that be the same place?
  3. Do they have an alcohol licence yet or is it still BYOB?
  4. I was with Sure for about 7 years and never had a problem. I used to hear their customer service wasn't great but I never had to contact them. Been with bluewave for 4 months and lost connection 3 times, once for 2 days. Tried calling to find out what was going on but nobody answered and got no replies to emails.
  5. Cheers. Looks like I'll have to be quick: http://douglas.im/index.php/info/item/1333-nobles-park-cafe-and-nobles-park-pavilion-restaurant#.VtNcFvmLSM9
  6. Any recommendations for a Sunday carvery?
  7. Why are they using Outlook to send bulk emails anyway? There's the danger that a lot of email clients will treat them as spam and, as the government has just proved, if you forget to use the BCC facility you risk exposing your entire mailing list. Also, there's no option to unsubscribe - isn't that illegal or do those rules not apply to the government?
  8. Anyone know where I can buy face paint on the Isle of Man? I need it for a fancy dress party on Friday.
  9. MrG

    Gluten Free

    My wife's recently been diagnosed with coeliac disease. Just wondered if anyone's come across any restaurants/cafes that do gluten free food. I know most places will do their best to cater for special diets but it would be nice to just drop in somewhere without having to ring first.
  10. MrG

    Bring Your Own

    The Ticket Hall at the railway station in Douglas.
  11. MrG


    I'm a big fan of Bushmills and if you're not looking to spend too much you can't go wrong with Black Bush. Laphroaig's quite an acquired taste and I probably wouldn't give it as a present unless it's been asked for - reminds me of Germolene!
  12. Do you know if this is the original plan which included a pub with funbarn?
  13. MrG


    Tried the grilled chicken sandwich yesterday. Doesn't sound especially exciting but the freshness and quality of the ingredients made it a lot better than your average sandwich. Also tried the beetroot soup that a friend had bought and it was surprisingly tasty (and the first time i've eaten beetroot since being force-fed the pickled variety at school) but probably not £3 worth. I'd definitely recommend giving them a go though.
  14. MrG

    Newspaper Hq Sold

    Tynwald Pensions Ltd? Must be worth millions! Maybe MHKs have decided to branch out into property investment to supplement their meagre pensions.
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