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  1. they are only part time, they are also shipping experts and epidemiologists :-p
  2. 'if' it was silt caused the damage, I can see them lengthening the low tide avoidance time for sailings, so even more variations to sailing times than the odd hour here and there they do currently - I still think rogue debris is more likely though I hope the design of the new vessel is more fishing tackle and Heysham proof :-p
  3. BMC on the way home, left the dock 7am and now around The Lizard heading for Landsend
  4. if you watch the video you'll find out !
  5. just an idea for the Peel line, a monorail
  6. bet you listened to Mrs Dale's Diary and Around the Horne as well !
  7. I can't get over how many programmes now have multiple presenters, like a 2 hour slot with 3 in the studio, not very cost effective
  8. sadly yet another casualty of the new schedule, I used to listen to the 6pm slot after the news roundup but sadly, no more as that has gone to pot, and please get rid of all the blasted music bumping away behind all the speaking, it may be hip and trendy but it's getting like an Americal football match and such a turn-off, it's rapidly descending into an ever decreasing spiral of mediocrity and could be just any jukebox station up and down the scale. (if anyone at MR ever reads feedback from former listeners) Just imagine the uproar if a new boss at the BBC axed 'The Archers'
  9. don't they have any live weather forecaster any more ? it's just a gabbled script now
  10. shoprite are notably lacking in the low salt versions of goods, we end up going to tesco for those. Mrs is also finding M&S are cheaper / better on many day to day things (eg. bread), the only drawback is the rip-off parking charges so we often do a 'drop-off / pick-up' or she may go by bus if not wanting bulky stuff or going to other shops in town
  11. and their fuel was 1p cheaper than ASDA the last times I was through that way, it's only a small filling station though and can be a bit awkward getting back out onto the road if turning right
  12. Slight snag, Tynwald in all their wisdom wanted them to be self funding without advertising (prize eejits !) but failed to explain how that works
  13. Mrs TF will miss the iceland fresh goods, much better shelf life than many other local sources
  14. I suppose MT's will be locked to their system so you won't be able to just swap a sim
  15. I have just been reading the new schedule properly and and very disappointed, I realise II'll be losing lots of favourite listening slots. 'll not hear Chris Williams in the mornings now now except saturdays, (sorry Chris) I'll not hear Stu any more as I don't usually listen to radio that late, (sorry Stu) I'll not hear the Marc's Greatest Hits or Paul Corkish at 6pm, (sorry folks) and looking at what's on at the times I usually listen, I think I will probably just end up on Radio 2 . I fear this is going to wreck the MR listening figures :-( It certainly looks like it will drastically alter my listening habits once I hear the end product, MR is usually on from 8am - 3pm continuous in our house, up to now, but things look like they will change next week . The one slot I won't have to change though is in the afternoon, I usually turn off at the same time each day and that slot hasn't altered (I wonder why !) I think I will soon get very bored with a 2 hour 'newsy' morning programme, not what I want to wake up to.and just too long winded (akin to the awful merry-go-round 24hr rolling news ) Maybe I'll just record Chris from 5am and replay it at 8am maybe they could have MR+3 on 1368KHz ! or root out my old Mark White MR programme tapes and play them
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