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  1. Very. I especially like the new offline mode for Gmail.
  2. I'm Manx-born, and spent 6 harsh winters driving in Poland without incident in my Manx registered car. Do you think I was actually adopted from a twattish comeover like yourself? Boat + Morning + you = joy!!!!
  3. I hope the entire season isn't going to be wasted on how the six of them get back to the island and random time-travel. So far, pretty crud, but it could be a season like the first couple where it's better to be binged on, rather than rationed week by week.
  4. Nah... this is the daddy:
  5. You deluded fools. I love Lucy!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ola93mrlXs
  6. Golfing Greats! It was in the Leisure Inn for years. Loved it.
  7. That's one of those utterly useless, yet fascinating, facts that stays with you forever. Great stuff!
  8. <---- Any guesses what I've been playing this evening?
  9. Haven't played it in about 20 years. Would play it on Mame, but I don't think the laptop keyboard would last very long! Great pic of the cabinet! Where did that originally live? I was more adept at the joysticked ones in the 'Cressie'
  10. Track and Field was my favourite. Anyone else remember throwing the javelin at 80 degrees and getting a duck & an extra 1000 points? And then the high jump where if you failed your first two jumps and then went on the qualify a mole popped out and gave you another 1000 points. Another 'easter egg' was on Pacland where if you timed your jump at 'break time' to perfection, you got an extra 7650(?) points! Oh, and another favourite. SuperPunchOut!! What a wasted, but thoroughly enjoyable youth
  11. Call me a luddite, but I don't like the start menu and taskbar, and can't find the option to go back to 'classic' mode. Apart from that, it seems very slick on the macbook with Boot Camp.
  12. I've often wondered what kind of mong drives their car along the prom in such conditions?
  13. Your right, but I can't remember any games of note there. Did they have a defender? They had Pole Position, IIRC
  14. I'm slightly confident as it was discounted from its RRP which has remained the same. Will keep yous posted how I get on. Still listed on my a/c as 'on order' at 300 quid though.
  15. I was having a gander at Engadget this morning, and read that Amazon.co.uk were selling the new Sony Vaio P netbooks at a massively reduced advance discount of just 300 quid. linky-linky So, I pegged it over to Amazon, signed in and swooped. About 5 mins later the offer stopped. However, my Amazon account clearly shows that I've got one on order for 300 notes. What do you think? Will they use their T&C to wriggle out of it? From their website: Anyone got any experience of Amazon mis-pricing?
  16. from the Guardian: Ireland tonight nationalised the troubled Anglo Irish Bank with a promise to safeguard its €100bn deposit base. The Guardian understands that the Irish government took the unprecedented measure because of fears that the bank's collapse would have had a major negative impact on the republic's wider economy. Had the bank gone out of business a number of sectors of the economy would have been under threat particularly health insurance, sources said in Dublin. At a hastily convened press conference this evening in Government Buildings, Dublin, Irish finance minister
  17. I want to know what the applications are doing. For example, if I have half a dozen Excel spreadsheets open for some serious cutting and pasting, I want to know which one is which without hovering.
  18. Right, I was over in the US in the summer, and stupidly bought a MacBook, taking advantage of the then 2:1 exchange rate. I've got used to just about all of its ways, and quite like most of them. I also enjoy the stability, lack of nasties & the two finger scrolling is also rather nice. However, there is one thing that I really miss from Windows/KDE/Gnome: A decent taskbar. Like many folk, I like to have several things running at the same time & be able to switch. The problem with Mac OS X is that it is all cluttered into a small section of the task bar with no information unless
  19. Got one here in Douglas. About 5 foot long. Hardly used. PM your price & it's yours to take away.
  20. The Nokia n95 has been out for almost 18 months and shits on the iPhone.
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