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  1. What's the Mad Sunday mode like?
  2. germann

    Mp3 Player

    Got to agree with you there. The iTrip is fantastic for the car- no more multichange cd faffin in the boot & no worries about getting the car stereo lifted as a simple fm radio does the job. Other software mods for pods can befound at www.ipodlounge.com
  3. germann

    Mp3 Player

    iPod agent is your friend: http://www.ipodsoft.com/index.php?/software/ipodagent
  4. Judging from their lack of resposes thus far it's either a case of them not being able to put the game down, or they're all camped outside Duke Marketing waiting for a refund...
  5. germann

    Mp3 Player

    Got a 4th Gen' iPod as a birthday pressie late last year. Never realised how much I'd use it. Not only does it play music, but a 20gb portable HD is very handy. As is the ability to synchronise with email and news feeds from the web. As for navigation- perfection doesn't even begin to describe it. If only they released a mobile phone. The likes of Motorola could learn a thing or two from them regarding the definition of 'intuitive' I'm even guilty of listening to Manx Radio's audio vault on the way to work. Bit spooky listening to Terry Cringle's History Man on a tram in central W
  6. Stumbled upon this site last night. http://www.pinballsim.com/ Incredible emulation. Beats all those video pinball games hands down. Just make sure you have plenty of time spare this Bank Holiday weekend!
  7. Been a fan of Newcastle United since I was about 8. More depressed about football now that I have ever been since came back up in '93. I'm sure any Liverpool fans on this board know why.
  8. Imagine having that as your desktop wallpaper at work... It would do my bloody head in!
  9. Must try this 'Googkling' lark at work tomorrow. The administrator was wanting a bit of overtime this Bank Holiday
  10. Knocked down & rebuilt? Lunacy. Unless you're looking for a juicy bung from the building contractors. So long as the buildings are structually sound, a proper refurbishment is all that is needed.
  11. And??? What's it like? Is it worth the purchase of a ps2?
  12. Zaba! I'll be heading back to the IoM in July if you need a lift!
  13. If you try to use the loo in the pool room, then you risk sustaining the same injuries trying to get past the regulars in that bar!
  14. At least it's not a Mitsubishi Pajero http://chameleon-translations.com/Index-Co...es-pajero.shtml
  15. Hope Roy MacMillan doesn't leave Manx Radio. I'd have to change me sig
  16. Just look at this tat: http://www.amstrad.com/hk/index.html Makes Aiwa look like Bang & Olufsen
  17. Is the sidecar passenger is controllable? Would make a great two player team game, with one player being the rider (or is it driver?) and the other doing the Benga Johansson nutter routine!
  18. It's law over here from the end of October till the end of March.
  19. Woke up in wee small hours in the bar in the Oban a few times. Them were the days, fella.
  20. germann


    It was a case of 'Have you got your PIN?' implying 'You need a PIN to buy things on this new-fangled technology' Not sure about others here, but I felt safer with the old system.
  21. germann


    My sister was asked for her PIN when buying Xmas presents last year. Not knowing the system of 'chip & pin', she was daft enough to shout, "Oh, it's XXXX" across the busy counter
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