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  1. You've just got to love the double standards at play here: Think back to a very similar situation 9 years ago For ethnic Russians- read ethnic Albanians For Ossetia-Kosovo For Georgia-Serbia The only major difference is that Russia, unlike Albania had the power to come to the aid of its people in a breakaway province. And as for Saakashvili.. The sooner the FSB send in a hitman, the better.
  2. The Nokia N95 still beats all that hands down. Just because it's over a year old doesn't stop it from being the best phone on the market.
  3. This is an interesting development of the Hackintosh scene which has been homebrewing for a few years: EFI-X Very sketchy details at the moment, but I'm sure Apple's lawyers are watching!
  4. Aer Arann and their 5.50GBP per kilo charge for being over the pathetic 15kg limit. Bastards stung me for an extra 120 quid for a 25 minute flight to Dublin.
  5. Sam is 13/5, second fav on Betfair.
  6. Good riddance. Crap from day one. BA Connect were the best, especially with the fare structure for onward connections.
  7. Had three. They're great, apart from all the shite that comes pre-installed with the OS. But I guess that's pretty common practice these days.
  8. Aha! But Rapidshare and their ilk are also on the blocklist.
  9. I can download it if it's zipped. The router is locked to the company, as I'm staying in the company hotel.
  10. He caught his wife doing the dirty on him. Now he is an attention whore.
  11. The nearest McDonalds is over 3 hours drive away. We're talking rural Russia here!
  12. I did, and she gave me a bollocking for using Outlook. ' Eet is company policy for the lotus notes.'
  13. I will. Only 4 days left of the contract. Just wanted a few podcasts for the long journey home!
  14. when you are presented this message is there any branding on there to identify the software being used to restrict your content? webmarshal, websense etc? the source of the page may have some info. what does the url look like, does it redirect you to an internal ip? It's websense
  15. Anything with 'proxy' also gets hit my the filter and I get greeted with this: This page is forbidden due to corporate WEB Access Policy https is sussed out too. Pesky Russians! I have an FTP server. Is there anyway I can use something like Putty to get hold of it and direct it to my webspace?
  16. I have that, and it works a treat, but my favourite podcasts aren't available on any newsgroups.
  17. Hello I use my laptop at work and at home. Both internet connections are controlled by the firm I work for. They have a block on mp3 downloading, and that prevents me from downloading my favourite podcasts, both through iTunes and my browser. Is there anyway I can get round this? I can download zip/rar files without any bother, so I was wondering if there was anywhere online that could convert files to other formats online, so that I can download. I am not trying to get illegal content from the web, nor am I wanting to discuss the ethics of bypassing corporate filters! I've got a 2
  18. http://www.gov.im/dhss/health/offisland/foreigntravel.xml
  19. 463,528 121 Got within 3km of Volgograd too Africa and Indonesia gave my score a real hammering.
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