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  1. Off topic but I think MoBeats is done with this thread now anyway:


    Apart from the reduced risks of Viruses or whatever, could someone please explain what people prefer about a Mac to Windows? I don't get it.


    Is it just to be different or is there a good reason to use one?


    No idea. I rue the day I bought my MacBook. Office 2008 just doesn't cut it, especially Excel, and the Bootcamp drivers for the trackpad are dreadful, so using a Windows partition is just as bad. My only saviour is VMWare.


    If you use Excel on a daily basis, never buy one.

  2. Travelling back from the US, with a heavy suitcase..

    Major US airline, cheapest ticket: "Your luggage is overweight, but I'll let it pass"

    Budget IoM carrier, monopoly on route: "Your luggage is overweight, that'll be £xx (more than the ticket :o ) "


    Aer Arann; IOM- DUB- 120 quid for excess luggage for 30 min flight.


    Continental, Air Canada; Dublin-JFK-Toronto-Thunder Bay- Nowt

  3. Some people on income support and job seekers allowance will get an extra £150 on their winter bonus payment.


    So it's only people who can't be arsed to work which get help to pay their heating bills?


    This shit stinks. I work full time and I don't get any 'Winter Bonus Payment' from my employer.


    Maybe I should turn up at the dole office and steal cash from the good people of this Island to feed my drink problem, my fatherless kids, any other fat minger I meet at the dole office who also has fatherless kids and all their friends and family which which can't be bothered to work either.


    It should only be the one's that have been on the list for 6 months or less. There's no excuse for being unemplyoyed for any longer than that without a good reason. Grr.



  4. Giving 'tax havens' cash would probably not go down too well with the UK electorate, and a Labour government wouldn't be too bothered about screwing us over, so I wouldn't hold much hope.


    Essentially the whole UK action since Friday has been about bailing local authorities out otherwise council taxes are going to skyrocket. Thats a political objective - the minute they have that money back I really don't think they're going to be too bothered about IOM account holders. The relationship with the UK should count for something though, I would hope they are lobbying Iceland on our behalf.


    As Skeddan says if you invoke anti terror laws they are responsible for our defence.


    Our defence, or the defence of account holders? A lot of the money invested in the IoM might not have anything to do with UK/IOM residents, so the defence aspect might not be that relevant here.

  5. I use the new Gillette Fusion shaver, I think they're very good.


    Especially with the extra blade at the back to get under and into the nose!


    The blades on those might be expensive, but they last for months.


    Plus if you shop around online, you can get them much cheaper that at Boots or Tesco.

  6. if and when Russia does something more for its ordinary citizens it will become a great country -


    It is already a great country.


    Its ordinary citizens actually approve of its current actions. They see it as restoring pride to Russia after the mess of the 90s and the embarrassment that was Yeltsin.

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