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  1. But the staff would be getting £20k-£25k a year, with the remainder going into the pockets of the recruitment agencies. #kickbacks
  2. Says a lot when our best hotel is a Premier Inn.
  3. This will be the last TT.
  4. And it's heading back to Gatwick...
  5. How does KWC get 1.5m? No reduction in lessons or salaries or fees or enrolment. They would've actually made a surplus from the pandemic due to reduced costs of face to face lessons, activities, etc.
  6. I worked for her as a supplier late in 2020, early 2021. She always struck me as very organised and particularly good at managing spends & calendars. Attended several meetings with her which were always efficient and conversations with subordinates seemed professional. Didn't strike me at all as the bullying type, but more of someone who wouldn't suffer fools.
  7. We've been told to test once a day due to a highly immunocompromised household member with stage 4 cancer. My 9 year old son tested positive last Saturday morning and immediately isolated, and the rest of us remain negative. Nipped it in the bud with little harm done, apart from a poorly child who is spending far too much time on his iPad & overindulging on Lucozade. Not sure what the LFDs cost per unit, and I imagine the great Manx taxpayer is being fleeced as per, but I am very grateful for their supply.
  8. Are we supposed to stop at those?
  9. Don't you know anyone with a decent printer? Or can't you go to a copy shop with a flash drive?
  10. No the other one. Devonshire Crescent, or something like that.
  11. That beardy labour councillor was outside iMuseum when I voted at just after 11, as were the two Joughin heavies.
  12. Yes, I would be far more forgiving of his opinions/strategy/actions if he just held his hands up and said he's wanting a career change and believed in policies A, B & C after being shat out of the gambling arse and found himself marooned here during covid with no clear career path. I might not agree with his manifesto or vote for him, but I'd certainly respect him for standing on his own two feet.
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