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  1. only an oligarch could afford that
  2. germann

    Comic Relief

    There's a Nepalese flag in Kirk Michael. What more do you expect? Namaste.
  3. Stupid sometimes, but not as banal or repetitive as the questions from media outlets which are too scared to upset their biggest advertising client. At least Moulton has a modicum of independence.
  4. Is it just me, or is MT particularly gash tonight? A lot of websites timing out, while others load normally.
  5. Plus a tidy profit from the lucrative contents of his bulging rucksack.
  6. Lockdown properly. Compulsory masks. National speed limit. No driving to fanny about in a glen in spandex ffs. Mass testing. Lock the borders. Then we’re back to mid December by mid-end Feb if we’re really lucky.
  7. 'The sort of people who come forward' argument is a cop out.
  8. 2 mins drive from the office. And it’s good ramen.
  9. I was in Robinsons on that day and at those times. Spicy ramen was procured. Do I dial 111?
  10. Exactly. So why not beach it at the Point of Ayre instead of going about five miles more down the coast at walking pace. Doesn’t make sense. If Rain Man was going to walk all the way to Douglas, then why not throw in a few extra miles in Andreas and be sure of not being spotted by the Ramsey skeets?
  11. I've been to Beirut airport a few times, and the parking charges are nothing out of the ordinary. Quite a good terminal in fact. Decent duty free & very generous measures in the lounge.
  12. They've been selling Manx cheese here in Abu Dhabi for a few years now. Also spotted it in Dubai & Muscat.
  13. I use this to convert all my downloads into a nice Apple TV readable format for iTunes. I imagine it'll do the same with DVDs. Tags everything and gets all the cover art etc. No faffing. http://www.southpolesoftware.com/iVI/iVI.php
  14. I wonder where they go their inspiration for their new logo: http://www.du.ae/en/default
  15. Look into jailbreaking it with Cydia. Since it's already unlocked, you've got no major fears with bricking it. Then take a look at some of the Cydia apps and some of the goodness you can get from the likes of sinfuliphone. A jailbroken iphone really gets the most of the device, and can also relieve you of some of the crystal meth iTunes dependency. Take a google gander at devteam, sinfuliphone, installous and cydia.
  16. Meanwhile in Abu Dhabi, Manx cheese supplies continue I'm in Abu Dhabi at the moment. What shop was that in - my friends here want some. Spinneys in Khalidiya
  17. What democracy movement? You mean popular revolt? Erm...another capitalist system. Something similar that sympathises with the business factions in Egypt. What do you think Mubarak represented? You sad, hollow fucker. You have people on the streets fighting for their freedom and livelihood and you comment about F1 GP. I don't think you are capable of understanding these issues. Who rattled your cage? I am not interested in whether or not the F1 GP goes ahead or not! The popular revolt is looking for democracy and I have no idea what you are trying to imply in your comparisons with
  18. Meanwhile in Abu Dhabi, Manx cheese supplies continue
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