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  1. interesting new bus route for the 21 service 😜
  2. Has anyone else had a government rates demand with the wrong direct debit details on the back ? I had 2 this morning, one for the house has no details on the back, and the other for another small property has payment amounts for the wrong property (rates of £42 but schedule shows payments of £68 per month !) surely it's not rocket science 😞 just wondering if it's an isolated case or widespread
  3. I prefer RB thick sliced wholemeal to imported options which I find are mostly very dry and more suited to toasting, maybe I'll be getting a bread machine 😞
  4. what's all this fuss about having to have a £45 licence to store more than 10 litres of petrol ? (half a gerry can), UK regs seem to be that you can store between 30 - 275L and only have to notify the local PEA, no mention of a licence or fee https://www.hse.gov.uk/fireandexplosion/petrol-storage-club-association.htm
  5. Maybe the shortage of materials is because it's all been used building vaccination hubs 😜
  6. I find it typical that a farmer sees a crop which could be worthwhile for numerous end products, legislators only see means of gaining big bucks so set the rules for growing the crop, which instantly makes growing it uneconomic 😞 #muppets
  7. I think HQ should choose his terms for types of meetings with more care, I had to google what he meant by 'deckchairing' with your auntie in the garden, I don't think it was what he meant ;-o
  8. they are only part time, they are also shipping experts and epidemiologists :-p
  9. 'if' it was silt caused the damage, I can see them lengthening the low tide avoidance time for sailings, so even more variations to sailing times than the odd hour here and there they do currently - I still think rogue debris is more likely though I hope the design of the new vessel is more fishing tackle and Heysham proof :-p
  10. BMC on the way home, left the dock 7am and now around The Lizard heading for Landsend
  11. if you watch the video you'll find out !
  12. just an idea for the Peel line, a monorail
  13. bet you listened to Mrs Dale's Diary and Around the Horne as well !
  14. I can't get over how many programmes now have multiple presenters, like a 2 hour slot with 3 in the studio, not very cost effective
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