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  1. The dashboard is showing an additional death.
  2. No they don't. Not even close to complying with any international standards. The PCR certificate isn't even formatted to a single page. Maybe that's why they made it editable... 😔
  3. The Manx vaccination certificates and PCR test results are issued on badly formatted Word files which can be edited. Who in their right mind would accept those? Plus Timatic trumps everything at check in: https://skyteam.traveldoc.aero
  4. Yes, because the website is an absolute fucking turd.
  5. ADVERTISE HERE FOR 350 QUID A MONTH all over the shop. Does IOMG get this revenue?
  6. The new website is an absolute mess: https://www.airport.im/ Edited to add that it appears to be an advertising portal for IOM Advertising. How does that work from a compliance perspective? Did this go to tender?
  7. Have you had assurances from Manx Radio that they'd take you back if you lose? Did you compare notes with Tim?
  8. If you don't win, do you get your old job at Manx Radio back? What's the plan B?
  9. Our local pharmacy on Windsor Road were supplied a grand total of four LFT kits today. That should meet current demand.
  10. Yeah I did one at 3pm on Tuesday, results back at 7pm on Wednesday.
  11. I've used the 111 PCR letter for international travel from LHR to Amber, 2nd July. No problem with it getting accepted, even though they issue them on Word docs. You're more likely to run into problems on your return. Not a problem to do the UK Border Passenger Locator form, which you must do, but you might have a problem, as I did, with proving your IOM test to release on return is acceptable in lieu of a UK test to release. Best bet is to enter your travel details into this: https://skyteam.traveldoc.aero And read the small print regarding/ignoring the Isle of Man. All international airlines follow the advice of this system (Timatic) to the letter & do not recognise the Isle of Man as a separate entity. Bookmark the site, you might need to quote its advice at check in.
  12. Fucks sake and here I am isolating (from travel to an amber) watching everyone else getting released while I have to endure another 5 nights in a shitty boarding house paying 80 quid a night for the privilege in spite of getting a negative day 1 PCR & being 2+2. Farce.
  13. Letters home to HBN school parents today.
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