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  1. I've been to Beirut airport a few times, and the parking charges are nothing out of the ordinary. Quite a good terminal in fact. Decent duty free & very generous measures in the lounge.
  2. They've been selling Manx cheese here in Abu Dhabi for a few years now. Also spotted it in Dubai & Muscat.
  3. I use this to convert all my downloads into a nice Apple TV readable format for iTunes. I imagine it'll do the same with DVDs. Tags everything and gets all the cover art etc. No faffing. http://www.southpolesoftware.com/iVI/iVI.php
  4. I wonder where they go their inspiration for their new logo: http://www.du.ae/en/default
  5. Look into jailbreaking it with Cydia. Since it's already unlocked, you've got no major fears with bricking it. Then take a look at some of the Cydia apps and some of the goodness you can get from the likes of sinfuliphone. A jailbroken iphone really gets the most of the device, and can also relieve you of some of the crystal meth iTunes dependency. Take a google gander at devteam, sinfuliphone, installous and cydia.
  6. Meanwhile in Abu Dhabi, Manx cheese supplies continue I'm in Abu Dhabi at the moment. What shop was that in - my friends here want some. Spinneys in Khalidiya
  7. What democracy movement? You mean popular revolt? Erm...another capitalist system. Something similar that sympathises with the business factions in Egypt. What do you think Mubarak represented? You sad, hollow fucker. You have people on the streets fighting for their freedom and livelihood and you comment about F1 GP. I don't think you are capable of understanding these issues. Who rattled your cage? I am not interested in whether or not the F1 GP goes ahead or not! The popular revolt is looking for democracy and I have no idea what you are trying to imply in your comparisons with Egypt? I was pointing out that the regime, despite its friendly face, is still capable of the type of action that the likes of Iran would take! Cant't get Manx cheese in Bahrain. Democracy my arse.
  8. Meanwhile in Abu Dhabi, Manx cheese supplies continue
  9. germann


    John Dawson sorted my sciatica out in no time. Highly recommended.
  10. germann

    Snow !

    Looks like I chose the wrong time to come home for a few days... Left Abu Dhabi for the Isle of Man via Dublin on Friday night, only to have the flight diverted to Shannon as Dublin was closed just before we landed. They then bussed us to Dublin on Saturday morning which took 4 hours, which meant I missed the only flight of the day to the Island, so Etihad put me up for the night. Now today it's Ronaldsway's turn to shut down & I've got another night in Dublin tonight. A 12 hour trip has taken 48 hours so far
  11. Don't see the point. Keigs and M&S sold Apple products at the same price as Apple stores across, but without the arrogant attitude of typical Apple store staff. Still, it'll be a good place for ignorant bellends to hang out, not too dissimilar to the purpose of the previous business at that address
  12. Us Manx expats can do our bit from afar, even if it's a drop in the ocean. I'm now boycotting anything that's made in the UK. Every little helps
  13. Just to add even more woe - William Hill have had a large number of calls this morning from people wanting to put money on Rafa not being manager after Sunday and have stopped taking any more bets. he's coming to Newcastle!
  14. Would it be possible for us to join the EU, adopt the Euro and still be under Whitehall's umbrella? That would be an interesting niche.
  15. Most frustrating. I can 'see' my inbox from iGoogle, but can't access it.
  16. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/sport/foo...icle5774695.ece Sir Bobby Robson has made an inspiring, heartfelt and funny speech at the launch of a £500,000 research centre named after him. Fabio Capello, the England coach, joined him at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle to hand over the FA's donation of £75,000 to the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation, which has already raised £1.2 million. The 76-year-old was diagnosed with the disease for a fifth time a year ago and he has dedicated much of his time since to his fundraising efforts. He raised £500,000 to equip a specialist trials centre in just seven weeks. Robson was not expected to speak at the launch, but made a 15-minute speech about his battle, the inspiration he has been given from meeting fellow patients and his pride in seeing one of the leading cancer centres in Europe open. He even managed to joke about his ongoing fight since he was diagnosed last March, saying: “I have had longer than a Football League manager.” Robson said Capello's presence made this “a perfect day” and joked to the Italian that if he wanted to see Newcastle, "I can get you a ticket.” In return, Capello said he remembered the times when they had been on opposing sides at different clubs across Europe. “But now we are here together to fight against cancer,” he said. Alan Shearer and Peter Beardsley, both former Newcastle players, were there to see Robson blow out candles on his cake two days after he turned 76. “He set out to raise half a million pounds and did that after seven weeks," Shearer said. "They have gone on to raise £1.2 million, which is incredible, and he will continue working and continue generating success for the hospital.” Beardsley said he was not surprised at his former manager’s moving and inspiring speech. “The man is unbelievable. He knows the right words for the right occasion. He makes you feel ten feet tall and when you hear him speak you don’t want him to stop. The man has an aura about him.” Robson lightened the mood by looking to his former players and saying: “I said I wasn’t going to make a speech, and this is like Alan (Shearer) would say, one of my lengthy team-talks.” Then, to warm laughter, he added: “But we won.” Robson, accompanied by his wife Lady Elsie, vowed to carry on fundraising, adding: “You have been absolutely magnificent with all your donations. We can raise a bit more, can't we?” The Sir Bobby Robson Cancer Trials Research Centre, within the Northern Centre for Care, will develop new treatments and bring together research staff in one unit, and carry out trials of drugs.
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