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  1. 🤪 Got me. You know what I mean
  2. Were you pro Brexit? A simple yes or no, please. Would you be supportive of the UK rejoining the European Union? Again, a simple yes or no. What are these post-Brexit opportunities you speak of?
  3. FFS if I wasn't Manx, had no family here and I'd made a ton of money on eGaming or any other ethically questionable enterprise, the last thing I'd be doing is to try and ingratiate myself with the Manx & be elected to a tin pot parliament. There must be more to this than meets the eye. Would anyone in their right mind prefer to tout for votes on Bucks Road rather than fill their boots in the south of France or SE Asia??
  4. Kieran is such a breath of fresh air in Manx politics. Anyone in Middle who doesn't vote for him is an arse.
  5. The three voting age members of this Douglas East household intentionally registered to vote to keep this dangerous sociopathic opportunist out. Faragher and Barber look the best choices to prevent him getting in.
  6. Are they the candidates for Douglas East or the cast of 'Benidorm'?
  7. Yeah same in Abu Dhabi- have to get annual insurance policy & MOT (for cars over 3 years' old) before they'll issue registration. All offending plates are now picked up by roadside cameras that can read the plates & alert the cops. Orwellian but effective.
  8. He's got his promenade speed limit clipboard out. It's serious.
  9. Makes you wonder why the other two LV candidates want to have him/them/bollocks on their ticket. Damaged goods.
  10. I used to be a bit of a nationalist, but now I'd prefer to be a fully signed up citizen of the UK rather that this fucking shambolic halfway house we find ourselves in. Thanks Comin.
  11. I've already had a very close shave of not getting into and back from the Middle East with the Manx Care letter, PCR 'certificate' which runs onto two pages, half-populated NHS app and PHE-England-adopted-by-IoM handwritten card. That was in early July, a week or so after Mr Creosote had promised that everything would be sorted out 'shortly'. I am very concerned that my luck will run out at some point during upcoming work trips. They can't even come up with a QR code linked letter back to a gov.im URL that would at least lend a modicum of credibility to their unsigned and unstamped documentation. Utterly hopeless.
  12. Only if you pwomise that I can type my blog in comic sans
  13. Stop being rude, aggressive and totally unacceptable towards Rob and his suit.
  14. You're an absolute disgrace and not fit for office. Completely out of touch with the electorate and reality. Off you go.
  15. The dashboard is showing an additional death.
  16. No they don't. Not even close to complying with any international standards. The PCR certificate isn't even formatted to a single page. Maybe that's why they made it editable... 😔
  17. The Manx vaccination certificates and PCR test results are issued on badly formatted Word files which can be edited. Who in their right mind would accept those? Plus Timatic trumps everything at check in: https://skyteam.traveldoc.aero
  18. Yes, because the website is an absolute fucking turd.
  19. ADVERTISE HERE FOR 350 QUID A MONTH all over the shop. Does IOMG get this revenue?
  20. The new website is an absolute mess: https://www.airport.im/ Edited to add that it appears to be an advertising portal for IOM Advertising. How does that work from a compliance perspective? Did this go to tender?
  21. Have you had assurances from Manx Radio that they'd take you back if you lose? Did you compare notes with Tim?
  22. If you don't win, do you get your old job at Manx Radio back? What's the plan B?
  23. Our local pharmacy on Windsor Road were supplied a grand total of four LFT kits today. That should meet current demand.
  24. Yeah I did one at 3pm on Tuesday, results back at 7pm on Wednesday.
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